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Thanks for all of the lovely reviews! I got so much great feedback on the first chapter that I was inspired to write more! So here's the next chappie, enjoy...

Disclaimer - I own none of the characters that you are familiar with...they are all J.K.Rowling's lovely toys. I just play with them! (J.K, i bow to you).

Ch.2 Makeup, Chocolate, and Some Revenge For Flavour

“Professor McGonagall? What are you doing here? I don’t want to make you pancakes!”

And it was with a sudden realization that Sirius had awakened to find himself the cause of laughter for three giggling girls.

“Dreaming about McGonagall, Lily?” A very good looking girl sitting on the bed across from Sirius asked casually to the person she thought was her best friend, “Didn’t know you swung that way!”

Sirius recognized the girl at once as Lily’s best friend, Christina Conroy. They were never seen separated at Hogwarts, and Sirius sometimes wondered why Lily was a friend with this girl. They seemed like extreme opposites when it came to personality. Lily on one hand was very outgoing, and had a sense of humor that almost mimicked the marauders’.


She was also the leader, you could say, of her group of friends and after the first time you met her, you would know almost immediately that she held her own very good and wouldn’t be a follower. Now Christina was, what you would say, different. Sirius had categorized her from the moment he heard her speak into the category of girls that would do unexpected things. You never knew what was up her sleeve, and she was one to always speak her mind. The marauders had guessed that was why Lily had quickly become friends with her, she was honest, loyal, and always there to create mystery into the lives of her friends.

At this point, Sirius had remembered that he was in the girl’s dormitory, in Lily’s bed, in pink pajamas. And he was feeling just a tad bit embarrassed at the thought of McGonagall being in his dream.

But this didn’t even seem remotely weird to him anymore as he recalled what had happened the previous night.

He had excitedly raced up the stairs to see just what a girl’s dormitory looked like but was a little bit sad to see that the walls weren’t filled with pictures of him on them. Him and James were having a bet on who was more liked by the ladies. At this point, they were tied, but Sirius was determined to find out what the fifth year girls actually thought about him.

He himself had started up the nighttime conversation, when the girls were getting ready for bed. He had asked what they all thought of the marauders.

That had started a very long conversation full of girl talk. One that Sirius very much had enjoyed. He learned that James had a ‘very nice body’ as they put it. And also that he secretly passed cute notes to all the girls regularly during their classes. That amused him greatly and he even starting laughing when the girls had shown him the corny “love notes”.

“Oh Prongs,” he had said. But was slightly taken back when the girls all stopped talking and looked at him surprised. Then the questions came.

“What did you just call James?”


"That’s what Sirius calls him”

“I thought you only called him Potter?”

Their questions hit him like a dead weight. He had forgotten momentarily about the switch and couldn’t afford to do it again. He ended up telling them that he was very tired and even suggested that they all go to bed. Sirius’ suspicions were proved right when he had said that Lily was the ‘leader’ of the girls, because as soon as he had said that he was tired, the rest climbed into their beds almost instantly, saying their goodnights.

Needless to say, Sirius fell asleep grinning like a mad man at the thought of James writing love notes to all of the girls in the year. He had some definite blackmail to use on his buddy now.

And that was Sirius for you, jumping right into any situation and making the best of it. He knew that he’d have to be more careful though, as it was evident to him that Lily really didn’t like James.

And that was the last thought he had when a voice took him out of his memories from the night before.

“Hello, earth to Lils? We have defence against the dark arts class in less then half an hour, you better start getting ready girl!” It was Christina who had said this, and even threw a pillow into “Lily’s” face to make her point clear.

“Alright, alright, I’m up! But it doesn’t take me half an hour to get ready you know.” Sirius replied very sleepily.

“But you have to shower, get dressed, do your hair, makeup, find your books for class and mentally prepare yourself for James.” Christina had answered as she was putting on some lipgloss as if this were a regular morning routine. The scent of he lipgloss had filled the room, and Sirius instantly became obsessed with the smell of vanilla.

But he had froze as he heard the word that would make any boy shiver. He, Sirius Black was going have to wear makeup.


Lily hadn’t woken up to anything remotely better. There were two marauders jumping on the foot of her bed when she opened her eyes. She had rolled over onto her side very easily, realizing at the same time that Sirius was much stronger then she normally was.

James and Remus were jumping from bed to bed squealing like two very hyper little girls. With a quick glance over to one of the dressers by Remus’ bed, she noticed an opened box of chocolates laying on it.

“Why am I not surprised that they eat chocolate for breakfast” Lily thought to herself as she tried to stop the two boys from jumping on her any more. As soon as James came jumping onto her bed, she put her hands out and accidentally pushed him to the floor with strength she didn’t even know she had.

“Oops, sorry there, mate!” She said, trying her best to say what Sirius would say.

“It’s all good, Siri!” A laughing James said from where he now lay on the floor. And in two seconds, he had pulled Lily (who he thought was Sirius) down onto the floor next to him.

“Ha! Point for James!” James exclaimed to no one in particular.

“Do you really feel the need to talk in third person?” Lily asked, actually curious as to what the boy had to say. He was very different when he was hyper off chocolate.

By this time, Remus had fallen ‘accidentally’ on top of them both and was laughing at his two best friends struggling under his body.

“Dog pile on Sirius!” Remus had suddenly yelled out of nowhere, then added, “No pun intended!” And winked at Sirius, as he and James launched themselves on top of an unsuspecting Lily.

They were both laughing at Remus’ little joke, but Lily didn’t get it at all, and was only laughing in order to not feel left out.

Finally checking the clock, Lily saw that there was only ten minutes to class, and that all of them were still in their pajamas and unshowered.

“Hey you guys, we have to be in potions class in ten minutes, maybe we should get ready” Lily said frantically wondering how on earth they could get ready that fast.

“Alright, everyone gets a two minute shower” James ordered, “And if you’re not out of there in that time, then I’ll come in and make you come out, got it?”

Lily got to go first, and as quickly as she could, ran the water and took off her pajamas. Feeling she wasn’t altogether ready for another adventure today, she stared determinedly in front of her not once looking at Sirius’ ‘manhood’. “I’ll be nice to him by respecting his body” she thought to herself, hoping that he would have enough courtesy to do the same for her.

She heard a knock on the door then James’ voice call out that her time was up, and left the bathroom in nothing more then a towel around her, or rather Sirius’, waist. James ran into the bathroom, thanking her for leaving the water on.

Lily found some clothes to put on under Sirius’ robes, and quickly changed and brushed the black hair that surrounded her new face in the way that Sirius always brushed his. Feeling quite confident in the way she could present herself as Sirius, she turned around to see that James and Remus were already showered and fully dressed. “Wow” she thought, wishing to herself that she could get ready in that short of time when she was in her normal form as a girl.

“Hey, where’s Peter?” Lily asked rather fast as she remembered the forth and forgotten marauder.

“I dunno, he said he had to do something this morning and left early saying that he’d catch up with us at potions,” came James reply as he stuffed his books in his black book bag. “Well we better get going guys, I want to see if I can get a seat next to Evans.”

‘Fantastic’, Lily thought sarcastically.


Sirius and his new friends were already sitting in the back row of the defence against the dark arts room when Lily walked in, right in the middle of James and Remus.

James then led the way to four seats near the girl he thought was Lily and sat down. Peter was nowhere to be seen as Lily and Remus sat down beside James taking out their books and quills.

“Hello Lily!” James said very cheerfully to the ‘girl’ next to him. “And how are you on this lovely day?” He asked, “You look different this morning!”

And sure enough, Sirius had put on way more makeup on his face than Lily ever would. The truth was that he had fun experimenting with the different colors…

Lily nearly laughed as she heard James putting the Potter charm on the person he didn’t know was actually his best friend. “Sirius better not pull anything stupid” Lily thought.

“James!” Lily heard her own voice reply to a very surprised looking James. Lily rarely acknowledged James’ presence in class, let alone answer one of his questions. So needless to say, James was taken a little by surprise. “You look wonderful this morning! Did you do something new with your hair? Thank you for saying hi to me, I’m sorry that I usually ignore you like everyday, it’s very stupid of me!” Sirius finished then looked up as the teacher entered the room.

James was for once in his life at a loss of words as he just smiled goofily in his seat while the teacher took attendance.

Lily, absolutely furious with Sirius, sighed and glared at him. “This means war” she thought to herself.

So for the whole class Lily took many notes in a book that looked unused. Whenever James would pass her a note, she would write back saying that she wanted to pay attention and had no time for this sill waste of time. All that earned her was a curious stare from James but nothing more. She needed something that would make Sirius mad, and that something, she noticed, was sitting right in front of her.

Severus Snape.

“Oh Severus?” She called out and poked him in the back. Making sure not to call him by any nicknames that Sirius had given him.

“Get your filthy hands off of me Black” Came Snape’s cold but very fast reply. It was almost as if he had been waiting the whole class for Sirius to do something to him.

“I’m sorry.” Lily said trying not to laugh.

“Yo, what did you just say Padfoot?” Said an exasperated James who was a little surprised by his friends actions.

“I said sorry. I mean don’t you think we should stop being so mean to Severus? It’s not like he ever did anything to us right?” Came Lily’s smooth reply.


James had his mouth open, and even Remus had stopped paying attention to the teacher and was now staring at Sirius wondering if he had anything up his sleeve. But Snape looked like he had been smacked in the face. Obviously he had not prepared himself for a comment like that.

“I don’t need any favours, especially from you Black! Your cousin was right about you, you are just a big softy who has shamed the name of Black.” Snape replied, knowing that he would hit a sift spot with Sirius. He then turned around and didn’t say another word for the rest of the class.

Sirius, who everyone thought was Lily, had his hands clenched up and was fighting the urge desperately to not curse the boy who had just insulted him. He had a look on his face that could kill anyone, three times over. Lily noticing this raised her hand to get the teacher’s attention.

“Professor?” Lily asked, trying to talk like how Sirius would talk to a teacher, “Lily’s not looking well, can I escort her to the hospital wing please?”

At this, all eyes turned to look at Sirius, who they thought was Lily. And sure enough, if Lily didn’t get him out of there quickly, he was going to rage on something, or someone.

“Sure Sirius” The teacher replied, “Since class is almost over, you wont need to come back. Just read chapter 3 for homework, recognizing the werewolf.”

“Thanks,” was all that Lily could say as she rushed herself and Sirius out of the room and into the hallway.

Sirius was beside himself in anger. He was about an inch away from punching the wall when Lily grabbed his arm and stopped him.

“Look Sirius, I didn’t know that the conversation would get so far. I’m really sorry, I’ll be mean to Snape from now on.” Lily managed to say in order to try and calm down Sirius. Being a Black, he was, like a Potter, famous for having a temper.

“Lily! What did you do that for?” Sirius said not making eye contact with her. He was unnaturally calm now, and it was scaring Lily a bit, “actually never mind, lets just promise to act exactly like the other person from now on, alright? No more funny business.” And he raised his eyebrow at her and gave her a small smile.

“Deal” Lily said.


The two of them walked together away to the Great Hall, as they still had a little bit of time until their next lesson.

A new conversation started and lasted for the next ten minutes where Lily and Sirius just asked questions back and forth.

“You know Lils, I never knew that you wore black lacy underwear.” Sirius said bluntly to Lily who had not expected this to come out of his mouth. “It’s quite comfortable actually. Oh and makeup is so amazing! I mean you have like every color of the rainbow! I never knew, but girls are pretty cool!”

“Sirius, let us remind ourselves that you are not really a girl. And for your sake I advise you not to wear my black lacy underwear.” Lily said with a smirk. “Oh and since when do you eat chocolate for breakfast, hmm? And would James really have come into the bathroom if I hadn’t gotten out of there in two minutes?” She finished.

“I’m afraid my dearest Lily that, yes, James would’ve come in to the bathroom. He’s done it before, and quite literally nothing is sacred with the marauders. James, at least, knows everything about me, if you know what I mean!” Sirius said, then winked at Lily.

“Ok, enough said!” Lily said. “Do you know where to go for your prefect meeting tonight then?” Lily said and then laughed at the thought of what Sirius would say at the meeting.

“Ya, I think I’ll manage. But what about you? I don’t know what you’re smiling about missy, you have a Quiddich practice tonight!” Sirius said with a laugh, and then looked at Lily questionably.

“What! I don’t have a quiddich practice tonight liar!” Lily exclaimed, “I checked the schedule!”

“Ah, that may be so, but did you check the marauder schedule? I think not. Well, we head down to the pitch every Monday for a friendly game between friends. So have fun playing quiddich, marauder style!” Sirius said, then got up from the table and started walking to the door undoubtedly going to his next class leaving Lily sitting at the table in a state of dreaded shock.

‘God help me’ she thought. Then ran out of the hall after Sirius to walk with him to Transfiguration.

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