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Chapter 32 The Past is the Past I have made my decision regarding whether or not there will be a sequel to this story, the answer being at the end of this chapter, so as I see it you have two options. First option- Read chapter, then see decision. Or for you less impatient readers out there –Option 2- Scroll down now! Let me say now before I forget as well that I have deicded and at the moment are attempting to post a revised version of this story on, so that being said if you want to go and take a look at that, it's there! (I think, I am really confused by their posting dealie, so I dunno I might have to call for help at some time!) * ** *** ** * “I think it’s going really well.” Said James excitedly at breakfast the next morning. He, Lily, Sirius, and Remus had all gotten up early and decided to make an early day of it, while everyone else slept in. “I know it is.” Added Remus, smiling mysteriously. “I plan on spending some one on one time with him today, maybe on the Quidditch pitch.” James commented absentmindedly as he pushed his scrambled eggs across his plate. “I think that would be a good idea.” Said Remus nodding in approval. “I just can’t believe he’s so old now, even though we watched him through the veil I still just picture him as a one year old.” Lily said, a nostalgic look on her face. “Well if he’s a one year old, he sure is a pretty big one year old.” Sirius joked. “Oh stop it, you know what I mean.” Lily said rolling her eyes. “I think he’s getting healthier too.” James continued. “And I think he’s starting to move on.” “I hope so.” Said Remus. “Me too.” Agreed Lily, “I want to spend some one on one time with him at some point as well.” “They’ll be plenty of time for that, everything’s fine now, we don’t have to worry about waking up and being dead anymore, we have tomorrow.” Said Sirius, a silly smile on his face. “Honestly, are you just incapable of being serious.” “No, of course I’m Sirius, that is after all my name.” Sirius joked, met with another eye roll, along with an affectionate smile from Lily. * ** *** ** * Harry woke up early as well, but instead of heading down for the great hall for some breakfast, was making his way towards the headmaster’s office. “Ah, Harry, what brings you here?” Asked Dumbledore warmly as Harry entered his office. “Well professor –“ Harry began, before the aged man cut him off. “It’s Albus now Harry.” “Oh right, sorry Albus, it’s just going to take some time to get used to that.” Harry said, running a hand through his unruly hair. “Perfectly understandable, now do you have a matter you need to discuss?” “Well yeah, I wanted to tell you something, and I don’t think I’ll really be able to move on until I just let you know what’s going on, that way it’ll be like I’ve finished my part and the order can deal with it, but then of course -.” Harry stopped, once he noticed he was rambling. The headmaster continued smiling benignly. “Would you care to explain Harry?” He asked, folding together his hands on his desk. “You know how I went up to talk with Brooke and Neville professor?” “Of course.” “Well when I was leaving I heard a whistle that caught my attention, so I moved towards it.” “Continue.” Said Albus, leaning forward closer to Harry from across the desk in concentration. “It ended up being Malfoy trying to get my attention.” “Draco?” “Yeah, Draco, so I kneeled down next to his cell, and he told me some things that got me thinking.” “What type of things?” “Well for one he told me I wasn’t as safe as I thought, and he told me that when the time came for him to come and find him, so he could tell me what t do. Of course his only condition was that I removed him from Azkaban.” “I see, did Mr. Malfoy say anything else that caused you worry?” “Not really beyond the ordinary, but then Brooke said some things too when I went to talk to her.” “Ms. Vener.” “Yeah, but she wasn’t warning me, not on purpose at least, but when I told her she had picked the losing side, she told me she hadn’t, and then she said my glory would be my doom.” Explained Harry, now pacing across the large office. “And then what they said just wouldn’t leave me alone, and I started having all these questions and doubts. Like for one the more I think about it this all just seemed too easy. And what about how everyone always said Voldemort had this army of dark creatures, well if that was the final battle why didn’t he have any dark creatures with him? And how come the killing curse changed from green to gold, does it normally do that? I mean too much just doesn’t make sense. Ginny thinks I’m just suffering from stress and that I have to slow down, but I just have this feeling that something is really wrong.” He finished panting after his long oration. “Those are all interesting points Harry, most of which I was not previously aware of.” Said Albus, breaking the silence that had seeped into the room after Harry’s speech. “What do you think? Am I just crazy?” Harry asked hurriedly. “I think there may be some validity to some of your insights, and no I do not believe that you have gone crazy, but at the moment I can think of nothing to signal any cause for alarm, I will however investigate on what you have told me.” Albus said calmly, trying to sooth Harry’s jarred nerves. “Right.” Said Harry, nodding his head fervently, and lowering himself into a chair. “Can I ask you something else?” “Anything Harry.” “I don’t want to continue with Acer Motar training.” Harry said bluntly. “Why would that be?” Asked Albus peering at Harry over his half moon spectacles. “Well it takes up a lot of time and energy, and I just want to be normal, it’s cool that I have this power and all, but it’s served it’s purpose, I’d rather just use a wand.” Harry said looking at his lap. “You do realize that the Acer Motar is a part of all of your powers and just because you choose not to practice it does not mean you will lose the ability.” Dumbledore explained. “I know, I just want to try and be as normal as possible now that this is all over.” “I realize that Harry, and I’ll agree with your decision to not continue your training, but I just want you to realize that this could help you in the future, and it may be prudent of you to just finish honing your skills before letting them go.” “I understand all of that, but right now this is just what I have to do. Maybe sometime in the future I may want to continue lessons again, but until then I just feel like I need to adjust to a life with my parents and no Voldemort, and I don’t know how well I’d be able to do that if I had to concentrate on learning the power of Merlin at the same time.” “Very well, I will speak to Jonathon about your decision, and I think it is safe to assume that he will agree to your wishes. Is that all you wanted to speak to me about?” “One more thing.” “Very well.” “I was just wondering, what’s going to happen when school starts back up, are we just going to go back on a normal schedule, or will we do things differently now that Voldemort is gone?” Asked Harry, “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, it’s really none of my business, I was just curious.” He added as a hurried afterthought. “No, I daresay you have a right to more information than most. We will try to resume our daily activities as normally as possible. We will hold one special feast in celebration at Tom’s defeat, and to pay respect to those who gave their lives fighting him, but besides that it will be Hogwarts as usual.” “Alright then.” Said Harry, letting his brain mull over everything Albus had told him since he entered his office. “I better get going, thanks for talking to me.” “Anytime Harry, my door is always open.” Said Albus, smiling fondly at the raven-haired boy…no, man. * ** *** ** * “Hey Ginny?” Hermione asked. She and Ginny were in the seventh year girls dorms, talking about recent events. “Yeah Hermione.” Ginny answered. “What’s wrong with Harry?” Questioned Hermione, worried about her friend. “He’s just a little ill.” Said Ginny casually flipping through a muggle magazine, but Hermione was smart enough to notice the slight hesitation before her answer, and knew she must have been holding something back. “Does he have the flu then?” Hermione continued to pry, hoping to learn more. “No, it’s just after everything he’s been through he’s feeling a bit under the weather.” Ginny replied. “Oh, well he seemed awfully skinny last night, don’t you think so?” “He’s lost a bit of weight.” Said Ginny carefully, being wary of how she answered Hermione’s questions, not wanting to give away too much information. “I think he’s lost more than a bit, and did you see how pale he looks? “ “I really hadn’t noticed.” Ginny answered before facing the magazine towards Hermione, “Do you like the red dress or the blue dress better?” She asked, trying to deter the conversation away from Harry. “Blue.” Answered Hermione distractedly, “what did he say to you last night after Ron and I left?” “Just that he was a bit nervous about getting to know his parents and Sirius better.” Ginny lied. “Oh,” Said Hermione thoughtfully, “But I thought he already talked to them.” “He did, but really it doesn’t just take one day to get to know your parents who you thought were deceased, it takes a bit more time.” Ginny answered, beginning to become a bit annoyed with Hermione’s relentless questioning. “I know that.” Said Hermione indignantly, “I just…I’m worried about him that’s all, and I’d really like to know what’s going on, I want to be able to help him.” “I know you do Hermione, but I really can’t tell you that much, when Harry’s ready to talk he’ll talk, but until then I really don’t have the answers to your questions.” Ginny said slowly, lowering the magazine down from in front of her face. Hermione merely nodded, and turned her head to look out the window. * ** *** ** * “Harry!” James called having just seen his son rounding the corner from outside of Dumbledore’s office. “Hey.” Harry greeted, smiling brighter than he had in a while. “You look happy.” James commented. “I am.” Harry replied sincerely. “That’s good.” “Yeah.” Harry answered, but soon they fell into an uncomfortable silence, running out of things to say in greeting to each other. Finally James broke the silence, causing Harry to look up from his shuffling feet that he had been paying extra close attention to. “You want to go for a walk?” He asked. “Sure.” Harry agreed. They soon set off throughout the halls of Hogwarts, earning inquisitive and awed looks from the students who were also roaming the halls. “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to being stared at like I’m a ghost.” James commented, running a hand through his hair, after a young Ravenclaw had given an obvious gasp as they passed her. “Trust me, you don’t.” Said Harry smiling wryly. “So where do you want to go?” “I was thinking Quidditch pitch, I haven’t been on a broom in ages, plus the only time I’ve ever seen you fly ended with you in a coma, and me finding out I was dead in the future.” Harry gave a slightly sad laugh at the memory of those events. “Well hopefully I’ll be able to stay on a broom better once I graduate.” “Why’s that?” James asked. “Didn’t I tell you?” Harry asked. James shook his head no. “Well my friend Oliver Wood, he was the old Gryffindor keeper, and was the captain when I joined the team. Anyways, he started playing keeper for Puddlemore United when he graduated, and recently he just got moved up to play on England’s international team.” “He wrote me a letter that I got once I woke up in the hospital wing offering me a position as seeker on England’s team once I graduate, that reminds me I have to write him back.” Harry explained, making a mental note to write Oliver later in the day. “You’re going to play International Quidditch straight out of Hogwarts?” James asked, not able to hide the pride in his voice. “My son the International Quidditch star.” He said quietly to himself before turning back to Harry, “It sounds perfect, your mother is not going to be happy though.” “Why?” Asked Harry, confused. “Well she never liked me playing Quidditch in school she was always afraid I’d end up dead. Then we watched all your school Quidditch matches through the veil, and of course she hated you playing Quidditch even more than she hated me playing it, because you’re her son and all. She especially became opposed to the whole practice after your accident this year. She’ll want you to take a nice safe desk job at the ministry.” James finished laughing, Harry joining in. “I was offered some ministry jobs, but I decided that I just wanted to play Quidditch, it’s something I like to do, and I wasn’t all that excited to go off and hunt down any more dark wizards.” “Mmm, if anyone deserves to do something they love it’s you, you’ve had to deal with more than the majority of people, you should just kick back and relax.” Said James, as they walked out onto the sunny grounds and towards the Quidditch pitch. “You were an auror right?” Harry asked. “Sure was.” James answered, “I don’t know if I would have done it if it hadn’t been Voldemort though.” “Why’s that?” “Well you know, after learning what I did in the future I wanted to do anything in my power to stop him from coming to power, and even though Sirius and I had come up with a plan so that even if he did come after us everything would be all right, said plan resulting in us coming back now, I still didn’t exactly like the idea of leaving you behind for all those years, especially since I knew what you would have to face.” James explained, putting an arm on Harry’s shoulder when he mentioned leaving him behind. “I wish you guys had been here all this time and as much as I wish that things had been different, I’m glad you’re all back now.” Harry admitted, feeling his cheeks flush a little out of embarrassment. “When you become a parent not much more matters to you than your kid.” James said. Harry laughed. “You can tell yourself now that, that’s not true, but just wait when you have a junior prongs junior. It’s a fact of life.” Harry stopped laughing, and looked at his father smiling. “When Lily found out she was pregnant we were both only 21. Of course we were both thrilled, and I had some idea prior that it would all happen, I was still the most excited I had ever been. Well, obviously we told everyone, the milkman, the paperboy, all the aurors, had to gloat you see, it’s not every day you become a father. Everyone was happy for us, but they told us that having a kid would put a strain on our relationship, that we would fight more, and probably end up separated or barely able to stand each other.” James said. “Did it?” Harry asked, his face paling slightly. “Nah, they couldn’t have been more wrong. If anything you just made our time together better, even if we knew that it would eventually have to come crashing down. But no, I loved being a dad, I still do.” James said, smiling fondly at his son, who was wearing the largest smile he had ever seen him wear. “You’re a good dad.” Harry offered. “Well I must be doing something right if you’re my son.” James said, making Harry laugh again. They were now standing out in the Quidditch pitch talking, flying completely forgotten. *** “Did you ever hear about the time that you broke my arm?” James asked Harry, on the verge of tears after laughing so hard. Harry and James had ended up walking up to the stands, James telling Harry stories about when he was a child, and about his days as a Marauder, while Harry told James bits of trivial information about himself. No matter how stupid Harry thought some of the things he was telling his father were, James looked positively thrilled to be learning more about Harry. “No.” Said Harry, “Tell me.” “Well Sirius and I were babysitting you. It was our first time to do so without Lily or Remus hovering in the background giving us instructions or telling us we were holding you the wrong way, so we were feeling pretty good about ourselves.” “We were doing an excellent job if I do say so myself, that is until lunch time. So Sirius and I take you into the kitchen and I started making sandwiches. Sirius put you on the counter, and went over to the cupboard to get the baby food, leaving you all by yourself on the counter. You had just started crawling, but you were being pretty good and staying put where you were sitting, playing around with measuring cups and what not.” “Anyways, Sirius and I are making lunch when in comes this stray cat who had come in through the back door. Sirius loves to torment cats, it’s a bit of an obsession for him, so he spots this cat and turns into padfoot. He’s chasing this cat around barking, the cats yowling, and I’m laughing so of course you were interested and decided ‘hey why don’t I crawl off the counter and over to Sirius and the cat.’ By the time I realized what you were doing it was already too late.” “So I went tearing across the kitchen to try and catch you, but I tripped over a table chair and landed up on my back right under where you were going to fall, so there I was waiting to catch you, little did I know that Sirius had seen what was happening too and came running in padfoot form to try and catch you as well.” “To make a long story short you fell, bringing a ten pound bag of flower you had your hands on with you, knocked into Sirius on the way down, sent him flying on top of me, you fell on top of him, and the ten pound bag of flower dropped on my arm…breaking it. To make matters worse the bag of flower splits open after it breaks my arm covering us and the kitchen, when just then your mother and her friend Alison come waltzing in. It wasn’t pretty. Your mum didn’t let us babysit you alone for a long, long time after that, which I always thought was a bit unfair. You broke my arm, I didn’t break yours.” James finally finished, tears streaming down his face as he laughed, while Harry laughed just as hard, clutching onto his side. “It’s not my fault, you shouldn’t have left me on the counter.” Harry protested, trying to quell the wheezing sounds he was making after laughing so hard. “If it was anybodies fault it was Sirius’, he was the one who left you on the counter by yourself in the first place, he thought it was pretty funny, had a good hard laugh at my expense. Your mum’s friend thought it was pretty funny too, telling Lily she wished her boyfriend was half as funny as yours truly, of course I bragged about that comment forever.” “Did mum yell?” Harry asked, still clutching his side. “The loudest to date I think. She saw one look at you covered in flower, me clutching my arm, Sirius laughing, sandwiches and baby food littered across the room, and just screeched like a banshee. A very adorable banshee.” “I would love to see that.” “I’ll put it into a pensieve sometime and show you.” James offered “That would be great, it kind of reminds me of this time during fourth year when I was feeling stressed out about the tournament and snuck down to the kitchens one night.” “Alright this I’ve got to hear.” Said James leaning back. “Well it’s not as funny as yours, but it was still pretty funny. I went down there and there’s this one house elf who likes me quite a bit named Dobby. Anyways I went down there and Dobby saw me and got all excited asking me what I wanted.” “I told him I wanted some pastries so he rushed off to get them. He comes running back with this tray loaded with them, and I ran up to meet him, because I was pretty hungry, anyways I grabbed them from him, but slipped and fell back and the entire tray flew up in the air and came back down in my face, covering me in all this custard and jam. Remember this kitchen is filled with house elves, and they were freaked out and running around trying to help me up, and clean all the pastry stuff off of me.” “I insisted I didn’t need help, so I put my hand up on the counter to pull myself up, but I had grabbed onto a platter with all this food left over from dinner. So I grabbed onto that, and it all came toppling down on top of me. It took me about five minutes to get up, because I kept slipping on all of the food on the floor or spilling more stuff on myself, Needless to say I left as soon as possible, and didn’t go back for a long time.” Harry finished to find James doubled over in laughter, tears streaming, clutching his side like Harry had been doing. He looked up at Harry, his face red from laughing so hard, and wheezed. “I did the exact same thing third year.” * ** *** ** * Lily was in the Owlery having just sent some letters off to some old friends, smiling as she watched her husband and son out on the Quidditch pitch from the window. She really had missed Harry, and had been terribly upset about what had happened to him during the final battle, but for some reason felt like everything was going to be okay. She jumped a little when she heard the door to the Owlery open, and turned around quickly to see none other than Ginny Weasley clutching a letter in her hand. “Sorry I didn’t mean to startle you.” Ginny apologized, coming over to stand next to Lily, calling Pig over from the rafters. “It’s fine.” Assured Lily, turning her head once more to watch the two men she cared about most in the world. She didn’t notice Ginny send off her letter or come to stand next to her. “What are you watching?” Ginny asked softly. Since she had first met Harry’s mother she had liked her immensely, and couldn’t help but feel very comfortable in her presence. “Look there.” Said Lily, pointing out Harry and James on the Quidditch pitch. Ginny scanned the area Lily had pointed to briefly before her eyes settled on the two men. “You all being back has really helped him, it’s pretty easy to tell.” She commented. “You’ve helped him out just as much, he loves you.” Lily said. “I don’t know if I’ve helped him out as much as having his parents and godfather back has though.” Ginny contradicted. “I really think you have, and I can tell just by the way he looks at you that he loves you.” “Yeah.” Ginny agreed quietly, as she continued to watch Harry with his father. * ** *** ** * Later that night after everyone had eaten and gone off to bed Harry Potter sat down in the common room, quill and parchment in hand, and wrote: Dear Oliver, I was pleasantly surprised to see your letter and offer when I woke up in the hospital wing, made things a tad easier. After careful deliberation I’ve decided that professional Quidditch may be just what I need right now; count me in. I know you said you’ve heard rumors that I was going to become an auror, and that was the original plan, but now I juts feel like I need to do something different. What better than Quidditch! If you come to the final Quidditch match come find me and we can talk, and of course we’ll bring the cup to Gryffindor this year, no need to worry. Harry * ** *** ** * * ** *** ** * Well there you go, another chapter done, another weekend over with (they just go by so fast). I know this isn’t the longest chapter that’s been up in awhile, but I fear this weekend was just particularly hard to write during, lots of homework, went to a few basketball games, and was just being plain lazy. Nothing can bring you peace but yourself --Ralph Waldo Emerson THERE WILL BE A SEQUEL!

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