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DISCLAIMER: as always the original HP characters are accredited to J.K. Rowling, but the new characters previous to the last three are all accredited to Miss_Moral who is not in any way affiliated with me. I just loved her story and saw how it I could see it forming out. She has been gracious enough to allow me to continue writing this. I fully suggest reading all of the stories written by Miss_Moral Smoke filled the room and all Harry wanted to do was get Hermione and Duncan to a safe place but his scar had paralyzed all movement and he couldn’t help them. All he could do was helplessly watch through clouded vision as they fell limp and died…

Harry suddenly woke with a start and looked around the bright room forgetting where he was. He looked at his watch reading quarter to eight. Panic suddenly overcame him when he realized that he was going to miss his first class and he couldn’t even check on Hermione. He jumped off the couch grabbed a couple books and put them in a brown bag that was sitting by the door he hadn’t noticed when he came in. As he walked out of the door he pointed his wand at himself and said scurgify. After “cleaning up” he began to run down the corridor and headed for the Suite but then remembered that he had given Dobby the day off and the only way he would get breakfast is to either make it himself or eat in the great hall. He only hoped that he could make it to breakfast before the tables were cleared. Before he reached the doors he slowed to a very brisk walk and entered while trying to catch his breath. He was glad to see that Ron had been getting a late start as well so that he could talk with him. He smiled and Ron scowled at him. When Harry reached the Griffendor table he said to Ron who was now ignoring him,
“ Now hang on a second before you get yourself into a fit. I have something to tell you, I promise it is a good reason for missing the feast last night.” Ron then looked up and said
“ Where’s Hermione, and Duncan?” as though he suddenly realized that they weren’t there.
“ Hospital Wing” Harry said plainly.
“ What! Why? Are they alright? What happened?” Ron said drawing attention to himself by people all over the great hall one of which was Draco Malfoy listening very intently.
“Shh. I cant talk about it here it’ll have to wait till lunch when we can go to my room where other ears can not hear us.”
Harry said in a hushed tone looking around to see who else had heard. Ginny was sitting down about four seats with one of her girlfriends named Meliana Price. She looked very curiously at Harry and gave him and ‘I’ll talk to you later look’. Harry then looked down at his watch and choked on his pumpkin juice because it told him he had one minute till he had to be in Snape’s Dungeon before he would be loosing some major points for Griffendor. He then jumped up out of his seat and gathered a piece of toast and some bacon then as he was grabbing his bag Ron looked at him and said
“ Harry…What are you doing? Why are you in such a rush?” Harry looked at Ron with some annoyance at the fact that he wasn’t in a rush as well.
“ We have one minute to be in Snapes class before we get our heads torn off.” He said now getting ready to sprint off to the Dungeon.
“ Harry, its Saturday! We don’t have classes today!” Ron said somewhat loudly. “What!? Wait…” Harry said with sudden realization. Then taking a deep breath he said.
“ Well then I suppose I don’t need to be in such a rush. I don’t know how I got so mixed up. Then that means that Dobby will be back today and is probably having a fit to find us. I had better go to the suite and tell him what’s happened. Come for lunch and I will tell you everything. If I’m not back yet just go on in and have Dobby fix you something while you wait.”
Harry said with a note of urgency back in his voice. Ron nodded his head in agreement as he took a gulp of pumpkin juice and with that Harry took his leave.

“Venus and Love”
Harry said to the statue of Aphrodite and as he entered the Suite of Llyr he heard a loud howl and then was pummeled to the floor by a very overwhelmed Dobby. Harry felt a lot of tears hit his face and then as he gently lifted the crying house elf of his chest he sat us and chuckled as he pulled Dobby into a big hug saying,
“ I’m glad to see you too Dobby. How was your trip?”
Harry asked remembering that Dobby said he was going to Hogsmeade for his days off. “ Harry Potter sir Dobby is so glad seeing yous are alive sir. Dobby came back early this day sir and Harry Potter and his Family was missing sir. And Dobby was scared sir that Harry Potter was… that Harry Potter was … was dead sir.”
With that Dobby started wailing again even louder than the last time and Harry patted him on the back after they both stood up and said,
“ I am fine. Duncan and Hermione are as well they are in the Hospital wing now and should be home before the day is over.”
Harry said as he remembered telling Hermione that he would be up first thing this morning.
“Dobby, I promised that I would be up to check in with her first thing this morning, so I should be getting up there. I promise to tell you the whole story later but for now I need to get going.”
Harry said smiling to the house elf that he liked and cared about so much. Dobby nodded through the tears and then smiled and meekly said,
“ I know you don’t like special things but I is going to make a special meal for Harry Potter and his family, if that is being ok with you sir.”
Harry smiled and asked Dobby
“ Do you think that you might come up with something for lunch? Ron is supposed to be by and with any luck I will have Duncan and Hermione with me as well.”
Dobby’s face lit up and he squeaked
“ I will Sir! Harry Potter can count on Dobby sir!”
Harry then nodded and left a beaming Dobby standing in the living room.

“Harry! There you are. I began to worry. Is everything all right? Did Dobby get back?”
Hermione said all of this very fast and Harry just smiled feeling a new and stronger love for this person he knew so well.
“ Harry? Are you alright?”
Hermione said with mounting concern showing in her eyes.
“ I am fine.”
Harry said as he walked over to her, he then leaned down and kissed baby Duncan’s head before lifting him out of the elaborate red and gold bassinette that he assumed Dumbledore himself had conjured up the previous night.
“How are you feeling?”
Harry said with loving concern in his eyes as he gently brushed a stray piece of curly brown hair out of Hermione’s face. She smiled at his gentleness and was glad they had expressed their true feelings last night.
“ I feel fine, a little groggy but fine all the same. Madame Pomfrey wants to keep me another day but Dumbledor feels that I should be in the suite instead. He is speaking with her in her office now.”
She said softly looking up at him. Harry smiled again.
“ Ron is coming over for lunch today so that I can explain to him about what’s happened. Dobby was very excited when I told him that he could go all out for lunch.”
At this they shared in a laugh imagining what they would be going home to with the house elf being given full reign to make an extravagant lunch for them and their guest. Then Hermione turned more serious and said
“ Did you find out what the letter meant?” she said reluctantly but interested.
“ No. Dumbledor said that It was powerful dark magic that was perfected by ancient Chinese wizards, but whoever used it must not have know exactly how to do it because if they did you and Duncan would be dead now.”
Harry said these last few words around a tear. They heard a door open down at the end of hospital wing. Both looked over and saw both Dumbledore and Madam Pomphrey walk out of her office talking in hushed tones so not to disturb the occupants of the hospital wing. When Madam Pomphrey saw Harry holding Duncan she hustled over and sternly asked him
“ What do you think you are doing Potter? This little boy has gone through a tremendous amount.”
Baby Duncan who was busy forming spit bubbles smiled up at her and the previously stern expression faded. Professor Dumbledore then approached them and offered to hold Duncan for a moment and Harry hesitantly obliged.
“Young mister Dursley is growing up very quickly. Won’t be long before he is toddling about making all sorts of messes. Dobby will be thrilled.” Dumbledore said with a glint of humor in his eyes. Harry laughed thinking how much Dobby would like having more to do with his days. He knew Hermione was scowling at him and it was probably best to avoid her eyes just now.
“Mr. Potter my patients do need rest so if you will please excuse yourself.” Madam Pomphrey stated with her once again stern tone.
“ Poppy I actually thought it would be better if Miss Granger and Mr. Dursley were back in their suite. I would rather not draw attention to the situation of last night. If any other students were to come in here and see them questions would then be posed and I would rather keep this between as little people as possible.” Dumbledore’s calm voice seemed to persuade her, though she did look as though she would rather not.
“ Well I suppose. If you think it is for the best.” She then turned to Harry.
“You must keep a close watch on them for the next few days. I have never dealt with anything like this before and I am not certain what will happen.”
Harry nodded before turning to a beaming Hermione. He walked over to help her up and as she stood Dumbledore said,
“Do you mind if I change you and Mr.Dursley’s clothes? As I said I would rather not draw attention to the situation, and I fear that walking about in your nightclothes would pose some unwanted questions.” Hermione nodded and after Dumbledore handed Duncan back over to Harry he pulled out his wand looked as though he was picturing something in his head then he pointed his wand at her and swished it rapidly in the shape of and X and before their eyes her outfit changed to that of her favorite Saturday attire. She looked down and smiled. He then turned to Harry and asked him to hold Duncan out then doing the same to him put him in an outfit that looked like a baby size version of a wizards robes of midnight blue with silver stars and swirls all over it that neither of them had seen before. Harry looked at Dumbledore and said
“ That isn’t his. You must have been mistaken.”
“ Its beautiful Professor where did you get it?” Hermione said with wonder.
“ It was Harry’s when he was a baby. I gave it to your mother and father after you were born and found it in the rubble of your house. I think it is time you have it back.”
After Dumbledore spoke these words both Harry and Hermione stood there with tears in their eyes, and for a fraction of a second Harry thought he saw one in Dumbledore’s eyes as well.

A/N: I know this chapter should be longer but as I have said before my computer time is limited. Pleas keep replying I really like the Criticism and general replies. I will try to add another before the week is out.

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