Chapter 1: Summer Fling Thing I am sitting on the edge of my bed, waiting for the time to pass by. The seconds seem to crawl incruciatingly slow, the hands of the clock agonizingly inching their way around the face. It is unusually quiet, save for the rhythmic ticking. I am getting restless, anxious. C’mon, Just chill...don’t become impatient, now. I don’t want to end up looking desperate...I sigh and let my eyes drop to the charm bracelet that is hanging about her wrist. There are exactly seven charms. Each one unique. I smile lightly, remembering exactly when I had gotten it. It was in December, my friend--Quidditch teammate--Brendan gave it to me as a present. Each charm represents a member on the team. Lirael lets out a soft hoot in her cage at the corner of the room, catching my attention. She is peacefully sleeping, her head buried in her ebony feathers. My eyes fall to my feet, my dainty feet stuffed into a pair of black sling-backs, and swing them back and forth lazily. A curled lock of my raven hair falls over my face and I brush it away absent-mindedly, letting a breath of air slip past my painted crimson lips. My violet eyes jump to the clock that ticks by on the wall. I frown, eyebrows furrowing lightly. He is late. A knock on the door makes me jump, before it opens and I lay eyes on my younger cousin. My tall, slender, and tan younger cousin with mahogany tresses and bright green eyes. I sigh and drop my shoulders. “He’s stood me up!” I hiss angrily, slamming my fist onto my bed. “My blind date stood me up!! The nerve of some men, he hasn’t even seen me yet and he’s already decided I’m not worth his time!!” I rant, pacing my room. In truth, I am just quite relieved. I’m not sure whether or not I am ready to put my heart on the line once more...especially after my whole Hogwarts ordeal. Maybe it’s to soon? Really...I did get hurt. And the pain is still there. Lingering...mocking me. Maybe not quite as terrible as before, but it is definitely still there. I know this because, whenever I close my eyes, I can see Wood’s smirking face gazing down at me. And that look in his eyes that he would get before he kissed! NO!! Wrong train of thoughts! No!! OK, where was I? Ranting!! Right-- “--Honestly! How could Rosette hook me up with a stand-upper? Why I’m gonna kill her big fat arse tomorrow--oooh, when practice begins...she’s gonna so regret it!” My cousin laughs, green eyes twinkling. “Relax, Kori.” She says calmly, “It’s not even 6:00 yet!” The girl steps into my room and sits herself on the bed, gracefully smoothing out her skirt. I arch a brow and cross my arms, “But it’s five to six!” I insist, “If he’s not early he’s late! And right now would be the perfect time to pick me up--” Ding dong. Damn my luck. Why am I always wrong about these things? Seeing my cousin’s knowing smirk, I frown, “Oh, shut up, Shawna.” I growl testily. Shawna only grins, knowing I hate to be wrong, and am reluctant to go on this date. “Kori, would you calm down? This isn’t your first date, is it?” I am about to reply, when the thought crosses my mind. Did my flings with Oliver Wood count? No...probably not. All we did was kiss...and cuddle...and kiss some more...and argue--which I have to admit, I miss--and kiss some more... I can still recall my first kiss. Oddly enough, my first kiss saved my life!! My first kiss that was followed after by my second kiss...I can still recall the feel of Wood’s lips on mine...savoring their sweet rapture... No! NO--I can’t think about Wood anymore!! Stop thinking about that!! Wood is done! He is over!! He is engaged!! Get over him!! Right...back to the question. Er--what was it? Oh right--yes, have I ever been on a date? “No...” I answer slowly, and Shawna sighs. “Well, then who’ve you kissed, and why?” She pries. I frown, not wanting to talk about Wood--he was engaged, afterall--and shake my head. I’ve been thinking about him enough over the summer. Seeing him everywhere. It was crazy how often I’d hear him calling my name. Or feeling...longing...for the brush of his lips against my skin--STOP IT!! “It’s not important.” I answer lazily as I study my reflection in the mirror to distract my wandering thoughts. “He’s just some guy.” That was hard to say, considering Wood was not just ‘some guy’. He was the most amazing guy I have ever known. The sweetest guy I have ever met. And the one person I’ve truly loved--but I am young. So I can’t quite justify that last part. Can I? --Can’t justify it my arse! Just because I can’t have him, doesn’t mean I have to be in denial. I KNOW Wood is the only one I’ll ever love... Shawna is watching me twirl about the mirror, and scowls when a rather doubtful expression falls over my features. I often wear the expression. Looking deep in thought. Troubled almost. I can tell she wants to know what’s the matter...and just as she is about to ask me what was wrong, the doorbell echoes through the apartment. “You’re date’s getting impatient, Kor.” She says, instead, deciding that it isn’t the time to bring it up--much to my relief. I’m not ready to tell her. Not yet. I sigh, “Do you think I look OK?” I ask. I feel a bit...awkward. Shawna nods approvingly as her eyes washed over me, making sure to watch out for any flaws. There are none. Which I say so proudly ;p I did it all myself, thank you very much! I never was one to dress much. I’d dress up on Halloween. Dances maybe. But not usually. So it is odd to see myself flaunting my body in the deep violet velvet that hugs me in all the right places. “You look gorgeous, Kor. Now go answer the door before your date leaves!” I giggle, I can’t help it, and stop my spinning. “I’m going on a date!” I exclaim softly, happy at the thought of finally beginning to heal the wounds Wood has created. They have haunted me for the whole summer...I could never forget them--but the only way to forget about Wood, is to go crazy for some other guy. Shawna nods and takes me by the arm. “Not if you keep stalling!” She warns. I smile and stop by my dresser-drawer. Lifting open a small jewelry box, I eye a necklace with a fine unicorn hair string and a heart-shaped dragon-scale pendant. After doing some quick thinking, I take the necklace. “Shawna, I want you to have this.” Shawna looks down at the necklace in my hands and gasps. “Are you sure? Oh, no!! It’s so beautiful!” She whispers. I smile at her interest. I knew she’d like it. “Yeah, I’m sure.” I can’t bear to see it--out with the old, in with the new. “But why?” The girl asks as she lifts her mahogany locks from her neck so I can hook it about her neck. Even with heels, I barely make an inch to Shawna’s eyes. I shrug as I open me bed room door. “It...just brings back rather sad memories...” About Hogwarts. And George. And along with George comes memories of--no! No...I will not let myself think those I can’t. I can’t. “This really sweet guy gave it to me...I didn’t deserve him...” Shawna nods her understanding and falls back onto my bed. “Well, then. Go have fun on your blind date.” She giggles, raising her eyebrows up and down rather suggestively. I scowl, cheeks tinged with scarlet, “Don’t you mess up my apartment!” I threaten as I walk on down the hallway. “Remember to go to Diagon Alley, Shawn!” I call, “You need to by your supplies for Hog--Hogwarts!” Damn, the name choked me. I have to get over this. I can’t live in regret the rest of my life. Shawna’s innocent voice rings back, “I won’t! Remember, I’m the responsible one!” I laugh as I reach for the doorknob. I have to admit, I am at least a bit excited to see the handsome young boy my neighbor set for me. Rosette always went on and on about him, saying that if she wasn’t happily married, she’d definitely go for him. She said that he was very handsome and charming. She said he was just my type. But I can’t help but wonder, if I don’t know my own type, how would Rosette? I shake these thoughts of doubt from my head, and, taking a deep breath, open the door. My jaw drops. WOOD?!! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A/N: I know, I know--really short! Very very sorry! But here it is! The first chappie of one of the sequels! Please review and tell me what you think! Luvs ya all much!! **Di**

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