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DISCLAIMER: as always the original HP characters are accredited to J.K. Rowling, but the new characters previous to the last three are all accredited to Miss_Moral who is not in any way affiliated with me. I just loved her story and saw how it I could see it forming out. She has been gracious enough to allow me to continue writing this. I fully suggest reading all of the stories written by Miss_Moral
ok there have been around 260 reads and still only 20 reviews i would love it if you review. even if its something like i hate this story go stick you head in an out house. ;) any way please review. i will answer them

When Harry returned to the suite he felt eerily alone and was very worried about the two people he loved most that were lying up in the hospital wing unconscious because of a letter sent to him. He decided that he couldn’t spend all night by himself and gathered up his invisibility cloak and the mauraders map and headed for the hospital wing. When Harry got their Hermione looked up from her bed in the corner closest to the door and whispered. “ Harry is that you?”
Harry pulled off the cloak and went over to her because she was now crying out of the joy of seeing him. Hermione was sitting up in bed against the headboard with baby Duncan in her arms fast asleep.
“ I am so sorry about all of this Hermione. I was so worried about you and Duncan that I could not just stay in the suite alone all night.” Harry said with worry clearly expressed in his gently spoken words.
“ It isn’t your fault Harry, I am just so relived that you are alright. When I came to and you weren’t here I thought you were…” Hermione couldn’t say any more because her voice caught in her throat. She started crying very hard now and was still able to keep it almost silent in fear of Madam Pomfrey coming out and giving them detention. Harry put his arm around her shoulder and she leaned her head against him.
“ I don’t know what I would have done. We haven’t signed the papers to adopt Duncan yet and they might have taken him away from me because I am not a blood relative and then he would have gone to an orphanage and I cant give him up I just cant.” Hermione said in a very panicked voice.
“ I know, I know, we need to see Dumbledore tomorrow about signing the papers.” Harry said in a very gentle calming tone and Hermione relaxed a little. Harry reached over and kissed Duncan gently on the forehead then Hermione spoke again.
“ He really is ours Harry. After we sign the papers can we write to your aunt and uncle and as their permission to have him call us Mum and Dad? I would also like to get a picture of them so that we can tell Duncan when he gets old enough.”
Harry smiled because he was thinking this very same thing earlier.
“ Of coarse we can. He’ll be talking soon and he might as well be calling us the proper names.” Harry said now with a tinge of humor in his eyes.
Both of them smiled at this thought. Harry then spoke in a very serious tone of voice and said,
“ That letter had an old Chinese symbol on it and Dumbledore said that there is and ancient Chinese dark magic that could have be discovered by Voldamort and I want to find out more about it if I can. I think I am going to go to the room of requirements and see if I can find anything. I will be back to check on you first thing in the morning.” Harry smiled and got up from the bed. Hermione looked up at him and said in a somewhat worried and almost motherly tone,
“ Please be careful and try not to spend all night in there. You should probably go and explain to Ron about our not being at the feast tonight. I’ll bet he is really angry at us. And don’t worry about us we’ll be fine you should go enjoy breakfast in the great hall for once and if they ask where I am just say I slept in.” Harry then making a quick decision bent down and kissed both Duncan and Hermione on the forehead and then slipped the cloak back over himself and left Hermione smiling contentedly.

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