Chapter 8 Birthdays and Phoenixes part 1 Harry awoke for what seemed like the fifth time. He sat up in his bed trying to remember the events of the last few days. Trying to remember the message from his mother, how his aunt petunia was acting, From finding out he himself a boy who grew up in a cupboard for the first ten years of his life could possibly the heir of two of the most powerful wizards of all time. This seem all to confusing to Harry. But, He was shaken form his thoughts by a bouncing creature on his bed. Coming to realize what it was “Dobby, how many time have I told you not to jump on my bed while I am on it”. “Dobby is sorry sir. I is just so happy to Harry Potter sir. Dobby was worried.” “Dobby, I am fine now will you get off please”. “Dobby, Is supposed to be getting Harry Potter sir, He is needed in the Great Hall sir, Yous is missing Breakfast you mustn’t miss lunch” “Dobby, you mean to tell me I have slept all morning” “ yes, Sir” “Thank you Dobby for getting me” Harry got off the bed and made his way to Gryffindor tower to take a shower and put a fresh pair of clothes on. After his shower he made his way down to the great hall. Just out side the door he heard nothing but silence and no light from under the door. So, Harry pulled out his wand, and quietly push open the doors. What he saw made him even more cautious. No light from any thing and not a single sound. Then with out warning the great hall doors slammed shut. He whirled around wand at the ready. He hears something rather senses right behind him he did the first thing that came to his mind he yells “stupefy”. At the exact same moment the words that came out of his mouth the room filled with light and unison yell of “SURPRISE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. Harry looked at everybody there. He saw Remus Lupin, all of the Weasleys even Percy, Neville, Luna, and even Mrs. Figg his old babysitter. It also looked like the entire order was there as well. The out of the corner of his eye he say something run towards him and the he was embraced by a bushy haired girl. With a strangled breathe “Hermione I need to breathe.” The red faced girl released him looking quite embarrassed. “Sorry Harry I just missed you So much”. Every one began to make there way over and he was greeted with pats on the back and hugs. Then Harry Asked the question that was on his mind “So, Who did I stun?”. Hermione looked at him strangely and he explained that the cast the stunning spell at the same time as when they surprised him. They looked around and the noticed in the corned in the shadow laid a crumpled form of his most hated professor Snape. At this point Remus came over and whispered “Harry that has to be the most funnies position I have ever seen Severus in. I think you might want to seer clear of him for a while.”

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