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This was my first story I wrote please tell me what you think, and tell me any suggestions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As Hermione stepped off the plane she looked around and her breathe just stopped. The view was breathtaking, It was sunset here, the sun was going down over the beach and the sky was alight with so many colors she couldn’t count them all. During the plane ride she had been worried about this trip, but now she wouldn’t trade it for anything. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ron was in the luggage area of the airport, when he saw her. Ron was in shock and was completely frozen. He watched as she watched the sun go down. She was still beautiful, nothing had changed. He wondered if she was married now and if she even remembered him. He decided it would be best to leave her be, she didn’t want him then why would she want him now? As he turned and walked toward the luggage he wished that they could all go back but he knew it would never happen. ~~~~~~~~ 2 days later~~~~~~~~ Hermione left her hotel room and started down towards the pull when she realized she forgot to call Ginny, and tell her that she got in all right. As she was rushing back to her room she slammed into someone very hard. The impact through her to the floor, as she went to get up off the floor, a strong hand pulled her up and started to walk away. She looked up after the person that she just ran into and saw that there was no one around, confused and in a hurry she ran back to her room. After leaving a message for Ginny, Hermione went back down to the pool in hopes she might find out who she ran into. After spreading out her towel and laying down she continued to look for people that might have been in the hallway. She looked around, there weren’t very many people here and she was getting the feeling that she was being watched. She started to go through spells in her head then stopped. “What am I thinking? I must still be paranoid, even though Voldemort is gone and I have nothing to fear.” She was talking to herself, because she thought nobody could overhear her. “Don’t worry we all have those thoughts even though he is gone.” Hermione looked over her shoulder and looked at the person behind her. “RON!!!” she screamed, “ What are you doing here?” She was shocked and speechless. “ The same reason as you, I needed a break, I coach a minor league Quidditch team. It can get a little crazy, “I know Ginny told me all about it, It is so good to see you. How long are you staying? We need to catch up. Oh Ron, seeing you makes me so happy.” She wasn’t lying either, seeing Ron made her forget all about the person she ran into. “Speaking of Ginny, you forgot to call her, lucky for you I told her I saw you and you looked jetlagged and probably just spaced it.” He wasn’t lying, he did see her, but Hermione wasn’t going to know, it’d probably upset her if she knew. “Oh did you, thanks, I just got swept away by the scenery isn’t it beautiful?” Looking around, it was beach the whole way. Out in the distance you could see dolphins jumping across the water. The water itself was beautiful, brilliant shades of blue and green mixed together that made a look of glass surrounding the island. “Yea its great, listen Hermione I would love to stay and chat but I have some things to do and I don’t want to ruin your vacation.” Actually he needed to call and see if Harry got back all right he needed his advice. “But I haven’t seen you for ages, who knows if I will ever see you again.” She was about to cry, she really wanted him to stay. “How about we get together for dinner tonight at the hotel restaurant, around eight okay for you?” He dreaded what might happen tonight if he opened his big mouth. “Okay, I will see you tonight then?” “Yes, goodbye Hermione.” “Bye, Have fun doing whatever you have to do.” Hermione got up and left to go back to her hotel room, leaving Ron to gather his thoughts and find the nearest phone. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Later that day~~~~~~~~~~~ Ron found a phone in the lobby and dialed Harry’s phone number. It rang a few times before a very tired sounding Harry picked up. “Hello?” Ron could feel his tiredness even though they were thousands of miles apart. “Hey Mate how’d your mission go? Did you get the last of the Death Eaters?” “Yea I did Ron, I don’t mean to sound like an ass, but is their any reason you called? I about dead.” “Don’t worry your not an ass, just a tired booger. Actually yea there is a reason, You know the vacation I was going on?” “Yea aren’t you on it right now?” “Yea I am, well you’ll never guess who I ran into.” “Hermione.” “How did you know?” “You aren’t the only person who writes me, plus Ginny also knows so she told me.” “Yea I should have figured that one out since you guys are married, why didn’t anyone tell me? Or Hermione?” “Well actually me and Ginny plan this. Remember I am the one who told you to go there and that this was the best time. Don’t be mad mate we just want you guys to be happy, I mean you both still love each other.” “ I am not mad, but what are you talk she doesn’t love me have you lost you mind?” Ron was convinced that Harry had lost his marbles and needed to go to St. Mungos. “No, Ron you don’t understand, When you told her how you felt, she lied to you because she thought that it wouldn’t work and that you just wanted to make her feel better. But Ron I know that you were telling the truth now you have to prove it to her. Ron I know you must think I’m crazy but who knows you two better than I do.” “You know us best Harry, I know that, but it doesn’t seem real. I thought she loved Victor. Didn’t she go and visit him last year?” “Yea she did, but that was for HIS wedding not his and Hermione’s wedding. Ron don’t be blind and stupid. Don’t let her get away again. Oh and good luck with your Quidditch team, they seem to be revolting against poor Seamus, seems they didn’t like you leaving him in charge.” “That will be the least of my problems, anyways thanks Harry I will see you when I get back.” “When you come back with Hermione I’ll see you, good luck and goodbye for now.” “Yea right, Bye Harry” Then they hung up and Ron went to get ready for his dinner with Hermione. ~~~~~~~~Dinner~~~~~~~~~ Hermione stood waiting for Ron to show up, she was worried what might happen, she resolved to herself that she would tell him her feelings. She had talked to Ginny a little before and Ginny had told her all about the setup with Ron and herself. Hermione could not bring herself to be mad at her friends though, because Harry and Ginny had her and Ron’s best intentions at heart. She saw Ron come around the corner and her heart stopped at the sight of him, he was as she remembered, tall and strong. She now longed for his arms around her and the fell of him against her. She pushed these thoughts aside and braced herself for a confrontation of the heart, but it never came. As soon as Ron came up to her he started talking. “Hermione, I love you and always will. I don’t want to lose you and I pray you feel the same, because I don’t think I could live without you.” Ron waited for her answer and he didn’t breathe until he got it. “Oh Ron,” Hermione flung her arms around his neck and pulled him close, “ love you too and I can’t live any longer without you by my side.” Ron was so happy he was in shock, but he kissed her gently on the lips and then started dreaming about the rest of their life together.

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