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Chapter 7 - Much Needed Answers


Sirius stomped into his dorm, slamming the door as he went. What is wrong with her?! Defending that pasty faced, slimy git! He couldn't understand why this upset him so much. Snivellus was pure evil as far as Sirius was concerned; bloody hell, he was probably already a Death Eater. Any chance that cretin got, he would hex James and Sirius behind their backs. He was a coward and Talia defended him; she even admitted to talking with him about her past. Something she had yet to share with Sirius.

Sirius hadn't gone back to the broom shed or the locker room to return any of his things. He threw his pads against the wall next to his bed and hastily thrust his broom down by his trunk. He felt the impulsive need to do something crazy; his anger grabbed a hold of him and he felt like breaking something. He paced around the room, turning this way and that as if he was an animal trapped in a cage. When the feeling consumed him so much that he felt he was going to burst, he ran to the door.

But before he could reach it, the door opened and Remus stood before him. Sirius stood looking at his friend; Remus had a calm exterior but on the inside he was angry. "What happened down there, Sirius?" Sirius gave an angry laugh and turned away from Remus. "He attacked James and she defended him, that's what happened." Remus walked to his friend, taking him by the arms and turning him to face him. "No, he didn’t, he was by the front steps. I saw him too." The reality of Remus' words were lost on Sirius, it didn't matter anymore. He was angry and more than that, he was blinded by it.

"He's a BLOODY DEATH EATER Remus! If you can't see that, then that's you're problem." Sirius sidestepped Remus and walked out the open door. The common room was filled with students but not a sound was heard. Everyone in the room watched as Sirius stormed out of the portrait hole; no one dared say anything to him after hearing his fight with Remus.


Sunday morning breakfast at the Gryffindor table was an anxious affair. Few words were spoken and intermittently people would glance toward the end of the table where Sirius sat alone. He refused to speak to anyone except James and ignore anyone who tried. Peter was beside himself with grief and promptly ignored Talia, sending her dirty looks as often as possible. Hushed whispers were heard throughout the table; those who weren't in the common room had already found out what happened. With the addition of a few embellishments, the story was mostly true. Sirius glared at anyone who dared approach him, eating and suffering his meal in silence.

He kept his head down, attempting to ignore the whispers, he knew were meant for him. They were all blind and he was going to exact justice! Lost in his thoughts he never noticed Talia make her way over to his end of the table, her head held high despite her fear. "Sirius…" He looked up at her with a scowl and turned his head back towards his meal. "If you want to ignore me, by all means please do, but do not ignore your friends. After all they are your friends not mine, so just go and sit with them." With a quick turn she grabbed her things and walked straight out of the Great Hall.

Sirius held his reaction in check and stared apathetically down at his meal. Most of the students at the other House tables took no notice of what was going on; some knew what had happened and were mildly interested but others just continued on with their breakfast. Truth be told, Sirius was completely shocked by Talia's behavior; what was she trying to prove? He just didn't understand; he turned to look at the reaction from his friends. Most had a look of mild surprise on their faces, Lily and Alice stood and followed her out of the Great Hall. Remus looked as though none of this surprised him; he turned to Sirius with a look of sadness printed across his face. Peter looked supremely satisfied, as if he just won the Quidditch World Cup.

James looked at his old friend with mixed emotions. Sirius was sure that James hated Snivellus as much as he did but there was something in eyes that called out to Sirius. James may have wanted him to drop the entire thing but it would never happen. The Owl post arrived just as Sirius got up to leave; the Sunday Edition of the Daily Prophet was dropped in front of Sirius as he stood. He dropped a few knuts in the owl's pouch and grabbed the paper, taking off for the forest.

Lately he felt a strange affinity for the Astronomy tower, but he refused to go there, lest he run into Talia. There was a small clearing on the edge of the forest, not too far in as to attract the attention of undesirable company, where Sirius liked to be alone. A thin layer of soft grass, not the course kind that covered the rest of the grounds, provided Sirius with the perfect spot to sit and think. Leaning up against a small tree stump, which had obviously died some years ago, Sirius ran his hands through his hair. Snivellus Snape had messed with him and his friends for the last time. He wasn't sure how or when but he would expose him for the Death Eater that he was.

Sirius sighed deeply, feeling the weight of recent events on his shoulders. Why would Talia and Remus defend that git? It didn't make sense to Sirius, as he contemplated what was wrong with his two friends. He sat listlessly tearing small bits of grass from the ground and letting them float gently back down; the forgotten Daily Prophet lay at his feet. He and the other Marauders had taken up a subscription, attempting to keep tabs on Voldemort's actions as well as an attempt to discover what their mystery wizard was up to. He picked up the paper and stared blankly at it, not really reading the contents; the paper served more as something to hold and keep his hands from ripping out his own hair over his frustration.

Irrational anger is the worst kind; at the time that you feel it, you know deep in your bones that you are right and no one can tell you any differently. Given time, the anger gives way to a quiet seething and you still believe you were right but you're not quite sure how right you were. All the problem needs is more time and reflection, once Sirius realized he had gone overboard his senses came back to him. He looked at the paper, glancing at a small article on the lower right hand side of it.

Murder in Falmouth

Wizard or wizards unknown attacked a small house located in
Falmouth, a small town on the Eastern Coast of Great Britain. The
sole inhabitant of the house was well known Russian wizard, Liev
Zidraw. Zidraw has long been implicated as a supporter of
Grindelwald (defeated by Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
in 1945) and has been presumed dead by Russian and British
Ministries of Magic for the past twenty-five years. His body was
discovered last night by a local neighbor, Sister Mary Thomas.
Sister Mary had this to say, "I never expected this to happen to
Mr. Wilenska," apparently his known alias, "he was such a quiet
neighbor. I just hope God will forgive the person who committed
this heinous crime." Ministry officials are combing the residence
for any evidence of dark magic, at present they have found nothing
but old journals, which chronicle Zidraw's involvement in practicing
and teaching the Dark Arts. No evidence of a struggle or forced
entry have been found at this time. Minister of Magic, Millicent Bagnold
has informed the Daily Prophet that she will not rest until she has gotten
to the bottom of this mystery.

Sirius blinked as though he was trying to clear his eyes, this Liev Zidraw could have had something to do with the strange events that were happening at Hogwarts. Maybe he was the mystery wizard who had been attacking the teachers, and now he was caught and dead; maybe their troubles were over. Putting all his anger and frustration aside he stood up and started towards Hogwarts. He had to tell everyone the news of this wizard's death.


Everything that could have gone wrong that day did go wrong. Talia spent a half hour listening to Lily and James try and explain Sirius to her. "Listen Talia, this is what Sirius is like. We just need to give him some time and he'll come around." Talia wasn't sure whether or not to believe James' explanation but she figured if anyone knew him it was his best friend.

Luckily she was right; James did know his best friend better than anyone in the world. Sirius came bursting through the portrait hole with a flushed look on his face. "Where's everyone else?" he asked quickly, directing the question towards James. James looked a little startled at Sirius' urgency but answered just as quickly. "Wormtail and Moony are off somewhere and Alice is with Frank, what's going on?" Sirius sat down in a heap, beckoning the three of them to lean in. "You three have got to read this…" he whispered in a hushed voice, "I think it's got something to do with what's been happening."

Talia, Lily and James scanned the article; it didn't take long since it was so short. Talia felt her face go numb as she stared at the newspaper. Falmouth? Sister Mary? Mr. Wilenska? He had always kept to himself but I cannot believe he was evil… Talia's open-mouthed expression was not lost on her three friends, but they mistakenly thought it was the act of murder that had her horrified, not who was murdered.

Sirius put his hand on Talia's arm, but she was too bewildered to even notice that he was speaking to her again. She looked at Lily and James with a white face and a horrified expression. She gently removed Sirius' hand from her arm and smiled weakly at him, "I'm not feeling so well, I think I'll go upstairs for a lie down." Talia didn't wait for anyone to answer her as she turned and made her way up to the dorm. More than anything she wanted to tell her friends why she was like this, but she needed time to think.

Little did she know that they were already discussing a plan to find out what happened. Her three friends marched down to Hagrid's hut, attempting to pry some information from their friend and Hogwarts groundskeeper. Their efforts would prove futile; there were answers to be found at Hogwarts but they were asking the wrong person. Talia lie in her bed thinking about what had happened, she knew what she had to do but she had to admit to herself, she was a little scared. But she mustered up every ounce of strength and went down into the common room; she had prepared an excuse of going to the library but it was unneeded. With her friends gone, Talia made her way quietly out of the common room and towards Professor Dumbledore's office. The answers she needed lie there, but they were not necessarily the answers she wanted.


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