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Respect Me

Too Relaxed?

They appeared in the middle of her living room still hand in hand, staring straight ahead. Hermione turned her head a little to look at Draco. He still stood still, his hand still clutching hers down by his side and he was still fuming from the wanker from the club.

“Bloody muggle! Should have crucio’d the bastard – show him!!!” he mumbled under his breath. Hermione took the initiative stepped in front of him and kissed him just like in the club. She felt his tension fall away immediately as his hands came up from his sides and ran up across her cheeks. Their bodies moved up closer against each other and hands began roam. She ran her hands up his front and wrapped her them around his neck then up into his hair as their bodies moved closer than imaginable before melting into one. Tongues intertwining - going faster and faster, gasping for breath.

His hands now moved down her body, caressing her curves, then back up to her shoulders where he slipped the spaghetti straps off her smooth shoulders. He ran his hands up and down her arms then down to her waist. He couldn’t get enough of her. She began to walk him backwards in the direction of the bedroom – all the while still kissing passionately not moving from each other’s bodies. Soon enough they were in the bedroom, beside the bed and they pulled apart from each other just long enough to rip off his shirt and then hers. She now stood there, top naked except for her lacy black bra. She then moved her hands down to continue stripping him of his clothes – beginning with his belt buckle. He moved his hands down and halted her hands. She looked up at him with a questioning look on her face.

“Hermione . . . you’re beautiful but . . . are you sure?” he questioned carefully. Her face softened.

“Draco . . . yes. I’m not a child. I know that I want this. I want you . . .” she stated simply and he smiled at her and leaned down and kissed her gently, slow and passionate, caressing her cheeks with her beautiful hair falling around her face.

“Ok then . . . now let me help you with that problem you were having!” He then, very easily removed his belt and pants. They went back to kissing - quick and hard, tongues rushing against each other madly as their longing for each others bodies increased. She slipped her skirt off of her hips and now there was barley anything hiding her or him except for her small garments of underwear and his boxers. They were now still, not kissing but just standing together, his hands around her waist her hands restfully clutching his arms. She brought her hands up behind her back and unhooked her bra which then fell straight to the floor. He moved in and began to kiss her.

Their kisses deepened as they fell onto her over springy bed – hand and tongue movements never ceasing. His kisses began to trail down her body. Sucking. Licking. Biting. His actions made her moan out loud with the pleasure he was creating. Harder. Softer. Her moaning – louder. Quieter. While he continued with his actions, his hands moved down to her panties which he then proceeded to take off. He threw them to the floor with ease. His underwear that was holding him back soon had a place beside hers.

They were now totally stripped and he moved up to her face and kissed her. Then it began. Slow and smoothly. She let out a gasp as the all too familiar pain came back from that long time ago since her last. She screwed up her eyes but then opened them again as the pain slowly turned to pleasure. He grunted a little as he continued, all the while he cradled her body below his, her hands clasping around the back of his shoulders as her moans increased with his grunts. He opened his eyes and looked at her – straight in the eyes. They were alive with the moment and her lips slightly parted from her heavy breathing. Her eyes closed tight again as the pleasure overtook her. He began to move faster, his thrusts increasing along with her moans of pleasure. The peak was close. They could both feel it. Tingling with pleasure. They heightened. She clutched tighter to him and he held her closer against his chest. Higher. Faster. Louder. Screaming out at the peak and then it was over and he collapsed on top of her – both panting fast.

He rolled off of her so that he lay beside her, still holding her in his arms. They were still breathing heavily. When their breathing became controlled he had to ask her.

“Was that your . . . well . . . you seemed like you were . . . hurting . . .” he asked carefully. It wasn’t something you normally talk about after sex.

“No, you weren’t my first. It’s just been a long time since . . .” she stated. Now he was intrigued. Long time. That meant it was probably at Hogwarts. He had to know who.

“Who was it?”

“I’m not telling you that!”

“Was it Potter?”

“NO!” she was outraged a little that he would think of him first. “Harry and I are nothing but friends. Never would we . . .”

“Well if he knew how good this was he’d want to in a heart beat!” she slapped him on his side. She didn’t know whether to be offended or flattered. He smiled at her reaction. He loved to get her riled. Her reactions were funny yet beautiful. But back to the topic in question. “Then it had to be Weasley.”

“Oh god no. Not Ron.”

“Then who? No actually, when?” he asked hoping this question would help him a little.

“Ok, I’ll give you that. It was the summer holidays after sixth year.”

“Really? Hmmm . . . Longbottom?” he smiled; he knew she wouldn’t like that. And he was right when she hit him instead of a response.

“Oh . . . you really are infuriating! It was Victor-” she said exasperated.

“KRUM?!? No way! You and him?” he was clearly shocked.

“We did date for over a year! But that was a mistake anyway because he was really twisted!” Draco still looked a little shocked that this mystery man wasn’t any ordinary loser but the seeker he idolised.

“Why was he twisted?”

“He asked me to marry him and leave school because he said he could provide for me. He was defiantly a few sheep lost in the top paddock!”


“Means he was a little lost in the head.” She explained and snuggled closer and he wrapped his arms around her tighter. She thought about her day so far. A visit from the traitor Professor Lawry. Slipping fun in the bathroom and a night out on the town. And now a cosy bed. She was told to relax so she did. She faded off to sleep in Draco’s arms.

She looked so beautiful laying there in his arms. Her hair fanned out around her and the sheet just covered her. He felt a bit chilly now that the heat of the night had disappeared. He looked over to see that her window was open and letting the cold breeze in. He got up and closed the window and she whined a little now that he had moved away from her. She would be cold now that he had moved away from her, so he brought up her dooner and wrapped it tight around her small body. This was when he realised what he was doing and came to his senses. He’s on the run from the officials and Voldemort and here he is bedding Granger and putting her now in more danger than before. If someone were to figure out that this came to be, they could really use it against him, because, let’s face it - he didn’t consider this a one night stand. He had feelings, maybe not really strong ones but he cared for her and her safety.

He had made his decision - he was leaving. He collected his crinkled clothes off the floor – dressed and then left the room.

**Early the Next Morning**

Hermione woke and immediately it felt wrong. Something wasn’t right. She felt around her bed and quickly figured it out. She was alone.

“Draco?” she called out. No answer. Why? She got out of bed and wrapped the sheet around her. She walked out of the bedroom and looked around in her living room. Empty. She looked around the room and saw a piece of paper and a pencil on the counter. He’d written a note. It read . . .



I’m sorry you had to wake up and find me gone. No doubt you’re annoyed! I’ve done something wrong by staying so long with you. I took advantage of you when you were weak. I’ve put you in danger. I’m going to go find some old friends now, establish an existence somewhere else. I’ll see you again soon. Don’t give up hope on me. You’ll respect me yet.



“I’m not weak – they all think that!” she half screamed, half whispered. She threw the note to the ground and screamed. “I’ll show them. I’ll be the strongest ever!”


Authors Note: Well, this chapter is the entire reason why the story is rated mature. I originally wanted to make this much more detailed but they won’t let me! :(


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