Lavender heard the door open and instantly froze. Could it be... "Hey," came Parvati's voice from behind her. "I've been looking for you." Lavender was quite aware of this, actually. She had been trying all day to avoid Parvati. "So," Parvati continued. "What's new?" Lavender turned around slowly. "Nothing...nothing really." "Why have you been avoiding me?" Parvati asked. "I haven't been..." "Yes you have!" "Well what makes you think that?" Parvati folded her arms. "I don't know. Maybe when you saw me walking down the hallway and immediately ran the other way, knocking over three first years in the process." "I...I..." Lavender stammered. "I was in a hurry." "Uh-huh," Parvati replied flatly. "Does this, by any chance, have anything to do with Neville?" "No! Of course not! Why would it..." she stopped in mid-sentence. "All right. I just thought...well...I thought you'd make fun of me." "I'd never make fun of you!" Parvati immediately replied. "You're my best friend! I was just upset that I wasn't the first one to know that you and Neville had gotten together! I mean, when I have to hear from some random second year Hufflepuff that my best friend's going out with someone, it kind-of hurts." "I'm sorry," Lavender sighed. "It's just that Neville's" "Weird?" "Yeah, that's it." "Well he is kind-of weird," Parvati admitted, "but if you like him...then I won't make fun of you! He is kind-of nice..." Lavender smiled. "Thanks. I know." (A/N: happy and fluffy...that's enough of that for now!) ****************************************************************************** Harry was thoroughly annoyed. He was going to have to send Ginny another love note, and this time, he would make sure it actually got to her. The obvious way to assure that she would know it was intended for her, of course, would be to write her name on it. However, Harry feared that someone else might take it from him before he got a chance to give it to her, and his secret would be out. So he decided to write another note, exactly like he had the first time. **You're sweet, kind, funny, and beautiful. I really like you** Determined, he entered the common room, but ran into Ron and Seamus before he could do anything. "Hey," Harry said uneasily, stuffing the note into his pocket as inconspicuously as possible. "What're you up to?" "Flooing things," Ron replied. "Seamus found some floo powder." "That's nice," Harry commented offhandedly, paying no attention to what they were saying. "We got bored, so we wanted to see what kind of stuff we'd be able to floo," Ron explained. "Uh-huh." "Well first we wanted to know if you'd be able to floo food," Seamus began, "so we tried a cupcake and it worked. Then we tried a whole buncha other stuff and it all worked too! Well...we had a bit of trouble flooing Neville's pants though but we got 'em to go eventually." "That's nice," Harry repeated. He was busy folding and unfolding the note in his pocket. "Let's see, what else could we floo..." Ron thought aloud. Unfortunately at that moment, Harry decided to take the note out of his pocket for some reason. "Hey! Parchment! We haven't tried flooing parchment!" Much to Harry's horror, Ron snatched the note out of his hand, tossed it into the fire, and threw down the floo powder. In a flash of emrald flames, it was gone. "RON! I needed that! I can't believe you!" Harry exclaimed, outraged. "Why didn't you ask me if..." Suddenly he stopped. "What is it mate?" "Wait a minute," he thought out loud. "You've been flooing these things...but where have they been going?" Ron and Seamus exchanged looks. "Have you been telling them where to go?" Harry asked. "Uuh..." Ron looked up at the ceiling. "Where the bloody hell has all this stuff been ending up?" *****Meanwhile, in the Slytherin Common Room***** "What's going on?" Malfoy snapped as he approached the crowd that had formed. "Why's everyone gathered around the fireplace?" "Stuff keeps comin' outa it!" Goyle grunted. "Stuff keeps coming out of what?" "The fireplace!" Malfoy pushed his way through the crowd and saw a pile of the most random things imaginable sitting beside the fireplace. First he noticed what looked like a blanket that had a pair of pants lying of top of it, very similar to those worn by Neville Longbottom. His eyes then fell on a cupcake (with a bite taken out of it), a quill, three books, a picture frame holding a picture of Hermione Granger (?), seven left shoes, a toad, and a rather ugly hat. "Where's it all coming from?" he wondered. "Dunno," Crabbe grunted. "I think someone's flooing it all," Malfoy continued. "But...who'd want to floo all THIS stuff? And why would they want to floo it HERE?" Suddenly, the fire lit up once more and a piece of parchment appeared in a burst of green flames. Malfoy immediately grabbed it and read. **You're sweet, kind, funny, and beautiful. I really like you** Well it was obvious it was for him. The only question was, who was it from? ********************************************************************** "Calm down Harry, it was just an accident!" Ron said. "That wasn't an accident! You grabbed that paper out of my hand and flooed it....ON PURPOSE!" "Well yeah, you've got me there," Ron replied thoughtfully, "but I didn't know it was important!" "Well it was!" "Why?" Harry moaned. He was finally going to explode from all his frustration. "All this time I've been trying to send a love note to...SOMEONE! But they just...haven't gotten it yet! I sent one a while ago! IT SAID, I've liked you for a while, but haven't gotten up the courage to tell you! I think you're amazing! THAT'S WHAT IT SAID!" "Hey," said a voice from behind him. "That's what the note Lavender sent to me said." "I never sent you that note," Lavender replied, looking perplexed. "OF COURSE SHE DIDN'T, I DID!" Neville paused. "You sent me that note? Harry...I'm sorry...but I'm not like that..." "NO!" Harry roared, growing more and more annoyed. "That note was supposed to be for Ginny!" Ginny, who had been sitting at the other end of the room, looked up at the sight of her name. ******************************************************************* **AN EXCERPT FROM HERMIONE'S JOURNAL** I was originally doing homework in the common room, but once Ron and Seamus decided to floo things, I thought it would be best to leave. *sigh* I'm really beginning to think that the note isn't from Ron. He would be acting funny around me by now if it was. It was probably Pansy trying to play a trick on me or something. Ugh, I still need to finish my Herbology diagrams. I've been sitting here in the library for an hour now and for some reason, I just can't concentrate! I mean, I'm not hungry...well I am, but that's nothing unusual. I'm not angry at anyone...when I'm angry I write faster...I don't really think I'm sad either...I don't know what I am right now! BUT I DON'T LIKE IT! **Things that I don't like** 1.) This. (wow, that's specific - I mean the way I'm feeling right now) 2.) Ham 3.) When the pages of a book get stuck together 4.) When I copy down homework wrong and then have to ask Harry or Ron what I'm supposed to do, not that they'll know, it's just polite of me to ask them first 5.) When I get wet, but I don't WANT to be wet 6.) Ham 7.) Wow...I didn't realize I'd written ham twice...umm, what else, getting lost 8.) When I run out of ink 9.) When I loose my quill 10.) Whe- Ginny's coming, she looks happy, i should probably see what it is ********************************************************************************** "You're WHAT?" "I'm...going out with Harry," she repeated, unable to wipe the grin off her face. "Ginny, that's...that's great!" "I know!" she squeaked. "I had no idea that he liked me! You see, he had sent me a note but Neville got it and thought it was from Lavender! How funny is that!" "Hilarious," Hermione replied half-heartedly. That was it, she thought to herself. The note she had gotten was probably intended for someone else. "It was so funny, Ron almost died," Ginny continued. "He started making death threats to Harry until I stopped him!" "Oh dinner's going to be fun tonight," Hermione muttered, imagining what it would be like sitting between Harry and Ron as they argued. She sighed. Her day just kept getting better. ************************************************************************* A/N: The flooing the note to the Slytherins thing was partially my sister's idea, just getting that out there. Reviews are so much appreciated and they make me happy! And if you haven't figured it out already, happy authors update faster... And sorry that this was short.

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