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Ok, I'm starting this new quiz since no one liked my last one. If anybody did like my last one and wants to finish it, ask me and I will give you the link. I hope you like this one!

Ava Blink had just finished packing her trunk with her clothes. In the morning she would be leaving to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Since she was little she has been home schooled, but this year her parents decided to send her to Hogwarts.

"Ava come hurry up! They're waiting for us!" April called. April, her mum, was with Tom, her dad who's a muggle, waiting for her to come down so they could go to dinner.

"Hold on!" Ava yelled as she slammed her trunk shut. She checked herself out in the mirror. She was average looking. She put on her black 70's American style skirt, with a green tang-top and a pair of lace up boots on. Ava was 5ft 3" and had short, brown, spiky, untamable hair. Then she ran down to meet her parents.

"Finally. How long does it take you to get ready?" her dad said annoyed.

"Well if I didn't have to go-"

"Don't start Ava. They're our friends and we're going to have a nice dinner with them."

"It's not all of them... it's just that damn-" her mum cut her off

"AVA! Don't use that language and none of that tonight." her mum said and grabbed her wand, followed by her dad. Ava just rolled her eyes.

"Why can't we just go to their house!?" Ava asked frustrated "Why do we have to go to some snooty restaurant?"

"You know they went some where this summer." Her mum clearly stated "Now grab onto my hand so we can go."

Ava grabbed her mum's hand and so did her dad. And with a loud crack they apparated to the restaurant.

"April! Tom!" Mrs. Weasley greeted them and got out of her chair. "Ava." she smiled sweetly. "You look even more grown up than the last time I saw you."

Ava smiled. Mrs. Weasley said that every time she saw Ava. every time. Then Ava walked over to the table and sat between Fred and Ginny and began the small talk.

"So Ginny." Ava said casually "You still like that Harry kid?"

Ginny turned a slight shade of pink. "You know that was 3 years ago! I got over him!" she said and looked down at her plate. Ava laughed. "You'll be able to meet him! When you come to Hogwarts! He's a great guy!"

"Is he cute?" Ava joked

"He'd never go for you." Ron said

"I was joking." Ava said not even looking at him. "Stop being such a git!"

"I'm not a git you're just a b--"

"Shut up Ron!' Fred snapped "You are a git"

"Thanks Fred." Ava said as the waiter came over and took their orders and gave them their drinks.

"How was you're summer?" George asked

"So boring" Ava said and slammed her head down on the table. "There's been seriously nothing to do."

"I wish you could have came with us, but..." Ginny drifted off.

"I know I know." Ava said.

"Why would we bring her anyway? She'd just ruin everything." Ron said.

"Shut up Ron." George and Fred said in unison.

"It's okay. I think I'd go mad if I'd have to spend the summer with him!" Ava shot.

"Right. I'd drive you mad." Ron said sarcastically "For the whole trip you be 'I'm bored. I'm bored. I'm so bored!!!'" he mocked you.

"O.k. you two stop it." George said

"Yeah, let's just have a nice, normal dinner tonight." Fred said. Ava looked at him in shock. "What?” he asked looking at her uncertainly.

"Fred having a nice, normal dinner? Is it just me or does that not make sense?" Ava smirked

Fred looked around then pulled 3 dungbombs out of his pocket so only Ava could see. Then he smiled.

"These are the last one's I have. We put a charm on 2 others I've hidden around the restaurant, so when I flick my wand they all go off." he whispered then grinned.

"Ohh so you want to play the innocent act?"

"Exactly." he said and grinned wider. And he and Ava laughed.

Soon they're food arrived and they all ate. In the middle of eating Ava saw Fred pull out his wand under the table. He noticed her looking and winked, then swished his wand.

Ava looked around and saw little streams of smoke come out of a plant. But only enough smoke so you would only notice it if you were looking for it. And another one which was perfectly placed under Ron's chair.

"Ron, that was disgusting." George said as he covered his nose.

Ron's ear's turned bright red and Ava laughed, while covering her nose. "I didn't do anything."

"It's coming from you Ron." George said and moved his chair away from Ron.

"Ronny." Mrs. Weasley called "Next time you do something like that step out side.

Ron's ears turned redder and Ava laughed harder. "I didn't do anything!" Ron said frustrated.

Then people all around the restaurant started gaging and getting up to go outside. There was a bang and everyone looked over to a plant in the corner. One of the dungbombs exploded. "FRED! GEORGE!" Mrs. Weasley screeched while she gagged.

It smelled like rotten eggs mixed with shit. Ava stood up and ran out of the restaurant. The smell was too strong. Soon everyone followed her, with Mrs. Weasley yelling at Fred and George.

"Why do you two always have to cause trouble!?!? Can't we just have one nice night out?!?! "

"How do you know it was us?" Fred smiled

"Yeah, mum, you can't prove it." George said.

"I know it was you!" Mrs. Weasley yelled "Arthur do something!"

"This was the last straw you guys. You can't go to Hogsmeade this year." Fred and George looked like they had a heart attack.

"What?! You can't do that!!" Fred yelled "How do you know it was us?"

"Yeah!" George yelled "It could have been anyone."

"No more fighting. No Hogsmeade." Fred and George looked crushed.

"Mr. Weasley." Ava spoke up. Everyone turned to her. "I put the dungbombs there. I wanted to pull a prank on Ron. I'm sorry."

"Ava! I can't believe you would do something like that!" April said

"Sorry." Ava said Fred and George looked at her. She gave them a 'Just go along with it' look and they mouthed thanks.

"We will discuss a punishment when we get home." her dad said.

After that they head home, since Fred and George tampered with the dungbombs, which made the smell stay in the room. So they had to close the restaurant down for the night. Even though nobody would have eaten anyway, the smell was sickening.

Before Ava and her family left, Fred and George hugged Ava.

"Thank you so much.” George whispered

"We'll defiantly make it up to you." Fred whispered.

Ava said good bye to Ginny and Mrs. and Mr. Weasley.

"Good bye Ron." Ava said through clenched teeth.

"Yeah. Bye." Ron said

The two families went separate ways. Ava went home and finished her last minute packing then went to bed. She could tell this was going to be an interesting year.

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