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Asset to Voldemort

Christine Faye & William Neveau

Died December 21 at 2 AM. Both were believed to be Death Eaters that were killed by You-Know-Who. Bodies were found inside of their London home, killed by the avada kedavra curse. They are survived by their daughter, Taryn Faye and her aunt Carol Faye. No funeral services have been arranged.

The rest of the notice was unimportant to Draco. He had some of the pieces to the puzzle that was Taryn Faye. Taryn’s parents were Death Eaters. That may explain why she was in Slytherin. But she didn’t want to be, she had wanted to be in Gryffindor the “good” side. Perhaps she wanted redemption for her parents’ deeds. That still did not explain why Voldemort wanted her. Getting all of the information he could from the obituary Draco moved on to the other article.

Child Sees Woman’s Death
New York City, NY

Tuesday night, Alice Jenoes left her job at Mike’s dinner early to make a flight for Tampa Bay, FL. Upon leaving the dinner she was told not to board the plane. A little girl no other than five, who’s name cannot be divulged, told her that if she got on the plane she would die. The little girl said the plane would crash, and Jenoes would not make it out alive. Jenoes, disturbed by the child’s warning, missed her plane. That night her plane crashed over Georgia. In an interview with reporters, Jenoes said, “If it hadn’t been for that little girl I wouldn’t be here right now.” Jenoes’s fiancé agrees. “We don’t know who that little girl is, but we want to thank her.” Other sources confirm that this is not the first of these occurrences. This little girl seems to have tried to save several lives. If she is a seer or not remains to be seen. For now though muggles in New York City seem to be glad to have their own guardian angel.

Draco frowned. He wasn’t sure if this article was about Taryn or not. He had asked the Daily Prophet for any articles concerning the name Faye and anything unusual with young witches in New York City. The article came out when Taryn was five, and she was definitely living in New York. If this little girl was indeed Taryn then she was a very valuable asset to Voldemort. Who wouldn’t want a girl that could see the future?

* * * * * *

Hmm quiet. Quiet?! Taryn bolted out of bed, confused by the darkness around her until she realized the drawings were still closed. Pulling them apart she was momentarily blinded by the sunlight. This much sunlight could only mean one thing: She was late. Panicking sufficiently she hurriedly pulled on her robes and grabbed her books. Not bothering with make-up she just pulled her hair up in a loose bun and ran out of the dorm room. Those stupid girls could have woken me up! Now she was late for her first Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Taking the stairs two at a time, Taryn finally reached the classroom, disheveled and definitely late. Taking a deep breath and salvaging her dignity she opened the door and walked in. All heads turned to look at her, as did the professor’s.

“Hello, you must be Taryn Faye. I am Professor Meadows.” She was short and petit with cropped blonde hair. Her smile made her seem way too perky for the morning hours.

“I’m sorry I’m late Professor, I over slept and no one woke me up.” Taryn explained glaring at Pansy, who had a very satisfied look on her face.

“Make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Now if you would please take a seat, I think there is an empty one next to Draco.” She smiled again and ushered Taryn to be seated. Reluctantly she took the seat next him, sitting as far away from him as possible.

“Now class, back to what we were talking about. I would like all of you write out what you have learned before this class, what is common knowledge and what you would like to learn in this class. I want this to be turned in at the end of the class, so that I may write the curriculum accordingly."

“You look different.” Draco said quietly to Taryn, so Professor meadows could not hear.

“Thanks.” Taryn said bitterly, as she pulled out a fresh scroll and a quill to write with.

“Have a bad morning?” Draco said, trying to repress his smirk.

“Yes, I did. Your stupid fan club didn’t wake me up when I over slept.”

“My fan club?”

“Yes, the group of girls in our year who don’t have enough brain cells to realize what a jerk you are.”

“Must have been a really bad morning.” Draco said not rising to her criticism.

“Why do you have to do that?” Taryn whispered fiercely.

“Do what?”

“Whenever Harry or Ron even tries to insult you, you blow up in their face. When I do, you just ignore it. What if I want you to get mad at me to? Just because I’m in your stupid house doesn’t mean that you have to be civil to me!” She said this last part a little more loudly than she intended to and received a warning look from Professor Meadows.

“Yes, well Potty and Weasel are much more fun to infuriate. You, are just not the same.” Draco then turned back to his paper and began to write.

“That’s it? They’re more fun? You’re such a guy.” Taryn couldn’t think of anything less lame. Glancing over, it seemed as if he had completely ignored her. He’d have dimples if he smiled. Stop it! He’s evil! Actually Taryn had no idea if he was evil or not. Hermione seemed to think so though. She had told Taryn all about Draco’s father being a death eater, which made Draco almost certain to become one. Taryn couldn’t risk him being evil. She was good. At least that’s what she told herself. I will not be like my mother.

“Like what you see?” Draco said without looking up. Taryn jumped, she hadn’t realized she was staring. She opened her mouth several times, but nothing came out. Instead of replying she sunk down lower in her seat and continued to write while a blush spread across her cheeks. No, I’m not going to let him get to me. The next sixty minutes went by excruciatingly slow. Taryn couldn’t care less about what they were going to learn this year, and she couldn’t seem to remember half of the things she had learned already. In the end she only wrote about ¾ of a foot, while everyone else’s’ were much longer. After handing it in to Professor Meadows, Taryn hurried out of the room. Not looking where she was going, she ran into someone a very solid someone.

“Oh, hello Harry. Sorry about running into you like that.” Taryn apologized profusely.

“It’s fine. Um Taryn I was wondering if you were going to Hogsmeade this weekend.”

“Oh there’s a trip this weekend. I didn’t even know. Well, I suppose I’ll go then. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I was wondering if maybe you’d want to go with me.”

“Well, sure. Are Hermione and Ron going to? Because Ron was telling me about this shop I think it was Zinko’s or Zoiko’s. Maybe it was Zoko’s.”


“Oh yea. That was it.”

“Actually I was thinking that just you and I could go, together.”

“Do you mean like a date?” Taryn was beginning to feel very uncomfortable.

“Well, yea.”

“Oh. Harry I think that you’re a great guy and all, and I really like you. But, I don't think it’s a good idea. I’m sorry. I’ve got to get to class.” Taryn turned and hurried the other way. She didn’t want to see Harry’s crestfallen expression, or the way his eyes followed her down the hall. She felt a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach that was telling her she should have said yes. Harry was a nice guy, and he was definitely on the good side. It wouldn’t work though. It would be too easy for her to be his downfall. He needed someone that wasn’t venerable, someone that could control their powers. He didn’t need her.

* * * * * *

“Hey, mate. What’s wrong?” Ron asked as Harry came in, looking like someone had died.

“She said no.” Harry said with no trace of emotion.

“She what? Oh, you asked Taryn out didn’t you? Well mate, what did you expect? She’s a Slytherin, bloody evil all of them.”

“She’s not evil Ron. I just feel like she’s hiding something from me. There’s something there that she’s not telling anyone about.”

* * * * * *

The day of the Hogsmeade trip found Taryn alone in the astronomy tower. She didn’t want to go with Hermione because that meant she would have to see Harry. At breakfast he had hardly looked at her, and only answered her questions with nods and shrugs. So she had declined Hermione’s offer and now was sitting in the astronomy tower, looking down on the grounds.

“Don’t get too close you may fall out.”

“I won’t.” Taryn replied not needing to look up to see who it was. She could recognize the sarcasm as the one and only Draco Malfoy.

“Are you sure about that?”

“No.” Taryn still hadn’t turned to look at him. Draco was frustrated, he had to make her trust him but she wouldn’t even look at him. Walking over to her, he leaned on the wall a few feet from her.

“Why aren’t you at Hogsmeade?” Draco couldn’t see her expression; her hair had fallen in front of her face.

“I didn’t feel like it.” She spoke in a hollow voice.

“You wanted to stay in this stuffy old castle all day?”

“Why aren’t you there then?” She asked, challenging him.

“There’s no one there for me to be there with.”

“Your fan club didn’t want to come?” Taryn didn’t say this as a joke, her voice sounded bitter.

“My fan club? What about your little posse of Dumbledore’s angels?”

“They’re there.”

“Then why are you here?”

“Do you have to ask so many questions?” Taryn spoke sharply and raised her head. Draco was surprised to see tearstains on her cheeks.

“Taryn, what’s wrong?”

“You wouldn’t care.”

“You seem to think that I don’t care about a lot of things. Why don’t you try me before you judge?”

“You’ll just laugh and go make fun of him, like you always do!”

“Make fun of who?”


“What did Potter do?” Draco was thoroughly confused now. This girl was talking in circles and making no sense.

“He asked me out.” Taryn mumbled.

“I see, and you’re up here because you said no?” Draco said piecing it together. “Well he really doesn’t deserve you.”

“See! There you go! You just did it, you made fun of him!”

“Taryn! What’s going on? No one is ever this bloody upset after they say no to someone!”

“I don’t want to hurt any more people.” Taryn whispered as the tears started to silently roll down her face. Draco came up beside her and pulled her into a loose hug. She didn’t resist. She leaned her head into his chest and he could feel her tears soaking through his shirt. He grimaced, this is what I do for trust? As her sobs quieted Taryn became aware of where she was. She was in the arms of the enemy. She was being comforted by someone who caused pain. Pulling out of his embrace she fled the astronomy tower, hastily wiping her tears away. She did not look back as she ran from the one person who made her question her decision. Draco stood alone, watching her fleeting figure.

Damn, I was so close. I have to gain her trust quickly. The Dark Lord will not wait forever.

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