Chapter 7 More Revelations

"Harry, Harry, get up kiddo". Harry opens his eyes and surveys the landscape. He is sitting in an open field surrounded by flowers. There is a house just over the hill. And a black dog running over to him. "Padfoot is that you! Your alive am I dreaming" Harry exclaimed. The big black dog barreling over to him and knocks him over licking his face. Behind the dog comes a young girl with bushy brown hair and glasses. With the most noticeable green eyes brightly lite up with happiness. "Daddy, Daddy your home", the little girl proclaimed happily. Harry stood there bewildered. Then all of a sudden he knew how to respond. He pushed Padfoot away and lifted the young girl into the air and spun her around. "Melody, I have missed you. I have missed you so much that now I am going to tickle you". "No Daddy no not that" With that Harry starts to tickle her senseless.

"Melody, Melody” cried a woman.
Her voice sounded like phoenix song to him that he felt as if he was finally home from being out in the cold for so long. He heard the voice call out again he stopped tickling the girl. He started looking for the source of the voice. "Melody ... Melody....." cried the woman. The young girl hopped up and yells “MOMMY I AM DOWN THE HILL" She runs up the hill to meet her mother. Harry is dumb struck by the almost recognizable woman in front of him. The woman finally reaches the peak of the hill and places her hand over her mouth and screams "HARRY."

Harry wakes with a start and sees he is in the hospital wing in Hogwarts.
He reaches over to the bedside table for his glasses and puts the on. What he sees he thinks his eyes are playing tricks on him. In the corner he sees a man that looks to be in his mid to late twenties staring at him as if he was waiting for Harry to make the first move.

"Who are you, and Why are you here?" Harry asked still sleepily.

The man stepped out of the shadows and replied "Harry, I am but a memory in the form of a sprit."
"So you must be Falcore then?"

The man's faced turned into a grim frown and moved closer in the light. His facial features were the same as Harry's.

“No, My son Falcore has been around for longer than time it self."


"Yes, It is me. But I don't have time to catch up. Now, What I am about to tell you will be a great surprise. As you already know you are the heir of Merlin, however, that is only on your mother's side. My families on the other hand are the direct descendants of the ancient gods of Olympus, most importantly Zeus and Athena." He paused to let Harry ask the question that he knew he was going to ask. He just continued on instead.
"Before you think any further, let me give you the truth behind the myths. They were not gods as muggle mythology would have led us to believe. Zeus was a very powerful light wizard given life from the Light itself. The Light charged him with the care over all human and creatures alike. He had abilities that no wizard had ever dreamed of. However, the Light's brother Darkness was devastated to find out the Zeus had been favored By the Light his own brother. Darkness took it upon itself to corrupt Zeus. Zeus turned from the light and joined the darkness and reigned havoc upon the earth this did not go unnoticed by the Light. The Light Cursed Zeus with Immortality and loneliness for 100 years. Zeus being separated from the love of his life Athena did not know the she bore a son. His son was named Tamarack Gryffindor, who was the father of Godric Gryffindor. Anyway, I digress, Zeus After his 70th year in exile was visited by the Light. The light presented him with a choice. That choice was remain in his prison or to return to earth and teach his grandson the way of the light. Zeus renouncing the Darkness about a few decades earlier agreed. The light gave him a early release with a promise that once Zeus finished his task of educating young Godric his soul would be released in to holiest of spiritual planes to be with his on true Love. For twenty Zeus guided his grandson until the fall of the Dark Lord of the Time Salazar Slytherin. Harry, My son I tell you this so that you know that you will be placed in this plane of existence while you go through you magical transformation.”

“ Dad, Why can’t I just Be normal” Harry Asked his father.
At this point the spirit Of James started to fade away with no answer but a faint echo “All will be revealed in time my son……”

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