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Chapter 4: Mission complete

Everything had been going great since they had arrived in Florida and gotten settled in and a few questions out of the way. During the days when the two older men were at work trying to iron out the terms of the contracts, the others would spend the day shopping or playing on the beach. The first day when they went to the beach there were quite a few stares and awkward words about some of the scars that Harry had.

“HARRY WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?” Screamed his aunt while the rest just gasped.

“What are you talking about?” He asked as he wadded up and threw the shirt that he had just taken off when he remembered the scars that he had acquired from fighting all of the monsters in his past. “Oh, you mean the scars?” ‘ Thank god she wasn’t asking about the tattoo,’ he thought.

“Yes!” Said Petunia.

“Well this one,” he said pointing to the round scar on his arm, “was from fighting the Basilisk, the one in the crook here,” he said pointing out a small straight scar that was barely noticeable but like the one on his forehead was one of his most important because it was the indication that he had escaped the most evil wizard ever in the flesh twice. “Is where Wormtail took ‘Blood from the enemy’ to resurrect Tom. The one on my right shoulder,” he said turning around and indicating a long mark that ran from the top of his back just over his shoulder and ran in a kind of half-moon around and under his shoulder blade, “is from the first task in the Tri-Wizard tournament against a very upset Hungarian Horntail and the rest are from less memorable accidents. As I have told Dudley it isn’t easy or safe to be me or to be around me.”

There was an uncomfortable silence, then his aunt bust into tears “sobb... your sobb... mother sobb... would sobb... kill sobb... me sobb... if sobb... she sobb... knew sobb... what sobb... has sobb... happened sobb... to sobb... you sobb... since sobb... she sobb... died waaaaaa!” She continued to cry.

This took Harry completely by surprise. He had never heard his aunt talk about his mother, let alone about her death. He walked over to his aunt and took her into a warm hug where she kept crying. “It’s ok I don’t think that she would be that upset, I think that she would be happy that I had been strong enough to live through it and not hate everyone around me or blame anyone for the destiny that fate has handed me.”

She stopped crying and stared up at him, it was Nymph that spoke. “I think that you are becoming wise beyond your years Harry, and I think you are starting to sound like someone ‘else that I know’”. She had put an emphasis on the last few words.

That is when her mother Ann spoke up. “Now Nymph there is no reason to tell Harry that he is acting like your father, he doesn’t need that kind of stress in his life yet.”

“Harry knows exactly who ‘I’ am talking about, and it isn’t dad.” Nymph said laughing.

It was then that Harry started to make out what she was trying to imply to him, but Dudley figured it out as well. But unlike Harry he is incapable of keeping his mouth shut. “You mean Hermione don’t you?” He asked.

Harry just glared at him, Ann started to giggle, Petunia looked like she had heard that name before, and Nymph turned red and said “yes” under her breath.

Harry just smacked Dudley in the back of his head. Dudley then chased Harry around the beach, both of them laughing.

The rest of the week had gone by and it was the middle of their second week there, the men were at work and the women and children were out shopping ‘again’. They had been in every shop at least three times but today was different. Today the kids were off by themselves. They were all talking and having a good time when about five guys that looked to be about 18-20 suddenly surrounded them, one in front, one on each side, and two in the back.

“Well what do we have here?” Asked one of the guys.

“Looks like a couple of little kids with their older sister.” Said another. The others just started laughing.

Dudley started cracking his knuckles, “Look, we don’t want any trouble.” Said Harry. Nymph just started looking for a way out of this situation.

“Well why don’t you two ‘little boys’ run along and play, then and you won’t get hurt.” Said the first guy.

“Yeah, there is an arcade somewhere up the road.” Said the other guy.

“Harry,” said Dudley still flexing his fist.

“Not now,” said Harry trying to think fast, ‘how are we going to get out of here without having to fight? I can’t use my wand, it’s back in my room, and I don’t think that I can chance any wandless magic, well not here in the open anyway,’ he though that is when he noticed that they were being slowly pushed into a alley. ‘This could be a good thing,’ he then noticed that Nymph had the same expression and when their eyes met they both understood. Pulling Dudley, they let themselves be ushered into the alley.

Once they were in there, Harry gave Dudley the signal, and in an instant Dudley had punched one in the gut, as he doubled over he was caught with a powerful uppercut and was out like a light. Then he rounded on another one and had him in a headlock, choking him.
At the same time Harry sprang into action and dropped one with a stiff kick to groin then he rounded on another, he lunged at him and caught him around the stomach. As they landed the other guy started to punch Harry as he was getting punched himself.

Nymph had just lowered herself into a box stance and said, “Have you ever had your butt kicked by a girl?” as she said this the last guy’s smirk left his face, he got this sick look on his face.

There was a bright blue light that filled the alley and the words “Immobulus!” Then a man that looked to be about 26 came walking out of a very shabby looking shop and said, “I would think that the five of you would have learned to stay away from my shop when you are trying to overpower someone and rape them. I told you last time that I would not allow this again.”

Harry knew who the man was immediately by his yellow eyes. But his two friends had no idea who he was but were happy that he was there, they all moved over to him and Nymph said, “Thank you, I am--”

“I know who you are Ms. Tonks.” Said the man interrupting her.

‘Thank GOD someone that doesn’t call me by my nickname,’ she thought. ‘But who is he? And how does he know who I am?’

“Now for you five, Mr. Potter what do you think we should do with them?” Asked the man.

“Well we could cut of one of their favorite body parts.” Said Dudley.

“NO, We should just erase their memories, and let them go. Or we could call the local authorities and let them take care of them.” Said Harry.

There was a twinkle in the mans yellow eyes, “I think that is a very good idea Mr. Potter.” He said.

“You must be Mr. Ben Iley? Please call me Harry.” Said Harry.

“Only if you will call me Ben, and not this Mr. Iley stuff. Don’t get me wrong it is nice to see a respectful young man, but I am only ten years older than you and I must say you have seen more of the travesties of this war than I have. So if any one here deserves respect it is you.” Said the man.

“Thank you” said Harry.

Harry, Dudley, and Nymph all followed the man into the shop as he magically pulled the other five men into the shop and properly stunned them and called the police. After about that they had an hour of waiting and then answering the questions the police had. The five men were taken into custody and the police left. After that Nymph was the first to speak.

“I would like to thank you, and I would also like to ask you how you knew who we are and how you knew we needed help?” She said.

Ben looked at her for a second then he turned to Harry, ‘You mean to tell me that Dumbledore didn’t tell her what your real purpose was for being here?’ He asked Harry in his mind.

Harry just looked at him and thought ‘How did he do that? And how do I answer him without talking and giving away everything.’ He thought.

‘Just think it and you will be talking to me and the others will not be able to hear us, it is a kind of telepathy.’ Ben answered his unasked question.

‘Well, no he said it was a secret mission that he thought I would be best suited for because of the fact that our pasts were so much the same.’ Thought Harry.

“Well Miss Tonks I am the leader of the resistance here in America. Kind of like the group that you are a member of in England,” He finally answered her question.

“Ok, Well on behalf of the Ministry I would like to thank you for your assistance.” She said, blushing a little.

“Now if you two will please excuse me I need to talk to young Harry for a minute.” He said.

“With all due respect Mr. Iley I am here to watch over Harry and make sure that nothing happens to him. Not that I think that you will do anything to him, but I would prefer to stay. If you don’t mind,” she said crossing her arms and giving him a look worthy of Mrs. Weasley.

‘Do you want to conduct your business in front of her?’ he mentally asked.

‘Well I have seen this look before from another head strong woman, and if she is trying to be the same she won’t be leaving any time soon,’ Harry answered smiling.

“What are you smiling at?” She asked Harry.

“Nothing,” Harry answered smiling even more so.

‘Well then what do we do about your cousin?’ He asked Harry.

“Stupefy,” said Nymph as she turned on Dudley and he sunk into the beanbag chair that was behind him.

“Well that answers that question,” said Harry laughing.

“What question? What are you talking about?” she said. “And it is Tonks if you please.”

“Well Tonks I am a telepathic, and I was asking Harry if he wanted to conduct his business in front of you and he said yes that he thought you weren’t about to leave and that you reminded him of a Mrs. Weasley. Then I asked him what he wanted to do about his cousin and that is when you stunned him and he said ‘I guess that answers that question’.” Said Ben.

“Oh ok,” she said blushing again. “What business does Harry have with you?”

“Well you see Dumbledore sent me here to ask Ben if he was willing to join the resistance again with what happened to his family. You see when he was five his family was killed in front of him kind of like mine was when I was young, and now that you know I must ask you to not repeat this until Dumbledore makes it known to the rest of the Order.” Said Harry.

Nymph just nodded in acknowledgment and Harry continued, “Well Ben you know why I am here and what I am here for. So I am now formally asking you if you are willing to rejoin us because Voldermort has now returned.”

“I have known this for almost a year and was wondering when the fight was going to be brought to my door again. I am ready to accept the responsibility that comes with taking the place of my father in this war. You see Harry, my father was the leader of the Order of the Eagle here in America, it is the equivalent of your Order of the Phoenix, and as his son I am the next in line to be on the front lines. I accept the appointment of Dumbledore, and I will be reorganizing the Order here. I think that you have a medallion for me?” Said Ben.

“Yes, I do. I Harry James Potter, hereby induct you, Ben Iley into the Order of the Phoenix as the leader of the Order of the Eagle here in America.” Said Harry as he pulled a Phoenix Medallion from the pocket of his battle cloak that had just appeared around his neck and placing it around Ben’s neck. As he did this, a battle cloak appeared around Ben’s neck also and as Harry turned around he also noticed the one that Nymph was wearing.

“I also have a gift for you Harry,” said Ben as he reached around to the back of the counter and pulled out what looked like an ID bracelet. There was an eagle on one side of the plate and a phoenix on the other side of the plate and in between them were the words ‘THE CHOSEN ONE.’ He then placed it around Harry wrist and it was like when he first touched his wand, the air was heavy and thick then there was a wave of green, then brown, then yellow, then red light that washed over him and he felt almost invincible. And that is when Ben looked at him and asked, “do you feel different?”

“Yes, almost invincible,” said Harry.

“Good.” said Ben. “Tonks would you do me a favor?”

“Yes, what would you like?” Said Nymph.

“Would you try and stun Harry, I assure you that nothing would happen to him even if he wasn’t wearing a Basilisk skin,” said Ben.

“Well, OK, Stupefy!” She said and the spell shot out of her wand and came to a stop right in front of Harry and just sat there as if it was waiting to be told where to go.

“Amazing,” said Ben. “Now Harry would you redirect the stunner to where ever you would like, all you will need to do is look at is and tell it where to go.”

Harry just looked at the spell hovering there in front of him and then at Nymph and said, “Sorry Nymph. Return to sender.” The spell then turned and shot back to where it had come from and Tonk’s gust looked surprised and then crumpled to the floor. Harry then walked over to her with a look of confusion he looked a Ben.

Ben then said “Look at her and say the counter spell. Trust me.”

Harry looked at her and said, “Enervate.” And she started to come to and just looked from Harry to Ben and back Harry helped her up and asked, “How did I do that?”

“You showed the signs of being able to do wandless magic before now?” He asked.

“Yes, but how did I control the spell?” Asked Harry.

“Well, Harry that bracelet is very old. It was made by Merlin just before he died. He instilled in it the ability to amplify the wearer’s magical ability to a level that would take a lifetime to achieve otherwise. You posses the ability to control all magic around you. I am sure that you will need this when the time comes to fight the last battle. I have also done research on this item and can tell you that when you find your soul mate that it will amplify her powers also, and from what I can tell about you from your aura you have already found that person but you have yet to discover exactly who it is. You are torn between two.” Said Ben.

“Yes can you tell me which one it is?” Harry asked interrupting him.

“No, Harry that is something that you must find out for yourself, all I can tell you is that you have saved her in more ways than you can ever know. Not just from physical attacks, but also from sinking into a depression that would have killed her and she will never leave your side even if you do not choose her, she would not leave you even if you told her to. She is that loyal to you, and Harry that type of loyalty is not something that you find very often. But you seem to have surrounded yourself with friends that have that loyalty. Your friend will be the power that helps you defeat Voldermort. That is all that I can tell you, now.” Said Ben.

Harry then pulled up the sleeve on his right arm and touched the spot where Dumbledore had put the tattoo and said “Accomplished, Enervate Tattoois.” And a small ink Phoenix appeared and then took flight from his arm circled the room and looked Ben and Harry directly in the eyes and there was a small burst of flames ‘poof’ it was gone.

“What the Hell was that?” asked Nymph.

“That was how I was to tell Dumbledore that my mission was completed, he told me that if he had given me one of the medallions that everyone in the Order would know that I was a part of it and he had made some promises that he wouldn’t induct me as a full member yet so he gave me that mark.” Said Harry.

“Oh, ok well I think that we might want to revive your cousin and get back to our parents,” said Nymph.

“Yes Harry, I have a lot of work to do myself. I would like to ask you to tell Albus that I thank him for the opportunity to finish what my parents started,” said Ben. “And Harry, when this war is all over, if we both make it through this alive I would like to get together and talk about our pasts.”

“I would like that.” Said Harry.

Harry looked at Dudley and said, “Obliviate, Enervate.”

Dudley just looked around and said, “This chair is comfortable, how much?”

“For you, ten dollars.” said Ben like nothing had happened.

Dudley paid him and they all left and went to find their parents.

They were finally home, they had spent a total of a month and a half in Florida, it was nice but there was nothing like being home. They left the airport and said their goodbyes to the Tonks family. Harry had given Nymph a hug and told her that her nickname would not become public knowledge, not by him anyway. They had finally arrived at Number Four, Privet Drive. They went inside and found Professor Dumbledore sitting on the couch.

“Ah Harry, I wasn’t expecting you for about another ten minutes,” he said.

“Traffic wasn’t as bad as we expected,” said uncle Vernon.

“Well then, all went well?” asked Dumbledore.

“Yes,” said Harry with a grin.

“Good, go and pack your school stuff. The Weasleys would like you to spend the rest of the summer holiday with them if that is ok with your aunt and uncle?” said Dumbledore.

Harry looked at his aunt “Yes that will be fine. You will be coming back after school next summer?” asked his aunt.

Harry looked at Dumbledore, “Yes I think that would be a good idea.” he said.

Harry ran upstairs followed by Dudley and went to his room and started to pack “Looking forward to seeing ‘HER’ again?” asked Dudley.

Harry stopped packing and looked at his cousin and said, “If you must know, yes I am. But I don’t know which one I am more excited to see.”

Dudley just started to laugh and said, “Well if the way that Tonks girl acted said anything, I’d say you already know which one you are going to be going after.”

Harry didn’t say anything, he didn’t have to his bright red face said everything for him, ‘yes I do know which one I am more excited to see’ he thought.

He finished packing and Dudley helped him carry his trunk downstairs, he then turned and shook his uncles hand and hugged his aunt and cousin and told them bye and turned to his professor. “How are we getting there?” he asked.

“Apparation,” said Dumbledore.

“But I am not old enough to Apparate yet!” Harry said.

“I have already cleared it with the new Minister.” Dumbledore said with a smile.

Harry just nodded. There was a small ‘pop’ and they were gone instantly, they were at the Headmasters Office at Hogwarts.

“Everything was a success I suppose,” said Dumbledore.

“Yes, didn’t you get the mark?” asked Harry.

“Yes I received the mark. I just wanted to hear it from you personally,” said Dumbledore. “I also wanted to give you this,” he handed Harry a phoenix medallion Harry turned it over and looked at the inscription on the back it had three names on it ‘James Potter, Lilly Potter, and Harry Potter’.

“I don’t understand professor, I thought that you weren’t going to induct me into the Order yet because of promises that you had made?” asked Harry.

“Well Harry, in the time that it took you and your family to get back to Privet Drive I had a meeting with the older of the people that I had made the promise to and Miss Tonks, she gave her report of what had happened while you were in Florida. Then I asked her about the mission that I had sent you on and she told all of us about it and I then made the decision to induct you into the Order as a non active member until you get out of school. I must say that the yells of those opposed will be ringing in my ears until school starts,” he said with a smile as he was twisting a finger in one of his ears, “but after hearing how you did on your first mission they were silenced some, and agreed to allow you to sit in on all of the meetings, and let you be a non active member.”

“Thanks,” said Harry as he put on the medallion and he felt the cloak and boots forming around him then his clothes transfigured into a pair of fighting fatigues with a name patch on the left breast that read POTTER.

“We will leave your school stuff here. You will need some clothes for the rest of the summer,” said Dumbledore.

“Got them,” said Harry.

“It is time to go to the Burrow then,” said Dumbledore and he placed a hand on Harry’s shoulder and with a ‘pop’ they were at the Burrow.

Harry thought it was odd that it was the middle of the day and there was no one around. Then he herd an ear splitting, “SURPRISE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY!” It seemed that everyone that he knew was there. All of the Order was there. There was Diggle, Doge, Mrs. Figg, Dung, Hagrid, Madame Maxime (her and Hagrid were holding hands), Moody, Podmore, Kingsley, Jones, Tonks (she now looked like herself complete with her bubble-gum pink hair), Remus (he was holding Tonks’s hand), and Vance. There were all of his school mates Katie Bell (was holding Fred’s hand), Hanna Abbott, Susan Bones, Cho Chang, the Patil twins, Alicia Spinnet (was holding George’s hand), Angelina Johnson (was holding Lee’s hand), Luna Lovegood, Hermione, all of the boys from Gryffindor in Harry’s year the Creevey brothers, Dean, Seamus, Neville, Lee Jordan, and the entire Weasley family Arthur, Molly, Bill, Charley, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny (was holding Neville’s hand). Molly moved over to him and pulled him into a bone-crushing hug and said “Happy Birthday dear.”

Harry lost track of who was telling him Happy Birthday and either shaking his hand, or hugging him. He did notice that the only girl that didn’t kiss him on the cheek was Hermione and thought ‘I need to ask her why later.’ He was ushered outside to the back yard where there were all sorts of decorations and a magical banner that read ‘Happy Birthday to the savior of Hogwarts’ he felt himself getting red and start to get depressed as he remembered how he had ‘saved’ the school but it seems that only two people noticed this and instantly started to try to take his mind off of the events that had transpired.

“Harry come and open your presents,” said Ginny as she took one of his arms.

At the same time “Harry come and look at the cake that me and Ginny made for you,” said Hermione as she took his other arm and both girls pulled him in a different direction.

“Ha ha ha ha, Ok one at a time. First I am getting hungry so lets have some of that cake, then we can do the presents. OK?” said Harry as he pulled his arms back from the girls then he snaked one arm around each girl’s waist and pulled both of them close.

‘OH MY GOD Harry is holding me,’ thought Ginny as she let her hand rest on his shoulder.

“OH MY GOD Harry is finally holding me,’ thought Hermione as she let her head rest on his shoulder and let out a small “sigh”.

They walked over to the three-tier cake that read ‘Happy’ on the topmost tier, ‘BIRTHDAY’ on the middle tier, ‘Harry’ on the bottom. Molly was standing to the side of the table lighting the last of the candles that were sparking like sparklers, she was wearing a mischievous grin and said, “Make a wish and blow out the candles.”

Harry let go of the girls that he was holding, thought for a second, took a deep breath, and blew out all of the candles. As he did there was an earth shattering “BANG”. Harry, Ginny, and Hermione were all wearing the cake that had been in front of them. The laughter coming from the twins was unmistakable, they walked up and wiped some of the cake off of Harry’s face and said in unison, “Exploding Candles, the latest invention of Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes. And this was there first public demonstration.”

Even Molly was laughing as she magicked the mess up and made the real cake appear. Harry, shocked as he was, just laughed it off and blew out the real candles. Molly then started cutting the cake and dishing out the ice cream and passing it out to everyone. They all talked, laughed, and ate. Then Harry was led over to the table with the gifts on it. He put all of the ones from Hermione, Remus, Tonks, Dumbledore, Moody, Hagrid, and Ron over in one pile to be opened last. Then he started on the other pile. He got a Mimbulus Mimbletonia from Neville, a small model Norwegian Ridgeback from Charlie, a goblin made personalized bank book from Bill, a book on Ministry jobs and how to obtain them from Percy, an assortment of trick sweets from Fred, Alicia, George, Katie, Lee, and Angelina. He got some pictures from previous years from Dennis and Colin, a West Ham Football Club poster from Dean, a book on how to figure out girls (it was a very thick book but the only writing inside it said “GOOD LUCK”) from Seamus, a subscription to The Quibbler from Luna, a pair of fighting swords from Diggle, Jones, Doge, Vance, Podmore, and Kingsley. He got a new caldron from Dung (‘it is probably stolen, but it is the thought that counts’ he thought), a pound of fudge from Molly and Arthur, a picture of the two of them at the Yule Ball from Parvati, some cologne from Padma, a new dress shirt from Hanna, a new pair of dress trousers that matched the dress shirt from Susan, a suit jacket that went with the other new clothes from Cho. He then turned to the other pile of gifts and opened the first one. It was a Pensieve from Dumbledore, an assortment of Honeyduke’s sweets from Ron and Ginny, a seven level trunk from Moody, a book on the ‘dangers’ of cross breeding for fun and profit from Hagrid and Madame Maxime, a book on ‘Extremely Advanced Defensive Spells and Hexes’ from Remus, a seashell necklace from Tonks, and a refill for his broom servicing kit, and a scrapbook of their adventures from Hermione.

“WOW everyone did way to much, said Harry. “Thank you all for everything.”

There was a murmur of “your welcome” from everyone. Then someone turned on a Muggle radio and everyone started talking and laughing with each other. Tonks pulled Harry to the side and told him “the shells on that necklace will get hot when you are in danger and cool when you well... well you will figure out that part.” she finished with a wink and he put on the necklace.

Everyone was having a good time, and after a few hours the adults started to thin out. All of them having to get up to go to work the next day. It was now about ten at night. Mr. And Mrs. Weasley were leaving the party as well, saying that she was tired and he needed to get to bed for work in the morning. Once they left Seamus spoke up and asked, “Has any one here ever heard of seven minutes in heaven?” Of coarse the only one that had heard of it was Hermione but she wasn’t speaking up.

“Well then I’ll explain, a boy sits in a circle of girls and spins a bottle, and who ever it lands on he has to take in a closet and spend seven minutes with doing anything but talking.” he said. “Of coarse couples will be excluded if they wish.”

Everyone looked around and realized that the only couples left were Ron and Luna, Ginny and Neville. Ron and Neville leaned over and whispered something in their girlfriend’s ears and they all spoke up and said, “We’re out.”

“OK, Well then if all of the girls will get into a circle,” he said as all the girls got into a circle laving one empty spot for a boy, “I think that the Birthday boy should go first.” as he said this all of the girls except Hermione started to look excited but she started to get worried. Harry on the other hand was stunned. He couldn’t move and as Ron and Neville picked him up by the arms and started to take him over to the circle he leaned over to Ron’s ear.

“I don’t know about this,” he whispered.

“You will be fine,” Ron whispered back as he set his best friend down in the circle.

Seamus handed Harry a bottle and winked at him and said, “Good luck Birthday Boy.”

As Harry started to spin the bottle he wondered who it would stop on. He had no more than thought that then it stopped right on her and he thought ‘OH GOD NO, NOT HER, ANYBODY BUT HER’ as he got up to head to the garage that they were using as a closet he could hear the howls and cat calls from his friends and the jeers from the other girls.

A/N Thanks for reading, I will be posting the next chapter as soon as I get it back, in the mean time see if you can guess
who the girl is. I would also like to give the credit for the game "seven minuets in heaven" to Glassesfreak206. ~LATER~

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