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“I see he didn’t take it well then.” Hermione said calmly as he returned to his seat. Harry didn’t say anything but glared into the fire as if it was he who had dared to challenge his authority and start arguments.

“I think we should test our latest foodstuffs on Ickle Ronnikins,” Fred said with a malignant grin on his face and Harry hoped that he wasn’t serious.

“As do I.” George agreed and then, seeing Harry not looking particularly thrilled by their new test subject, he added: “Don’t you think, Harry?”

“I don’t actually.” Harry said in a tired voice, “It’ll only make him think that I’m stealing his family or something.”

“Rather be your family than his,” Ginny muttered and although Harry smiled slightly at the gesture he still wasn’t pleased with the fact that Ron’s siblings were taking his side of the argument.

“Trust me; Ron is definitely in the wrong here.” Hermione said, seeing his discomfort, “He will have to come crawling back to you.”

Harry nodded although he still wasn’t pleased with the situation he knew that Hermione was rarely wrong in such matters.

“Water Snap, anyone?” George asked and pulled out a packet of cards from his pocket. Harry looked at them dubiously before declining his offer. Hermione similarly declined and sat at the side of him on the large sofa whilst Fred, George, Ginny, Laura and Lewis all sat around the table having cards dealt to them.

“Basically it’s the usual snap game but when you get a snap you get wet.” Fred explained as the last card was dealt to Ginny. “Let’s play!”

Harry watched as card after card was placed on the table and he noticed that the cards all had bizarre flavours of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans on them with various drawings of the beans on them. Fred put down a wool flavoured card and then so did Lewis. There was a loud roaring noise and water gushed out of the card up to the ceiling before falling on everyone within a five metre radius of them. They all sat in stunned silence for a moment before bursting out laughing although it was clear from the looks on the faces of everyone else in the room that they were not quite as amused.

“We haven’t quite got the water under control yet.” George said, “Sometimes it’s about 10 metres high, other times it’s just a couple of metres or so.”

“Water Snap! Now for sale, only a Galleon!” Fred said, never missing the chance to advertise, “Anyone?” But the members of the house who had previously been having a party to celebrate their victory over the Slytherins were not particularly pleased by their drenching.

“Do you know where would be a great place to play Water Snap?” George asked them.

“The library?” Harry suggested and the twins grinned identical grins at him.

“That wasn’t what I was thinking actually, but that’s even better…” George said.


“It really wasn’t the best of plans to play Water Snap in the library, Harry.” Remus said as he marked essays in his office and his godson sat on the windowsill levitating various objects around the room without the use of his wand.

“I know…” Harry said distractedly as his eyes focussed on the half a dozen objects which were moving in the air. They had been caught playing Water Snap in the library by a very irate Madam Pince before the Weasleys and Hermione had been told their parents would receive a letter home. For a moment Harry had thought he was going to get away with it and then Madam Pince had grabbed his ear and dragged him down to Remus’ office.

“So what happened with Ron then? Why wasn’t he with you?” Remus asked him.

“Because I kicked him off the Quidditch team earlier on and he didn’t take well to it.” Harry said.

“How shocking.” Remus said as he tried to avoid writing ‘how shocking’ on the essay he was marking. “Although wouldn’t it have been a better idea to find a new Keeper before you kicked Ron off the team?”

“I suppose so.” Harry said glumly, “And now I’m going to have to put up with him in lessons and I just know he’s going to say something about the detentions we have with Snape.”

“Well you shouldn’t have done it then, playing Water Snap in the library was a rather foolish thing to do.” Remus said assigning a grade to the paper he was on, knowing without even reading it that it was going to be Dreadful.

“You are such a hypocrite!” Harry said and one of the objects he was hovering dropped as his concentration dropped and he reacted just in time to stop it from smashing on the floor.

“That’s right, because I was there playing as well.” Remus said coolly as he glanced up at Harry over the top of his reading glasses.

“No, you’ve done loads of crap this week.” He scowled and Remus opened his mouth to scold him for his language but Harry cut him off. “No listen, you’ve spent most of the week fighting and pranking the other teachers and you get away with that, I get detention and all I bloody well did was play Snap in the library!”

“You soaked the library and everything in it!” Remus argued back, “Or did you fail to notice how saturated Madam Pince was? You should have detention drying the whole room not just writing lines with Snape for a couple of hours.”

“Okay, so I got a few books wet… you tried to burn Professor Sprout alive in her own greenhouse!” Harry snapped, he was close to shouting now and he knew that he didn’t seem to vent his anger enough; it was just his luck that it was Remus it had finally been vented on.

“Yeah, because I really want to go to Azkaban for burning someone alive,” Remus glared at him, the full moon was in two days time and he was becoming increasingly irritated with everything which was going on around him, just his luck that he was venting out on Harry. “Face it, you were stupid to play Water Snap in the library where as I was just defending myself from the attacks of other staff.”

“Defending yourself?!” Harry demanded, “You’ve been needlessly attacking them all week!”

“Well perhaps so but we’re not talking about me and my activities over the past week, we’re talking about you and your foolish games in the library.” Remus said in a steady voice, his work long since forgotten.

“Talking? Right, so almost shouting at someone is how you talk now?” Harry scowled at him. “You started this whole argument.”

“Actually you did, if you hadn’t been playing Water Snap this wouldn’t have happened.” Remus said calmly although he held Harry’s infuriated gaze with his own which betrayed the irritation he was feeling.

“Oh get stuffed Remus.” Harry told him before getting up from his seat and leaving the room, using one last bit of wandless magic to send all the objects back to their proper places in the room before he slammed the door shut behind him, leaving Remus sat staring at the door which Harry had left through moments before.

He sighed and leant forwards, resting his chin on his hand. He had just had the first argument with Harry he’d ever had and he hadn’t liked it one bit. Normally he quite liked arguing with Severus over mundane things and seeing how annoyed he could make him whilst Severus was doing the same thing to him but arguing with Harry was something different entirely. Now that he had stormed out of the room Remus was left feeling regretful and unhappy. He knew that most of the things they had been saying were true, even though they had become rather melodramatic towards the end. He could easily have burned Pomona to death in her greenhouse and hearing Harry say it had sent chills down his spine – what if he had killed her? What if he had burned a colleague to death and was then sent to Azkaban? Or given The Kiss? He would have left Harry alone again and he knew that Harry would never have forgiven him had he done that. But then again Pomona probably could have got out alive, although the glass was all extremely reinforced but the doors were open. He tried to block out the idea of the fire spreading to the doors and Pomona being trapped inside, unable to get out and he, the murderer, being taken away from Harry and Hogwarts by dementors.

He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair realising that he had just mimicked Harry almost perfectly before pocketing his wand and setting off towards the staffroom, his marking abandoned and the fact that he had been twirling his wand between his fingers in a fashion similar to Harry unrealised.


Harry threw himself down into his favourite chair by the fire, the fact that almost all the younger students had seen him throw himself into it day after day had made it almost his, and few under his own age took it. Hermione looked up to him and smiled slightly from her seat on the floor as she did her homework on the coffee table. Ron had been sat on a chair next to Harry’s but the moment Harry had sat down Ron had got up and walked away across the room, although no one was particularly surprised by this. Fred and George were still hanging around after the match and making money from some of the seventh years interested in buying some of their Skiving Snackboxes and Polyjuice Pastries. Laura was sat talking with Ginny over a chessboard although they weren’t playing any longer and Harry noticed that Lewis was sat in the far corner of the common room reading a book.

“So, what’s the matter?” Hermione asked him as she put her quill down, knowing that whatever the matter with Harry was it had something to do with Remus. She had watched Harry being dragged off to Remus’ office after they had drenched the entire library and wondered about his reaction to Harry’s misbehaviour.

“Nothing.” Harry said rather sullenly and began to idly charm things around him with his wand.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Hermione said to him, observing him and hoping to find some giveaway of his argument with Remus in his countenance. After all, that must have been what it was; what else could put him in such a bad mood that he was barely willing to speak except for Ron and he had been sat smugly in the common room for quite some time now, speaking only to ask Ginny when her detention with Snape was. No, it was definitely an argument with Remus. “You can tell me, it might help.”

“I doubt it.” Harry muttered, “You’ll only tell me to apologise.”

“So you were in the wrong then?” Hermione asked, suspecting that he probably was.

Harry didn’t reply to this and quickly told her what had happened and what had been said between the two of them before he walked out.

“Well?” Harry asked her once he had done and Hermione sat thinking for a moment.

“It’s a shame you didn’t walk out sooner really.” She said and after Harry raised a quizzical eyebrow she went on to explain, “You say stupid things, you should have left sooner and you’d have said less.”

“I’ll bear that in mind for next time I apparently start arguments by playing Snap.” Harry muttered and Hermione sighed.

“Do you want to make friends with Remus again or not?” She asked him calmly and he scowled and muttered something, although she didn’t think that he said ‘no’ at any point there. “You are going to have to apologise to him because I really don’t think that he’s going to come and apologise to you.”

“I know.” Harry said, “But if I leave it for long enough he might…”

“Or you’ll cause a rift between you and things won’t be the same again.” Hermione suggested helpfully and Harry sighed.

“But I’m no good at apologising…” Harry complained and Hermione just shrugged.

“You should have thought about that before you got into an argument with him.” She said to him.

“But it’s—” Harry started.

“—the full moon the day after tomorrow.” Hermione finished for him, not bothering to ask what he was going to say before she cut him off. “Come on, start thinking Harry! How likely is Remus to start arguments with you under normal circumstances?”

“Fine.” Harry muttered, “But if he started it and it’s because of the full moon then he should apologise.”

“How would he do that? He can’t just walk into the common room and apologise to you. He can’t keep you after class because you have so many other things going on in your life. That added to the fact that you’re both likely to start ignoring you, and with the full moon soon he’s going to be in a rather emotional state so he’s more likely to stay stubborn and refuse to talk to you.” Hermione said rather quickly and Harry paused for a moment to let everything she had said register in his head before replying

“If he’s more emotional he might apologise to me first.” Harry suggested.

“If he wouldn’t normally apologise then he definitely won’t if he’s more emotional, he’s more likely to be melodramatic about it and refuse to talk to you, let alone apologise.” Hermione said, hoping that what she was guessing about Remus was correct.

“Bloody hell.” Harry muttered and as Hermione started writing on her homework again Harry tried to think what would be the best way to apologise to Remus before the full moon, which gave him two days. Of course he would rather be friends again sooner than later so he supposed he should attempt to apologise the next day. He glanced down at the work that Hermione was doing it and with a groan he realised that it was work he had yet to complete. Without picking up his wand he summoned his own work to him and pushing all thought of Remus aside he began to write about the legalities surrounding Polyjuice Potion and its use.


Remus sat down in the staffroom next to Minerva and although she sensed that something was wrong with him she didn’t comment. Instead she looked to Filius who was finally having his tale coaxed out of him as to what had happened at the Ministry.

“So, tell us Filius.” Severus said as he fixed the man with a calm gaze that gave nothing away.

“Well we went in there, through the roof as planned and once we were inside we realised Voldemort had known exactly what we were going to do.” Filius said quietly and the other three members of staff sat with him watched him and waited for him to continue. “Malfoy was already in there, waiting for us with Crabbe and Goyle.” He took a deep breath and stared down at his hands, all the time he had spoken making sure that he didn’t meet the eyes of any of his colleagues, he was afraid of what they might have seen in his eyes as he retold his tale.

“So then what?” Minerva asked quietly, making sure that no one else in the room that didn’t belong to the Order was listening to their conversation which had a Secrecy Shield cast around it, ensuring that even if someone was to attempt to listen in to their conversation they would hear nothing more than their complaining about the students they had taught that day.

“Then they stunned us.” He said, “And I don’t know what happened but after that I awoke in some sort of cell in Malfoy Manor.” He told them and took another deep breath; it was evidently taking him quite a lot of effort to retell just what had happened to him whilst in the house. “It was Alastor that got us out though. He was in a cell opposite me and guards had to come in and leave a plate of food on the floor. Well the room was so strongly protected that there was no chance of even using magic in there. One of the guards though, he cast me almost a pitying gaze as he walked past and went to give Alastor his food. Alastor, ever bizarre as he is, pulled off his wooden leg as soon as he heard the guard come in. After he pushed his food under the few centimetres of cell bars he simply waited until he’d turned around and knocked him out with his leg.” Minerva smiled slightly at the imagery that the idea of Mad Eye knocking someone out with his wooden leg conjured in her mind. “He managed to reach out to the keys and simply open the door. It was almost too good to be true.” Filius said almost wistfully.

Remus, Severus and Minerva watched him intently, very intrigued as to what was to come next but they never heard anymore. There was a crash on the other side of the room and Sybil had knocked over her crystal ball and the room instantly filled with very thick fog. The staff in the room coughed and spluttered as they all scrambled towards the door.

Albus raised an eyebrow as he walked down the stairs onto the ground floor of the castle and saw his staff running out of the staffroom, choking and gasping for breath. Sybil coming out last of all and complaining at the top of her lungs that it had been her favourite crystal ball. She had liked no other better than it and it was costing her all her self control not to burst into tears. Albus waved his wand and in an instant the crystal ball in question flew into his hands, whole once again although the mystical fog could never be retrieved.

The odd student walking past glanced into the rather smoky staffroom, intrigued as to just what could have caused all that fog but with a cold stare from Snape, they quickly moved on to wherever they were headed. Leaving the staff deciding as to which one of them should venture back in there and open a window.

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