If only words could explain.... Draco wondered around his kitchen trying to find something for himself to eat. He had just gotten home from taking Katy to a sleep over and he hadn’t eaten all day. He opened the cabinets and saw food of all different kinds but nothing the appealed to him. He opened the cabinet next the that one and saw boxes of cereal. That wasn’t his favorite but he grabbed the box and brought it with him to the living room. He took a seat in his favorite chair and opened the box. He took a few pieces in his hand and put them in his mouth. He was overwhelmed with a strong sugary taste. He couldn’t believe he bought these for Katy, no wonder she was hyper all the time. But regardless he kept snacking on the frosted cereal. It had been a while since he had anything with sugar, or chocolate, or anything remotely good. He felt like being an adult meant acting like and adult all the time, that included eating adult food. Maybe it was just that he didn’t notice before, but it seemed to him like every channel was playing a Romance movie. He turned the channels and saw countless couples kissing or talking, holding hands. Every channel he turned to had something on it that reminded him of Ginny. They way the people laughed or smiled or the way their eyes sparkled. Or just the way the music set the mood. Everything just reminded him of her. He couldn’t remember himself being so…enfatuated with someone. He had always had a steady flow of girlfriends someone was always there to keep him from loneliness. He liked having someone there even if they were incapable of intellectual conversation. He didn’t care back then. But Ginny was the first woman he could be himself around, he didn’t feel like he had to put on a show for her, he didn’t have to be rich, elegant, sophisticated, Draco Malfoy. He could just be himself, for the first time in his life he felt like he knew her, and she knew him, the real him. Not the public image that he was expected to uphold. No, with her he wasn’t pureblood, he wasn’t from one of the oldest wizarding families, he was only Draco. He sat deeper into his couch and left the channel on a movie. It was something he wouldn’t normally do, but he couldn’t make himself turn the channel. The woman and the man were speaking so lovingly to each other. He got lost in the romance of the story as he at the cereal. The man had just come for the woman in the pouring rain and he was about to confess his love for her when Draco heard the phone ring. He jumped out of his seat and some cereal flew onto the floor, his heart racing, and picked up the phone. “Hello?” He asked trying to be calm and putting the movie on mute. “Hey Draco, its Ginny.” Came a sweet voice from the other end. He let out a breath. “Hey Gin.” He said smiling and looking over to the TV to make sure it was still muted. “What are you up to tonight?” She asked. “Oh er…watching some TV…you know sports and things. Katy is at a sleep over.” He said trying to act convincing. “Ah, sounds like a great time.” She said laughing softly. “Mum, I want my candy bar…PLEASE!” Came a second voice from the line that Draco recognized as Nathan’s. “You all ready had one candy tonight, that’s enough.” She said to Nathan. “Sorry Draco.” She said laughing. “But MUM, I want it now.” Nathan began to whine. “Nathan!” Ginny scolded. “Mommy is on the phone and you are being very rude. No more candy tonight and that’s it.” She said to him in a final tone. Draco could hear him stomping off over the phone. “Sorry…again.” She said sighing. “Don’t worry about it.” He said smiling. “Today was a busy day so he’s a bit tired I think.” She said. “Oh really?” “Yeah. He had to go shopping with me and Hermione, so candy was the only way to bride him to be good. Back fired a bit.” She said laughing. He laughed and than paused for a moment. “Gin?” He asked. “Yeah?” “Are you free tomorrow night? I was just thinking that we could go for some dinner or something, if you wanted.” He asked, he knew he had to see her soon. It had only been a day and he was already feeling withdrawal from her. He knew this was something he never felt before, he just didn’t know what it was. “Yeah. Well I have to find someone to stay with Nathan but other than that it sounds wonderful.” She said happily. He couldn’t see her but he knew she was smiling. “Well I have a sitter for Katy, if you want to bring her over here before.” He offered. “Are you sure the sitter won’t mind?” She asked. “No…not at all.” He said knowing that Mrs. Early loved anything to do with kids. “Great. I’m looking forward to it.” She said happily. “Me too.” He said smiling, wishing that the night would pass faster. The next afternoon Ginny was wondering around her house with Nathan. They were in the middle of an intense game of hide the crayons. Ginny was trying to find a hiding spot for her crayon. She picked the spot behind the flowerpot, she knew he could find it there easily but that was what they were playing for. “Ready Mom?” Nathan asked from somewhere down the hall “Yep!” Ginny answered and they both walked back to the Kitchen. “Ready?” Ginny asked. Nathan nodded and they went searching for the crayons. Ginny wondered slowly around the living room looking behind the cushions, in the flower pots until she heard him yell “Got it mum!” She walked over to him and saw him smiling wide. “I win, I win!” He said giggling and she picked him up. “You win.” She said kissing his cheek and sitting him down. “Good game.” She said sitting on the couch and patting a place next to her. He walked over slowly and hopped onto the couch. “That was fun mommy!” He said laughing still. She laughed with him for a while. “Want to know where you’re going tonight?” She asked after a while. “Where?” He asked. “Well, Draco and I are going to dinner…” “Ooooo a Date?” He asked. “Yes.” Ginny laughed. “While Draco and I are at dinner you’re going over to Katy’s house and stay with her and he baby sitter.” She explained. “Is that all right?” She asked. Nathan nodded. “Is she a nice lady?” He asked. “Of course she is.” Ginny said smiling even thought she didn’t really know the woman. “OK mum, I like playing with Katy cause she’s my friend.” He said smiling. Ginny smiled. “I’m glad you to have fun together.” She said smiling and turning the TV on to some cartoons. Later that night Ginny found herself in her bathroom with a curling iron in hand. She was already dressed in a black skirt and light green sweater, but her hair was something else. Nathan came into the bathroom and stared up to her. “That’s hot mum.” He said. Ginny had always told him to never come near the curling iron. “I know sweety, but Mommy needs to curl her hair for tonight.” She said wishing she could just take out her wand and have it done with. He looked at her like she was crazy. “You look pretty all ready.” He said. She looked down at him and smiled. “You think so?” She asked putting the iron down and turning it off. He nodded. “Very pretty.” He smiled. Ginny laughed. “All right if you say so.” She said opened in the cabinet and pulling out her lipstick and putting a thin layer on. “Ready to go to Katy’s?” Ginny asked. “Yes!” Nathan said excitedly jumping out of the bathroom and laughing. Ginny shook her head, put her coat on and walked with her son out to the car. “Are you and Draco going to play fun games?” Nathan asked after he was buckled into the car. Ginny nodded. “Were going to have lots of fun baby don’t worry.” She said smiling back to him. “OK.” He said happily staring out the window until they pulled up to Draco’s house. Nathan waited until he was unbuckled and he raced up to the door and reached out to the doorbell. “Once!” Ginny reminded him. “I know mum.” He said reaching p and pressing the bell once. Soon they heard someone on the other side of the door and Draco’s smiling face greeted them as he pulled the door back. “Hello there.” He said smiling looking from Ginny to Nathan. “Hi Draco!” Nathan said running up and hugging his leg. Draco smiled and bent down to him. “How you doing buddy?” He asked. “I’m good.” He answered smiling still. “Katy’s in the play room if you want to play.” He said to him. Nathan looked back to Ginny and smiled. “Bye mum.” He said to her. “Have fun.” Ginny said back to him smiling. She looked down to where Draco was knelt and smiled. “Hey.” He said standing up and looking into her eyes. “You look gorgeous.” He said smiling. She blushed slightly. “Thanks.” She said. “Oh is this the lucky lady?” And elderly woman asked walking over to them with the help of her wooden cane. Draco smiled at her. “Mrs. Early this is Ginny Weasley.” He said. “Dear you can call me Martha. Aren’t you the prettiest thing ever?” Martha said smiling wide and grabbing Ginny’s hand. “Draco’s a lovely man…lovely, lovely.” She said smiling. Ginny smiled. “I know he is.” She laughed a little and looked over to him. He was smiling too. “You two kids have a grand time tonight. Don’t worry about the little ones, there in good hands.” She said smiling and walking back the chair she was sitting at before. Ginny looked at Draco. “Ready?” He asked opened the door and extending his arm. She laughed and grabbed onto him and they walked out the door. “She seems like a really nice woman.” Ginny said smiling sitting in the car. “She is…she’s been baby sitting Katy since she was a baby.” He said. Ginny smiled. She felt like she was floating. He had a way of doing that to her, the way he was so kind to Nathan and talked to him so nicely, the way he complimented her all the time, just the was he was himself. “Draco?” She said softly. “Yeah?” He asked looking at her. “Thanks for being so good to Nathan. He really needed someone like you.” She said truthfully. He smiled. “He’s a great kid.” He said smiling. “I can’t help but care about him.” He said looking towards her. She was smiling. “I’m really happy I found you Draco.” She said quietly. He looked into her eyes. He didn’t know what he could say to her to explain the way he was feeling. He leaned closer to her and brought his lips to her softly at first, but with growing intensity. Her hands entangled within his hair and his hands trailed up her back. They pulled away slowly, neither of them wanting to. Their faces stayed close. “Ginny.” He started softly. She didn’t let him finished, she quieted him with a kiss. And the words he was going to speak were lost in the kiss. A/N: Hey. Sorry for the really really long wait for this chapter. There's been a lot of stuff going on with me so I havent had a lot of free time. Hopefully this chapter was good...tell me what you think please. Thanx~guitarchick

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