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An A for Albus Chapter 5 The Ending “Harry…HARRY!” Awakening with a start, Harry sat up to see Albus peering over him. They were in the Boy dormitory, and Harry sat in the same chair he had spelt in for the past few weeks. So far, there was no news on how to get Harry back to his present time. “What is it?” Harry garbled as he readjusted his glasses onto his face. It must have been about two in the morning, Albus was still in his night gown. He had a worn teddy bear in his arms. Harrys first thought was to comment on the toy, but his soar nose thought better of it. For some reason, he was the only one that Albus stood up to. Albus hesitated before he sat down in the chair across from Harry, “Nothing.” “Nothing?” “Its nothing okay!” Albus snapped, he rubbed his hands together and looked around the cold room. Harry knew very well that people didn’t just wake other people up in the middle of the night for “nothing”. “Common. What is it?” He said more calm. “I dreamt…” Albus sighed, “I just dreamt something. That’s all.” “Oh it was a nightmare.” Harry smiled. “No! It wasent!” Albus said, standing up. Harry sighed and stood up, “Its no big deal really. Everyone has nightmares.” “Not like this one.” Albus said. His lisp cracked and something about his tone made Harry stop. He sat back down slowly, “What was it.” “I don’t know. I just…sometime…in my dreams…I see this face.” Albus’s breath shuttered. The scar of Harrys forehead burnt, but even if it hadn’t, Harry knew all too well the face that must be in Albus mind. “Tell me about it.” Albus shook his head, his white face staring forward. “I cant.” “I understand.” Harry said. “Do you have any idea of…” Albus’s words drifted off when he looked at Harry. They both knew of the others thoughts. There was some unspoken evil that they each knew they would each have to face. One had faced it, the other would in the future. For a long time, they sat silently in the dark. “I dreamt he killed you.” Albus said. Harrys blood ran cold. “I’ve dreamt it for a long time. Every time I’ve try to stop him but…” He paused and looked to Harry, “Everything goes dark before I can see the end.” Harry hoped what he felt this meant was not true. Was this the reason he had been stuck here. Was he here to learn that Dumbledore would not see the outcome of the final battle… “Harry. You have to promise me something. I think if you do, the dreams will go away.” Albus said, his voice sounding an awful lot like the old Dumbledore Harry knew. “Anything.” Harry said. “If…if I never see the end of my dream, will you tell it to me someday. I mean, if we see each other when it is all ended?” Albus’s words were sleepy, and Harry thought he probably didn’t know what he was saying himself. “I promise…” Harry said. The next day, Albus was called into Proffesor Snapes office. “Dear. I have found the solution to sending Harry back.” Albus looked as if someone had told them they were going to shop of his left arm. Harry was surprised. “But…but…” “I know. But Im afraid if Harry doesn’t leave, he will disappear all together.” Proffesor Snapes coy smile help sympathy in it. “You mean. Permanently? Then what will happen in the future?” Harry asked. “Then, you will be lost in time, and no one will ever know who you are.” Proffesor Snape frowned. “What do I have to do?” Harry asked. He liked Albus and his world, but he new he needed to be back to his own time. He needed to find out the end of the dream. “Its not what you do. Its what Albus does.” Professor Snape looked at Albus who lower lip was quivering, “You have to let him go.” Harry stood up, “You mean, all this time, Albus was the one keeping me here!” “Yes. He so desperately wanted a friend, that he called through the chain of memory and you, one of his best friends, ended here.” Professor Snape stood, “You know what to do Albus. I’ll leave you to alone.” Harry couldn’t bring himself to look upon the little boy who now had tears running down his face. “All this time, I could have gone back and you kept me here?” Harry wasn’t angry, just surprised. Albus nodded, he sniffed, not wanting to look Harry in the face. Without a word, Harry walked from the room. Out in the hallway stood Jacob Weasley, his friends stood around him. They all had wads of paper rolled up in their hands. Harry suddenly grabbed Jacob and lifted him off the ground. All the boys faces grew wide, but none wider than Jacob, “You listen to me!” Harry said, although he knew the boy could not hear his words, “You are going to stop picking on Albus Dumbledore! I cant believe someone as great as him had to bring me back through time just so he could feel he belong! You should be begging to be his friend!!” Albus walked out of the room after him, “What are you doing?” Jacob saw him, “Albus! Put me down! Please!” A group of kids came around the corner, each could not believe what they saw. “Put him down!” Albus said. Harry dropped the boy on the floor. A rumor spread through the school that a fist year had somehow perfect levitation. At dinner that night, Jacob Weasly was the first to ask Albus to sit with him, but Albus declined. He sat with Polly instead. Albus looked allover for Harry, but he appeared to have disappeared into the crowd. He found him in the dorm, sitting in the chair he had always sat in. “I don’t get it.” Harry said. “Don’t get what?” Albus asked. “I don’t get how people can judge someone who will grow up to be someone so important.” He said. Albus shrugged, “I think…I think its because people do not judge on what they do not know.” Harry looked at him, “That was very profound.” He had been feeling tired, and now he sat back. For awhile he had felt his energy fading. “Harry?” “Hm?” “Good bye…” Harrys eyes snapped open, Dumbledore, with his withered face and twinkling eyes stood over him, “Harry? Are you alright?” “Albus!” Harry jumped up, “What happened? Oh wow…” Harrys legs gave out and he fell over just barely catching himself on a table. “Steady.” Dumbledore helped him, “Well sir, I don’t normally let students call me by my first name but, if its in private.” Harry studied him, “Do you…?” He stopped. Dumbledore had that No-ask-no-tell expressions on his face. “I think the lesson is over for now.” He said simply, offering Harry a lemon drop. “No thank you.” Harry said slowly, he opened the door to Dumbledores office, and looked back. He looked over the belongings the old man had obtained. He saw what his dear little friend had become. He thought of what will become. And, for some reason, he was not afraid. He met Ron and Hermione at the foot of the Gargoyle staircase. “He kept you there a long time.” Ron said. “Yeah.” Harry replied, they walked silently for awhile. “Harry, is everything alright?” Hermione asked. Harry stopped and looked at his two friends, never before had he been so glad to have them, “Yeah…everything’s great.” He smiled, he knew that whatever happened, his friends, ALL of his friends, would always be there. The End

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