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Harry walked down the corridor and stood outside the two gargoyles who looked down at him with contempt, although Harry was sure that one of them winked at him a moment before. He had been told the password to get in to Dumbledore’s office so that he could floo from there to Grimmauld Place where he would meet Mad Eye to have one of his biweekly Apparation lessons. He quite liked apparating now that he had got the hang of it. Hermione felt the same way and missed the apparating around the house that she had been free to do during the summer. Charlie was thrilled with her work apparently and he didn’t think that she even needed lessons anymore. Mad Eye had said something similar about Harry but he told him that they would be keeping up the lessons if only so that he could apparate around during the time he was at school and keep himself in practice – after all since no one could apparate in or out of Hogwarts then Harry couldn’t practice and if he couldn’t practice then he was likely to splinch himself the next time he tried. Hermione had also received this warning but she had ignored it and was now focussing on her Animagus lessons. “If she splinches herself the next time she apparates it will be your fault.” Mad Eye had said to Charlie the last time that they had all been together discussing their apparition lessons and Animagi lessons which had been two days before in Minerva’s office. “She won’t.” Charlie said confidently and next to him Hermione had looked similarly confident of her abilities. “Well you’re not stopping lessons.” Mad Eye said to Harry who had nodded. He didn’t want to stop anyway; he liked the freedom just to apparate around twice a week, although it was rather exhausting to do so. “And what about you, Mr Weasley?” Minerva had asked him two days previously. “Ron doesn’t have any choice, he can’t do it properly yet.” Fred said and looked at his younger brother in an exasperated fashion and his twin did the same. Ron had gone very red at this point and muttered something under his breath. From what Harry had heard from Mad Eye (and that wasn’t very much) Ron was still splinching himself when he tried to apparate further than half a mile. Harry tried not to think too badly of it and judge his friend but he thought that was pretty pathetic. Half a mile seemed like nothing to him now. The last time he splinched himself had been during their last lesson when Harry had apparated from Grimmauld Place in London right up to Edinburgh and even then he had only lost an ear. Ron had managed to lose a calf, an eye, half his hair, three fingers and a foot when he apparated into a field of cows within viewing distance of Grimmauld Place from Grimmauld Place. It was not necessary to state that Ron did not like talking about Apparation lessons, especially not with Hermione. “Password?” “Skiving Snackbox.” Harry said and grinned slightly; the idea of Dumbledore using anything manufactured by the twins seemed laughable, and yet at the same time he had seen the headmaster with a rather dramatic nosebleed the day before… “Good evening Harry.” Albus said to him with a smile. “The floo powder is on the mantelpiece.” He watched as the young boy crossed the room and took some of the floo, taking a moment to state his location before disappearing into the flames. He had heard tell from Mad Eye that he was excellent at the new transportation method, although why he continued to have lessons was beyond them all, especially since he was now able to apparate from one end of the country to the other, which was further than a couple of the staff could manage. Nevertheless Mad Eye continued to teach him, stretching his own apparating distance as well whilst he was at it, although he never told Harry that he could apparate further than Pomona Sprout and Heilia Hooch put together. Harry stepped out of the flames in the familiar house and quickly flung a shield around him as a hex shot in his direction. He blocked it quickly and effectively as there was hoarse laughter from the side of him. “Excellent, Potter!” Mad Eye grinned lopsidedly at him, “Constant Vigilance!” Harry smiled slightly as the two of them left the kitchen through the backdoor and apparated down to the field on the other side. “Where to?” Harry asked his teacher. Mad Eye thought for a moment before coming to a decision. “I think we’ll go to Paris today.” Mad Eye said to him and Harry raised an eyebrow; he had never gone that far before but that wasn’t going to stop him from trying. The two wizards disapparated with a crack.
Harry apparated into the kitchen of Grimmauld Place and into a chair at the table. He jumped as he noticed the man sat opposite him, staring out of the window, but his attention was moved from the scenery and to Harry. “What are you doing here, Remus?” Harry asked his guardian who sipped at his hot chocolate (Merlin, how he loved that muggle drink…) and smiled slightly at his godson. “Be here at eight thirty on Sunday morning.” Mad Eye said to Harry and disapparated either to a different building or a different room in the house, Harry couldn’t tell which. “So…?” Harry said and Remus smiled slightly at Harry before beginning. “Yesterday you used wandless magic to stop Severus from being thrown into the wall and then ended it, allowing him to fall.” Remus said to Harry and scanned his face quickly but he made no reaction to it, meaning that he either already knew this piece of information or he was hiding his reaction from him. Remus had half a mind to tell him something awful and shocking to see whether he did anything. I caught Filch and Snape at it in a broom cupboard earlier on! Sprang instantly to mind and he had to fight hard not to smile or to speak his thoughts to Harry. “It’s the same kind of magic which you used in the duel, isn’t it?” Harry said, more as a statement than a question. Remus nodded. “Will you teach me to use it?” “Of course.” Remus smiled, “I wouldn’t be cruel enough to tell you that you could do wandless magic if I taught you and then refuse to teach you.” “When can we start then?” Harry asked him. “Right now, unless you’re too tired from Apparition?” Harry shook his head. It was for that reason that Remus found himself sat on his bed at Hogwarts some ten minutes later with Harry beside him, twirling a small needle between his fingers. “So basically I’m going to have to learn all the magic that I already learnt with a wand again, but without it?” Harry asked scowling slightly as he looked up to Remus who nodded. “Unfortunately so.” Remus said, “But it won’t take long. It took you around two or three lessons to learn to change a match into a needle in transfiguration in your first year. It took you five minutes now.” “Ouch!” Harry cried as the needle pricked his finger and Remus rolled his eyes. “Although if you can’t handle a needle without injuring yourself in someway then how you’re going to cope I really don’t know.” Remus said, grinning at Harry. “Anyway, we’re going onto levitation now.” Harry looked at him in puzzlement. “Well why are we going on to it? Isn’t it just Wingardium Leviosa? I –” Harry was about to continue but Remus cut him off. “No, it’s not. You can do it that way but with wandless magic you can be so much more precise and you have a lot more power as well since you don’t lose any magic in your wand or waste it channelling magic into your wand.” He put his hand lightly on Harry’s and Harry’s eyes widened as he felt Remus slip into his mind. How loud is your mind?! Remus thought and Harry heard it quite clearly. How are you in my head? Harry asked him. Sort of Legilimency but when I’m touching you Occlumency won’t have any effect on it. Remus replied. Can you do this without touching? Yes, I’ll show you in a moment. Remus thought in return. For now I’m just going to control you for a bit… He added and Harry’s arm which was not touching Remus moved seemingly of it’s own accord. Hey! Harry thought and tried to push Remus out using his Occlumency but Remus’ mind moved quickly in the same way that Harry had done in Snape’s mind only the day before. Harry felt his mind fall past Remus and for a strange moment it was as if his mind wasn’t connected to his body and the room became brighter for a second before he was back in his mind, Remus looked at him with interest and a slight smile playing around his lips. As I said, Occlumency hasn’t any effect and if you just push someone away like that then you just fall past them if their mind shifts. If that’s all you learnt from Snape then he is a poor teacher but then there are better and more subtle ways to get into someone’s mind than just brute strength. Remus thought. Snape’s failing to realise that is possibly his biggest personal failing and I’m surprised that he hasn’t has his mind broken into a dozen times by Voldemort if he uses that attitude. Harry liked the idea that Snape had a personal failing but not that Voldemort could easily have broken into his mind and perhaps that was what had happened when Voldemort had found out he was a spy… Away from Snape and back onto wandless magic, Harry. For a moment Harry felt slightly taken aback that Remus had known what he was thinking but then again he was in his mind. Remus could feel Harry’s thoughts, and although they weren’t quite processed into words he could feel them as if they were his own. He thought it was strange the way that he instantly questioned everything that he, Remus, said to him and started drawing conclusions. It was not the way that Remus’ own mind worked, he generally stored up information until he had something close to conclusive proof that something was the way it was, slowly piecing things together like a jigsaw. He thought that this made him a more rational thinker, although he could not solve things and put things together at the same speed of Harry because of it. Away from thought processes and back onto wandless magic, Remus. Harry thought to him and Remus jumped slightly, almost forgetting that he was in Harry’s mind and not his own. Sorry. He smiled mentally and Harry looked at him but didn’t see one on his face. It was definitely a strange feeling to feel someone smiling. So can I make you move then? Harry asked him. No, we’re in your mind, not mine. Remus replied, If you reversed this then you could. And how would I go about that? Focus your mind on my hand and push through it with your mind and into mine. Remus responded. Harry concentrated on Remus’ fingertips which were lightly on his own hand and pushed gently at it with his mind, feeling himself slip through it in a rush and suddenly things were rather different. This is so weird… Harry thought and tried to fathom just why things seemed so different. Why is it? Remus laughed. It’s not like my mind… That would be because it isn’t your mind, Harry. Remus thought in a slightly exasperated and slightly amused tone. And the difference you probably noticed is that it’s a lot quieter in my mind in comparison to yours. Harry realised that he was in fact correct, Remus’ mind didn’t seem to buzz with thoughts that kept wandering idly through his mind, crossing into his primary thoughts every now and again. Now let’s see if you can control me. Move deeper into my mind and try to move, if you’re far enough in then I should move. Remus thought to him and Harry nodded. Harry pushed further into Remus’ mind, submersing himself in his thoughts. He then tried to move Remus’ hand but it didn’t work; instead his own fingers twitched. You’re still too far on the edge. Here… Harry felt himself being pulled deeper into Remus’ mind and the thoughts here were different to the ones he found on the surface where his guardian was thinking about teaching him wandless magic. Here he could still feel those thoughts but there were other things as well, there was a lot of himself there, Voldemort’s occasional laughter and glimpses of Harry’s own past. Those mingled in with thoughts of the staff which were all stood together in two groups. Harry wondered why before things altered slightly and he saw flashes of his parents, of Sirius and Peter when they were younger, Sirius falling through the veil and he was restraining himself from Remus’ first person view. As well as that he could sense an overall feeling surrounding him which felt like guilt mingled with worry, although what Remus felt guilty or worried for he didn’t quite know. You’re supposed to be controlling me, not looking round my subconscious. Remus thought. Sorry… Harry thought. He concentrated on moving and raised his arm and to his surprise Remus moved instead of himself. Good. Remus thought and he felt himself slipping away towards the edges of Remus’ mind but not out of it. Your subconscious is very different to this. Harry noted. It would be, if all my thoughts were as cluttered as yours I think I’d end up permanently confused. Remus smiled. Like I am, you mean? Harry grinned but only in his mind. You don’t seem that confused. Remus thought. But your thoughts aren’t straight either. What’s in my subconscious? Harry asked him. Lots of things: Voldemort, your friends, the Order, Voldemort, Death Eaters, NEWTs, apparition lessons, your Animagus form, Voldemort, Sirius, your parents as you saw them in your fourth year, me, Dumbledore, Voldemort, the Department of Mysteries and Voldemort. Remus replied, there was a lot of Voldemort there, more so than anything else. There was also the prophecy which kept repeating itself again and again and a sense of fear and determination. He didn’t like being in Harry’s subconscious, it made him feel uncomfortable and fearful. What’s in mine? Sirius, me, my parents, Peter, my past and then a feeling of worry and guilt… Harry replied to him, What are you feeling worried or guilty about? Probably you. Remus answered without thinking about it and cursed himself mentally for not regulating his thoughts more carefully, especially with Harry in his mind as he was. That’s the problem with mind to mind communication: it’s difficult to conceal the truth or avoid questions, especially if you have the tendency to answer things instantly in your mind before you speak, like I do. If you just blurt things out then you have even less chance of lying. It takes a very skilled liar to conceal the truth in the mind, especially in someone else’s mind. Remus lifted his hand from Harry’s and the connection broke. Harry felt himself being sucked back into his own mind and he looked out through his own eyes at the room around him. He felt distinctly odd as he looked around, as if he hadn’t been looking through his eyes but someone else’s, but then if he had been looking through Remus’ eyes that didn’t explain why he had been able to see Remus as if he was looking through his own… “You weren’t looking through your eyes.” Remus said to him as if he knew what he had been thinking, although with the connection broken he had not. “You saw through your mind. It overrode your sense of sight since magic is stronger in you. That is part of what makes a wandless magician. Now lie down and close your eyes.” He said to Harry who did as he was told. Remus had a strong urge to go and hide somewhere in the room and see how long it was until Harry opened his eyes and looked for him but decided against it. “Just let your mind go and tell me what you see.” Remus murmured to him. Tell you what I see?! I won’t see anything because my eyes are closed! Harry thought vehemently before he did as he was told and cleared his mind completely. A strange drifting sensation overtook his mind and a moment later he could see Remus. He gasped and opened his eyes, finding Remus looking at him. “What did you see?” “I saw you.” Harry replied as he looked at his guardian with a strange interest in his eyes which was something along the lines of puzzlement, bemusement, eagerness to learn more and complete and utter confusion all rolled into one expression. “I thought so. You saw me because you would expect to see me more so than any other object in the room. Now close your eyes again but don’t focus on me and you will see the rest of the room.” Harry closed his eyes and he saw Remus again, but this time he saw him faster and did not have to wait as long for his mind to clear and his guardian’s body to enter his mind. He waited a moment more and the room slid into focus around him. He looked around him and was shocked to find that it was exactly the same as Remus’ room, although he supposed he would have been more surprised to find that it was different in someway. Remus flashed him a smile before he got up from the bed and crossed the room to stand by the window. He motioned for Harry to move and join him so Harry tried. “No, you move only your mind, not your physical self.” Remus said to Harry as he opened his eyes. Harry had moved his arm but not only in his mind, causing him to jolt back into reality. “Try again.” Harry closed his eyes and this time the room and Remus appeared in a moment. He carefully got up from the bed and walked over to Remus who smiled and turned him around. Harry’s eyes widened slightly as he saw himself and Remus both on the bed with their eyes closed. Remus’ hand was resting lightly on his shoulder and it felt very strange as if he was touching him but not… “Weird…” Harry thought for the second time during their session. “Things are going to be weird, you’re learning something completely new to you.” Remus said to him. “Where are we?” “We are in our minds. You’re just extending your mind into the room, as am I. You can tell the difference between someone’s mind and their physical body easily since their mind is generally pretty transparent.” Remus said to him and Harry looked down at his hands, which were indeed translucent. “You need to be touching the skin to speak in the physical world but in the mind you only have to be able to see one another.” Harry nodded. “Of course there are always problems with communicating like this; you can be overheard by any other wandless magician in the vicinity this way. Touching someone else in the physical world is much better because then you cannot be overheard so no one knows that you’re speaking to someone else but you have to be touching for it to work.” Remus said to him before going to sit on the bed. “Can you do this without closing your eyes?” Harry asked him and Remus nodded. “But it’s much easier this way. The other senses try to block out your mind and in general your eyesight is the strongest of the senses. You can’t build up an image of the room in your head using magical impulses if you already see the room through your eyes; it makes no difference.” Remus told him, twirling his wand idly through his fingers. “You can go half and half; force your mind to look around whilst your eyes are open. That way you still have the room in your mind from your sight but your mind can travel of it’s own accord. You get a strange split vision though: one from your mind and one from your eyes. It can get very confusing.” “When will you teach me that?” Harry asked him. “Another time.” Remus smiled. “Doing that’s very useful for seeing anyone invisible though. Because someone invisible only hides their physical appearance then you can see their actual person hiding in the room and as long as you don’t go too far to either your mind or your body then you can walk around in your body as well as send your mind somewhere else.” “Is that difficult?” “Very much so. I can walk with my mind walking somewhere else, but I’ve yet to manage to speak to someone whilst looking around in my mind; it’s just too difficult.” Remus said and then added, “Your mother used to be able to do it thought…” He realised that once again his mind had spoken before he’d had the chance to stop it. “My mum was a wandless magician?” Harry asked. “Yes, the skill is hereditary; although how I ended up with it I don’t know.” Remus said, “Your father was madly jealous though when I could do it as well. When I was learning we kept talking in our minds and James kept wanting to hear what we were saying but he couldn’t. Drove him up the wall…” He smiled slightly at the memory of his friend and Harry curled up to him; a warm comfort in his mind. Remus idly stroked his fingers through Harry’s messy hair which just wouldn’t neaten up even in Harry’s mind. “Who else is a wandless magician then?” Harry asked eventually. “I don’t think I know anyone but you.” Remus told him. “It’s very rare. Well known though. Like being a parselmouth – everyone’s heard of it but few can do it.” “Is it seen as a good thing?” Harry asked him, the thought sparked from his mentioning parselmouths. “It is actually.” Remus said, “Wandless magicians are thought of as very strong in body, mind and magic. Not really true but what people think all the same. This is one of those things that we don’t want the ministry to learn of. They would be rather intrigued to learn that you’re a wandless magician and would love nothing more than to make the information public. Naturally since Voldemort doesn’t know this yet then we want to keep this within the Order, and Ron and Hermione of course.” He said to Harry who nodded. “You were going to show me levitation…” Harry said suddenly. “So I was.” Remus smiled. That had been some time ago and both of them had temporarily forgotten about it. He held out his hand and his wand flew across the room and into his palm, Harry was impressed but didn’t show it. Keeping his palm open Remus allowed the wand to levitate up two feet into the air, leaving it hovering there. “Take it.” Remus said to Harry who was watching it. “I don’t know how.” He replied. “You do. Hold your hand under it at first. Not because you need to but because you’re so used to channelling magic through your hand and into your wand that it will probably help.” Remus said to him and took Harry’s hand and placed it palm up beneath his. “I can’t do this…” Harry thought, forgetting that Remus would hear it. “Of course you can.” Remus smiled at him, “Will it to stay in the air. You need to concentrate on it and want it to stay there, just where it is.” Remus said to him as he glanced down at the wand which was hovering in the air, moving up and down ever so slightly. “Ready?” “Not really…” Harry replied before he could prevent his mind from thinking it. Remus smiled at him before moving his hand and the wand suddenly became perfectly still in the air. Remus’ eyes widened. It was completely still, not so much as a waver. Amazing. He could really concentrate on something when he needed to and that amount of concentration was holding something that still in the air. He knew that Harry was going to be better than him at wandless magic and he doubted that it would take him a long time either. He felt a strange mingling of slight jealousy with pride for him. He shouldn’t feel as if he had to compete with Harry, after all it was Harry who had to face Voldemort, not he. He would be another body for the war, he hoped he would not but part of him was sure that he would not live through this. He felt Harry’s gaze upon him and realised that he had been staring into space for quite some time. “You won’t die, Remus.” Harry said softly and Remus’ gaze met his. Remus inwardly damned himself for allowing his thoughts to show in his mind, in their minds, for that was what this was – a place where only the mind could reach. “You don’t know that, Harry.” Remus said to him. “There are always deaths during a war and Voldemort wants me because I’m close to you.” “I know, but you can’t go around being convinced that you’re going to die or you will.” Harry said to him, “Who has more chance of dying, you or me? Bearing in mind that I will eventually have to face Voldemort of course…” “I’m sorry…” Remus said, and broke his gaze with those piercing green ones and glanced at his wand which was still hovering, although it was no longer as still as it had been before but then Harry’s concentration was no longer where it had been before. “I think that’s enough for tonight.” He concluded and Harry lowered the wand to the bed without taking his eyes from Remus, who smiled at his success. “You’re going to be extremely good at this, you know.” He said before he opened his eyes and he came back into the physical world. He found that his eyes ached and his head was beginning to hurt as it so often did after so much work for his mind over such little time. The room was almost dark now; the sun had set not long ago and the room was lit by what little light was left outside. “Are you alright?” Harry asked him, reaching out and putting his hand on his own to get his attention. They didn’t feel the strange joining of minds as Harry didn’t push into Remus’ mind but stayed in the physical world. “I’m fine.” Remus smiled and got up from the bed, running his fingers lightly through Harry’s soft hair. “You need a haircut, you know.” “So you’ve said, repeatedly.” Harry said and held out his hand slightly. “Accio wand” He murmured. Two wands instantly flew into his outstretched hand and he stared at them in disbelief. Remus smiled; Harry had just performed fourth year magic without a wand. Without practicing anything more than changing matches to needles. “Excellent Harry.” Remus said to him, “Try not to speak the spell next time though.” “Why’s it so dark?” Harry asked him suddenly. Because the sun’s set. You know what the sun is – big ball of burning gas… Remus thought. “Everything gives off magical waves, no matter how muggle the item may seem. Your mind picks it up and manages to make it into a picture of what things are like around you.” He replied. “Because you can send magic out through your body easily without needing a wand you can also absorb it with much more ease than anyone else which allows you to pick up magical waves and turn them into a picture when few others can. Anyway, as I was trying to say before I digressed… you don’t see with light in your mind, you see with magic. Magic causes colour, magic brings about life, magic holds the world together, magic is the world, it is the meaning of life and without it there would be no life, there wouldn’t be anything without it. “All that muggle stuff you learn about the world being made of parts like the core, the mantle and the crust – it’s not real. The world is solid except for a magical centre which heats up the earth.” Remus finished. “How do you know about the whole mantle and crust thing?” Harry asked him, “And what about muggles who’ve proven that the earth isn’t solid?” Remus smiled knowing that Harry’s mind would have been spotting flaws in everything that he said even as he formed the words in his mouth. “I know about how muggles think the world is because went through the muggle education system and kept learning until I was about fourteen or fifteen, despite the fact that I knew that most things I was ‘learning’ just weren’t true.” Remus replied, “And as for the muggles… well some wizards have fun tricking muggles into thinking they know how things really work. They’ve worked out atomic structure with protons, neutrons and electrons. It’s not real – a wizard once stunned a muggle and wrote the most ridiculous idea he could think of at the time which (most people think) wasn’t really ridiculous enough, on the blackboard behind him and then woke the muggle. He worked it out so that everything would have to be made up of protons, neutrons and electrons by using a lot of imagination and now muggles learn it in schools. In reality everything is made of magic.” “If everything’s made of magic then why don’t muggles have magic?” Harry asked him and Remus sighed. “You know most of this is common knowledge amongst wizards, Harry, you could just ask Ron.” He replied. “Sorry…” Harry said and Remus smiled slightly, he forgot how much about the world Harry didn’t know. “Don’t be.” Remus said, “Although I’m surprised that your incessant curiosity hasn’t killed you yet.” “It almost has, on numerous occasions.” Harry said. “I know…” Remus replied, “Anyway, wizards are really a mutation of muggles. Muggles are normal but wizards have a core of magic trapped inside them. It makes them live longer, heals them quickly and never runs out, although you can temporarily exhaust your magic making it weak and unstable but that rarely happens. Is there anything else or are you going to let me go to the Order meeting I must attend?” “Sorry, I didn’t know else I’d have shut up a while ago.” Harry said to him and rose from Remus’ bed. “I’m glad you didn’t. I love teaching you.” Remus said to him, “You’re the ideal student – interested, eager to learn and talented at most things.” “I wouldn’t go that far.” Harry said but smiled slightly at his praise. “I suppose I could let you leave then…” They left the room and walked through Remus’ living quarters into his office on the other side. “So when will you teach me again?” Harry asked him as they left his office. “Whenever we both have the time. I’m free most evenings unless there’s a meeting for the staff or the Order so whenever you want to learn I’ll teach.” Remus smiled at him. “I do Occlumency and Legilimency on Tuesday, Monday, Friday and Saturday.” Harry told him. “But if I remember correctly you only have Legilimency on a Friday – no Apparation or Animagus lessons, so I’ll teach you Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays if you want…” Remus said to him and Harry nodded. “Are you sure? That’s a lot of time though…” Harry said to him. “Well if you don’t want to…” Remus said lightly. “I was thinking more of you.” Harry said. “There’s no one I’d rather take up all my time with.” Remus said quietly to him. He knew that it wouldn’t go down well for him to seem to favour Harry, especially if the Slytherins got wind of it but he didn’t want Harry to think he was reluctant to teach him because he loved to teach and he loved him, there was no better combination than teaching Harry something, especially if it was as new to him and interesting as wandless magic was. “I’ll see you tomorrow then?” Harry smiled and nodded. “See you tomorrow…” He repeated as they both went in their different directions: Harry to his common room to get some well needed rest and Remus to the Order meeting in Dumbledore’s office. Both of them felt utterly exhausted and Remus had forgotten just how draining wandless magic could be but nevertheless he moved his mind so that whilst watching where he was going and walking to Dumbledore’s office he was watching Harry walk back to his common room. He felt a smile touch his face – both in his mind and his physical face. It always cheered him to be around Harry and with everything that his poor godson had been through it made sitting through what was almost certainly going to be a dull Order meeting seem like nothing at all. A/N: Soooo... what did you think? It was very full of information to be taken in, so I hope it was alright and not too confusing. I'll be having more wandless magic soon though and the more I write the clearer it should become. Next chapter will be up on Tuesday and will be called 'The Infiltration of the Order' Toodle Pip! :o)

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