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“Welcome back to Whose Line is it Anyway,” Remus said. “Now, let’s move onto a game called Superheroes. This is for all four of you. Severus is a superhero and, from the audience, I need a name of an unlikely superhero.”
There were several screams of some weird names, but Remus chose...
“Captain Skunk-Man. And, I’ll need a crisis situation for Captain Skunk-Man.”
Again, there were several screams, but Remus chose...
“The world is losing its bad smell. Okay, weird, but, whatever, okay, you’ll be joined in by Draco, Harry, and then Ron. Okay, take it away!”
“... Err... The world is losing its smell?” Snape said. He got boos from the audience but he ignored them. “Well, now I’m not going to... make people smell bad?”
“YOU SUCK, SNAPE!” some guy yelled.
“Silence,” Snape muttered.
Then, Draco entered:
“Sorry, I’m late, you know how the husband is and everything...”
“I’m glad you’re hear, Village People Fan Who Always Sings Their Songs... Guy,” Snape said, thinking of a name off the top of his head.
“Yeah, well...” then, singing like the Village People, Draco sang:
“Macho, macho, man, man!
I want to be... a macho man!
Baby, macho, macho man! Man!
I wanna’ be a macho man!”
Then, Draco started dancing around the stage, singing the Macho Man song. Then, Harry entered:
“Sorry, I’m late –“
Then, Snape, since he’s Captain Skunk-Man, made believe he was blinding Harry with his ‘stink.’ Harry made believe he was blind and staggered around, covering his eyes.
“NOOOOOOO!” he screamed. “I’m blind and I can’t see!”
“Oh, I’m sorry, Always Gets Hurt by a Skunk Guy,” Snape said.
“AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!” Harry staggered around and then (with looking where he was going through his fingers) rammed into Remus’ desk and flipped over it.
Remus was taken off guard by this and put his hands on his legs (since this is where Harry hit him) and started moaning in pain.
“What the hell, Harry?” he said holding his legs.
No one really cared what happened to Remus as they saw Ron walk up to Snape.
“Sorry, I’m late,” Ron said. “I... something.”
“YOU SUCK, RON!” that same guy yelled.
“Shut up!” Ron yelled. “And actually get a life!”
“Okay, let’s get this bloke out before any bloodshed begins,” Remus said, distinctively hiding the fact that his legs still hurt.
Then, the guards ran up to the guy, who was screaming like a little girl now, and tossed him out of the studio. Everyone cheered at this as Snape continued the skit.
“I’m glad you’re here, Guy Who... Talks for Five Seconds then Stops for Ten Seconds... Guy,” Snape said, coming up with the best name he could come up with.
“Well, you know,” Ron said quickly. “I know what the answer is to all this, it’s –“
He stopped in mid-sentence and made a face that would remind Snape of Pansy Parkinson.
“What? What is it?” Snape asked.
Meanwhile, Draco was still singing ‘Macho Man’ while Harry was staggering around, once hitting Snape.
“That’s a detention, Potter!” Snape said, out of character.
Remus buzzed the buzzer, annoyed.
“Don’t go out of character, again,” he said gravely. “Or you’ll die!”
“Really?” Snape said, meekly.
“No, I’m just kidding,” Remus said in a lighter tone. “Just don’t do it, again.”
Finally, Ron spoke:
“I don’t like when that happens, if you know what I mean. It’s just so ridiculous and –“
He stopped again, making the Pansy Parkinson resemblance face. That got Snape angry. He pushed Ron away.
“Get the hell away from me,” he said.
Now, Harry started staggering around again, and tried hitting into Snape, but Snape dodged him, causing Harry to fall on the ground and “not move” again. Now, Draco was left, now singing ‘YMCA.’
“It’s the Y-M-C-A, yeah!” he sang with complete arm motions.
“The Y-M-C-A...”
Snape made believe to be dancing with Draco, until he finally started spinning off the stage, causing Draco to follow him. Then, Remus buzzed the buzzer.
“Okay,” he said. “A billion points to Harry for no reason. Now, to keep the show going, let’s go on to a game called Weird Newscasters. This is for all four of you.
Now, Severus, you’re the news anchorman. Harry is your co-anchor who thinks he’s on fire. Draco is the sports caster who’s a leprechaun getting his Lucky Charms are being stolen and he’ll also be the announcer doing a play-by-play of the event. Okay and Ron will do the weather as The Frankenstein Monster. Okay? Severus, you begin when you hear the music.”
The news music plays as Snape and Harry put on big smiles.
“Welcome to the 7:00 news,” Snape said. “I’m your anchor: Snapey the Vampire Slayer. Let’s start with the news by going to my co-anchor: Scar-Man 101. Scar-Man?”
“Well, our top story tonight,” Harry said. “Is that...”
Then, he started sniffing something and started twitching like mad.
“Oh, my God!” he screamed. “I’m on fire! Help!”
Then, screaming like a baby girl, he started running around the place, waving his arms up and down like a madman, screaming, “Help me! Help me! Help me!”
Then, he dropped on the floor and chanted, “Stop, drop, roll! Stop, drop, roll!” Then, he rolled all over the place now, and, surprisingly, into the audience, where he was kicked by an angry fan, shouting, “YOU SUCK!”
The guy started beating Harry up until security came and dragged the guy out.
“Well, at least no one died,” Remus said after a long pause.
Then, a gunshot was heard and the security guards came back in, looking as if nothing happened.
“... Okay, I stand corrected,” Remus said. “Just... go on.”
“This just in,” Snape said. “I will be getting a new co-anchor tomorrow who will not act off his rocker for no reason. Now, let’s go to sports with our sports caster Mal-ferret? Ferret?”
“Well, what we have hear, Snapey is a leprechaun here that’s getting his Lucky Charms stolen. Let’s watch what happens.”
Then, putting on a voice that makes him sound like the leprechaun from the Lucky Charms commercials, he said:
“They’re after me Lucky Charms, the bastards! This time, they won’t get them now!”
Then, Draco did karate stances and made believe he was beating up someone. Then, as the newscaster, he said:
“Ooh, that’s got to hurt! Oh, my God! Did you see him rip her arm off? He is one tough leprechaun!”
Then, as the leprechaun, he held a gun to his head, saying, “No body move or the news bloke gets it!”
As the newscaster, he said, “No, don’t kill me! I’m just doing my job! I have a husband and two kids... and we’re expecting a third one!”
“.... Okay,” Snape said. “We’ll just leave you two because this isn’t really getting interesting, anymore. Now, let’s go to the weatherman, Weasel: James Weasel. James?”
“Urgh!” Ron grunted.
“Are we going to get sun or rain tomorrow?”
“Answer me!”
“Okay, that’s it!” Snape walked over to Ron and started shaking him, causing Ron to get angry and try to pick Snape up.
“What the hell are you doing?” Snape asked.
“URGH!” Ron, who barely picked Snape up, threw Snape across the room into the audience, knocking out a couple of guys from the impact. Then, Draco walked over to the middle of the room with a gun to the screen.
“You’ll never take me alive!” he said in the leprechaun voice, making believe to be knocking cameras out. Then, Remus buzzed the buzzer as everyone went back to their seats.
“Okay,” he said. “A billion points to Draco and Harry. We’ll be right back and find out who the winner is on Whose Line is it Anyway!”

A/N: Next update: Final chapter! Yeah, short story, but it was good while it lasted, wasn't it? Please R/R!

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