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A Meeting with the Dark Lord. ‘Once more into the fray old friend, eh?’ Lucius’ voice rang in Severus’ ears, like church bells being pulled by chain-rattling ghouls. He nodded shortly, biting back the scoff at the old friend remark. They had never been friends. Never. ‘My loyal, faithful Death Eaters,’ Voldemort called from the front of the cavernous room. Every masked eye held his presence with rapt attention. Severus cringed at the tone of how he uttered loyal and faithful. Never a good sign. His thoughts drifted to earlier. After he had retrieved the necessities that one would need should they find themselves called to the Dark Lord, he apparated just outside of the known location. He instantly warded his mind against the probable intrusion of the Dark Lord and slipped the trademark bone white mask over his expressionless face. The occasional popping sound had told him that this was a group meeting. Severus’ attention was brought back to the situation at hand as He began to speak again. ‘I have called you here together to tell you of my plan to wipe that smug grin from that crooked-nosed old man Dumbledore,’ he spat vehemently. Severus found himself staring at the Dark Lord with rapt attention, only hindered by the half-mask that covered his face; the only skin that was visible was his mouth and chin. ‘The end is nigh my friends, we shall bestow upon those who are unworthy of life our most thunderous and unyielding power yet! I will stand before Dumbledore and Potter’s lifeless forms and laugh!’ Voldemort thundered to which a chorus of cheers ricocheted off of the cavern walls. Severus pretended to be excited if not for the fact that Lucius was cheering above everyone and was still standing beside him, but he couldn’t help the sense of foreboding that seemed to settle at the pit of his abdomen, twisting and gnawing on his empty stomach. Little did Severus know that back at Hogwarts, Harry Potter’s scar was searing with pain as he laid in his dorm room twisting and convulsing as he was sucked into the Dark Lord’s mindscape, able to see and hear everything that he, Severus could from the Dark Lord’s eyes. ‘Now, I have been informed that Hogwarts is to hold a Halloween ball, where the students will no doubt be in fancy-dress, isn’t that right Severus?’ Voldemort asked. Severus felt as though a bucket of ice-water had been thrown over him as his master fixed his gleaming red, cat-slit eyes upon him. His insides may have been squirming from the sudden attention, but his exterior was an unreadable mask to Voldemort. ‘Yes, my Lord. Dumbledore has said that fancy-dress is mandatory in order for them to enjoy the night’s proceedings, my Lord,’ Severus informed. Voldemort’s lipless mouth formed into a devastating grin as he returned his attention to the masses. ‘Excellent!’ he muttered to himself. ‘The Muggle loving fool and his precious students will not know what hit them when we stage our attack! Why, we shall…’ Voldemort began but suddenly stopped, causing the Death Eaters to look upon their Master curiously. Bellatrix stepped forward from the front ranks. ‘Master? What is it, Master?’ she asked worriedly. Voldemort narrowed his eyes in contempt as realisation dawned upon him. ‘Well, well, well. If it isn’t Harry Potter!’ Voldemort spat. Severus inhaled quickly at the mention of Potter’s name. Foolish boy, what has he done now!? he thought to himself. ‘Welcome Harry, how nice of you to join us this evening. You know, it was very foolish of you to enter my mind tonight, Harry,’ Voldemort spoke aloud as he began to pace the raised platform upon which he stood. Many of the newer Death Eaters looked flabbergasted at their Lord’s behaviour. ‘Talking to himself, addressing himself as Harry Potter!? Surely he’s nutters?’ These were the thoughts running through the minds of recently graduated Slytherin 7th years who had since joined the Death Eater ranks and their cause. Severus however, waited on bated breath for the inevitable; his master’s rage. ‘Potter, you really are trying my patience! Leave my mind now and you shall live another night unscathed!’ Voldemort yelled fruitlessly. That boy is arrogant and stubborn, just like his father! Never knowing when to shut up and leave! Severus thought recklessly inside his mind. Voldemort stopped his pacing abruptly and faced his servants of darkness. His red eyes glowing in the faint torch light as he sought out who had interrupted his thoughts. His eyes rested on the back rows, his long, pale fingers reaching within the folds of his black robes, revealing his wand. With a swish and a flick, and a muttered incantation, the Death Eaters found themselves being thrown left or right depending on where they stood. Voldemort looked upon his servants as they now stood parted like the Red sea, a partition forming in the middle. At the end stood Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape with masked expressions of confusion and fear. ‘My Lord?’ Lucius braved as Voldemort twirled his wand between his fingers lazily. Severus remained still as stone, awaiting whatever may come. Voldemort prowled them. Walking in circles around them, like a wild animal preparing to pounce upon it’s prey. Severus heard the usually cold and unmovable form of Lucius Malfoy suck in an agitated breath. Voldemort stopped suddenly, his in-human face mere inches away from Severus’ that he could smell the putrid stink of death on him. Severus gazed confidently and determinedly into those red eyes. Blood red slits met glittering onyx orbs, as Severus thought he saw the red waver and change momentarily to a familiar emerald green. The Dark Lord smirked as he looked one of his most trusted servants in the eye, noting the confidence and determination that was held there, something that he had always admired about Severus Snape, he was one to be counted upon. Without warning, Voldemort turned sharply, his wand travelling with him as he unleashed a slew of curses upon a very surprised ad unprepared Lucius Malfoy. Severus stared straight ahead determinedly, not wanting to anger the Dark Lord if in such a foul and awful mood to unleash such an array of painful curses against someone such as Lucius. ‘Get up, Lucius,’ Voldemort drawled as he looked upon the whimpering form as blood gushed from a large gash above his right eye, staining and matting his once pristine blond hair. ‘Yes my Lord,’ Lucius struggled to pronounce as he nervously stood, teetering on his feet, as if about to fall down again. ‘Do not my fail me again, Lucius. I will not allow another escapade such as what happened last summer at the Department of Mysteries to happen again!’ Was all that Voldemort said as he marched away from them, apparently Potter having left his mind during the onslaught. Okay Guys so this is the first proper chapter of the story. What did you think? I was debating whether or not to write this in 1st person or not, but changed my mind half-way through writing this, as I thought this way would be better. Tell me what you think in a review, I really want to hear your opinions on this story, and any suggestions toward what’s going to happen in the plot would be helpful too! Thanks for reading, so don’t forget to review too! This story will hopefully be updated whenever I update ‘The Link’ so if you read that story too then check this one at the same time etc. ~Sam :D

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