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It was when Argus found Mrs Norris painted pink that Severus recruited him to their team against Minerva, Filius, Remus, Tonks and Mad Eye. Unfortunately his team so far was only Sybil, Argus, a cat and himself. That was not a particularly good team, however for the time being it was going to have to do. Albus watched with interest as his teachers began to fight against each other, it was always interesting when something like this happened; it was just a pity that he couldn’t take sides. “Yes, well I think it would be best that the staff were not told of this, were they to discover that I was hiding something of this nature in the school then it would no doubt be taken.” Severus could hear the voice of the headmaster around the corner, talking to someone. He concentrated hard on the voice which was steadily getting quieter, either because the headmaster was moving away or because whatever he was about to say was not meant to be heard by anyone. “But hiding the Fountain of Youth in a school, Dumbledore?” Demanded the voice of Cornelius Fudge loudly. “No one will find it, Cornelius.” Dumbledore assured him, “You need not worry about that.” Severus stared at the wall in disbelief and he knew that were Dumbledore standing close enough to be seen he would no doubt have been staring at him in a similar fashion. His train of thought was broken however when he was hit sharply on the head and he collapsed to the ground.
Remus gave his wand a quick flick and the muggle fire extinguisher which had been hovering above Severus’ head fell out of the air and landed on his head with a satisfying clunk. He wondered why Severus had been staring so intently at the wall with such a shocked and bemused expression on his face before he had knocked him out. He was sure that it would be something incredibly interesting and worthwhile learning. He turned away from Severus and walked off down the corridor towards the kitchens, taking ten points from Slytherin on the way. “Wotcher Remus!” Tonks said cheerily as he walked into the kitchen. The woman was currently sporting electric blue hair, which true to the name of it’s colour was currently electrocuting any house-elves who strayed too close to her. Remus sat down at a nearby table and began to eat chocolate idly as he watched elf after elf walk up to Tonks in a dreamlike state and electrocute themselves on her hair. Rather like those muggle bug zappers… he thought idly as he was reminded of blue lights which would electrocute stupid small insects. Dobby walked towards Tonks whilst other elves shielding their eyes grabbed onto the back of his clothes and tried to prevent him from going to her. “Keep away from the light!” One of them shrieked but it was no use. “Can you smell burning?” Tonks asked and Remus looked pointedly at Dobby who was smoking at her feet. She blushed slightly and wondered briefly whether or not she should change her hair before deciding anything stupid enough to touch it deserved electrocution. “Come on, people don’t curse themselves you know!” Tonks said as she got to her feet and pulled Remus away from the large plate of chocolate he had been eating as he stared longingly at it.
Severus Snape not only woke up in the Hospital Wing but he woke up in the Hospital Wing with the faces of Argus Filch and Sybil Trelawney hovering over his own. That did not make for a good wake up call as he jerked away from them and instinctively pushed Sybil away from him. “What happened?” Sybil asked him. “I thought you were a Seer.” Severus said coldly, “You tell me.” “Ah dear Severus, I already do know, I was just testing.” She replied in a mystical voice which sounded like she couldn’t control the tone of her voice. “Right…” Severus said and chose to ignore her completely and wondered whether or not he should tell them what he had heard from Dumbledore earlier on. The Fountain of Youth was something which had long since been considered a myth and yet the headmaster could not hide things which did not exist in the school. He resolved to find it on his own and allow Sybil and Argus to help him against the other staff, that way he won and got young at the same time. Madam Pomfrey came walking past him and when she saw that he was awake smiled at him and gave him a potion. He wondered briefly whether or not he should ask her for help against the other staff but she was quite good friends with Lupin and to enlist her help would most likely backfire. He glanced at Filch and realised that if he told them that the Fountain of Youth was in the school may not be such a bad idea, after all Filch knew the school better than any student although he knew that Potter had that damned map. Perhaps he could get that from him somehow… “Listen, I heard something interesting from Dumbledore earlier on…” Severus began. Poppy Pomfrey listened intently to what Severus was telling Sybil and Argus, making sure that she caught every detail before moving on to her next patient and hoping that she had not been spotted eavesdropping. She had no doubts that Heilia Hooch would find this most interesting later on… no doubts at all. “A Fountain of Youth you say?” Heilia said in disbelief as she put her broom at the side of the staffroom and listened to what Poppy had to say. “Yes but keep your voice down, no one’s meant to know.” Poppy muttered. “So how do we go about getting this Fountain then?” Heilia asked. “I don’t know yet, but I’m sure that there’s a way…” Poppy replied as they walked out of the staffroom towards the hospital wing. “Fountain of Youth?!” Pomona Sprout said and stared at her companions with a raised eyebrow as the three of them hid behind the large wardrobe being used for the cloaks of the staff. Sabina Sinistra and Thomadius Vector looked equally stunned but said nothing as they contemplated just how brilliant a Fountain of Youth would look in their living quarters. “I don’t believe it!” Minerva muttered as she stood outside the door, ready to attack the next person who came out with a bucket of slugs. Remus stood next to her with Filius and they both looked equally surprised and astounded that such a thing even existed. “So we’re going to find it then?” Remus asked and Filius nodded enthusiastically. “Definitely, and keep it all for ourselves.” He said and almost cackled for a moment before he remembered himself. “Bit selfish isn’t it?” Remus said lightly. “Do you want to get young again Lupin or not?” Minerva asked him and he nodded and concentrated on multiplying the snails in his own bucket. “I cannot believe this!” Tonks hissed to Mad Eye who was stood next to her in the corridor. They had been wondering around the school looking for Minerva, Filius and Remus and just when they had found them they got information like this. “I wonder if the Fountain of Youth will give me my eye back.” Mad Eye wondered. “If it does can I have that one?” Tonks asked and he nodded. “Well we better make sure that we get there before the rest of them then.” She said, the idea of her image with Mad Eye’s mad eye in her eye socket wandering into her mind. It was in this way that the staff of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry discovered just what was hidden in the castle and it was now up to them to get to the Fountain of Youth first, or age slightly whilst trying. There was a loud yell of 'SLUGS!' which echoed down the corridors as Sabina Sinistra walked out of the staffroom to a face of (unshockingly) slugs. "I'll get you for this!" A/N: Another short chapter and this one was pretty much lacking in anything of much interest, I just needed it to explain what's hidden in the school. Next chapter coming in a few days (I won't be updating this as quickly as my other current fic 'An Alternate Ending') and that one should be quite a bit longer.

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