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She Has A Right To Chose

“Do you two know where Taryn is?” Hermione asked, concerned, as she sat down to breakfast across from Harry and Ron.

“Haven’t seen her yet this morning, sorry Hermione.” Ron answered between bites of scrabbled egg.

“Have you seen her Harry?”

“No.” Harry said flatly, he was still mad about the night before. He had the sinking feeling that something had happened last night, and that he shouldn’t have let Taryn go with Malfoy. Hermione shot Ron a glance as if to ask, ‘what’s wrong with Harry?’ Ron mouthed behind Harry’s head. ‘Taryn said no.’ Hermione nodded, then her eyes grew large and she brought a hand up to her mouth.

“What is it Hermione?” Harry asked seeing her expression.

“It’s nothing, something went down the wrong pipe, no don’t look!” But it was too late, Harry had already turned. Entering the Great Hall were Malfoy and Taryn, and they were hand in hand. Malfoy was smiling smugly, and Taryn looked rather embarrassed. Harry felt the anger rise up inside of him. Malfoy had done something to her last night, Harry was sure of it. Taryn hated Malfoy; there was no way she would ever be that close to him willingly.

* * * * * *

“Everyone is staring at us.” Taryn whispered to Draco as they entered the Great Hall.

“It’s because they’re jealous.” Draco whispered back, a strange smile upon his face.

“Of what?” Taryn didn’t really like all of the eyes in the Great Hall on her; it made her feel like she was being scrutinized, as she was on the night of the sorting. Damn hat. Taryn had still not let her rage to the hat go.

“They all wish that a girl as beautiful as you could be holding their hand.”

“I’m sure. So do we have to sit at the Slytherin table?” Taryn was eyeing Pansy warily. Draco chuckled softy.

“Yes.” He led her to the end of the table, sat down and quietly started to eat his breakfast. Taryn hardly ate anything. She had a feeling in the pit of her stomach that something was wrong, she didn’t know what though.

“Not hungry?” Draco asked as he rubbed his thumb across the knuckles of her hand, making her shiver pleasantly.

“I’m not a breakfast person.” Damn why can’t I just tell him what’s wrong? A little voice in the back of her head answered her, because you don’t trust him.

“Are you a night person then?” Draco asked with a mischievous smile.

“I guess so.” Once again she lied. Why can’t I tell the truth? She was afraid of the night, of all the things it reminded her of.

“In that case, meet me in the Room of Requirement tonight, after my Quidditch practice.” Then he stood from the table, squeezed her hand and swiftly kissed her cheek. As she watched him walk out of the hall she shook her head. He definitely had style. He could have waited and walked out with everyone else, but no he liked to have everyone’s eyes on him as he sauntered out. Tayrn sighed and picked up her books, maybe she would go the library before class it was pointless to sit in the Great Hall and not eat. Just as she had walked out the door she heard her name being called.

“Taryn! Taryn! Are you alright?” Hermione asked running up to her, Ron and Harry a few paces behind her.

“Yea, I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?” Taryn asked, bewildered. Hermione exchanged glances with Ron and Harry.

“Well, because of Malfoy.” She said, almost embarrassed.

“Oh yea, sorry I didn’t sit with you guys this morning, but Draco wanted to sit at the Slytherin table.”

“Taryn what’s going on? You’re holding his hand, and calling him Draco. Are you two together?” Hermione asked looking horrified.

“What if we are? You guys wouldn’t have a problem with that would you?” Taryn asked, her friendly demeanor fading quickly.

“Yes!” Ron shouted. “He’s bloody evil!”

“He is not!” Taryn retorted hotly.

“Taryn haven’t you heard him speak?” Ron asked trying to put sense into her.

“He’s not like that to me!”

“So it’s okay for him to be a git to your friends?”

“If you were my friends you wouldn’t question my decisions!”

“Friends help friends not make bad decisions!”

“Stop it!” Harry shouted making them both turn towards him.

“Harry, I can’t believe you’re not saying anything! She chose Malfoy over you and you’re just standing there!” Ron said, turning red from all of his yelling.

“She has a right to chose.” Harry said quietly. Taryn looked up into his face, and saw betrayal etched all over it.

“No, Harry. Wait-”

“I don’t think you have anything else to say to me.” Harry said, as he turned and walked away.

“No, please I just. I didn’t mean to, it just happened, I-” Taryn pleaded but he just kept walking, Ron and Hermione following. “Shit!” Taryn yelled when the hallway was clear. Why did everyone have to be so difficult? None of this ever would have happened if she hadn’t seen that stupid vision of Draco. She was so frustrated. Flinging her bag over her shoulder she stalked off to find somewhere that she could be angry. The nearest empty classroom would have to do. Slamming the door behind her she threw her bag of books onto the ground. Screaming in frustration she overturned the nearest desk. Leaning against the wall she slid down to the floor.

“Friggin unity. I hope you’re happy!” She yelled to the hat wherever it was. “I’m friends with the Gryffindors, and then I’m with a Slytherin. That’s unity isn’t it? Then why do they all hate me now? Because unity isn’t possible! The hate will divide all of them and they’ll die! And I don’t care! Let them die! Just see if I give a damn!”

Somewhere in Dumbledore’s office the hat could hear her screaming. They will be united for the end, and she will be the cause. It has started.

* * * * * *

Draco smiled as he striped off his Quidditch practice clothes. In less than a half an hour he would be meeting Taryn. He would have her won over in no time. Pulling on his robes he confidently walked toward the castle, the Dark Lord would be very pleased.

* * * * * *

Thank goodness today is over. Taryn sighed as she walked up to the seventh floor. Double potions had been hell, Harry wouldn’t look at her, Ron looked angry and Hermione just looked disappointed. Draco hadn’t bothered to show up, so she was stuck working with Longbottom who was too scared to even speak to her. The rest of the day hadn’t been much better. Taking notes really didn’t appeal to Taryn. She had already dropped her books off in the common room before heading out to meet Draco. I can’t believe I’m really doing this. Taryn didn’t really know why she was drawn to Draco, aside from the fact that he wasn’t afraid of her, and was risking his life by being with her. Taryn smiled, she had actually told someone and he still wanted to touch her. He wasn’t afraid of her seeing his death. As she neared the Room of Requirement she began to walk a little faster, something in the back of her head was nagging at her, telling her that she needed to hurry up. Almost jogging now, she could see the wall and began to think of a door opening to Draco. Taryn pulled out her wand, the feeling was stronger now. Stopping suddenly she turned to her right and saw Pansy standing there. Damn! Taryn cursed herself, she had completely forgotten about the vision she had gotten off of Pansy. Just like in the vision Pansy came running towards her.

“You bitch! You took everything away from me! I’ll make you pay! Binndio Lesifa!” Pansy shouted, but nothing happened. Taryn grinned, as Pansy stopped a few feet in front of her.

“Guess that didn’t work did it? Now you have me to deal with, stupify!” Taryn shouted, but no bust of red light came from her wand. Taryn looked down at her wand dumbly then back up at Pansy. “What the hell did you do?” Pansy smiled and raised her wand once more.

“Aveda kedevra,” Pansy said slowly. A green light emitted from Pansy’s wand, and Taryn screamed as she felt herself fall backward. She felt like she was falling forever until she hit the cold, marble stone of the floor. Everything went black. Far away Taryn thought she heard the echoes of laughter, but the darkness consumed that to.

* * * * * *

Draco sat on one of the Room of Requirement’s high-backed, leather chairs. Already she was ten minutes late, but he was not worried. She would show up, after all she had no where else to go, and no one else to run to. He had seen her spat with Potter and his friends in the morning. It would take a miracle for them to take her back, and she possessed no such miracle. Draco smiled she would have no where else to turn but to Lord Voldemort. After another fifteen minutes of waiting he rose from his chair. She probably went and got herself lost. Pushing open the door, he stepped out into the hall, and he was immediately greeted with laughter. Turning towards the sound he saw Pansy crouched over something on the floor, laughing with tears rolling down her cheeks. She was muttering incoherently. Draco looked over to what she was crouching over. No, it can not be. He ran over and pushed Pansy aside. Taryn’s body lay before him, her eyes closed, with blood pooling around her head. Draco felt as though he couldn’t breath, his heart failed to beat as he collapsed onto the floor.

“No.” He whispered out loud. Scooping her up into his arms, he started to run.

~Sorry that this one took so long to get out. I had finals and then i was away for the weekend. Chapter 9 will be up soon as well, I'll probably write it today, tomorrow at the latest. ~

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