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DISCLAIMER: as always the original HP characters are accredited to J.K. Rowling, but the new characters previous to the last three are all accredited to Miss_Moral who is not in any way affiliated with me. I just loved her story and saw how it I could see it forming out. She has been gracious enough to allow me to continue writing this. I fully suggest reading all of the stories written by Miss_Moral I know its short but i have little "computer time" so i have to write and transfer. i have two longer chapters i hope to get in before the week is out so please keep reading. reviews are welcome as always! :) As Harry stepped into the room of requirements he found many different books about dark magic awaiting his exploration on a long black coffee table that stood in front of a comfortable looking deep maroon couch. Next to the couch on both sides sat two matching chairs both with footstools of the same material. Beside the chair on the right Harry found a smaller square table made of wood with round bronze feet and trimmings on the top. Sitting on that table was an oval shaped bowl made of copper with intricate designs of crimson and turquoise that swirled around the bowl and the lid that was set on the top. Harry walked over to the bowl and tried to open the lid but it would not open. Harry suddenly looked up at a loud tapping coming from the window and saw Fawkes outside beckoning to come in. He ran over to the window and opened it up. Fawkes landed gracefully on a large oak desk sitting near the window and held out his leg waiting for Harry to remove the letter. After he untied the letter Fawkes then flew back out the window and Harry shut it behind him. Then Harry walked over to the chair nearest the bowl and sat to read it. Dear Harry, I thought you might be curious about the pensive sitting at the small table in the room of requirements. I sent it there figuring you would be using the room tonight. I have been saving it for sometime now and decided that now is the time for you to use it. The things you store in this pensive will be able to be seen by you and I alone unless we are there to show someone else. I have charmed this pensive so that it will only open when you are in a clear state of mind. It will also appear anytime either of us needs it. I have cleared it with the ministry after telling them of your letter. Please use it carefully, and remember that the things placed in it can be seen by the two of us alone unless we choose other wise. It would also be wise of you to keep this knowledge amongst yourself and your closest friends. Remember even some of your friends can not withhold when under the grasp of Lord Voldemort. Professor Dumbledore Harry looked over at the pensive with more curiosity now and decided to try and open it. He sat strait forward and attempted to clear his mind but the face of Hermione kept floating in an out of the emptiness. After a few failed attempts he gave up and picked up a large brownish green book with dust on it that sat at the top of the pile, Dark Wizards of the Nineteenth Century after about an hour of reading about the darkest wizards and what they had done he put the book down and reached for another. This one was a huge black book with a sign that he didn’t recognize crested in silver on the front, this book too was very dusty and looked as though it hadn’t been used in many years. A History Of Dark Magic this looked like it might be more help than the last one was. He flipped to the index and in it found Chapter Six: Ancient Asian Spells and Potions he then flipped to the chapter and started reading. About halfway through on a page with pictures of Chinese men creating a potion he found notes in the margin and on the corners of the page in writing that he recognized from somewhere. It couldn’t have been Dumbledore’s because it wasn’t as loopy, and surly no one else he knew had been studying the book. Thinking about what he had just found he tried to open the pensive once again. He remembered last year in his occulmency lessons with Snape how he had managed to free his mind completely two or three times and he tried that now. After a few meager attempts he managed to open it and saw one solitary image swirling around in the silvery liquid, when he got closer the image stopped and it was a Dumbledore. Harry then remembering how he had gotten to see the images before in Dumbledore’s office he lowered his head into the pensive and saw Dumbledore standing in his office and saying “ Harry just as you have found this thought of mine I will be able to see your thoughts and memories. Please don’t let this discourage you from using it. I believe that now this has happened it is very important for you to keep memories that are important to you guarded. As you know Voldemort uses mind power to control most of his victims and will take away some of those dearest to them. Your memories are safe with me so don’t be afraid to use it for personal use as well as and alternative means of communication to me. You are welcome to explore any of my thoughts and memories placed in this pensive and I will observe yours as well. Good luck.” With that Harry was jolted back out of the pensive and the image of Dumbledore went back to swirling in the silvery mist. Remembering how Snape had put memories into the pensive Harry touched his wand to his temple and extracted the memory and put it in the pensive and watched it swirl with the other image. After this he placed about six or seven others including in those the memory of earlier that night when he got the letter. Looking closer at the swirling image he was somewhat surprised to see Hermione and Duncan’s faces in the image. He then placed his head back into the mist and heard Hermione softly say “I…wouldn’t mind being your babies mother either” then he saw the owl fly through the open window while he was leaning over to kiss her, then opening the letter, the black smoke filling the room, him lying on the floor holding his head and writhing in pain as he cursed loudly. Then he heard his own thoughts as loudly as if they were spoken about how he wanted to make sure Hermione and Duncan were safe but he couldn’t because of the pain. He then pulled out of the pensive and laid on the couch. Reliving this memory had caused his scar to prickle uncomfortably. After looking at his watch and reading four a’ clock he decided to rest for awhile and dosed off. A/N: Although Harry is still in the Room of Requirements the next part is when he wakes up, and the story continues on from there. Please send reviews and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!

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