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Draco stared in disbelief. Hermione put the blade back into her pocket and wiped her wrists on her robes. Draco had decided to go talk to her. He cleared his throat.

“Hermione, are you out here?” He asked already knowing the answer.

She gasped and dried her eyes, holding her arms close to her.

“W-what do you want ferret?” She asked rudely.

I hope he didn’t see me she thought.

“I just came to talk. I mean, come on. We’re head boy and girl now. We should try to be civil to each other and get along. And that all starts when we know stuff about each other.” he smiled.

Hermione was shocked. Was Draco Malfoy trying to be nice to her? Was he actually trying to have a civil conversation with her?

“Umm... maybe tomorrow Draco. I don’t feel like talking much tonight. I just want to go to bed. Could you show me to the common room?” she asked with a smile upon her face.

“Sure. Follow me.” he said, offering his arm to her.

Hermione took a hold of Draco and they walked back to the castle. Draco led Hermione past the trophy case, down the stairs and tow the entrance of their common room.

“Passssword?” the snake on the Slytherin emblem hissed.

“Amore.” Draco replied clearly. Hermione was still holding on to his arm.

The tapestry turned into the large oak doors. Draco opened them and showed Hermione inside. She stared at the staircase. She headed down, looking at all of the pictures. She stopped to look at the one of Malfoy on his toy broom.

How cute... she thought.

“Erm... Granger?” Draco asked, snapping Hermione out of her thoughts and back to reality. She entered the common room. Her reaction was the same as Draco’s. She loved it. Her gaze was drawn to the pictures above the mantle. Both painting were smiling. Hermione’s, however, seemed to be forcing a smile.

“Well,” Draco said. “Your bedroom is to your left up the sta... Granger?”

Hermione was sitting on the couch crying again. Her sobs echoed throughout the common room.

Draco walked over to the couch and sat down. He wasn’t sure if he should comfort Hermione or if she even wanted to be comforted. And why did he keep calling her Hermione? All of those thoughts were erased when he felt something. He looked down. Hermione was clinging to Draco’s shirt, sobbing uncontrollably. A small whimper escaped her lips. Draco wasn’t sure what to do, so he did what his first instinct was, her held her close and comforted her. Her breathing was short and rigid, and he looked at her as her chest rose and collapsed with every sob.

“’s OK. You’re fine. Everything is going to be fine. Just trust me.” Draco whispered into her ear.

“Oh Draco...what am I gonna do?” Hermione sobbed into his chest.
“Well... first,” he said lifting her head up. “You can stop crying. We don’t want tears staining your beautiful face, do we?” Draco asked as he brought his hand up to her face and brushed her tears away with the back of his hand. Hermione smiled weakly.

“Second, you can get some rest. You need your beauty rest.” he smiled. Draco then got up from the couch. He bent down and picked Hermione up off the couch like a groom does a bride. He was surprised at how light she was. Hermione let out a small gasp as she was startled from her change in position. Draco carried Hermione up the staircase to the left. He stopped in front of the door to her room.

“Third, you can pick a password for you room.” he said. Hermione thought for a while before she said something.

“Hot.” she said to her door.

“Why thank you. I know I am.” Draco laughed.

“You idiot. Those are my initials. Hermione Ophelia Turner. H.O.T. Get it?” she asked laughing.

Though you are pretty hot. Shit Hermione! Stop that! she thought to herself.

“Right... I knew that.” Draco said as he carried Hermione into her room. He lay her on her bed and smiled. Her covered her up under the satin covers and sat on the edge of her bed.

“Malfoy...why are you being so nice to me?” Hermione asked as Draco brushed a strand of stray hair away from her face.

“Well?” she asked again. Hermione never got an answer. Draco’s soft lips brushed against her own in an innocent kiss. He pulled away and got up from the bed and left the room without another word or another glance back.

Hermione was still in shock. She brought her finger to her lips and touched them. She could still feel Draco’s lips upon hers.

“Am I falling for Draco Malfoy?” she asked herself. She touch her lips again.

Oh yea. Definitely. I’ve falling and I can’t get up she thought to herself as she fell into a dreamless sleep.


In the other bedroom, which happened to be his own, Draco Malfoy was pacing in front of the window. He had changed into a pair of green silk boxers. (A/N: ::drools:: I can see it now...)

“Why the fuck did I kiss her!?”
“Because you like her.”
“I do not!”
“Yes you do!”
“No I don’t!”
“Then why did you kiss her?”
“Because...because I was being nice!”
“A little too nice if you ask me.”
“Shut up!”
“You like her. Don’t deny it.”
“Maybe a little bit...”
“Maybe a lot!”
“OK! A LOT! I mean...she’s perfect! She smart, talented and the most beautiful woman alive. Who wouldn’t like her?”
“I knew it.”
“Oh shove off...” Draco argued with himself as he threw his body on his bed. He brought his fingers to his face and touch his lips. He could still feel the warmth of Hermione’s lips.

I’ve fallen for Hermione Granger...Turner... and I can’t get up he thought as he too fell into a dreamless slumber.

A/N: I know, a lot of floofy-ness going on. I know, the whole I’ve fallen and I can’t get up thing is really cliché, but oh well. And I know that Hermione's middle name isn't really Ophelia, but oh well. And, I know both Draco and Hermione are really OoC but I couldn’t help myself. I love non-canon romance stuff. Also, I’m sorry for taking so long to update, but I’ve been busy. So, please R/R and I’ll try to have chapter 6 up as soon as I get it

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