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disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and Draco's misfortune ;) A/N: I had to re-post this chapter because of a certain rating glitch and I can't be bothered with Author's Notes for once lol so all I'm saying is just please enjoy the purely fictional value of this chapter and I'm sorry it's so short!
Dear Mr Malfoy, I am writing to you on account of all your stock investments, magical and muggle. It has come to our attention that the stock markets in which you have invested shares in have hit an all-time low recently. Measures have been taken to stabilise your shares, however, it cannot be said that they were effective. In an effort to save the companies, we were forced to sell your shares below cost. This has resulted in losing all of the royalties coming in from these investments. Mr Malfoy, I regret to say that you no longer have any more shares in your name. The current loss now stands at a grand total of sixty-eight hundred and seventy-two thousand gallions, four sickles and two knuts with an additional of nine hundred and forty-three thousand dollars and fifty-eight cents from the muggle shares. I suggest that you make an appointment with me in the near future so I can advise you on the best next step to take in order to regain your fortune in the shares. Please contact me for an appointment as soon as possible. sincerely Wilmer Keystone Head of Inter-Magi-Muggle Relations Magical Law Enforcement ... Dear Mr Malfoy I am writing to inform you of a financial problem that has surfaced from the businesses that are listed under your company, Malfoy Management. As you are well aware, the company relies heavily not on business profit but rather profit from your stock investments. I have been informed that currently there no longer is a single share under the Malfoy name and this puts the company in jeapordy. As of now, the company is using the business profits to continue running but I must impress that this is not permanent. Using business profits to run the company will only result in major loss in the long run. I advise you to use other forms of financial support or Malfoy Management will be forced into bankruptcy. Please contact me soon to discuss this matter further. Sincerely, Blaire E. McPherson Financial Advisor Magical Law Enforcement ... Mr Malfoy, We at Gringotts Wizarding Bank are sorry to inform you that your vaults have been magically broken into last night. You no longer have anything stored in our vaults as everything had been stolen by the intruder. Ministry officials are looking into the matter at the moment so until further notice, it is highly recommended that you keep your vault keys for the time being. Griphook Gringotts Staff ... MALFOY FORTUNE BURNT DOWN It was a night of fiery displays, writes Daily Prophet reporter Vangie Ivori, last night at the stroke of midnight. The Malfoy Manor, once a mighty establishment exuding power, fame and wealth is now mere blackened ruins, a sad shadow of its former self. It is believed that the ignition began in the kitchens where a careless house-elf must have left a magical fire unattended. It would have been much easier to handle the ashwinder emerging from the fire but as fate would have it, the creature's eggs were not frozen in time, resulting in the manor bursting into a blaze from the eggs. Reportedly, the house-elves had a fine time trying to put out the flames but it seemed as though their magic was not strong enough to save a manor as big as the Malfoys'. Within minutes, the entire manor has caught on fire and it was near to impossible to salvage anything. However, the manor is not the only Malfoy property burnt to the ground. Recent scoops have unearthed startling new problems that the remaining descendent of Malfoy has to face. It appears to be that the financial situation of Malfoy has seen much better days when things took a sudden sharp decline with no hope for recovery. Stock market shares were sold for close to zero value within minutes and thus affecting the family company which had existed for several decades, Malfoy Management. The company has been forced to cease transactions and shut down when Malfoy refused to meet up with Law Enforcement officers to discuss matters over. The salt to the wound, however, had to be the fact that Malfoy holds not a single knut now their Gringotts vaults. A brief interview with hassled Gringotts staff revealed that a severe Confundus charm had been placed on several staff members into deluding them to allow a couple of intruders to steal everything from all five vaults under the Malfoy name. "We are allowing Malfoy to hold on to the keys just in case the fortune is recovered. As you know, Ministry officials are looking into the matter as we speak but there is a very low chance of recovering anything if you ask me," says a staff of the wizarding bank who refused point-blank to allow his name nor picture to be published. After centuries of the Malfoy name being associated with all things glorious and powerful, it seems that Lady Luck has finally ran out on Malfoy. After the Manor was grazed to the ground, Malfoy was officially announced bankrupt by the bank. Following the untimely deaths of convicted Death Eater Lucius Malfoy and his wife Narcissa Malfoy, the last remaining descendent of the Malfoy clan is young Draco Malfoy who is currently finishing his last year of studying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He could not be reached for comment.

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