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A stream of sunlight shone through the maroon curtain of Hermione’s bedroom. She woke up feeling refreshed. She stretched her arms above he head and her eyes grew wide. Her smile turned into a frown as her gaze landed on her wrists. There were scabs starting to form on the thin cuts.

“Shit...” she muttered under her breath. She grabbed her wand and said a healing spell as she watched the semi-fresh cuts disappear back into her soft flesh. She set her wand back down and too this as a wonderful opportunity to properly examine her bedroom.

She was sitting in a large, king-size, four poster bed. It had gold silk sheets and maroon pillows with gold stitching. Her comforter was exquisite. It was made of red velvet and in the center was the Gryffindor crest of a lion. To her left, there was a small nightstand. In the drawer was her favorite book, Hogwarts: A History, and her Head Girl Handbook. To the left of the small table was a fairly large walk in closet. She noted that all of her clothing was already put away neatly. I’ll have to thank the house elves later... she thought. South of the closet was a small vanity with a beautiful gold framed mirror. On the wall near the vanity was a picture. It was of her, Harry and Ron last year in the Gryffindor Common Room. A small plaque underneath the picture said “The Golden Trio.” To the right of the Golden Trio picture was a door leading to her and Malfoy’s shared bathroom. To the right of the door, on the next wall was yet another picture. It was of her and Ginny outside by the lake on a sunny day. Directly opposite her bed was a small sitting area. It was fully equipped with a small fireplace and a maroon and gold chair and loveseat. To the right of the fireplace was a picture of Hermione at the Yule Ball in her 4th Year. Viktor wasn’t in the picture. Thank god... she thought. Then, there was the door leading out to the common room next to that picture. On the wall to the right of Hermione’s bed was a very large bookcase filled with tons of untouched books. In the corner of that wall, all it was, was a large wrap around window. In front of the window was a medium sized mahogany desk. The desk was laden with quills, parchment and ink. The best part of the room, in Hermione’s opinion was her rug. It was a large oval rug that was placed in the center of the nice wood floors. It was red with gold stitching that read:

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Head Girl
Hermione Ophelia Turner
Gryffindor House.

Hermione finally decided to get out of bed and get ready for the day. She shuffled across her room to the bathroom door. She opened it and shielded her eyes.

“Sweet Jesus Malfoy!” Hermione shrieked as she felt a blush creeping upon her face. Draco was standing in the middle of the bathroom, smirking, in all his glory.

“Afraid of my masculinity Granger?” he smirked.

“Yes! Now put some clothes on! And stop calling me Granger!” Hermione hissed, her hands still covering her eyes.

“Well turn around. I don’t want your mudblood filth eyeing my body.” Draco spat. Hermione forced a laugh.

“Mudblood filth? Whatever...” she said as she turned around. She tried to shake it off but she couldn’t. She was hurt by Draco’s rude remark. Sure, she knew she was a pureblood, but for him to assume his nasty attitude for her after last night shocked Hermione. What happed to the caring, sensitive Draco she fell for last night? She let a tear fall as she heard Draco say,

“Have at it mudblood. Bathroom’s all yours,” as he slammed the door shut.

Maybe he hasn’t changed after all... Hermione thought as she cried.

Hermione let it all out while in the shower. She sobbed as the hot water hit her body. There were too many thoughts for her to focus on. Why did she cut? Why did she fall for Malfoy? Why was she unhappy? Why did her real parents not want her? Why did she feel the urge to snog Draco senseless? Why did he kiss her last night? She sighed as she got out of the shower and wrapped a large, fluffy red towel around her body. She admired the bathroom.

It was about half the size of her bedroom. From her position outside of the shower to her right was a toilet room. To her left was an enormously large bathtub. You could even call it a mini pool. It was about 10 by 10 feet and about 5 and a half feet deep. Definitely larger than necessary. She made her way across the large bathroom. In front of her were marble sings, two of them. The one on the right was hers; all the knobs were gold with rubies encrusted in them. The other was silver with emeralds. She opened the drawer where all her make-up, earrings and other necessities were neatly put away.

She walked into her bathroom to get dressed. Today, she decided on a simple black tank top and a pleated denim skirt. She then walked back into the bathroom. To her utmost surprise, Malfoy was in there, brushing his teeth. She paid no attention him. She took out her wand and pointed it to her hair.

“Drieniero.” Hermione said as her hair dried. She thought about how she wanted to wear her hair. After thinking a good few minutes she finally decided.

“Bunitiliana.” Draco watched as Hermione’s hair was swept into a messy bun atop her head. His eyes scanned her body. Hermione noticed him and turned around.

“Why in Merlin’s name are you staring at me Malfoy? The last time I checked, you don’t call someone a mudblood, then, proceed to stare at their ‘filth’” Hermione said hotly as she walked into her room. Draco felt the urge to follow her, so he did. He looked around her room.

“Nice room mudblood.” Draco said. Hermione was at her vanity, putting some blush on when she quickly turned around.

“What the hell are you doing in my room ferret!?” Hermione shouted angrily.

“Whatever I want.” Draco smirked as he threw himself on her couch.

“Fine. Have it your way.” Hermione said, giving Draco a smirk that could match his own.

“What in Merlin’s Name is that supposed to mean mudblood?” He asked. Hermione didn’t respond. She was too busy reading a letter that she found open in Draco’s room.

Associating with mudbloods, are we? Not a wise decision son. Stay away from that Granger girl. We don’t want her in the way. If she bothers you, let me know and I will personally see to it that she is properly disposed of. Do well in school.

Is this why he’s being such a prick?
Hermione thought.

“What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing mudblood? Do you invade people’s privacy often!?” Draco spat, snatching the letter from Hermione’s hands.

“Draco, you think you have everything figured out don’t you?” Hermione asked in an amused tone.

“What the fuck do you mean mudblood?” he asked rudely.

“What I mean, ferret, is that we need to talk.” Hermione said seriously as she walked into the Common Room.

A/N: I know! I edited it! This is really chapters 6 and 7. I decided to combine them to make them longer. So tell me what you think please! Also, I wanna thank Di for reviewing all my stories so far! You rock Di! So see you next chapter everyone! Remember to R/R!!

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