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“Oh my…” Minerva murmured as she stared down at him. He was no longer the little black winged foal he had been before. He was little, and black but nothing like a horse. He was a wolf. She stared down at him and he stared back up at her with those shockingly green eyes of his, questioning the fact that his Animagus form appeared to have changed to that of a wolf. “We’re going to Dumbledore.” She announced to him and marched towards the door before Harry changed back into his human self and called her back. “There is such a thing as floo you know.” He grinned and threw some into the fireplace. “Dumbledore’s office.” He said clearly and stepped through it, quickly followed by Minerva who was still reeling from the shock of seeing Harry become something so different to that which he had been before. “Ah, good evening Harry, Minerva.” Dumbledore said pleasantly from behind his desk, “What can I do for you?”
“That is very interesting…” Dumbledore said thoughtfully after he had listened to the two of them explain the strange situation, “Very interesting indeed.” Harry and Minerva glanced at each other and then looked back to the headmaster who was seemingly lost in thought. “And you say you were with Remus at the time…” Albus said, the cogs in his mind turning as he realised suddenly just what had caused this. Harry nodded in response to his question although he wondered whether the headmaster had actually noticed him do this. “Then I believe I have the answer…” The fire glowed green and a moment later the Weasley twins fell out of it. Minerva glared at them as if to suggest that if someone wasn’t verging on death then they soon would be for interrupting this. “Professor Dumbledore!” Fred grinned, just the person we were looking for. He chose to completely ignore the looks on the faces of Harry and Minerva and pulled out a small box from his robes. “Care to try a Filch Fairy-cake?” George asked him and Minerva and Harry were intrigued to say the least. “Or how about a Trelawney Tart?” Fred asked, and Harry got a clear look in the box – there were buns on one side and jam tarts on the other and it didn’t take a genius to figure out what was in them. “I believe I shall try a Filch Fairy-Cake.” Dumbledore said and bit into one of the buns. There was a hissing sound as if he had been punctured and air was rushing out of him. Then a blast of green smoke filled the room, causing Minerva and Harry to cough. “Sorry about the smoke, we can’t seem to get rid of that.” George apologised but when the smoke had cleared Argus Filch was sat in Dumbledore’s chair, laughing. “Excellent!” Filch said. “How long do these last?” “About an hour – they’ve got polyjuice potion in.” Fred said. “Unless you just end the spell of course.” “Finite.” Argus said and in a moment Dumbledore was in his own form once again. “Most marvellous Misters Weasley!” He laughed. “I’m afraid I will have to confiscate those, Mr Weasley.” Minerva said to him and held out her hand. He reluctantly handed the box over to her. “We’ve got plenty more where that came from.” George told her and she smiled slightly. “I am very glad to hear it.” She said and Harry grinned at her in disbelief. “I get the feeling that Filch and Trelawney are going to get framed a lot this week.” Harry said quietly and she glanced at him, smiling slightly. “Remus tells you too much.” She murmured before adding in a louder voice, “That’s Professor Trelawney, Harry.” Causing Harry to bite back laughter. “Anyway, if that is all Misters Weasley.” Dumbledore said with a slight smile. “Unfortunately it is. We were working on some Snape Snacks but they went a bit wrong. He always ended up bald.” George said. “Which would have been alright but you just looked like a bald man instead of like Snape.” Fred explained. “Anyway, we have to go, joke shops won’t run themselves!” They took some floo and went back to their joke shop. Minerva shrank the box of snacks and hid them in her robes as inconspicuously as possible whilst Harry watched and shook his head in disbelief. “Anyway, where was I?” Dumbledore asked. “You were going to explain why Harry no longer changes into a thestral.” Minerva said. “It is quite simple – you are getting over Sirius’ demise, Harry.” Dumbledore said to him and Harry’s eyes widened in protest as he opened his mouth to contradict him. “But it is true. You miss him, obviously but it no longer dominates all your thoughts. Try to turn into a thestral now.” Harry got up from his chair and concentrated hard on transfiguring himself into that strange little horse and he did so. He became a thestral in an instant causing Minerva to clap her hands over her mouth in shock and surprise. Harry looked around him in surprise and let go of his form, allowing himself to change back to the way he naturally was. “Excellent Harry!” Minerva cried and resisted the urge to hug him and congratulate him repeatedly. Harry smiled slightly, that was the highest praise she had ever given him and he felt he deserved it – he had become an Animagus in little over a month although he would not have managed it without his wandless magic. “But I don’t understand…” “Harry is torn in two parts. On the one hand he just wants to let go of Sirius and get on with the rest of his life, remembering him of course, but no longer pining for him and feeling guilty when he is around Remus. This is the side of you which becomes a wolf.” Dumbledore said and as he spoke things began to make more sense to them both, “On the other hand he cannot let go of Sirius and fears that to do so would be to disgrace his memory and tarnish the thought of him. This is the side that clings to him after his death and will become a thestral.” “So he has two Animagus forms then?” Minerva said and Dumbledore nodded. “Yes, but you cannot use them at will, Harry. You must decide how you are feeling and if one form does not work then the other will. More and more often you will become the wolf as time passes and the ache where Sirius once was in your heart will diminish. It will never fade; death leaves an imprint upon us all.” Dumbledore said to Harry quietly, “You must not feel guilt because you are close to Remus now. Sirius would not want you to feel unhappy and detached from everyone, he would want you to live your life and enjoy it whilst you can. Dark times are ahead of us all, but I feel your path will be darker than most.” Harry nodded but didn’t take his eyes from his hands in his lap which had suddenly become rather interesting, much more so than Dumbledore’s face. “I hope you put your new forms to good use Harry, and I believe that the full moon is in less than a week’s time…” He finished. “I would suggest you go get some rest, Harry. It is late and you have another day of lessons tomorrow as well as more wandless magic.” “Yes Professor.” Harry said, “Good night, Professors.” “Good night, Harry.” Minerva said to him as he walked towards the door. “Just use the fire to go to Remus’ office, Harry.” Dumbledore said to him with a flicker of a smile and Harry wondered how he had known where he was going. “You have become rather predictable, I must admit.” He smiled at Harry with his twinkling eyes and Harry and Minerva raised their eyebrows. “You can predict when someone will have two Animagus forms now, can you?” Minerva asked him lightly as Harry grinned and disappeared through the flames and out into Remus’ living quarters where his guardian was asleep on the sofa. “Very impressive indeed.” Dumbledore said thoughtfully as Harry left. “Well we both know how extraordinary he is.” Minerva said and Dumbledore chuckled. “No we do not.” He said with a smile, “I don’t think anyone does yet, although I get the feeling that Voldemort will be the first to know just what he is capable of.” I just hope he is capable of enough. Minerva thought as she excused herself and flooed back to her office, remembering that she could be there in a moment for once instead of walking through the school.
Harry stepped through the fireplace and looked at his guardian who was fast asleep on the sofa. It seemed like a shame to wake him, but he knew he was going to do so anyway if only because he couldn’t sleep on the sofa all night. He held the image of the thestral in his mind for a moment but a smile crossed his features as he looked down at his protector and knew that that form would not work whilst he was with Remus. He became a wolf in an instant. “Let me sleep.” Remus mumbled as something wet touched the back of his hand and his eyes fluttered open. They fixed themselves upon a small black wolf next to him, touching the back of his hand with it’s wet nose and fixing him with the brightest pair of green eyes… “Harry?!” He managed and the little wolf turned into his godson in a moment. “Oh my god… that’s amazing, but how?” He asked in a hoarse whisper as he sat up, allowing Harry to sit with him on the sofa. “Let me show you what Dumbledore just said.” Harry said and summoned Remus’ pensieve to him without his wand, causing a smile to cross Remus’ tired features. Harry put in his memories since he had left him some time ago. Remus watched as Minerva tried to puzzle out just what was wrong and then changed him into his Animagus form which was no longer a thestral. Once Remus had heard all that Dumbledore had said he left the pensieve and returned to Harry who was sat watching him with interest in his eyes. “This is so unbelievable.” Remus smiled at him as he turned into a wolf and leapt up onto Remus who laughed and ran his eyes over him. “You’re still only a little cub though. You look very cute.” The little wolf growled slightly at this and Remus smiled as Harry turned back into himself and curled up on the sofa next to his guardian. “I don’t want to look cute!” Harry said, sounding positively disgusted, “I want to look intimidating!” “Sorry to disappoint you then.” Remus replied, “But you look about as intimidating as a little kitten.” “A scary kitten?’’ Harry asked hopefully and Remus shook his head. “‘Fraid not, just a regular little cat.” He grinned. “Go to bed, Harry!” Snapped a voice from the fireplace and they both turned to see Minerva’s head in the flames. “Ah, Minerva, to what do I owe you this pleasure?” Remus asked her and she stepped through the fire. “Which would you like, a Filch Fairy-Cake or a Trelawney Tart?” She asked and Remus laughed.
Albus looked up from his boiled egg the next morning to see the students and the staff slowly filing into the room, all looking rather exhausted. It was nearing the end of the week and everyone would be glad at the end of the next day to know that the weekend was upon them. Sybil walked into the room and took a seat at the end of the table where Minerva, Filius, Remus and Severus usually sat. That’s unusual. Dumbledore thought as he looked back to the doorway and a moment later Sybil entered and came and sat down at the table. Trelawney Tarts. He realised as there were suddenly four Sybil Trelawney’s at one end of the table and another one at the opposite side, surrounded by other teachers who were looking contemptuously down the table. “You know, I rather like looking like Sybil.” Minerva said with a slight smile. “I don’t.” Remus said, “I feel like I should be trying to See something.” “Start predicting someone’s death then.” Severus said. “Do you know, I think the students may have noticed…” Filius said when he noticed the Gryffindor table mostly looking at them and laughing. “Who do you reckon that is then, pretending to be Trelawney?” Neville asked down at the Gryffindor table. “I dunno.” Ron replied, “Normally McGonagall, Snape, Flitwick and Lupin sit there, don’t they?” “Yes, but I can’t see them doing anything as childish as that.” Hermione said and Harry kept determinedly quiet. “Where are they then, if that isn’t them?” Seamus asked her and she didn’t reply. “Do you think we’re setting a bad example?” Filius asked lightly. “I don’t know but we’re advertising Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes quite well aren’t we?” Remus said as he bit into some toast. “Albus doesn’t look too annoyed.” Severus noted with a quick glance to the side at the headmaster. “Good, I didn’t See myself being fired today.” Minerva said, “In fact I predict tea leaves coming your way, Severus.” Snape ducked just in time as a soggy green mess flew over his head and landed on the wall. Remus turned to it and looked at it thoughtfully before telling Sabina at the other end of the table that he predicted a series of rather unfortunate accidents would be coming her way rather soon. “We’ll get you for this.” Heilia hissed as she walked past and Pomona, Sabina and Poppy glared at her, although Sybil looked like she was close to tears. “I seem to remember you saying something a while back, Severus…” Minerva said to one of the Sybils, presumably the one which was Severus Snape. “Do I want to know what it was that you remember?” He asked warily. “Probably not.” She smiled, “You said (and I quote) ‘The day that those three manage to turn into animals will be the day that I marry Sybil’.” “They’ve never done it!” Snape said, almost spitting out his tea. “Harry has.” She said with a slight smile and Filius looked at her. “Really?” Filius asked in his usual squeaky voice, “He can become a thestral at will?” “Not just a thestral –” She said and quickly explained the circumstances which made him not only a thestral but a wolf at the same time. “Remarkable!” Filius said and even Severus was impressed that Harry had become an Animagus in such a short space of time. “And how are Mr Weasley and Miss Granger faring?” He asked. “Not very well, I’ve heard.” Minerva said. “Bill says that Ron has about as much chance of becoming an Animagus as he does of marrying our dear Severus here.” “So very well put.” Remus smiled slightly at Severus who tried to scowl at him but it just didn’t look right when coming from Trelawney. “And, according to Tonks, Miss Granger is doing well but she can’t see her succeeding any time soon.” Minerva told them and they nodded. “But Minerva,” Severus said, “I do believe I said when ‘those three’ become Animagi and so far only Potter can turn into an animal so until they are all beasts then I shall not be marrying Sybil.” “I’m more determined than ever to make sure that they become Animagi now.” Minerva said as she finished her tea and stood up to leave to her first lesson which was with the sixth years. She walked quickly to her classroom and had just enough time to mutter “Finite” and wave her wand over herself before Harry walked into the room, followed by the rest of the class. “Professor, are you alright?” Harry asked her with laughter in his eyes, “You weren’t at breakfast…” “I had other business to attend to, Mr Potter. My location at breakfast time is not any concern of yours.” She forced herself not to smile or offer him a Trelawney Tart and instead began to teach the lesson. “I still don’t get why they would pretend to be Trelawney at breakfast.” Ron said as they walked to their next lesson which was Defence Against the Dark Arts with Remus. “For the last time, Ron!” Hermione shouted at him, “It wasn’t them!” “How do you know?” Harry asked as they reached the second floor and walked towards their classroom where Remus was standing in the doorway observing them. “The staff would never do anything as stupid as pretending to be one another!” Hermione said as she walked through the doorway and Remus caught Harry’s eye. Harry flashed his godfather a smile as they walked into the classroom and sat down on the front row. “Now you’re going to pair up just as we did last lesson and duel with one another,” Remus told them, “Although I have picked the pairings for the lesson. You should try and incorporate as many blocks and reversals into your duels as you can. Now, Hermione you’ll be working with Padma…” He read through the list and Harry wasn’t surprised to see that he had been left out, “Sorry Harry but you’re with me again.” Harry wasn’t disappointed and neither was anyone else, they were all quite glad that they weren’t about to face Professor Lupin or Harry in the lesson. “So, have you been practicing recently, Harry?” Remus asked him and he nodded. “I duelled with Filius yesterday during my free lesson.” Harry told him, “And I duelled with Mad Eye the other day after my Apparation lesson as well.” He told him and Remus nodded. “Did you do well?” Remus asked and Harry shook his head. “I was all ready for Filius and his duelling style and he changed it completely. Instead of using lots of locks and things like that he used the Reductor curse a lot and freezing charms to throw me.” Harry told him, “It was completely different to his usual style.” “Well it’s a good thing that he did then, isn’t it?” Remus said as they watched the class duelling, “You can’t afford just to learn to defence yourself against certain styles, or else you’ll be easy prey for anyone who’s style you’re unfamiliar with.” Remus reasoned. “And how was it with Mad Eye?” “Easier than it was before but still not very easy.” Harry said, “I was doing quite well though until he hit me with a couple of hexes in a row and bound me with Devil’s Snare.” He explained and Remus nodded. “You ought to try that in duels. If you can get a few spells in quick succession then you often end the duel there. Unfortunately it lowers your defence to put all your efforts into the offence.” Remus told him, “So depending on your opponent it might not be worth it. If your opponent is quick then I wouldn’t recommend it; they’ll block your efforts easily and then attack you in return.” “I noticed your absence at breakfast.” Harry said, glancing up at him with a smile playing on his lips. “Oh I was there, I assure you.” Remus murmured. “Are you aware that your office is now a jungle?” Harry asked him and Remus looked at him with a puzzled expression on his face. “Explain.” Remus told him. “I was going to call in and say ‘hi’ this morning but you’d already gone because it was quite late.” Harry said, “And when I opened the door it was full of rather lethal and exotic looking plants.” “Pomona is going to regret this.” Remus muttered. “I suppose we really should do some duelling.” Harry and Remus soon became absorbed in their duel and it was not until Remus beat Harry that they realised the class had long since stopped to watch them. “Homework: I want a roll of parchment on the proper usage of a reversal charm for Monday!” Remus called as they moved towards the door. There was a collective groan from the class as they left. Remus glanced out of the window of his classroom. He had a free lesson now and he had been planning to get some marking done in the staffroom but there were other things that could be done in that time. His gaze landed on Sprout’s greenhouses and he knew just what he was going to do.
“I really reckon it was the staff pretending to be Trelawney this morning, Hermione.” Ron said, not because he really cared but because he was enjoying winding her up. Hermione didn’t say anything but glared at him. “Well we’ve got Potions to go to.” Hermione said coolly, “It’s a pity you didn’t get an O isn’t it. After all, it wasn’t as if it was difficult.” She finished by casting him a cold glare and marching off into the dungeons leaving Harry and Ron stood there in stunned silence. “I’ll see you later…” Harry said to him as he turned to follow Hermione, knowing that to say anything else would probably offend him somehow. Harry turned from him and ran down the corridor and into the dungeons where he encountered a foot of water. He raised an eyebrow at it as he cast a water repellent charm on his body from the waist down and walked through it, the water parting at his feet. When he reached the potions classroom he saw that Snape was marching down the corridor with a similar spell on his robes to the one Harry had on him. Hermione had levitated herself above the water using Wingardium Leviosa but it wasn’t working too well as she found it difficult to move down the corridor. When she saw what Snape and Harry had both done she realised what a ridiculous spell she had overlooked. “Why haven’t you gone in yet?” Severus asked the student closest to him which happened to be Draco Malfoy. “Well we would have done Sir, but the door is locked.” He replied in his usual sneering manner. “And haven’t you been taught how to unlock doors?” Severus asked him in a similar fashion. He pointed his wand at the lock and muttered. “Alohomora.” The lock clicked and Severus reached out to the handle and pulled the door open. His eyes had just enough time to widen in horror before he was swept down the corridor along with his class. “And you didn’t think to extend the spell to your overlarge head, Potter?” Severus asked him as he got up from the floor after being dragged down the corridor by the large wave which had been in his classroom. He was completely dry to the irritation of the rest of the class. Harry dragged himself to his feet from the hard stone floor and looked down at himself in irritation – the bottom half of him was completely dry but from his waist upwards was drenched. He didn’t bother to use his wand when he quickly put a drying and heating spell on him. Severus watched in a state of mild amazement as Potter dried himself without using his wand. He had progressed rapidly through his magic and was nearing his fifth year spells now. He shook thoughts of amazement from his mind in time to glare at Potter as he ordered the class to dry themselves and get back down to the potions room before he stormed past them to the room. He didn’t know which of them had done this but he had a fair idea that it was Sabina and god help them they would regret filling his room with water. Minerva walked down the corridor whilst behind her more than a dozen students walked, each of them predicting her future with the aid of several crystal balls, three cups of tea and four plastic replicas of her own hand. “You have a rather long life line, Professor…” “The crystal ball never lies, I’m afraid.” “The tea leaves seem to be taking the form of some kind of large dog…” “SHUT UP, ALL OF YOU AND GET BACK TO YOUR COMMON ROOMS NOW!” Minerva yelled at the top of her voice as she got to the staffroom. The end of the day had finally arrived and she had been hounded by those damned students of Sybil’s who insisted on predicting her future incessantly. She flung the staffroom door open and saw to her utmost irritation that Heilia, Sabina, Argus, Sybil and Pomona were all sat around a table laughing and joking between them. She presumed that Poppy was in the hospital wing, probably plotting devious schemes and Remus, Filius and Severus were nowhere to be seen. She marched straight through the middle of her colleagues, knocking several cups of tea to the floor as she did so and over to the fireplace. She threw the floo into the flames and muttered something before stepping through into Remus’ office. “This is new.” She said, her eyebrow rose when she saw the jungle which was before her. She ducked as a large flowering plant nearby shot a dart at her and quickly threw more floo into the fireplace. “Flitwick’s office.” She said and stepped through the flames once more. “Ah, Minerva we were wondering when you were going to join us.” Remus said as she stared around the room in horror. “You are aware that your office is pink, aren’t you Filius?” She said and Filius nodded. “But they’ve locked the spells and I can’t seem to reverse it.” Filius complained as he began the arduous task of removing the wallpaper from the walls which had been blue before. “Do it later, Filius.” Severus told him. “Yes, I rather think some plotting is in order.” Remus said. “Most certainly.” Minerva agreed as Filius left the wallpaper and crossed the room to a section of the wall and simply walked straight though it, causing it to spin. “A revolving door?” Severus asked, his eyebrow raised. “I want a revolving door…” Remus said thoughtfully as he walked through the door and into Filius’ living quarters. “Did you know that Trelawney had her students hounding me all day?” Minerva asked as they passed into the room beyond. “They turned my office into a jungle.” Remus commented. “So I’ve seen.” Minerva replied. “And I was swept down the corridor by a large wave which was put in my classroom – effectively ruining all the potions and most of the ingredients which were in there.” Severus scowled, “The only upside was that I had the sixth years at the time so Potter and Malfoy were swept away as well.” “You know if you hadn’t have poisoned Sybil in the first place then none of this would have happened.” Filius said. “She had it coming.” Severus replied bluntly. “Now just start plotting!” A/N: So, what did you think? Was that a good enough explanation as to why his form is changing? I thought of it a while back since he is getting over Sirius and doesn't think about him much anymore (and after some belated research I have found that magical creatures can't be someone's animagus form but for the purpose of not altering things then I'm going to ignore this rule completely, so this is no longer canon [as if it was anyway, teachers in a war? I think not]). Anyway the next chapter doesn't have a title yet because I've not finished writing it but it's going to have a lot of Harry and Hermione chatting in it, information about the Quidditch team and Hogsmeade visit and more teachers with a bit of wandless magic thrown in for good measure. That should be up on Monday afternoon. :o) P.S. I'll be adding a new chapter to my other fic 'When Boredom Strikes' quite soon, so either tomorrow or the day after I'll probably get a new chapter for that up, hurrah!

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