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Alright, thanks to an overwhelming amount of positive reviews for the past two chapters, heres the next one for you. It's longer, that's a good thing, right? May not be as funny as the other ones...who knows...please check it out. And here comes a big thanks to all the wonderful reviewers! It's appreciated...and now enough stalling...on with the chappie!

Disclaimer - I own none of the characters that you are familiar with...they are all J.K.Rowling's lovely toys. I just play with them! (J.K, i bow to you).

Ch.3 Playing The Part

Even if Lily wouldn’t admit to it, she found that being a marauder wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Younger students were constantly staring at her in the halls as if expecting that she would pull some extremely hilarious prank right in front of them or else say something charming to some random girl. It unnerved her actually and she almost asked James how he puts up with it everyday when she reminded herself that James loved attention. He glowed in it, and would always be that way for the rest of his life.

The marauders and Lily had just finished their last lesson of the day, which happened to be Lily’s favorite, Charms. She was torn however between listening to the teacher describe a new charm that interested her greatly, or joking around with James who was drawing very unflattering drawings of Snape’s nose. She had decided to join James since she ultimately knew that Sirius would never pass up an opportunity to amuse his best friend, and she had made a pact with Sirius about no more ‘funny business’. Truthfully she had enjoyed herself for the hour they had spent doodling and writing pointless notes. The bell had now rung however, so the ‘four’ marauders were found walking side by side in the crowded hallway that seemed to make room especially for them. Peter had joined his friends after skipping the potion lesson completely but wouldn’t give a straight answer to where he had been. James and Remus were concerned for a while but quickly forgot about it since they figured it couldn’t have been something too important. Lily however had her doubts.

“Hey, so do you guys want to head down to the library then to get our homework out of the way?” The sensible marauder asked. It was obviously Remus.

“Shall you handle this one or should I?” James asked as he turned to look at Sirius with a smile on his handsome face.

“Go for it, mate.” Lily replied, not really knowing what he was talking about anyways. Much of the boys were a mystery to her, it was like they had some unique bond that no one could really understand, nor want to for that matter.

“Alright Moony, let’s take a look into the past shall we?” James said, and it was evident that he was very happy with what he was saying as it showed in his big smile. “Everyday you ask us if we want to go to the library” He paused for dramatic effect. “Now tell me what always happens everyday that you ask. What do end up doing?” Then he stopped and looked at Remus with his eyebrows raised.

“I’ve got the marauders map.” Remus said, defeated. But it was clear that he knew what James was going to say beforehand because he laughed, shook his head then pulled out the map.

This was when Lily started doing some serious thinking. ‘What on earth is a…what was it…. murderer’s map? Please tell me they didn’t actually make a little map and go as far as to name it. That’s the most childish thing I’ve ever heard of. But then again they are the most childish people I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet.’ But in the very back of her mind another voice reminded her that James, Sirius and Remus were very smart when they wanted to be, and were almost top in their year right alongside her. She just sighed and got jolted back to reality when she heard James talking to the map.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

‘He’s talking to the map. A map of all things. There are no words to describe that boy. He’s insane, that’s all there is to it,’ she thought to herself, then decided she could find the words to say, and started to talk to James.

“You know, I don’t think you really need to tell the map the you’re up to no good, I mean everybody already knows that piece of information, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the map, which by the way can’t talk back James, already knew that you were bad news. I mean seriously, is there something wrong…” But she stopped as she saw words writing on the top of the parchment. She also knew that she had gone too far, and had almost insulted James, which she knew wouldn’t go unnoticed by the boys.

“Is this one of those jokes that you say, but we don’t get, Padfoot?” James asked. “Because if it is, then you’re doing an absolutely spanking great job.”

“Er….” Said Lily. What was she supposed to say to that?

“Sirius, quick!” Remus had suddenly exclaimed. They had made their way up to the forth floor corridor where they weren’t supposed to wander into when Remus had yelled and pointed to the map to where the caretaker was shown to be walking just around the corner, which Lily now held in her hand. “Sirius!” He said again.

“What Remus?!” Lily said wondering why the boy in front of her was yelling indignantly at her.

“Erase the map! Look! Magnus is coming!” Remus said to her like she was stupid. Which she was ironically starting to feel at the moment anyways. ‘Erase it? I don’t know a spell for that.’ She was thinking frantically to herself as she took out her wand.

“Oh my god Padfoot, are you like back in first year or something? Give me the freaking map!” James said then snatched it out of Lily’s hands. She had a surprised look on her face and no clue what was going on even though all of the rest of them apparently did.

‘Mischief managed.’ James said quietly, and then placed the map in his robes as they ran into the closest boys’ washroom.

And there they waited until they heard no more footsteps outside of the door. It’s not like they were afraid of detention or anything, for they held the records for the most in the school, but they didn’t want to be caught so early on in the afternoon. It took all the fun out of sneaking around for the rest of the night.

“He’s gone.” Peter said from behind the rest of them. Peter had rarely talked that day and Lily just assumed that was how he always was since the other two didn’t mention it at all.

“Ok, then let’s go back to the Gryffindor common room to drop of our books before dinner because I’m starving.” James said as he took command once more.

Lily readily agreed since it seemed like James was waiting for her approval or something. She had a feeling that he always waited for Sirius to agree with what he was doing before actually doing it.


They were walking to the Gryffindor common room to drop off their books before dinner as James had suggested when they ran into some other fellow Gryffindor fifth years.

“Why Lily! You’re still looking smashing today!” Came James’ cocky voice, and Lily turned her head faster then Sirius did when he smelt food, to find a happy looking Lily standing in the middle of the group of students (who everyone still believed to be Sirius).

She gave Sirius a warning glance with raised eyebrows, before he sighed and answered his friend who was unknowingly flirting with him. He was quite amused with the situation actually, and decided to also use this as blackmail against James when he returned to his normal body and friends.

Trying not to burst out laughing, Sirius (always quick on his toes) answered James in an annoyed, exasperated voice as he tried to imitate Lily.

“Look Potter, I am perfectly aware of how I look without you having to tell me every hour. “

Lily almost laughed.


“Oh and Black?” Sirius continued, feeling that he was talking to himself, “I unfortunately need to have a word with you later after my prefect meeting, so don’t be out doing something stupid as usual!” And with that, Sirius entered the common room for they were now standing outside the portrait entrance and walked up the stairs to the girls’ dormitory.

Lily held in a smirk after she had heard Sirius tell off his friend but it quickly disappeared when she saw the look on James’ face.

“What is it with her, mate? I try and I try, but I get nothing. Can you figure it out why she hates me so much tonight when you have your little ‘private-meeting-that-I-wasn’t-invited-to-because-she-never-ever-talks-to-me-alone-because-she-likes-you-better-then-she’ll-ever-like-me’? Please?" And with that, he turned to look ‘Sirius’ in the eyes, guilt and sadness filling his own.

“Do I detect a hint of Jealousy?” Lily teased.

“No, because Prongs never gets jealous of every single guy who talks, looks, or comes within fifteen feet of Lily, does he?” Remus added in, his words dripping in sarcasm. Lily laughed, as Remus was dead right as usual, James was extremely overprotective of her and got jealous very easily. As she was thinking this, something else James had said drifted into her head. ‘…She hates me so much’.

“She doesn’t hate you.” She bursted out unexpectedly. James just looked up at her with sad eyes.

“How do you know? Of course she does, she’s made it quite clear Sirius, and even you’re not that thick, are you?” James said then let out a single laugh.

“She doesn’t hate you.” Lily repeated.

“Ya and how do you know?” James also repeated.

“I just do, mate.”

“Well I’ll believe that when she tells it to my face, if that day ever comes…” he trailed off.

They then made their way into the common room, waved at a few younger students playing a quick game of chess before dinner, then walked single filed and quietly up the red stairs towards their shared dormitory.


Sirius was sitting on his bed in the girls’ dormitory busily occupied with a craft, as he called it. With scissors in one hand, he was cutting out pictures of himself in the shape of hearts and sticking them to the walls around ‘his’ bed. Now he fully planned on telling James that the girls’ had pictures of him hanging on their walls as soon as he got the chance. This kept him busy for only ten minutes when his stomach growled and he got up to make his way downstairs for dinner. But just as he jumped up to face the door, he accidentally moved the pillow on Lily’s bed and saw the corner of a brown book sticking out.

Sirius being Sirius, quickly grabbed the book without thinking then opened it to the first page, and read in beautiful silver letters, ‘Lily’s Diary.’

‘Nice’, Sirius thought to himself and then sat back down on the bed with a new found treasure.


The marauders and Lily had just finished dinner and were now in excellent moods as usual when Remus stood up quickly after checking the time and spoke.

“Ok I’ll catch up with you guys later, I’ve got my prefect meeting now.” He said, addressing his three friends.

“Sure buddy, we’ll just be playing quiddich anyways but we’ll meet you in the common room in an hour, alright?” James said, once again taking on the leader role in the group.

“Okedoke.” And that being said, Remus turned around, straightening his robes as he did so then made his way out of the great hall.

“Er…guys…I don’t think I’ll come. I have to redo some homework tonight.” Peter was telling his friends.

“Ok, then I guess it’s just me and Padfoot tonight, eh?” James joked.

“Sure is.” Lily answered.

“Just like old times.” James said more to himself then anyone but nonetheless concluding the conversation.

In the hallway just outside the great hall, Remus was walking quickly towards Dumbledore’s office for they were told to meet there this week as Dumbledore wanted to address a few things to the prefects and head boy and girl.

Dumbledore was waiting outside of his office, just in front of the stone gargoyle.

“Remus! Welcome! Please go upstairs, you’ll find everybody already there, we’re just waiting for Ms. Evans now.” Dumbledore said to him, and then said words that were obviously the password as the gargoyle came to life, jumped out of the way and revealed a hidden staircase that Remus stepped onto. As soon as he did this, the gargoyle returned to its original position, forcing him to go up the stairs and into Dumbledore office.

As minutes passed, Dumbledore had to laugh as he saw ‘Lily’ running down the hall towards him, hair flying everywhere.

“Sorry…Dumbledore….” Sirius panted, “I was…occupied…. and lost…track of…. time.” He finished and looked up at Dumbledore as he motioned for him to go onto the staircase as the gargoyle had moved aside once more.

“It’s ok, Sirius” Dumbledore said with the familiar twinkle in his eyes.

It felt weird to Sirius to be called by his name, as he was now just getting used to hearing everybody call him Lily. He thought it sounded nicer then his old name. So many things about being a girl appealed to him as he kept adding to the list.

They made their way up into the office to find all of the other prefects, and the head boy and girl sitting in chairs that were in a circle by Dumbledore’s fireplace. Sirius quickly without thinking sat down next to Remus as a habit and waited for the headmaster to speak. He glanced at the Slytherin prefects sitting opposite him and unknowingly glared at them from where he say, mentally thinking about how funny it would be if he just all of a sudden randomly poked them with a very long stick. He was awakened from his very exciting daydream when the headmaster spoke however.

“Thanks for coming everyone!” He began. “This is just in regard to the upcoming ball that you will all need to organize together. Please take a survey of how many students in your house will be attending, and write down a list for any ideas about what you may think would be a help to make this night memorable and fun for all.” He continued to say, “Alright, now that I’ve bored you with the same old information, please wake back up because we are going to do a little activity.”

At these words everyone got anxious as to what was coming. Sirius however was very eagerly listening now though because you could never know what the old man could be planning in his crazy mind.

“Ok I want each two prefects from each house to pair up together and sit and face each other.” Dumbledore stated.

So Sirius, very excited, got up off his chair and sat down on the floor to face his friend, Remus.

“This is going to be good, I can tell.” Sirius said to Remus.

“I didn’t think you liked these kind of things Lily, you know…unplanned spur of the moment ones.” Remus said looking at Sirius who he thought was Lily.

“People change Remus,” was all Sirius had to say.

“Ok,” began Dumbledore once more, “We are going to be doing some inter-house activities to spur up the dreadfully boring month we are having. All I want you to do is talk to your partner about some games or challenges you could hold in your own individual houses that everyone will participate in the upcoming week. A different one for each day of the week would be ideal. There are no rules, so don’t be afraid to have fun with this.” He finished and then looked at the pairs of people who were looking sceptically at him.

“Awesome!” Sirius exclaimed. “This is great, we get to pick something fun to do and everyone will have to do it.” He then started laughing manically.

“This should be interesting actually, I personally can’t wait.” Said Remus, the marauder side of him showing itself, as he got excited about the task.

“No need to talk so proper, it’s just me Moon…I mean Remus.” Sirius said trying to hide his slip.

“Alrighty then. Whatever you say.” Remus answered, but he was now looking at Lily in a different way. She had almost called him Moony. Nobody knew his nickname except James, Sirius and Peter, and Peter rarely even called him by it. Something definitely was going on with Lily, and Remus decided to figure out just exactly what it was.

But later. Now it was time for fun.

“Ok any ideas?” Remus asked the person across from him.

“Ok well I think we should play a huge spiffing wonderful game of truth or dare. Each year could have their own games going on in the common room; c’mon it would be so fun. I know you like playing truth or dare so don’t even try to reject my absolutely brilliant idea.” Sirius said, positively thrilled about the chance of asking James some embarrassing questions without him knowing that it was him.

Remus just stared at Sirius (who he thought was Lily). Something wasn’t right with her, he could tell that right away this morning when she had first spoken to James. ‘She sounds almost exactly like…but no it couldn’t be. But then how does she know that I like truth or dare?’ Remus thought to himself, and then spoke to the person across from him.

“Sure sounds great Lily, I bet James and Sirius will love it especially.” He put extra emphasis on the word ‘Sirius’ hoping to get some kind of reaction.

“Of course they will, why wouldn’t they?” Sirius replied without thinking.

They went on the rest of the hour swapping ideas until they had five good ones that they wanted to try out starting hopefully tomorrow. As they got up to leave, they were reminded to change the passwords to get into their dormitories. Remus told ‘Lily’ that it was her turn to pick a new password, so Sirius decided to change it to ‘James loves Lily’ just for the havoc it would cause between James and Lily. Not fully thinking what could happen because of it.


Meanwhile, James and the person he thought was Sirius, were passing the quaffle in the air on their broomsticks. Now Lily wasn’t exactly the best flyer, so she missed the passes almost half of the time because she was holding on for dear life to the broomstick.

“Can we go back now?” She asked James as a rather cold wind whipped across her face.

“Why, you’re not afraid of a little wind are you, paddy? Don’t turn girly on me here.” He joked not knowing that Lily was laughing inside at his last comment because ironically Sirius had literally turned girly on him.

“If anyone’s a girl James, it’s you. I just wanted to be back in time to meet Remus who I’m guessing you have conveniently forgotten about right?” Said Lily.

“Ya, ya, alright it’s just that we never hang out just the two of us anymore.”

“Didn’t know you liked me that way”, Lily teased, sounding like her friends.

“Don’t even start with me.” Said James who was now laughing. He then threw the quaffle at Lily who as usual missed it completely as it soared towards the ground. “Point for James!” He said as he began to fly towards the ground as well.

‘Why do they always talk in third person’ Lily thought to herself as she also made her way to the ground.

They landed, and then started walking back towards the castle, when Lily suddenly remembered that Sirius wanted to talk to her. She hoped it wasn’t just to tell her that he liked wearing skirts, or something along those lines.

She smiled then skipped back to the portrait hole gaining curious stares from James before he too joined in the ‘manly’ skip. They stopped right in front of the entrance to their common room.

‘This is going to be interesting,’ she thought before bracing herself for whatever Sirius would tell her, ‘Knowing him, it could be about anything or anyone’.

And it was about a certain something to be exact.

A very private something.

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