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Respect Me

Above and Beyond

Hermione’s breath caught in her lungs. This couldn’t be right. Her world was totally turned upside down. She was in love with Malfoy, Harry hated her and Voldemort was coming after her? It was all wrong! The Death Eaters were closing in on their group of three. Voldemort addressed her once again. He and his followers circled their little group in an intimidating fashion.

“Miss Granger, do you know why I seek you so?” he asked simply, his voice causing shivers to run down her spine.

“N . . . no.” she stuttered.

“Well, this is curious that you have no idea when I thought Dumbledore would have told you everything as soon as he knew! Or Mr Potter perhaps? But I don’t really think he understands what he sees when he rarely does.”

“What are you on about Tom?” demanded Harry.

“Oh, don’t worry Harry, you’re still my number one concern but this requires my attention now. You can die after.” Voldemort smiled an evil smile that made Hermione cringe. He then turned his attention on Draco. “Ah, young Mr Malfoy, I knew we’d catch up eventually.” he smiled again. Draco looked terrified – a look she never thought she’d see on Draco’s face. It petrified her.

Draco acted fast. He grabbed the little pendant from around his neck, held it tightly in his fist and whispered a few well chosen words. As soon as he did, fifteen little pops announced the arrival of his men. The big scary figures loomed in the dark. She didn’t know which she was more terrifying, the Death Eaters or The Hunters. The fight started, Death Eater against Hunter. Terrifying flashes illuminated the dark street and she could just see the gruesome truth of the battle. She felt Draco clasp her hand and pulling her around the corner and away from the battle.

“Hermione, go, now. It’s not safe here!”

“I’m not going anywhere without you!”

“Granger! GO!” he hissed, but she wasn’t given the chance to fight back or leave because a sudden flash and then Voldemort was next to them. Hermione screamed. Draco tried to push her away from Voldemort but his attempt was useless. Voldemort grabbed her wrist and she felt herself scream from the inside out as she was lifted up from her body and away from the scene.

**Draco’s P.O.V.**

He didn’t know what happened. He was holding onto her – trying to get her away from ‘him’ but he got her. He only grabbed her wrist and then she went limp. Voldemort had disappeared into a wisp of black smoke. Draco checked her neck for a pulse and felt nothing. He began to sob.

“Hermione! No! You can’t be . . .” he cried to her unresponsive body. She was gone and there was nothing he could do. He had failed and she had died.

**Above and Beyond**

The feeling running through Hermione’s body was amazing. She felt . . . powerful. Tingles shivered up her arm. She lifted it up to look at it but she was shocked at what she saw. She was no longer her normal self with skin and flesh but she was – she didn’t know what she was. She could still see the shape of her fingers and arm and even her nails but she was made of – well, it looked like shimmer dust to tell the truth. Her entire body and clothing was all made of moving, floating blue shimmer dust. She glittered and shun so bright and magnificently that it dazzled her.

“You wonder what you are? I can tell you!” hissed his voice. She looked up to see him only moments away but he looked normal, the way he was before. So why had she changed?

“What am I?” she asked.

“At the moment, you are pure magic. There is no form of your physical self here at the moment – only you’re magical self.” he said.

“Whe . . . where are we?” she asked again, finally looking around to notice the place where she stood. There was nothing, only dark and light, there was no in-between.

“We are between life, and death. I have brought you here to prove a point.” he stated and began to pace in front of her, like a lion stalking its prey.

“Send me back!” she demanded.

“No, I don’t think I will.”

“SEND ME BACK!” she yelled, tears streaming down her face.


“I don’t feel . . . right.” she whispered.

“Ah . . . you feel the life draining from your mortal body; it won’t be long before there is no return.” he smiled and she felt . . . anger? tingle through her body. The blue dust glowed brighter and she felt . . . lighter.

“What do you want?” she hissed, her shimmering self glowing ever so slightly.

“Don’t you see how you glow when your emotions run high? You’re too powerful. I’ve watched your power grow throughout the year, you’re dangerous to yourself and others. No muggle born I have ever seen has ever had such an increase in magic, the closest was . . . Potter, and he was half muggle.” Hermione heard this and glowed even brighter. She smiled.

“You mean to say, you’re scared of me?” she laughed a little. He snarled.

“CRUCIO!” and she withered in pain, her radiance diminishing to a dull glow. “I can still squash you like the filthy Mudblood that you are. You want to challenge me? What would you’re parents think of you picking a fight you can’t handle?” he simpered. The pain ceased and she looked up to see the shadowy figures of her parents. They were in the hallway of her home in London, getting ready to go somewhere by the looks of it. They were dressed in their good clothes and her mother was carrying her handbag, she only took that when they were going somewhere important. Her father was smiling at her mother and he held out his hand to her, ready to leave. Then his face changed, just a little at first and then he crippled over in pain. Hermione could see that he couldn’t breathe very well, and he seemed to be holding his chest in pain. Her mother rushed to his side, crying and trying to help him. Tears streamed down Hermione’s face.

“Stop! STOP! YOU’RE KILLING HIM!!!” she screamed. She wanted to hurt him, make him stop but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the terrible vision as her mother then buckled over in pain, just the same as her father had. Hermione cried harder and harder, and she didn’t notice that her glow had returned brighter than it had been before. Hermione fell to the ground, holding herself as her parents bodies became still. They were dead. Voldemort laughed at her obvious pain.

“You see that I can hurt you much more than you can hurt me. But to prove my point, why don’t we see Mr Malfoy?” Her head shot up at the mention of his name. ‘Not Draco, please not Draco . . .’


Author Note: **Singing and dancing** One more chapter to go! One more chapter to go . . . !


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