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Disclaimer - I own none of the characters that you are familiar with...they are all J.K.Rowling's lovely toys. I just play with them! (J.K, i bow to you).

Ch.1 The Unfortunate Swap

You’re going to do what?” Lily hollered, standing up from her chair in one swift motion. Normally she would have yelled if she had been speaking to anyone other then the headmaster.

“You heard me Miss Evans, now if you’d be so kind as to sit back down…” Dumbledore started quite calmly.

“No I will not sit back down Professor. I’m sorry but you’ve got to be joking! Please tell me you’re joking,” Lily asked, a pleading look in her eyes.

“This is not a joke, Lily, it will only benefit you. I thought of it as I was having my afternoon tea yesterday. Please calm down and let me explain.” Dumbledore replied patiently to an exasperated Lily Evans.

“I don’t mean to sound rude headmaster, but what were you thinking? I mean its fifth year after all, owl year! This will most definitely not benefit me in the slightest! And of all the people to choose, I mean, Black? Black?” Lily exclaimed right back at the headmaster, no fear in her voice whatsoever. “How can I even think of calming down after what you just said? An experiment! Professor you know where I stand on the subject of Black!” Lily fought frantically. It was evident to her that she would lose against the Headmaster. But if she was going to be forced into this, it wouldn’t be without a fight.

“It is not an experiment Lily. It’s actually a very clever plan of mine if I do say so myself,” Dumbledore said with a twinkle noticeable in his blue eyes.

“But you told Black it was an experiment.” Lily said, then sighed, recognizing defeat, as the she sat back down into her chair

“Right you are. He thinks it’s simply an experiment so we can trust him not to tell anyone. Do you understand?” Dumbledore asked.

“So it’s more then just an experiment then?” Lily said, trying and failing to sound as relaxed and ok with the thought of this then she actually was.

“Yes in fact, I’d have to say it is.” Dumbledore said, choosing his words carefully. “You see for five years now, Mr. Black and his friends, I believe they call themselves the marauders, correct me if I’m wrong,” Dumbledore started.

Lily laughed at the name, recalling all of the times the four boys wouldn’t speak to anyone unless they were addressed specifically by the term Marauder. They defended their title like it were almost holy, and were extremely put out when someone had foolishly called them ‘the meridians’. But at least they didn’t prank that kid as much as they had the boy who had called them ‘the murderers’. But now the marauders were quite popular and had made big names for themselves at Hogwarts.

“I’m judging by your laugh, that I am correct.” Dumbledore said, keeping the conversation going.

“Yes, that’s what they have called themselves Professor, go on.” Lily suggested.

“As I was saying, Mr. Black and his friends have been making havoc on the castle for five years now, and I don’t see them stopping in the near future. Nor would I want them to.” Dumbledore added as an afterthought, “ But I think it’s time to teach young Sirius a quick lesson.”

Lily, liking where this conversation was now going, made quick eye contact with her professor and urged him to continue.

“What do you have in mind, Sir?” She asked.

“Well I want him to learn a little about responsibility before he leaves the castle and goes out to reek havoc on the unsuspecting world. Once he learns his little lesson, you and Mr. Black will be changed back into your normal selves.” Dumbledore was beaming, obviously proud of himself for thinking up such a wonderful plan.

Now Lily wasn’t smiling, in fact she was beginning to worry again.

“Wait a minute, until Black learns a lesson? But that could take years! That’s not fair, why me?” Lily dramatically asked the currently laughing headmaster.

“Because you have much responsibility in your life Miss Evans and I want to see if young Sirius will be able to handle it. In the meantime, you should just enjoy yourself with the other…marauders. Who knows? You might just learn something too…” Dumbledore trailed off, and it was clear to Lily that he had more ideas up his sleeve then he let on.

“Please come back here at 7:00 after dinner with Sirius and I will make the switch then. Remember not to tell anyone about anything or my plan will not work. Everyone has to believe that you are Sirius Black and that he is Lily Evans. If you do warn people, I will know Miss Evans and the switch might have to be made longer than you anticipate, as I might have to teach you a lesson as well. That is all. See you at 7:00, I advise you to enjoy your dinner!” Dumbledore finished his little speech and Lily, knowing that it was over headed down the spiral staircase in a state of registered shock.


Lily was currently taking a walk around the castle feeling absolutely terrible. Sirius was an immature, bigheaded show off after all, and now she had to pretend to be him. It was not her idea of the perfect fifth year. But what was worse, was that Sirius had to be her, in her body, and she had no idea of the sort of things he would do. It could take him months to figure out the lesson Dumbledore had set for him, especially since he thought that this was only an innocent experiment.

Lily had let her feet take her on a journey and was a little surprised when she found herself approaching the portrait to the Gryffindor common room. She let a small sigh escape her lips as she saw the four most popular, sought after boys in fifth year sitting under it, chatting easily. Well three at least. Peter wasn’t exactly talking; he was just listening to his best friends poke fun at each other.

“You know that there is carpet just on the other side of the portrait right? It’s a bit more comfortable then this hard marble stuff.” Lily asked the marauders as she came to a stop in front of them.

They had obviously not noticed her approach, but stopped talking immediately when she had spoken to them. One of them hadn’t moved a muscle but had just stared at her without speaking. A second marauder had turned to face Lily and smiled a genuine smile. The third just sighed as in relief then started laughing like a maniac, and the forth marauder had suddenly shot his hand up to his hair and proceeded to make it messier then it already had been.

Lily just rolled her eyes at them and raised an eyebrow. They were four annoying Gryffindor’s who thought they were better then anyone else, but Lily reminded herself, that no sooner then tonight, she would have to pretend to be one of them.

“We…er…. don’t exactly know the password,” Remus Lupin spoke, “If you would be so kind…?” He asked hoping against hope that she would let them in.

“Of course”, Lily thought to herself, “they weren’t here yesterday when we told the rest of the Gryffindors the password. Most likely out pranking someone”. Lily was a prefect, and as such, had the duty of setting the passwords, so of course she knew what the new one was.

“Hmmm,” she said, pretending to be seriously thinking about whether or not to let them in. She was going to have to be nice to them starting tonight she knew, so she decided she might as well start practicing now.

“Alright, it’s ‘Patronus’.”


It was 6:50 and Lily was sitting in the Great Hall already finished her dinner. She was waiting for Black to finish so that they could go up to Dumbledore’s office together, but he seemed to just keep refilling his plate. And he was obviously unaware of the time.

So it was with a frustrated sigh that Lily walked past the spot where Sirius was eating, gave him a knowing look, and then continued to walk out of the doors. Sirius, taking the hint, told his friends that he had a meeting with some teacher, hoping that they wouldn’t be able to see through his lie.

Needless to say, they didn’t.

So Sirius raced out of the hall and caught up with a very nervous looking Lily Evans.

“What’s the matter, eh? You get to leave behind all of your problems and be the noble Sirius Black for a while! Sounds interesting to me, I personally can’t wait.” Sirius had started saying. He did look genuinely happy at the thought of being someone else; it was like a big prank to him.

“Well I’ll just put it bluntly then shall I? I don’t trust you Black. I’m afraid of what you’ll do because knowing you, it could be anything.” Lily had stated, then seeing the look of shock on Sirius’ face, stopped talking.

“I’m not going to do anything…I swear, marauders honor! I’ll be good. But you in return can’t do anything that I wouldn’t do, got it? Like homework for example.” Sirius said chuckling to himself at his own little joke.

Lily was in no mood for joking, and was saved answering him when they had stopped in front of a gargoyle statue that they both knew would come to life and jump out of the way to reveal a hidden staircase. A staircase that would take them directly to Dumbledore’s office.

“Lemonade Lollipops” Lily exclaimed, and the gargoyle came to life and jumped over to one side to show the entrance to the staircase. They both stepped onto it and let it spin them up. Taking Sirius to what he thought was a big prank, and taking Lily to her doom.

“Welcome.” Professor Dumbledore said almost too cheerfully as Lily and Sirius walked out into the office then continued to sit in two seats that were placed opposite of each other.

“Morning Dad!” Sirius was beaming up at his headmaster fully ready for what was about to happen.

“Nice to see you too Sirius, Miss Evans.” He said, nodding in the direction of Lily. “Now we are going to do this quick so that no one realizes you two have been gone for a long period of time. Now remember, you have to act as the other would. Meaning, Lily you are now Sirius, troublemaker, prankster, and one of the leaders of the marauders.”

Sirius smiled widely as Dumbledore described him to Lily.

“And Sirius, you are now Lily, a very friendly, helpful prefect. Got it?” Dumbledore finished, waited for them both to nod their heads then walked from behind his desk, taking his wand out as he walked.

“Ok on the count of three then. One…” Dumbledore stood in front of them. “Two…” he raised his want and muttered a spell and instantly Lily and Sirius both felt themselves leave their bodies. “Three…” Lily blinked, and was shocked to see her body sitting in front of her in another chair. She looked down at her robes and realized they were Sirius’.

Sirius was also having an interesting time taking in his new look.

“I’m a girl!” He exclaimed, very happily for some reason.

Lily sucked in breath as she heard her own voice coming from the other side of the room.

“This is too weird” Lily said, her voice now sounding like the infamous marauder’s.

“You are both free to go” Dumbledore told them kindly. “And remember, not a word to anyone!”

And with that, they left his office and headed back to the Gryffindor common room, praying that they would be able to fool the other’s friends.


“Ok before we go in there I need to tell you some stuff.” Sirius was saying to Lily.

“Ok tell away.” She answered still not used to her voice sounding like a boys.

“Ok, now my friends will probably call you Padfoot when you’re alone with them. That is normal all right? Hmmm what else? James, or Prongs as I like to call him, is you new best friend got it? Be nice to him. You are going to share a bunk bed with him; you’ll be on the bottom bed. I think that’s it for now. Got any advice for me?” Sirius said, a smirk evident on his face. He knew that Lily was going to have to try very hard to be nice to James.

“Well, I have this book next to my bed, which is the one closest to the door, you’ll find all of your prefect meetings, and tutoring sessions in it. Good luck with those! Your new best friend is Christina Conroy. Be nice to her, don’t…I don’t know…hit on her or anything…. that wouldn’t go too well.” Lily finished thinking about what would happen if Sirius acted like…well himself.

“Ok ready?” Lily asked.


And they entered the common room.

James immediately came running over to Lily, who he thought was Sirius.

“Why are you with Lily, mate? Anyways, come with me, Remus was just telling us some interesting stuff up in our room.”

And Lily had no choice but to follow James into his, and now her, room. As soon as she entered it she started to feel nervous. Sirius was one of the ringleaders of the group, they listened to him, and they would defiantly know if something was up. Well James would anyway.

“Alright,” Remus resumed his speech. Lily had always liked him the best, “We were just talking about the best prank ever Padfoot! Wait until you hear this.”

And it went on like that for the next few hours. The three boys and “Sirius” talked about their new prank, and Lily found that it was pretty easy to be Sirius. She just had to give her opinion about things, once and a while start a pretend argument with James, which she guessed happened regularly for a good laugh, then attempt to find her trunk to get her pajamas when it was time for bed.

It was near midnight when the boys even started talking about going to bed. James had wanted to go down to the kitchens to get some food, but Lily just said that she wasn’t hungry and that they could go tomorrow. It was apparently the wrong thing to say, as the other three thought that Sirius was always hungry and always up for an adventure.

“I’m just tired you guys.” She said, “Let me sleep then we can pull double the pranks tomorrow ok?”

“Whatever, mate” James replied, then yawned at the person he assumed was his best friend.

James then changed into his pajamas right in the middle of the room, and Lily had to force herself to look away, because she was sure that Sirius would never stare at his best friend’s body. James had the best-toned body she had ever seen though, thanks to years of quiddich, but she quickly let that thought slip her mind as she got into her new bed.

“Night, Padfoot.”

“Night Prongs” Lily said, remembering the name Sirius had told her to call James earlier.

Lily lay in her bed anticipating the next day. “Maybe the marauders aren’t that bad” she thought to herself. "They seem nice enough to eachother at least." And with that thought in mind, she drifted to a comfortable sleep.

James was lying in the bed right over Sirius’ also thinking to himself. He couldn’t get to sleep so easily. James immediately knew something was wrong with Sirius, as this was the first time in five years Sirius had turned down one of his adventures, and also the first time in five years he hadn’t snored.

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