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“Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake…” “Up, I know. Stupid alarm clock.” Hermione sat up and swung her feet over the side of her bed. She let out a content sigh as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She had had a good dream last night. In her dream, she was dancing the night away with a masked man. He had held her close, and she loved the feeling of being in his arms. She felt warm, safe, and excited. When they moved they moved together as one, not making a single mistake. She sighed again at the thought of the dream. “I wonder if I will ever find a man like that.” She wondered. Showering and dressing quickly, she shoved her dance clothes and shoes into a small duffle bag and hurried off to the Great Hall for breakfast. She had been late for breakfast and only had time for a piece of toast but she didn’t mind. She wasn’t much of a morning person. Turning the corridor a little too quickly, she collided with someone sending her dance bag flying open and spilling its contents into the hall. “Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t see you there. Are you o…Malfoy?” she stammered. “Watch where your going Granger, you could have messed up my hair.” Draco snapped. “Oh yes, that would have been terrible wouldn’t it? Now would you kindly hand over my shoe, its right by you.” She asked, still on the floor picking up her things. “You dance Granger?” he said quizzically as he examined the jazz shoe. “Yes I do. Where you planning on giving that back or did you want to keep it as a souvenir?” He scowled, tossing the shoe at her before walking away. Hermione shrugged off their little encounter and went to class. All the students seemed restless and fidgety during the other classes. They were all anxiously waiting for Rebecca’s dance lesson. It was the last class of the day. Dumbledore had added a new classroom on the first floor, facing the quidditch pitch, and it was the classroom with the most windows, letting the summer sun dance on the high walls. One of the walls was covered in floor to ceiling mirrors, and another had cubbies for everyone to put their things. When Hermione arrived in the dance studio, there were already a few students looking around in awe. The studio didn’t surprise Hermione at all. The class she took in the summer was at a place that looked very similar to this. Dropping her things in a cubby she took a seat on the floor and waited for everyone else to show up. Harry and Ron were the last to arrive. They spotted Hermione and went to sit by her. “Hi ‘Mione.” They both said. “Hello Harry, Ron.” She greeted them. The class stopped talking as soon as they noticed Rebecca enter. “Hello class, I’m Rebecca as most of you know. Today we will simply be dividing into partners and learning the basic tango steps. Now, tango is one of the hardest dances to learn because it requires a certain closeness, or connection between the people dancing that some people find uncomfortable. That is why it is so important to trust your partner, and be comfortable with them. I have chosen the tango to be the first dance for you to learn because of this, and if you and your partner can get through this, then any dance that we learn in the future will be easy. Now, do any of you have any dancing experience?” Rebecca asked the class. A little less than half the class raised their hands. Much to everyone’s surprise, Draco and Hermione were two of them. “Oh wonderful, now of the people with their hands raised, do any of you know the tango?” she asked. Most of the hands dropped. Only Hermione, Draco, and Hannah Abbot’s hands were still up. “Fantastic! Could I have my Head Boy and Girl up here please?” “Oh crap.” Hermione thought to herself. “Please don’t make me dance with Malfoy, please don’t make me dance with Malfoy, please…” she begged silently. Slowly she got up and went over to Rebecca. She looked over at Draco and waited for him to make a nasty comment about having to dance with a muggle born, but he didn’t. In fact, Hermione couldn’t read his face at all. “I do hope that you two can dance without music as I will need to be instructing the class as you move.” Rebecca said. Hermione and Draco nodded. Hermione found herself very nervous. The only other dance partner she had ever had was a muggle named Jason that she had known since she was four. “It’s okay Hermione. Just breathe. Pretend its Jason, not Draco. Come on, you can do this.” Hermione thought to herself. “Ok now Draco, Hermione, please get into starting position.” They stepped closer together and Hermione gently put a shaky hand on Draco’s shoulder, and took his free hand in hers. His arm snaked around her small waist, pulling her closer to him. This caused Hermione to take a sharp breath. Draco noticed. “Scared Granger? I wont bite you know.” He whispered in her ear. “Well, probably not.” He added with a smirk. “I’m not afraid of you.” She replied in a firm voice looking him directly in the eye. They had never been this close before. To a bystander, it would look like the two were having an intimate moment, but no. Rebecca’s voice boomed again. “Toes and elbows touching. This is a very close dance, you must be for it to be done properly. Draco, Hermione, on my count please.” They turned their heads away from one another giving each other a clear view of the dance floor. “One…” Draco pressed lightly on the small of Hermione’s back making her instinctively take a step backwards. “Two…” Another press and another step back for Hermione. “Three…” They brought their hands up above their heads and made eye contact. Draco’s icy blue ones stared into Hermione’s honey brown ones, and something sparked. “Ok this is defiantly not Jason.” She thought. “Four…” They shifted their feet and took a step in the opposite direction, turning away from each other again. “Five…” Bringing their hands down, Draco wrapped his arm around Hermione’s waist again, while the other held her hand out to the left. “Six…” Draco lifted the hand that held Hermione’s up quickly. Sensing she was about to be spun, Hermione went up on one leg. Draco spun her around quickly and with force, bringing her back to him. She gripped his shoulder tightly and waited for Rebecca’s count to lead her into her backwards pause. “Seven…” Her leg hooked around Draco and he pulled her close until she was almost certain that there was not a part of them that was not touching. The heat between their bodies was electric. “Eight…” Pushing away from Draco and allowing her body to fall backwards, Hermione prayed that Draco would catch her. He did. His arm grabbed her waist about five inches before she hit the ground.

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