--------------------------------------------------------6----------------------------------------------------- Is that you? Still not owning this story at all? Stupid fact: I lost a spelling contest! \'\'Sirius.\'\' Harry cried out as he ran as fast as he can towards his godfather. Sirius was still just standing there as Harry went up to him. \'\'Sirius, It is all my vault that you are dead. You did not deserve this. I-\'\' Harry said out very fast. He had stopped from Sirius, or whatever it was smiling at him. Finally he spoke out to Harry. \'\'Harry, It is not your vault. It is my dear cousins vault. I died the way I wanted to. I got to protect you and I am Happy about that.\'\' \'\'Only why couldnt you just come back? How am I even talking to you?\'\' Harry asked. Sirius started to explain after a minute of silence between the two of them. \'\'I was talking to one of the figures here. He is in the 56 row though. He was the first one here he said. The thing that he noticed is that almost everyone who came here would come in but not able to come out. The minute you come in here you will die. It is a painless death. Cant feel it. But somehow you are still alive. You need to have a little chat with Dumbledore.\'\' Harry just wanted to know that also. \'\'Sirius, If people died when they came back here then how did all of these penseves get here?\'\' His godfather figure just shrugged and Harry looked at his watch. He only had five minutes until the hearing. these were one of the times he wished he had a time turner. he did not want to leave. How could Sirius be so calm about this? He was not even blaming Harry. \'\'Harry, it was not even your vault. I would done the same. Your dad would have done the same.\'\' The figure kept saying. \'\'Dont blam yourself.\'\' \'\'I have to get to something Sirius. I dont really want to leave.\'\' Harry said. \'\'harry, it is o.k to leave.\'\' Sirius said buting a hand on Harrys shoulder. Harry was expecting to fell coldness on his should like a goast but instead he felt warmth on his shoulder. That meant Sirius is not a goast than what is he. \'\'I will try to come back\'\' Harry said. Sirius nodded. \'\'I will be watching you wherever you are. And you can count on that. I Promise.\'\' He was running as fast as he could. He was already late and he was getting closer to the lift. The door was starting to close as he jumped into the lift. He has just made it. As it went higher to the ground floor he was thinking about what he saw. What were all of those figures? Why was he still alive? Does Sirius really think it is not his vault?. He was finally at the right floor. He came out and saw everyone whating for him. \'\'Finally you came. We started to think that you got lost or something. You are right on time.\'\' Ron said. All of them were walking to a desk were someone was looking at some papers. He lead them to a room that was like the one Harry was in last year. Every seat was full one one side of the room. on the other there were 10 seats for them. They all sat down, they only took eight seats, two seats were empty. On the side facing Harry had Mr. Fudge in the front with many ministry members. The Ministrer stood up and was starting to speak when the door opened, right there was Dumbledore and Mrs. Figg who still looked terrified. They sat down in the two empty seats and th Minister went on with talking. \'\'We are hear because a death eater attack on the 15 of July. There where many witnesses that-\'\' \'\'Can you slow that down Minister... Thank you.\'\' The voice was in the way back and Harry remebered it as the voice of Rita Skeeter. \'\'All right\'\' Fudge continued. \'\'There were many witnesses and we need to hear some peoples side of the story.\'\' He took out a list of names. \'\'Lets start with Mr. Diggory\'\' Mr. Diggory, who was sitting in a different set of chairs that were infront of Harry, Looked up at The minister and started to say all that he saw. Harry was only half hearing what Mr. Diggory said. He was looking at everyone in the stands. Some of them were watching Mr. Diggory, others writing down what he was saying and Rita letting her Quick-Quotes-Quill do her job. After he finished many other aurors took turns saying the side of the story and Harry started to look at his shoelaces like he was facinated by them like he did last year. Finally it was his turn as everyone looked at him. He started to tell them what happened. He was interupted by Rita about five times and after about ten minutes he was over. \'\'I cant belive it. All of that, well it all stringes together but, I dont now\" The Minister said. Harry new in a second that he was looking for something to make it sound imposable. (I really cant spell) After Harrys turn it was the orders. They told about when they came and how they new to go. Then Rita just asked some pointless questions and the ministry started to talk about all of it. Then the Minister stood up. \'\'Since all of the witnesses had parts of the story and they all make since together there would be no charges on anyone for useing magic in this because they needed to protect themselves. Also since the use of veritaserum (?) on the death eaters we wanted to point out that Peter Petigrew, one of the caught death eaters, was the one who was the Potters secret keeper and sent them to you-know-who. We also need to declare that Sirius Black is not guilty.\'\' Dumbledore stood up at once. \'\'Fudge may I have a word with you after all of this is over?\'\' The Minister looked puzzled at first than nodded. Sirius Black, Not Guilty That was the headlines on the news paper the next day. Harry did not read it yet but he knew that they would say something about him in the paper. harry did not tell Ron and Hermione about Sirius yet. Once they got back to Grimwald Harry did not go to the window that he was always at. This time he looking at Sirius\' two way mirror. He was someone that you could really trust. He was someone who was forgiving and like he said. He would be watching him. He even promised. To Be Continued.

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