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Warnings: Contains some mild ref's to rape and violence. Read important A/N at end!! The night sky was blanketed with sparkling stars and the half-crescent moon shimmered down upon the lake of Hogwarts, illuminating the forbidden forest and the castle. Inside the castle, all of the students were already in their respective houses. Supposedly asleep, whilst the professors stalked the torch lit hallways, searching for possible miscreant students . Ron lay in the hospital wing, flat on his back staring up at the ceiling. He had heard when Harry and Hermione had entered the room earlier in the evening, asking Madam Pomfrey if they could see him. He was glad that the nurse had denied them. He didn’t want them to see him like this. Weak and helpless. He squeezed his eyes tightly together as another vision flashed before his mind’s eye. People screaming… Muggles… families with young children… children crying for their fallen parents… a high pitched cackle… green light… wide, lifeless, unseeing eyes… red, deepest crimson red… blood… Ron opened his eyes wide, panting as a trickle of sweat ran down the side of his face. ‘Merlin help me,’ he cried.
‘Do you think Ron will be let out of the hospital today, Harry?’ Hermione asked. It was the following morning and Harry, Hermione and Gabey were walking down to breakfast together. Harry shook his head. ‘I dunno. He just seemed really… well, just not…’ ‘Not Ron’ Hermione supplied with a sigh. Harry nodded. ‘We’ll go see him before first lesson starts, yeah?’ Harry asked to which Hermione nodded. ‘Gabey? You coming too?’ Gabey looked hesitant and so Harry quickly said, ‘You don’t have to if you don’t want to, we’ll understand.’ ‘No. No, it’s not that, it’s just… Well, you guys have known each other for years, and I don’t want to intrude or anything… I don’t think Ron would like me being there,’ she finished quietly. ‘Nonsense!’ Hermione exclaimed, surprising both of them. ‘Of course Ron won’t mind you coming to visit him! Your our friend, Gabey. And Ron’s friend too, I’m sure he’d be happy to see you.’ Gabey nodded reassured. ‘Okay, I’ll come with you,’ she announced.
‘Morning, Mr Weasley! And how are we feeling today?’ Madam Pomfrey asked. Ron scrunched his eyes up in disgust at a spot of offending light that was glinting in his left eye. ‘Better,’ he replied shortly. The nurse gave him a searching look, as though she were waiting for him to elaborate. Ron remained mute. The nurse sighed. ‘Very well, Mr Weasley. You are free to go,’ Ron made to bolt from his bed before the surprisingly strong arms of Madam Pomfrey held him back, pushing him back on to his bed. ‘If you had let me finish, I was going to tell you that you were free to go once the Headmaster visits you,’ Madam Pomfrey finished. Ron gulped. ‘W-W-Why?’ he stuttered. The nurse goggled at Ron as if he had sprouted an extra head. ‘Why what, Mr Weasley?’ she asked exasperated. ‘Why, is Professor Dumbledore coming to see me?’ he asked slowly. ‘Because the Headmaster always comes to see my patients before they leave,’ she answered, however just as she finished the doors to the infirmary creaked open as professor Dumbledore walked in. ‘Ah, our patient is awake I see,’ Dumbledore began, his eyes twinkling madly at Ron. ‘Yes. Although I’m not entirely sure if he is coherent yet?’ Madam Pomfrey chimed as Ron squirmed under both of their gazes. ‘I’m better. Fine in fact, when can I go?’ Ron asked pleadingly. Madam Pomfrey sighed before returning to her office, muttering something about patients always wanting to leave before they should. Dumbledore perched on the edge of Ron’s bed and surveyed his pale face over his half-moon glasses. ‘I wonder if you could tell me what happened during yesterdays Divination class?’ he began, but upon noticing Ron’s hesitant face he added, ‘But I do have a few theories of my own, I was wondering if you could clear them up for me?’ he asked gently. Ron sighed. There was no way he was going to get out of it, better to come clean now and get it out of the way. Taking a deep breath Ron began to re-count what happened the day before. ‘I was in Divination, Firenze’s class. We were studying the stars on the enchanted ceiling he’s got. He told us to relax… you know, like meditate or something,’ Ron looked up at Dumbledore to make sure he was following him. The headmaster merely nodded for him to continue. ‘At first there was nothing, just the stars at that funny incense stuff that he burns… Anyway, then it changed. I wasn’t in the classroom anymore, I was in a house. A Muggle house, a family was there. They were normal family, a husband, wife and two kids…’ Ron shook his head slightly, seemingly he had begun to get lost in his thoughts. ‘Then there was light, blue light. The door to the room was blown apart and cloaked men; Death Eaters entered.’ Ron turned to look at Dumbledore again who was keenly hanging off of Ron’s every word. ‘Go on, what happened next? What did you see?’ he prodded lightly. Ron nodded. ‘The Death Eaters. They came into the room, started shouting at the man, I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but the woman started crying, she hid the two children behind her, trying to keep them out of view. They put the man into a body-bind… made him watch… the-they er… grabbed the woman, tried to er… do stuff to her…’ Ron ran a nervous hand through his rumpled hair. ‘They… they…ki-killed the ch-children… the woman tried to stop them, but couldn’t get away. One of the Death Eaters hit her, she hit her head against the side of a table and it either killed her or she was knocked-out, I didn’t get to see…’ Ron took in another shaky breath, preparing himself for the rest of the tale. ‘The Death Eaters weren’t happy. They released the man from the bind, he tried to fight them, but he was out numbered…’ he trailed off. there was nothing he could do… nothing I could do, Ron thought to himself. ‘Ronald?’ Dumbledore inquired seeing that Ron had stopped speaking. Ron shook himself physically. ‘Sorry.’ ‘He was out numbered, nothing he could do. They were laughing at him, mocking him. It was sick…’ ‘They roughed him up a bit, taunting him the whole time about how they’d had his wife. Then they killed him too. That’s when I woke up,’ Ron finished quietly, flashes of the vision running through his mind. Dumbledore surveyed his student over his half-moon glasses sombrely. There was more to this than what was being told. Finally realisation dawned on him and he found himself looking at the young Weasley with something akin to pity. ‘This is not the first time that you have experienced something such as this, is it?’ he asked quietly, already knowing the answer. Ron nodded. Dumbledore sighed as he flattened his robes around him. ‘No child should have to see the things that you have witnessed, Ronald. No child at all…’ Dumbledore murmured. ‘Sir?’ Ron asked almost timidly. Dumbledore looked up at him. ‘Do you know why I’m having these… visions? I mean, I only started having them this summer…’ Ron asked. ‘Do you remember when you and your friends went to the Department of Mysteries term?’ Dumbledore asked. ‘Of course, how could I forget,’ Ron shuddered at the memory. ‘And do you remember being attacked by a brain with tentacles?’ Ron nodded, not quite following the reasoning behind the Headmaster’s questioning. ‘Well, if I am not very much mistaken, the thing that attacked you, Mr Weasley, was the very brain of Madame Martoix the famous French Seer,’ Dumbledore informed. Ron gaped at Dumbledore slack jawed. ‘Does that mean then, that I’m a… a S-S-Seer?’ he eventually spluttered. Dumbledore gave Ron a long look. ‘No, it does not. You are not a Seer Mr Weasley. Seer’s are born, not made.’ Ron seemed to sigh in relief for a moment before immediately tensing again. ‘Then what are these, these visions then? Why am I having them if I’m not a Seer?’ he asked dumbfounded. ‘I do not know , I’m afraid. I shall have to look into the matter, however, I think it is clear that this new gift, however burdensome it may seem now, could be used to our advantage, if used wisely,’ Dumbledore answered cryptically. Ron sighed, he had a feeling that he wasn’t going to like what was coming next. ‘You’re going to give me more lessons aren’t you?’ he asked sulkily. Dumbledore chuckled lightly. ‘No not lessons, Mr Weasley.’ Ron looked up at him hopefully before Dumbledore continued, ‘Training,’ Ron raised an eyebrow in question, but Dumbledore just smiled knowingly.
Harry, Hermione and Gabey raced toward the hospital wing before their first lesson, Care of Magical Creatures for Harry, and Ancient Runes for Hermione and Gabey. However, they skidded to a halt as they saw Ron himself, walking away from the infirmary doors. ‘Hi guys!’ Ron called happily as he noticed them down the corridor. The trio shared a significant look as they approached him. ‘Hey Ron. Madam Pomfrey’s letting you go already?’ Harry asked. Ron nodded. ‘Yeah, so come on. We don’t want to be late to Hagrid’s class, do we?’ he replied, already walking towards the entrance hall. ‘Well, he certainly looks a lot better than yesterday. Maybe he really is fine?’ Hermione offered, albeit uncertainly. Harry and Gabey looked at each other. ‘Well come on, we can ask him about it later,’ Harry announced before running after Ron to catch up. The two girls headed back over to the staircase in the entrance hall, headed up to Ancient Runes class. Hey Guys! I am so sorry that this took sooo long to post!! I’ll try not to do it again with the next chapter, but I’m still behind on coursework etc and exams are coming soon too :( On a lighter note; thanks to everyone for the wonderful reviews, I really enjoy reading them! So don’t forget to review this chapter once you’ve read it too! ;p Also, I know this chapter is short, it was going to be a lot longer, but I’ve been told to do my coursework instead, sigh. Anyway, I’ll update again asap with the next chapter, that will be a follow-on from this one. It will be called ‘The Enigma’ and will feature a substantial amount of Snape and Gabey in it. This is the chapter that you’ve been waiting for… where you finally find out what Gabey’s doing at Hogwarts (to an extent) and about her past and how she’s connected to Snape!! :p Anyway, I’ll post that asap, once I get it written! Thanks again!! ~Sam :D PS) Go read an amazing fic called ‘Resonance’ you can find it on my fave stories list toward the bottom. It’s extremely well written and has long chappies, but is severely lacking in reviews, when it deserves tonnes more! Go read!! ;) PPS) Some of you may have already noticed, but I've also written two new stories, which you can find via my user page, check them out too! (It will give you something to read when your waiting for the next chapter to come out! lol :p ) Edit: Hey guys, I have no computer, and so Internet either, BUT, I'm hoping to get a new one asap, so bare with me... I'm definitly not going to abandon the story, so just keep checking to see if I've updated yet or not :D ~Sam.

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