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“For goodness sake…”Harry sighed inwardly as he looked around him to find Sirius miles behind him fighting with his little dragon ornament yet again

“Will you stop trying to burn my hair!” Sirius snarled angrily at his ornament as he grabbed it firmly in his hand, looking at it in the eye as it flapped it’s wings and was pushing with it’s claws to get it’s legs free “Your nothing like me! I should turn you back!” The dragon stared at him with Sirius’s trademark: big round watering blue puppy dog eyes, its black wings rapped round its greyish body - “Oh no, you don’t! I invented that face, that is my trademark not yours!”

“Sirius, hurry up if you want to see what happens in second year!” Harry called as he ran round the corner of the Sixth floor heading towards the Seventh to get to the common room, they had decided to watch the next set of Harry’s memory’s today and they were already ten minutes late because of Sirius and his ‘breakie’ obsession.

“I’m coming, I’m coming, don’t get your boxers in a twist…” Sirius shouted back to his godson as he ran out of his site, rounding a nearby corner. He started to wonder about Harry’s past and began to worry about what he was about to see next as he quickened up his pace, he looked back at the dragon in his hands and he could see that it changed colour to Harry’s personality: green.

The little dragon had a dark green body with black spikes down its back, the wings a mixture of light green and sky blue, its emerald green eyes scowling up at him (Harry often used trademark), it always carried a small necklace which Sirius couldn’t help but smirk at. He let go of the dragon as it smiled evilly up at him, spread its wings and breathed fire at his head before it took off after Harry.

“Why you…” he cursed under his breath as put the fire out on his hair.

¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ Common Room ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬

“I’m looking forward to this!” James rubbed his hands together excited “I mean, it has to be better this time right? It can’t get any worse…”

“You don’t know how wrong you are James…” Ron and Hermione said in unison. Remus stared at them as he said:

“I heard that fourth year was really bad…” Remus, Ron and Hermione avoided eye contact at this point. James and Lily just worried about thought of what might happen, Padfoot was worried about what they were going to see but he couldn’t help but feel jealous: why does everything happen to him? Why don’t they have any adventures like that… “…but second year…?” he questioned them.

“Well second year wasn’t as bad as fourth or fifth year…” Hermione told him “ see it was the Cha – ”

“Sshh, Hermione!” Harry said as he ran through the portrait hole with Sirius’s dragon on his shoulder “I want it to be a surprise!” he winked; she rolled her eyes in annoyance…

“Harry can’t you tell us anything about what happens next…?” Moony asked trying to gain information on the future and hopefully his own importance in Harry’s life.

“I all ready have Moony” Harry replied as he joined them, he looked happy and ready to show them what happens but Sirius’s dragon which was in Harry’s personality was disagreeing with him: it looked anxious and on the edge slightly…

“What…? Oh you mean that Bludger that wouldn’t stop casing you right?” Harry nodded as Sirius came in the room, he was angry and his hair was smoking at the edges as he stormed over to Harry who was next to Remus.

Sirius pointed his wand at the dragon and spitted “I hate you! You’re nothing like me! Anything or person that knows me would know that you do not attack MY hair!!” he then rounded on Remus “Remus I want a REFUND!!

“Sirius you can’t get a refund on something that you made…” Remus countered back “…plus you didn’t pay for them did you? You silly mutt, pun intended…” Sirius glared at him while everyone filled out the room holding in their laughter…

Sirius was deadly quiet as they prepared to enter the pensieve for the second time. Remus locked the door after everyone entered and then rejoined the group as Harry placed the pensieve on his bed and reached out for Hermione to take her hand: she did and blushed when Lily pushed Ron out the way to hold her hand and nudged her with a little wink of her eye. Harry just stared at them getting that feeling again: yes, I have differently missed something here…

So Ron ended up holding Moony’s hand as James pushed him out the way to get to Lily and Padfoot pushed him to get to James. Sirius avoided Remus’s eye as he touched his shoulder waiting to go inside Harry’s memories. Remus shot him a hurt look put Sirius just ignored it and stared straight at Harry who was surprised at his actions towards his oldest friend…

“Can we please go now!” Ron protested as he smirked at Harry remembering something suddenly “I want to see the cake…”

Harry gasped as Hermione laughed out loud at him “Oh no, the Masons…I completely forgot about them…” he whispered as he whacked himself in the head with his free hand “…sss – ” Lily coughed as she glared at him to get his attention because she knew that he was about to swear “ – sugar…” he corrected himself.

“Come on, come on! I want to see it, please Harry mate…?”


“Err who are the Masons?” Padfoot asked watching the trio with a blank face.

“Just some people that my Uncle wanted to make business with for his career.” Harry shrugged not really wanting to continue with the conversation, even though they were about to see the moment…

“Yeah and Harry ruined it, badly, I still can’t believe what they did to you Harry.” Ron said with a slight glare at the pensieve, Harry sighed again he put his hand in the silvery substance and was whisked in to his memory’s of his dark and confusing second year…

“Pass the frying pan”

They had landed in the kitchen of the Dursley’s; Dudley had just spoken to Harry. His Uncle was eating his breakfast and had egg hanging off his moustache; his Aunt was sitting opposite him nibbling at her own food while past Harry just sat there with nothing…

The present Harry scowled at the memory and let go of Hermione’s hand and turned them “Welcome to my life! This is just the beginning so just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!” he said cheerfully to them before he walked off to a chair behind the group and sat down muttering “Why did I agree to this…”

You’ve forgotten the magic word.” they heard the younger Harry say irritably, they turned to see the reaction of the Dursley’s: Dudley was on the floor gasping like a fish out of water, Petunia screamed lightly as she clapped her bone like hands to her mouth. They burst out laughing at the site of the two Dursley’s until Vernon rounded on Harry spraying spit every were –

“WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT SAYING THE M WORLD IN OUR HOUSE?” The veins on the mans fat purple head were sticking out.

“But I – ”

“HOW DARE YOU THREATEN DUDLEY!” Vernon slammed his fist on the table, he interrupted Harry again as he continued to rage “I WARNED YOU! I WILL NOT TOLERATE MENTION OF YOUR ABNORMALITY UNDER THIS ROOF!”

Sirius turned his head to see the present Harry not really paying attention to what was going on around him; so he silently went over to him and sat down next to him placing a hand around his shoulders to try and make him feel more comfortable and reassured “I don’t know how they can call you abnormal Harry…” Harry looked up at him and asked him why “…because Dudley can’t even sit on a chair! I mean how that chair hasn’t broke yet I don’t know, plus how in the world does he get through the bloody door ways! I mean look at how thin they are compared that ‘bouncy ball’ over there!” Harry couldn’t take it any more and burst out laughing, but Sirius continued to rant on “…And that ‘Aunt Petunia’ she’s a bloody twig! Look at her though, skin and bones that’s all she is, you know I bet that she doesn’t even use the door ways! She just slips through the cracks in the walls that’s what she’ll do!” then he turned his attention to Harry’s Uncle: now, what can we say about you…? he wondered as Harry laughed himself hoarse beside him, leaning against him for support “…Now that fat lard over there, don’t get me started on him! Look at all that spit and…err…the pure sweat coming off him! They should place him in the desert were he can wet himself dry and help the environment, I bet he was the one that created the oceans you know…wouldn’t surprise me really. I wonder, if I got a pin and poked him with it do you think he’ll be like a HUGE purple water balloon and just pop…?” he looked down at Harry to see that he was finding it hard to breath with all his laughter when he fell to the floor and started to roll around still laughing madly as Sirius clapped his own hands together, going into an angel pose and said to the others who were watching him with amused looks on their faces “My job here is done…”

The memory quickly changed in a swirl of colours to Harry’s bedroom above the kitchen.

“…Harry Potter must not go back to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry this year. There is a plot, a plot that will make must terrible things happen...”

They all looked at the creature that had spoken; it was a House – Elf. But what was a House – Elf doing in Harry’s bedroom. They all turned to the trio for help on what was going on: Hermione and Ron shrugged and pointed at Harry who was sniggering silently still not fully recovered from Sirius’s ranting.

“Harry what’s that House – Elf doing in your bedroom…?” Remus asked with narrowed eyes at the creature in front of him: why didn’t he want Harry back at Hogwarts in his second year and what’s this plot it’s talking about? he questioned himself.

“That’s Dobby. He was here to warn me about what was going to happen at Hogwarts, but as you can see he never got to tell me that much…” Harry glanced at Dobby as he started to hit himself in the head when Harry asked certain questions about what he meant by his sudden warnings and what the plot was about.

They continued to watch as Dobby kept telling Harry not to go back while Harry kept questioning why and who was planning this plot against Hogwarts, Dobby would reply by hitting him self or his eyes widening trying to (by the looks of it) give him a hint, but that wasn’t working well…

”Friends that don’t even write to Harry Potter?” Dobby said slyly.

“I expect they’ve been – hang on – How do you know that my friends haven’t been writing to me?”

Lily and James turned to Ron and Hermione to ask them about why they didn’t send Harry any letters over the summer but Harry stopped them “Just listen to what Dobby says, he has the answers that you want.” They nodded, still a bit doubtful about the strange little House – Elf.

“Okay, what is this ‘danger’ that Dobby keeps talking about?” Sirius asked Harry as: Dobby confessed that he had stopped Harry’s letters from getting through to him, the past Harry made a grab for them but Dobby jumped out of his reach and told him to swear that he wouldn’t go back, Harry refused as he chased him to the kitchen of the house.

Harry shook his head “You won’t believe me if I told you Sirius, I don’t think any of you would…” he added in an under tone.

“Try us.” James tried to persuade his son in caring voice, even though he was losing his rag a little on the inside, he was starting to get annoyed at his future Son for not telling him anything. Ron suddenly gawked opened mouthed at something; they turned to see what was happening behind them all: the Dursley’s cake floated into the room with Harry sneaking up after it, Dobby clicked his fingers as Harry caught up with the cake and reached out for it – SPLAT – the cake covered Mrs. Mason all over the head while Mr. Mason only had an arm full of different coloured layers of it.

Harry watched as everyone howled with laughter except for him, because he remembered what happened next. Ron suddenly snapped out of his laughter as did Hermione when they remembered, he smiled at them and said “Don’t worry about me okay, I’m fine about it.” Then looked at the others still laughing as the Masons ran from the owl that come flying in the room and Vernon read the letter that it was carrying. “I just hope that these guys are…I don’t need another ruined memory.”

“…I’m locking you up…you’re never going back to that school…never…and if you try and magic yourself out – they’ll expel you!” Vernon laughed like a maniac as he dragged Harry upstairs...

“Why that son of a…” James shouted, but he found that he couldn’t finish the sentence as Lily covered his mouth and said to him and Harry “What is it with you two swearing today?!” they both shrugged in response.

“How could he send you here, here of all places?!” Sirius shook with anger as he watched the Dursley’s in fast motion; the bars on Harry’s window, the cat flap on the door for food, Vernon only letting him out twice a day for the toilet. Then the day turned to night were it slowed back down to normal speed.

“It was for my protection Sirius,” Harry said true fully as he looked pleadingly at his godfather who was shaking with his fists clenched together, his knuckles white. He didn’t even look at Harry as he continued to watch the memory “You see, Lily – ” Harry turned to his future mother, her head snapped up as he said her name “ – I mean Mum, left behind a protection. You saw it for yourselves when I was fighting Quirrell. Voldemort can’t touch me without getting hurt, well more like burnt, because you left behind the remains of your sacrifice which give me a mark…”

“So that’s why you have that lighting bolt scar, because of me?” Lily was wide eyed as she listened to her son telling her the reason why he had to live with these horrible people, the Dursley’s.

Harry shook his head as he explained more about the protection that he had to return to every year “No, this mark can not be seen, it lives in my very skin.”

“What is it…?” James said as he stepped forward and looked between Harry, Lily and Sirius who was still fuming but listing to every word, as were the others around them.

“Love.” Harry said simply and smiled, Lily returned it “But, Dumbledore put me under another protection, this one was ancient magic and would only work if I was with a blood relative…Aunt Petunia…there no one, not even Voldemort can touch me.”

Rescuing you of course! Now come on…get ya trunk!

Ron was beaming as he saw himself outside Harry’s window; helping him escape from those stupid Dursley’s with the car that had coursed them so much trouble…

See ya next summer!” the past Harry shouted as he closed the car door, his Uncle Vernon face first in a bush after he fell out the window…

“Thanks for that Ron” Harry said as he laughed at the Dursley’s scowling at him as he flue off into the distance with the Weasley’s. Sirius was smiling at the memory, Remus was trying to keep a straight face, Moony and Padfoot were holding each other for support, and James and Lily were pointing at the Dursley’s yelling “Ha, Ha, Ha!”

“Don’t mention it mate.” Ron clamped on the shoulder as the car landed and a mad Mrs Weasley stepped out the house and started to shout at them…

“You could have died! You could have been seen! Of course I’m not blaming you Harry dear…” Mrs Weasley shouted at them in front of her.

“They had bars on his windows!” Ron said to his mother.

“Well you best hope I don’t put bars on your windows Ronald Weasley!” Mrs Weasley continued to rant at her sons with a pointing finger, then she turned to Harry who backed away from her “Come Harry, it’s time for a little spot of breakfast.”

“Strange…” Moony whispered as he watched Ron’s mother from afar.

“I told you, you get away with everything!” Ron said as he nudged Harry with a smile on his face.

“Do not!” Harry argued as he nudged Ron back.

“Yeah right! Okay then, give me an example were you have got in trouble for something and didn’t get away with it.”

Harry thought back while everyone continued watching the memories. They watched Harry throw a gnome quite a distance, but only because it bit his finger and he wanted it off, they sniggered at Mr Weasley as he came in and was scolded by his wife because he asked the boys how the car went when they flew it to Surrey and back instead off telling them off, Mr Weasley kept asking Harry how muggle items worked witch coursed Hermione and Lily to laugh because they knew how to use them and thought it was easy to do: the others just shrugged at each other unknowingly.

Harry then remembered Norbert and the trouble that they had got in for that little adventure as Mrs Weasley told him to take some Flu powder from the pot “Oh no…please no…” he whispered as the past Harry flashed in green light and the scene flickered before them and changed –

“You ended up in Knockturn Alley?!” Padfoot said out loud with a shocked face, Harry laughed at his reaction as he nodded again “You have better adventures then us!”

“Not all the time Padfoot…” Harry reminded him “…just must the time.” He added with a smirk that Padfoot narrowed his eyes at.

Ron followed the Malfoy’s as the entered the shop that the past Harry landed in and listened to everything that they said, catching the information about the ‘hidden items’ that Mr Malfoy wanted to sell as soon as possible. Hermione beamed when she found out that Malfoy was in trouble because of her being better at school and magic then him. They watched as Hagrid saved Harry from the alleyway and almost pushed him in some dragon dung which was in a barrel -

“That was a close one eh Harry!” James chuckled as Harry slightly glared at his father mocking him, but he couldn’t help but smile as he watched his father laugh at him.

“Oh bloody hell, not him again!” Ron moaned as they entered the book shop “Mum completely fancies him!” Harry realized what Ron was talking about and groaned; turning to go out the shop but Hermione grabbed him and forced him to the front of the store –

“Hermione please I don’t want to see this again, it was bad enough the first time around! Come on Hermione please – ” Harry pleaded trying to pull free but Hermione wouldn’t let go, she just smiled and held on to him making him watch the memory.

“Hey what’s going on here?” Remus asked as he joined them.

“Who’s that goon over there?” Sirius pointed at the man in the middle of the crowd full of women screaming and pushing to get to him.

“The famous Gilderoy Lockhart.” Harry answered him “It’s his book signing day.” He added with another groan.

“Big deal” Ron whispered as he rubbed his foot that a photographer had stepped on, Gilderoy heard him and looked at him then at Harry and jumped forward saying “It can’t be Harry Potter?”

“It begins…” Harry sighed.

He grabbed Harry and pulled him forward, the photographer was taking pictures like mad “Nice big smile Harry, together you and I will make the front page.”

“He’s annoying me already.” Ron said to the side of Harry, he glanced down at his wand and smiled evilly at it and then back at Lockhart.

The memory’s hurried along, probably because of Harry not wanting to see Lockhart hugging him. Harry did shudder at the thought of Lockhart hugging him as he and the others landed on another memory were Lucius Malfoy talked to Harry about his scar and how he could be extremely brave or stupid to say the ‘Dark Lord’s’ name, then talked to Mr Weasley about his family and how poor they were. Mr Weasley did argue back to him as Lucius pulled out Ginny’s book and looked at it. At this point Harry, Ron and Hermione watched him carefully as he added another book to Ginny’s pile and walked off.

“What you looking at guys?” Lily asked as he looked in their direction and followed their gaze to a stack of books in a little girls hands “What’s wrong with Ginny’s books?”

“You’ll find out later Lil’s…” Hermione said to her as she glanced at the book in Ginny’s cauldron before turning to face her. Lily sighed defeated and nodded as the memory’s continued on…

Harry and Ron exchanged glances as they entered the memory of the train station, they both gulped as Hermione rounded on them “I still can’t believe you two did that! You had Hedwig with Harry why didn’t you send a letter ahead to tell them what happened?!”

“Because…because I…I…well we didn’t think…” Harry muttered out to her, Ron nodded furiously in the background as the others watched them with raised eyebrows and a blank confused looks.

CRASH. Ron and Harry hit the barrier that lead to the train that went to Hogwarts.

“You couldn’t get through…?” Moony said completely puzzled “…Why?”

“Ah, that you will find out later dear Moony.” Harry responded with a wink.

“Why is it always later?!” James yelled finally showing his frustration at his son.

“We had to wait for the answers, why can’t you? Plus it would ruin the story.”

“Whatever, you are so annoying! I hate people that annoy me!” James snarled as flung his hands in the air impatiently before folding them around his chest in a huff. Harry felt hurt inside as he watched his father snarl at him, he was only joking around, he didn’t mean anything by it…Hardly daring, he looked up at his father who was glaring at him, he blinked awkwardly as he turned away and focused back on the memory, holding back his pain.

Sirius stepped up to James, Remus tired to stop him but Sirius just pulled out of his reach and marched up to his best friend from the past and growled into his ear “Good going there James, you just ruined your shot to get to know your only son, you’ve just hurt him deeply there James, Well done.”

James snapped out of his glaring at the back of Harry’s head and stared at Sirius in complete surprise and shock, muttering bitterly “I…I didn’t mean to…I just…just snapped, that’s all…”

“I know that, but you’ve still hurt Harry.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t…”

“It’s not me you should be apologizing to James! It should be Harry!” Sirius interrupted him; James slumped down as his glaze fell to the floor “Next time think before you speak!” Sirius then went over to Harry as Lily came over to James.

He looked at Lily and said “What have I done this time Lil’s…?” she looked into his eyes and told him “Don’t worry, you can fix it James, just say sorry and say that you didn’t mean anything by it! You’re telling the truth after all…” James smiled weakly at her and murmured a quiet “I’ll try…”

Back in the memory: Harry and Ron were in the car that saved Harry from those horrible Dursley’s. Ron was flying it over the clouds when the invisibility buster blacked out and made the car visible, they went lower to find the train, they found it a little bit in front of them and followed it’s path. They finally reached Hogwarts when car engine give out and they crashed into the Whomping Willow – the tree whacked the car repeatedly until it was dislodged from the trunk and Ron moved the car at full speed with his broken wand in hand –

Sirius reached Harry who was watching the memory, completely ignoring everything else around him. Sirius signalled for Hermione and Ron to leave Harry to him, they nodded and quietly went over to join the others “Harry he didn’t mean anything by it, he’s sorry for what he said.”

“I was only joking around I didn’t mean anything by it…” Harry admitted his gaze falling to the floor.

Sirius sensed the sadness inside him and rapped his arms around him as he stood next to him “He knows that Harry, he just snapped…you can snap pretty well when you want to, I should know!”

Harry tensest at the movement, Sirius’s dragon rested it’s head on his owners arm, smiling and closing its eyes as if savouring the moment. Harry felt that way inside, the dragon proved that, he felt some of his sadness disappear and relaxed into the movement, resting his head on Sirius arm sniggering “I’ve snapped worse then that.”

“Oh dear, I feel sorry for the poor bugger. Who was it…?”

“You shouldn’t feel sorry for her, she dissevered it! It was my Aunt Marge…it was just before I met you, well Snuffles, remember?”

“How could I forget, you fell over!” Harry narrowed his eyes up at him grinning.

The others watched as the past Harry and Ron were yelled at by Snape for braking ‘Under age wizarding laws’ and were seen by seven muggles in the flying car. Dumbledore saved them with McGonagall at his side, Snape looked as if Christmas was cancelled as Harry and Ron rushed from the room to the Gryffindor common room were everyone hounded them about the adventure – except Fred and George who complained, saying that they should have called them back to join them…

“Erm, Harry I just want to say I’m sorry…sorry that I snapped over there…” James spoke to the ground as he faced Harry with Sirius’s arms rapped around him. Harry smiled and waved the apology off as the memory changed –

“Any one can snap James, I was just joking around you know…if you do want to know what happens then…” Harry started to say but James covered his mouth muttering “No, no, it’s okay I can wait!”

“Ha, ha, ha, you see Snape’s face!” Ron burst out laughing as he and the others joined them “I will never, ever forget that!”

“Or the ferret…” Hermione added with a smile laugh. Ron stood still for a minute as if trying to figure out what she meant when his eyes widened with laughter.

“Err…ferret?” Remus asked blankly looking at the two. They shook their heads and didn’t answer.


Ron jumped in the air at the sound of his name and stood up bolt right: he looked around for the person that shouted his name, his gaze landed on the howler in his past version’s hand and he paled. He ran over to Harry and begged him to change the memory. Harry clicked his fingers laughing as he changed the memory, Ron sighed loudly kneeling on the floor next to Harry.

“Harry, Harry, Harry, I gave you the bug didn’t I? I gave you a taster of publicity and you wanted more, it was all my fault! I could have kicked myself!” Lockhart was saying as he grasped Harry’s shoulder…

“Get off me Goldie Locks...” Harry said out loud coursing Ron to spread out on the floor laughing, Remus coughed to cover his small laugh along with Sirius who still had his arms around Harry. Lily and Hermione didn’t laugh along; they just scowled at them all in turn. James, Padfoot and Moony showed thumbs up, all saying in unison “Good one Harry!”

“No one asked your opinion, you filthy little Mudblood.” Malfoy spat

“Eat slugs Malfoy!” Ron shouted as he pointed his broken wand at Malfoy’s face, but the spell from the wand back fired and sent Ron flying backwards. Harry and Hermione ran over to him –

“Ron are you okay, say something!” Hermione said as she helped Ron up. Ron opened his mouth to speak but he ended up belching and several slugs dribbled out of his mouth –

“I’ll never get that taste out of my head, it was horrible…” Ron murmured as he shook his head at the memory, Sirius was biting his tongue to stop his laughter, Remus was looked like he was going to be sick as was his younger self…

“A celebrity is as celebrity does, remember that Harry…”

“Why couldn’t I have detention with you Ron? Why did he have to ask for me to answer his flaming fan mail…” Harry interrupted the memory, glaring at Lockhart.

“Because Harry, he was using you to make himself more famous.” Ron reminded him “The stupid git” he muttered under his breath as the memory continued, boringly, until a deadly voice entered their ears –

“Come…come to me…let me rip you…let me tear you…let me kill you…”

“What the hell was that?!” Sirius yelled, his eyes darting around the room. He held on to Harry a little tighter unknowingly.

“It’s that danger that Dobby warned me about, came on.” Harry gentle pushed out of Sirius’s arms and dragged him out the room as the past Harry stepped out next to them and walked down the corridor.

“Kill…time to kill…I smell blood…I SMELL BLOOD!”

The murderous voice continued in the walls as they trailed the past Harry who was running along the wall until –

“Did you hear it?” Harry asked quickly.

“Hear what?” Ron said uncertainly.

“I heard it first in Lockhart’s office and then again just…” the voice came again, higher then before and seem as if it was moving down the corridor “I think it’s going to kill…” Harry muttered as he chased after the voice.

“Kill?” Ron stammered as he turned after Harry.

“Harry wait! Not so fast!” Hermione said as she ran after Harry with Ron at her side.

“Come on!” Harry, Ron and Hermione yelled in unison as they ran after their second year counter parts. Sirius and Remus bristled after them, James pulled Lily with him, she grabbed onto Moony and he grabbed onto Padfoot, dragging them all along together.

They all rounded the corner to see the past Trio all stop and stare at some words on the wall; they flickered in the fire light, blood red:



“But…but that’s a myth! It…it can’t be true!” Lily muttered weakly.

“It’s true, the Chamber of Secrets is real.” Hermione responded.

“But it can’t be!” Lily blustered as the past Trio spotted Mrs Norris under the writing, she was as stiff as a board, and her eye’s wide and glassy.

Dumbledore came along a minute later when all the students appeared on the corridor, staring at the writing on the wall and Mrs Norris hanging limply on the wall. Filch was crying in the corner as they watched Dumbledore examine Mrs Norris, he said that she was Petrified and that a cure would be made for her. The memory then went to the Library were Hermione talked about making the Polyjuice Potion, that will transform you into someone else…

“You three actually made that potion?” Remus said stunned when they nodded, each with a wicked grin.

Sirius shook his head with his hand on his forehead “I can’t believe you three…I just can’t…”

Harry calmly placed his hand on Sirius’s shoulder with a mock sympathetic smile “Don’t worry; you’re not the only one.”

“I agree with that.” James grinned. The scene swirled again out of focus and another memory came into view: Lily paled as she heard that sickening crack again, the sound of Harry’s arm braking –

They could see Malfoy sneering at Harry as he zoomed towards him, Malfoy’s eyes widen as he gasped and careered out of Harry’s way. Harry’s hand snatched around the Snitch as he fell to the ground and rolled off his broom –

“Aha,” he said vaguely, “we’ve won.” And the scene backed out…

Lily went livid “Harry! You stupid, stupid idiot!” she roared as she stumped her feet on the ground “You could have been killed! You were nearly killed on a damn broom!”

“I only had my bones removed…” Harry said under his breath, Sirius heard him and paled as he whispered “Removed…?”

“What did you just say?!” Lily questioned glancing dangerously at the two for answers.

“Nothing, nothing!” Harry murmured quickly as the next memory came into play.

“You stopped the barrier from letting me and Ron through and you sent that Bludger after me?” said Harry angrily at Dobby in front of him, the House – Elf nodded gravely.

“It was him?!” Padfoot screamed as he pointed at Dobby “Why?”

“He was trying to send Harry home, away from the danger at Hogwarts.” Hermione answered as the Hospital Wing doors opened and Dobby disappeared in a flash.

“Another attack?” Sirius said “Dumbledore can’t be serious!” he added as the Headmaster stated that the Chamber has been opened and that it was not Who had opened it, but How...

“No, Dumbledore is not Sirius…” Harry told him “…you are.” He pointed at his godfather.

“Only I can pull those jokes off Harry, so don’t even try!” Harry shrugged with a smile planted on his face.

“How about someone from my own house?” Snape said with his usual sneering face. They were all stood in the Great Hall, hidden in the corner of the room, students were gathered around a huge stage in the middle of the Hall, the past Harry stepped forwards and onto the plat form next to Lockhart, Snape opposite him on the other side of the thin but long stage.

“Malfoy perhaps…?” Snape didn’t wait for an answer as he turned on the spot and pointed down at Malfoy, the boy smiled as he jumped to the stage…

Harry rolled his eyes as he turned to Ron and Hermione and said “How did we not guess what he was going to say?”

“You never know with that ugly git Snape…” Ron answered “…then again, it was pretty clear what he was going to do through…” he added as an after thought.

“Come on guys, I want a closer look.” Hermione said as she ran towards the stage. Harry shouted at her as he ran after her “You were there! Why do you need a closer look now it you were there when it happened?!”

“Hey! Wait for me!” Ron staggered after him “Oi! Don’t forget about me!”

“We tried along time ago to forget you about you Ron, it just didn’t work!” Hermione countered. Harry tried to keep a start face as Ron reached them with a small scowl, he returned to the memory were Malfoy was walking forwards, the past Harry doing the same towards Malfoy, wands at the side of them in their hands…

“I’m glad Harry has you guys,” Lily told Sirius and Remus, tears starting to show in her eyes “just keep an eye on him for us will you? And Ron and Hermione, Harry needs them…just like he needs you two.”

“Promise, we won’t let anything thing happen to them…will we Remus?” Sirius said uncomfortably, he didn’t like this kind of talk from Lily and James; it reminded him that they were gone and were never coming back in their time.

Remus nodded sharply “We’ll never let them get hurt, I promise to look after them, as does Sirius.”

Lily felt awful for saying that, because she knew that it would remind them of the future that has yet to happen to her and the others. But she was satisfied with their answers and sobbed a small “Thank you” to them as they joined the others near the stage –

“Scared Potter?” Malfoy snarled at Harry on the stage as he raised his wand to his face, with Harry doing the same right in front of him.

“You wish…” Harry whispered back to him, he lowered his wand and turned around, stepping towards Lockhart on the other end of the stage. Malfoy went towards Snape away from Harry with a look of pure hatred on his face.

“Doesn’t like me much like does he?” Harry wondered aloud.

“What do you expect? A cuddle?” Ron muttered horrified at the thought, Harry agreed as he shuddered, Hermione sighed and rolled her eyes at the two.

“1…2 – ” Lockhart started to count down, but Malfoy shouted on ‘2’ as he raised his wand “Inverti Statium!” (A/N: I hope that’s spelt right, I couldn’t find the spell anywhere and the movie didn’t have subtitles when he said the spell so I just tried to spell it myself, please be right! lol)

The spell hit Harry hard in the chest and shot him flying backwards, he back flipped in mid – air before he landed on the stage, face down. There were shouts of ‘Cheat!’ as Malfoy laughed at Harry, Snape smiled at the sight. Harry suddenly sat up. Malfoy was shocked by it, he must have thought that Harry wouldn’t get up after that, how wrong he was…

Harry was on his feet in a split second yelling “Rictusempra!”

“Triple spin and…bam” Harry said sweetly as Malfoy twirled in the air and landed with a loud bang.

“Good one there Harry!” Padfoot shouted as Malfoy was forced back up be Snape “The little git is scared of you! Ha!”

Malfoy got back his confidence as he faced Harry and cried “Serpensortia!” and a snake appeared at the end of his wand, slivering towards Harry and Lockhart who had both hesitated…

“Oh, bad move there Draco, very bad move.” Sirius muttered, he just remembered that Harry was a Parseltongue. Remus smiled as he mentally agreed with his friend.

“Leave him alone.” Harry said to the snake as he turned from him and on to another student at the side of the stage, the snake didn’t buy any attention to him and continued to move towards the student who was scared stiff. Everyone was staring either at Harry of the snake, all of them had a shocked expression on their faces as Harry shouted at the snake “I said leave him ALONE!” the snake turned to him, and stopped moving as Harry glared down at it.

“That wasn’t a good idea…” Harry said slowly watching the scene.

“Harry, sorry we didn’t believe you about what you…what you said to that snake…” Hermione whispered to him, with a hint of embarrassment “Me too mate…” Ron murmured in the same tune next to her.

“How can I forgive you now…” Harry said in a slow drawing voice, with his back to them. Hermione and Ron both looked at each over and then back at Harry in surprise. Harry then turned and faced them with a broad smile “…when I already did back there?”

Hermione and Ron beamed at him, Ron’s ears also going red around the edges which made Harry and Hermione laugh as yet again the scene changed –

“How many attacks are there?!” Padfoot shouted in shock as Harry was surrounded by students and teachers after another attack, the ghost Nick and the student that the snake was going to bite was petrified.

“Erm, there was round about five attacks.” Hermione said with a weak voice.

They watched as Dumbledore asked Harry if he wanted to tell him anything, anything at all. Harry stayed quiet for a moment before saying there was nothing he wanted to say to the Headmaster who nodded gravely before telling him to be careful…

The scene did it again; it swirled and changed to another crazy memory of Harry’s past, their future in a way…

“You don’t know how bizarre it is to see Goyle thinking…” Crabbe said to Goyle who was in front of him…

“Is this the Polyjuice Potion in effect?” Remus asked the Trio.

“Yeah…” Harry aid as he laughed, he could see what Ron meant now, it did look bizarre to him think.

“I wish I knew who it is,” Malfoy said as Harry/Goyle asked him if he knew who opened the Chamber of Secrets. Draco went on to say that the last time it was opened was fifty years ago and that a Muggle – Born died, the person that opened it was expelled. He then talked about a raid that was done on his house a week back and how his father had hid everything away that could give them a lot of trouble –

“Ho!” said Ron excited. Harry turned to him as he blushed, his hair turning red, his noise getting bigger – Ron was looking at Harry, he had horror written all over his face – he was changing back also.

“Medicine for my stomach,” Ron grunted and he and Harry ran from the room – the swirl happened again as it changed -

“Ron you almost gave it away there, lucky Malfoy is so stupid and very thick eh?” Sirius joked as he roared with laughter.

“Sirius it’s not that funny…” Ron said through clenched teeth.

They watched the next instalment of Harry’s memories. Harry picking up a diary from the girls bathroom and flicking through it, then pocketing it. They next saw Harry writing in the diary and it wrought back to him, the memory of Tom Marvolo Riddle was inside the diary and it showed Harry the memory’s of when he caught the person that opened the Chamber of Secret’s – it was Hagrid –

“It was Hagrid, but he...he’s not like that, he’s not evil! He likes Muggle – borns!” James shouted not believing what he just heard.

“It wasn’t Hagrid James…” Harry said calmly, refusing to look at the diary in the memory “…someone framed him with the murder.”

“Framed him…?” Harry nodded sadly.

Next came the trashing of Harry’s room and someone stole Tom’s diary from his room. Then the next Quidditch match, on the way there the voice came again and Hermione suddenly said that she’ll have to go to the Library to check on something because she just understood something that Harry and Ron didn’t, she then ran off –

“When in doubt, go to the Library.” Ron said as they moved out the Great Hall for the match.

“She can’t cancel Quidditch!” James and Padfoot cried at the same time.

“There was another attack…” Ron admitted sadly as he looked at Hermione with a worried gaze.

“Who was it…?” Moony asked quietly as he watched them exchange looks before Hermione said “It was me…I was the last one attacked.”

Silence fell all around them as everyone looked at Hermione with amazement and concern…However they were all interrupted by Dumbledore’s booming voice –

“...There will always be help at Hogwarts…for those who ask for it.” The Headmaster stated as he walked out of Hagrid’s Hut with Lucius Malfoy smiling broadly. Hagrid then said that someone will need to feed Fang while he was away and that if you wanted answers then all you had to do was follow the spiders and then left with Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic himself.

“Why spiders…why spiders…why spiders…” Ron whispered to himself as they followed the past Harry and Ron into the forest on the trail of the spiders that came from Hagrid’s Hut.

“Ron, it’s just a memory, don’t panic okay?” Harry said to his friend.

“I hate spiders…I hate spiders…I hate spiders…” Ron continued, not listening to Harry trying to calm him down. They followed the path until they reached a clearing –

“Who is it…?” a rough cracking voice sounded in front of them “…Hagrid is it you?”

“Ron, don’t panic…” past Harry muttered “We’re friends of Hagrid’s!” he shouted to the voice, a huge spider appeared at the top of the clearing – gazing down at them with its many eyes, searching them –

Ron started to fidget with his jumper, as he moaned at the sight before him - They found out from the spider ‘Aragog’ it named it’s self – that he was not the creature from the Chamber of Secrets and that Hagrid was a good man, he took care of him when he was a child and gave him a wife. Also that the creature from the Chamber killed the Muggle – born girl in a bathroom, that the creature was something that spiders fear above all others and never speaks the name of it.

Aragog then said good bye and his children attacked Harry and Ron, but the car that saved them from the Whomping Willow and the train station came and saved them just in the nick of time…

By the end off that scene of evens Sirius was holding on to Harry, he couldn’t believe that he had gone through all that before he had even met him in person in Harry’s next year. He just didn’t want to see Harry hurt, so he held onto him tightly so to keep him away from the danger. Ron was breathing heavily with the Marauders laughing at him – Remus was gently talking to Ron, helping him recover from his fright, Hermione was trying to keep a straight face –

“Ron,” Harry breathed in the memory “this is it. This is the answer. The monster in the Chamber of Secrets is a Basilisk – a giant serpent! That’s why I’ve been hearing that voice, because I can under stand Parseltongue!”

“A Basilisk?!” Remus responded breathlessly “…it makes perfect since, spiders are scared of it. And it would have to be something that only the heir can control – a snake – but then…” he trailed off as he remembered the rest of the text that he read in his school years.

“But then what…?” Sirius dreaded the answer to his question but he needed to know what Remus was talking about, what was making him look worried and horrified at the same time.

“Why is it that no ones dead?” Remus asked quietly not looking at Sirius, know he was about to explode and kick off.

“What are you on about Remus?”

“If you look at the Basilisk directly in the eye, then…then you die instantly.” Everyone stayed quiet as this information went through their minds, till it registered in side them…

While they were silent, they listened to Harry and Ron putting the story together, how the attacked students were still alive…because they was always something there that made them only see a reflection of the Basilisk – Water, Camera, Ghost and a Mirror watch was carried by Hermione who had figured it out and used it to look around corners in case it came along. Furthermore they figured out were the Chamber was because the Basilisk used the ‘pipes’ to get around the school, it was in the girls bathroom, Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom, were she died…

Ron paled very quickly as he heard his that his sister (Ginny) was taken into the Chamber its’ self, but he soon changed his mood when Lockhart said that he knew where the Chamber was and Snape (along with the other Professor’s) told him to go and save her from the creature and the Chamber. Lockhart was shocked by this, but complied as he left them to ‘go get ready’.

“That lying git!” Ron said angrily “He was just saying that so people would leave him alone so he could pack – up and leave before they found out he was a fake!” he continued as his the past Harry and Ron ran to Lockhart’s room to tell him what they knew about the Chamber…

“He was not a liar Ronald!” Hermione sounded just as angrily as him “You’ve done nothing but complain about him while we’ve watched this and I have had enough of it!”

“It’s the truth though Hermione! He lied about everything he had ever done!”

“Your just jealous again aren’t you?! Jealous that someone is better then you!”

Harry knew that this was going too far and he stepped in to try and stop it “Whoa! Just calm down there you two! Let’s just talk about this…”

“Oh shut up!” Ron responded as he rolled his eyes “I’m telling her the truth, she just can’t handle it!”

“Ronald Weasley! I don’t know who you dare!” Hermione cried out “You were the one that hated me for ages, all because of a rat that you couldn’t handle the truth about!” Ron gasped at her, unable to find any words to say.

Lily tapped on Harry’s shoulder and he turned to her as she whispered “Is that normal?” to which he nodded a yes to.

“You mean that your running away?” the past Harry interrupted them “After all that stuff you did in your books?”

“Books can be misleading,” said Lockhart delicately.

“You wrote them!” Harry shouted.

“My dear boy, do use your common since! No one would have read my books if they didn’t think I wrote them!”

“You’re a fraud…You’ve just been taking credit for what other people have done!”

Hermione had tears in her eyes as she heard this, Ron looked proud of himself because he had out smarted Hermione but soon lost it when he saw Hermione’s reaction and said a small “Sorry Hermione…”

She smiled weakly “Its okay, Ron. It’s about time you got something right anyway…” Ron smiled.

“That’s not normal…” Harry whispered to Lily seriously. She laughed silently behind him.

They then learned that Lockhart was good at memory charms and that he was going to have to put one on them, but thankfully Harry disarmed him as he raised his arm to perform the curse. Harry and Ron then took Lockhart to the girl’s bathroom and talked to Myrtle about how she died. The boy’s voice, the made up language, and the big bright yellows eyes that was right near the sink that she was pointing at. Harry examined it and the spoke in Parseltongue ‘Open up’…

The sink sank into the floor, revealing a tunnel that went deep under the school. Ron pushed Lockhart into it -

“Please tell me that we are not going down there…” Sirius pleaded his godson.

“Sorry Sirius, but we are going down there. You could stay here, but then you would be transported down there anyway because this is a memory after all.” Harry told him, speaking fast as his past self jumped into the tunnel and then Ron “Come you lot! Hurry!” he shouted as he jumped into the tunnel himself.

Sirius sighed defeated as he transformed into a dog and followed Harry down. Padfoot went next, doing the same as his future self. Moony and Remus dropped themselves in next, Lily and James held hands and went down together…(A/N: Aww…lol)

“Remember, if you see movement close your eyes straight away…” the past Harry reminded them as the all landed on the bone filled chamber.

Harry had landed awkwardly; he was face down and something was on his back. He moved to try and get up but the weight on his back from the thing on top of him was stopping him “If you don’t mind, I would like to get up please,” he said annoyed. It jumped up and faced him, it was Sirius. He changed back into his human form and helped him up.

“You okay? I didn’t hurt you again did I?” Sirius kept asking Harry, concerned that he had gave him another huge bruise to add to his life long list of injuries.

“I’m fine Sirius.” Harry laughed as he stood up straight and started to dust himself off.

“You first Mr Potter,” Lockhart said with Ron’s wand in his hand pointing at the past Harry a couple of feet in front of him, Ron was at Lockhart’s side and he looked horrified “say goodbye to your memory’s Obliviate!”

The spell travelled from the middle of the wand that Lockhart was carrying to the point were the wand had snapped – and it backfired towards Lockhart who was blasted off his feet and slammed into the roof of the cave that they were standing in…The roof started to crumble…

“MOVE!” Harry and Ron shouted to the others as they all ran as fast as they could to the other side of the cave were the past Harry was spread out on the floor to avoid the rocks falling down on him…

“That…that was a…a close call…” James panted

“We’ve had closer calls then that.” Harry said in a hollow voice as his past self opened the next door, in to The Chamber of Secrets.

“Welcome to The Chamber of Secrets everyone! Please do mind your step into the Chamber and please keep your eyes forward because that’s were all the action is!” Harry stated in a false happy tone as he walked after his younger self towards a small red haired figure laying on the damp floor –

“Ginny!” Ron shouted as he ran towards his sister and fell to the floor next to her with the seconded year Harry who was trying to wake her up. The others reached him when a voice, one that they had heard not so long ago echoed around them –

“She won’t wake.” Tom Riddle said as he stepped out of the shadows and towards Harry and Ginny, a red glint in his eye.

“What’s he doing here?!” said Padfoot roughly as he pointed at Tom. He didn’t like this ‘Tom Riddle’ it was something about him that reminded him of something, but he couldn’t remember what it was, what ever it was it wasn’t good.

“She’s still alive, but only just…”Tom said as he stood over Ginny and Harry and picked up a wand that was on the floor, Harry’s wand.

“Tom you have to help me, there’s a Basilisk – ”said Harry.

“It won’t come until it’s called.”

“Give me my wand Tom” Tom refused “But we have to go! We have to save her!”

“I’m afraid that I can’t do that Harry. You see as poor Ginny grows weaker, I grow stronger.”

“He’s the one doing this to Ginny?” Lily spoke in a shaken voice as Tom explain that he could be ‘very persuasive’ and that he had controlled her to do the attacks and write the messages on the walls…

“I knew there was something wrong with him,” Padfoot growled “I just couldn’t put my finger on it.” Tom carried on explaining what he did: how he had wanted to meet Harry and used the capture that he framed on Hagrid to gain his trust, how Dumbledore was the only one that had believed Hagrid’s story, how he had kept an eye on him so he couldn’t open the chamber again and how he left behind a diary so one day he could continue his ‘noble work’…

“Well you haven’t finished it this time,” Harry argued as he stepped forwards to face Tom “in a few hours the Mandrake Draught will be ready and everyone who was Petrified will be all right again.”

“Haven’t I told you? Killing Mudbloods doesn’t matter to me anymore.” Tom’s eye’s flicked red again “For many months now, my new target has been you.”

Everyone glanced at Harry to see him looking sad and frustrated as he shrugged “It’s always me…” he looked up and stared at Tom, smiling weakly “Oh look Anagram!”

They looked back at what was happening in the memory and watched Tom writ down his full name in the air using Harry’s wand, his name in bright red. He waved his wand arm and the letters rearranged themselves to:




“He’s the heir of Slytherin, Voldemort is the heir of Slytherin?!” said James in surprise, then it hit him as he turned to Harry “But that means you get the Parseltongue from…from him…”

“He past on some of his powers to me,” said Harry barely above a whisper “the night he gave me this scar.”

“Whoa, wait a minute!” Moony shouted “Voldemort’s father was a Muggle?”

“Yep, he left him and his mother when his father found out that she was a witch, she died giving birth to him. She named him after his father.”

“So that’s why he hates Muggles then, because of his father.”

“He’ll never be gone,” Harry shouted at Tom about Dumbledore “Not as long as those who remain are loyal to him!” Tom went to retaliate but a strange sound echoed through the Chamber as a bird came into view “Fawkes?” Harry breathed as the phoenix dropped the Sorting Hat into Harry’s hands and disappeared –

“So this is what Dumbledore sends his great defender?” Tom questioned with a mad gleam in his tone “A song bird and an old hat…” he turned to face the statue of Salazar and spoke to it – the mouth began to open –
“Let’s match the powers of Lord Voldemort, heir of Salazar Slytherin against the famous Harry Potter…”

“Oh this is not good, so not good,” Lily muttered as she backed away from the statue and the past Harry dropped the hat and ran down the Chamber as Tom shouted that only he could control the Basilisk “not good, not good…”

The past Harry turned into one of the tunnels and disappeared, the blinded Basilisk right behind him as he ran.

“Give me a minute,” Harry said as he paced a small path around them “any second now…”

The past Harry ran in from the side of them and stopped next to Ginny, Tom mocked him as the Basilisk came up from under the water near the Salazar statue, Harry looked at the hat and gasped as something appeared inside it, he stood up quickly and pulled out a long sliver sword with a ruby covered handle – the Basilisk lunged at him, he ducked out the way, it lunged again with it’s tail and Harry was winded as he was pushed against the Chamber wall – the Basilisk heard the thud of him hitting the wall and lunged yet again – Harry, still dazed stood his ground and forced the sword upwards as the Basilisk edged ever nearer -

“I can’t watch!” Hermione shrieked as she covered her face with her hands, the sword went through the Basilisk’s head – it’s fang in Harry’s arm –

“Harry, how did you get out of here?” Remus asked with narrowed eyes as the Basilisk spread out on the floor, dead, the second year Harry sliding down the wall as the vision of the memory started to flick and darkness surrounding them all “The Basilisk’s fang has venom in it, doesn’t it?”

“Um hum” Harry nodded.

Tom screamed at Fawkes as he cried, the tears landing on the fang wound and healing Harry. Tom went to attack with his wand when Fawkes dropped the diary on Harry’s lap, they both stared at it, then Harry moving quickly pushed the fang in the diary…Tom yelled in pain before vanishing with out a trace. Harry helped Ginny out the Chamber and the met up with Ron a few minutes later with a memory lost Lockhart. Fawkes took them out the Chamber by carrying them to Dumbledore’s office – Lockhart shouting “This is just like magic!”

“Duh!” James laughed at the Professor.

Dumbledore explained to Harry about the power transfer that he had from Voldemort when he gained his Scar, the sword had ‘Godric Gryffindor’ written on it and only a true Gryffindor could pull it out of the Sorting Hat – Lucius Malfoy walked in, with Dobby at his side –

“Dobby works for him?” Remus whispered, shocked about this part of the memory. Harry leaned over and whispered in his ear “Not for much longer…” and winked, Remus felt confused.

“Then let us hope…” Lucius spoke with a snarl down at Harry “…that Mr Potter will always be around, to save the day.”

“Don’t worry,” Harry retorted “I will be.”

Lucius bid farewell to Dumbledore as he walked out of the office, kicking Dobby harshly out the door.

Harry clicked his fingers as his past self asked Dumbledore for the diary “Oh hurry up Harry!” Hermione said shrilly as the next memory came into play –

“Why don’t you prove it.” Lucius spat at Harry as he handed Dobby the diary “Come Dobby, we’re leaving.” He whipped around and began to walk.

“Open it!” Harry whispered to Dobby eagerly, the House – Elf looked confused as he opened it and then shocked as he saw a dirty sock in the middle of the diary that he was holding, that his master had given him.

“Dobby is free…” the House – Elf said loudly as he grasped the sock tightly. Lucius was fuming as he pulled out his wand from his walking stick and advanced on Harry “You shall not harm Harry Potter!” Dobby shouted as he blocked Harry from his former master –

“Ava – ” Lucius began, Dobby blasted him with a blue orb off light which forced him backwards across the corridor –

“Your parents were meddlesome fools too,” Lucius yelled “and mark my words Potter; One day soon you are going to meet the same sticky end!” the scene stopped in its tracks…

“Well that’s second year rapped up I think,” Harry said as he looked up at the top of the pensieve “Shall we leave now then?”

“Wait a minute,” Moony glanced nervously at him “can we see a preview of next year, your third year memories?”

Harry sighed “Okay, okay, but only a short one. Don’t want to give anything away now do I? Lets think…” he started to pace up and down as he thought of his third year, what could he show them that wouldn’t give anything away – then it hit him as he looked at Hermione and he burst out laughing –

“Harry what the hell is wrong with you?” she asked, he didn’t answer as he held onto Ron who was next to him for support and clicked his fingers…

They were all in the school grounds, glancing over the fields to see the mountains and the lake –

“You!” Hermione roared as she stormed towards him a couple of meters below them “You foul, loathsome, evil little cockroach!” she pulled out her wand –

“Hermione, No!” Ron shouted, with a hint of disappointment “He’s not worth it.”

Hermione slowly lowered her wand from Malfoy’s face and glared at him, he sobbing against the rock he was leaning against – he opened his eyes to her turning away and started to laugh with his cronies – Hermione immediately turned on her heel and punched Malfoy in the face –

Hermione was beet red as the scene finished, Ron and Harry were laughing like there was no tomorrow with the Marauders, Remus and Sirius, Lily on the other hand just shouted “Go Hermione, go Hermione!” and did a little dance to celebrate.


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