Disclaimer: I don\'t own any of this: J.K. Rowling does. This chapter took me awhile and it has some love in it (not as much as the last one), but of course one of our couples is having some trouble. The action and adventure of the story unfolds in this chappie... Chapter 7 Taken It was the grand Christmas Feast and the whole entire school was packed inside the hall, enjoying the delicious meal and festivities. “So…uh…James. Gotten around to asking Lily to the ball yet?” Harry asked, while pouring himself some gravy for his meat. “Not yet. I’m going to soon though. I just don’t know if it will work out. She really, really doesn’t like me” James said. “Don’t worry, she’ll come around, she has to.” “Speaking about the ball Harry. I’d like to know whom you’re going with. Don’t think you can hide it. I told you all about Hermione and I honestly didn’t think she like me that way too.” Ron said, his face glowing. “I’m happy for you too Ron. Just forget about it. I already asked her and…she said yes. So when the ball comes around, you’ll find out.” “I can’t believe you won’t tell me. I’m not going to freak out or anything.” Just then, Hermione joined them smiling, followed by Lily. “Hey Harry. I just heard all about your date for the ball. I’m really happy for you. She is too.” Hermione said. “What the hell! How does everyone know besides me! What is going on?” Ron asked furiously. “Calm down Ron. The ball will come around and you’ll see.” She said after kissing him lightly on the cheek. “Uh yeah. I guess.” Ron put his hand against his cheek where she’d kissed him and didn’t seem to want to remove it. While all this was going on, James found the chance to ask Lily for a private word. “Lily, can I talk to you?” James asked quietly. “Go ahead, I’m not stopping you. Not like you to hold your tongue” she replied carelessly. “Listen Lily. I’m serious. Could we…er…go for a walk?” “If this is a prank-” “Trust me. It isn’t.” He said, as he led her out the school doors into the beautiful, but cold, winter night. The hills and fields surrounding the castle were now iced with snow and there were light flurries blowing around them. The two slowly walked along the now frozen lake, saying nothing for a while. “So? What’d you want to tell me?” Lily asked impatiently, breaking the silence. “I know you think I’m a rude, conceited and arrogant big head. I don’t completely blame you for thinking that. But I’m really not all like that, you know.” James said rather quickly and nervously. “I’m actually a nice guy.” Lily couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “What is this? Are you trying to make your guilty conscious feel better?” “Lily, I’m trying to be serious here. I know you think that, but I can be nice. I promise.” “Really Potter. Does being nice include not picking on kids for no reason?” “Well, yeah, of course. I swear I won’t do it anymore.” “That’s pretty hard to believe, considering you’ve been doing it ever since and it’s become a bit of a hobby for you.” “No, I swear. I’ll stop” “Even picking on Severus?” “Well, old Snivellus is a special case.” “JAMES!” “Ok, Ok, even him. I’ll do my best to stop bullying people.” “Well, that’s great for you. Remind me why you’re suddenly changing? Besides to try to make yourself feel better.” “Well, you know…for you I guess. You’ve never liked me even though I do. I guess I thought this would help you see the change in me.” “What? No! You mean you want me to go out with you just because you’ve made a few promises? Listen James; it wouldn’t be the first time you’ve lied if you broke these promises. I want you to change and become nicer and all, but I can’t go out with you okay? I’ve told you this a million times. I just can’t.” She said and started to walk away. “You don’t understand! This isn’t just some kind of joke. I’m doing this for real…for you. You have to believe me. I’m serious!” James yelled, running after her. “I’m sorry James, just please leave me alone!” Just then, James suddenly noticed a hooded figure approaching them. The figure held out his wand and was about to mutter something, but James was too fast. “STUPEFY!” he yelled, wand in hand. The figure toppled over and James grabbed for Lily and they started running as fast as they could. Before they could get too far, three more figures appeared, all wearing small goblets around their necks and wands held out. “LILY!” James yelled, as she immediately floated to one of the figure’s wand. James tried to get a hold of Lily, but the spell was too strong. He ran towards her but another hooded figure was coming at him. He tried to jinx him but this one was much quicker and he started at him. James ducked quickly and made a run for Lily. “James, just go! Get help!” she yelled. Surely someone was out here to help or maybe the commotion would bring someone from inside out here, but no. The school was all in the Great Hall, fully endorsed in their Christmas feast and festivities. James didn’t know what to do. The hooded man still held Lily and he was being attacked. He ducked again at yet another spell but was soon surrounded by the three hooded figures. They looked furious and were clearly running out of patience. Just then, the school doors opened and James could see three or four people walking out of the castle. The hooded figures spotted them and panicked. James heard one of them mutter something. “Just take one for know. We can’t risk being caught.” Without any warning, all four figures, including the one holding Lily, drank from their goblets and slowly vanished into thin air. “LILY!!!” James yelled, his face horror stricken. He dropped to the ground; panting and breathing heavily, his arms lay uselessly by his side, as he stared at the emptiness around him, not wanting to believe what had just happened. **************************** Whoa! That was pretty hard! What\'d you think? Hoped you liked it. PLEASE REVIEW!!! More love and adventure to come...so keep reading! Thanx

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