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Hermione was blushing so badly she could feel the heat radiating off her face. You could probably fry an egg on it if you wanted to. Draco was now examining the panties closely.

“Ya know ‘Mione, call me judgmental, but I always thought you were the kind of girl who wore knickers with little pink bunnies on them.”

“Ponies…” she mumbled snatching them away from his grasp.

“What was that?” he asked.

“Nothing. In the future, I would prefer it if you didn’t touch my undergarments. Or comment on them.” She balled them up and jammed them deep into her pockets.

“You wouldn’t happen to be saving those for a special occasion would you?” He asked, a sexy smirk never leaving his face. Hermione opened her mouth to yell at him but nothing came out. Not knowing what else to do, she turned and stomped off to her room. Even at the top of the stairs she could still hear Draco chuckling in the common room, obviously very pleased with himself.

Slamming her door behind her, she threw the underwear into a corner of her room and plopped down on her bed, but something underneath her yelped and caused her to leap back up. “Oh Crookshanks! I’m sorry, I didn’t even see you.” She apologized. The cat looked at her menacingly and jumped off the bed. Checking to make sure there were no more hidden creatures in her bed, she sat down again. “That did not just happen, that did not just happen…” she told herself, hugging a pillow and rocking back in forth. “Stupid Parvati…” she mumbled.

After Hermione had slammed her door closed, Draco began to feel bad for embarrassing her so much. “Just admit it Draco,” he was thinking, “Just admit that you care for her. You’ll feel better when you stop denying it.” He sighed and walked up to his room. “Okay, well maybe I like her just a little.” Changing into clean dance clothes, he went across the hall to Hermione’s room. He was really hoping that she wouldn’t be too mad to dance with him. Rebecca had taught them a new lift after she left class, and he wanted to make sure they had it down before class Monday. He knocked softly on her door. He heard stumbling and the sound of feet being dragged lazily across the room. Hermione opened her door a crack and peered out.

“What?” she asked.

“Well, Rebecca taught us this new lift thing after you skived off class today, and I thought you might want to learn it before next class, and since we have a meeting tomorrow, and I have Quidditch practice all day Sunday I thought we could do it now.” Draco said rather quickly.

“Uh, sure. Just give me a minute to change and I’ll meet you in the common room.” Draco nodded and Hermione closed her door. She debated whether or not she should wear her dance skirt, but since Draco was going to be lifting her high in the air, she decided against it. The last thing she needed was him seeing anymore of her knickers. Instead she went with her cotton shorts and a tank top. The shorts were a little on the short side but she didn’t care, they were very comfy and easy to move in. As she bounced down the stairs she pulled her hair into a tight high ponytail. Draco saw her and he extended his hand to her. She took it and he spun her into his arms, then back out again. She couldn’t help but giggle, dancing with him always put her in a good mood even if she had been mad at him no more than five minutes ago. Letting go of her hand Draco started to explain,

“Okay, so what happens is after I spin you out I let go of your hand and you do a double spin, then your going to need to get a little bit of speed but basically you just run to me and I do the rest.” He said.

“Huh? I’m sorry, I don’t get it.” Hermione said, confused.

“Alright, here I’ll walk you through it. Come here,” she stepped closer and he grabbed her hand. “I’m going to spin you out, then let go of me and do a double turn.” He spun her once the released her and she kept spinning. “Good,” he said when she stopped. “Now just run towards me and I’m going to put both of my hands on your hips and lift you into the air. Once your up you need to balance out so you horizontal in the air.” She bit her lip and nodded, then ran to him. Putting a hand on either side of her body, Draco bend back slightly and lifted her into the air light as a feather, but Hermione leaning forward too much and they both fell to the ground with an “Oooph.”

“Sorry…” She said, looking down into his eyes.

“No problem, I didn’t think we’d actually get it on the first try anyways.” His hands were still resting at her sides. He slowly ran them up and down her back. “Are you all right?” he asked.

Hermione felt her skin tingle under his touch. “I’m the one who should be asking you that question, seeing as I landed on you quite hard.” She rolled off of him and stood up. She gave him her hand and she helped him up.

“No, no. Your real light, it didn’t hurt. Want to try it again?”

“Yes, but this time put your hands lower on my hips. You were closer to my ribs last time.” She said.


“Ron, I don’t think it’s a very good idea sneaking around and spying on Hermione like this, we could just ask her if she’s dating Malfoy.” Harry whispered to his paranoid friend.

“No Harry, I don’t want to talk to her, she’ll just go all mental or something. Besides, I talked to Seamus who heard Parvati talking to Lavender who talked to Hermione herself and almost got her to confess. It has to be true, I can feel it. She’s hiding something from us…” Ron said.

“Um, Ron? We are the ones shunning her remember? She was honest with us and your face got all red and looked like it was ready to explode, then you stormed off. She has every right not to tell us what’s going on.”

“Oh I see how it is, you on her side now are you? Well you can expect a big fat I-told-you-so when it turns out I’m right.” Ron huffed.

“Whatever Ron…” Harry sighed. They traveled down the dark corridor under Harry’s invisibility cloak until they reached the Head Boy and Girl common room. To their luck, the last person to go inside had left it ajar. They eagerly pressed their ears against the slightly opened door. They knew that if Hermione was in the common room and she saw the portrait open by itself then she would know immediately that it was them under the cloak. It wasn’t long before they heard voices unmistakably Hermione and Draco’s coming from the other side.

“Just move your left hand a little lower… yes that feels better, now over a bit to the right.”

“Like this?”

“Oh that’s perfect.”

“I’m going to swing you down between my legs now.”

“Okay. Oh no! Draco no don’t touch me there I’m ticklish! You’re going to drop me!!”

“Well in that case…”

Hermione’s laughter rang out through the room and Harry and Ron exchanged dumbfounded looks. Ron mouthed “I-told-you-so” to Harry, who bowed his head and shook it in disbelief.

“I’ve heard enough. Let’s go Harry.” Ron said. The two boys turned and made their way back to their dorm, neither wanting to believe what they heard was true.


“Draco!! I’m… no not there!!!” Hermione yelled. She was on the couch with Draco on top of her tickling her into oblivion.

“See? Didn’t I tell you I would find you ticklish spot? Never doubt a Malfoy.” He said smiling. Not a smirk that he was famous for, but a genuine whole hearted smile.

“You’re…impossible…” she managed to gasp out.

“I know, but that’s why you love me so much.” Draco regretted saying it the second those words slipped out of his mouth. He hadn’t meant to say that out loud.

Hermione’s heart was beating a million miles per hour. “You have feelings for him, you know you do. Stop hiding it. Would he have you pinned to the couch with his face a few inches from yours if he didn’t feel the same way? Draco Malfoy, my old enemy? I don’t like him. Stop denying it! You care for him! Take a risk for once in your life…” Hermione couldn’t get her thoughts to slow down so she could process them no matter how hard she tried. She could feel his hot breath on her face. He was getting closer. Was he? No, it was Hermione that was moving. “You want a risk? How’s this one…” she told herself. Hermione wrapped her arms around Draco’s neck and brought his lips crashing down onto hers.

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