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The rating is just to be safe but probably won't apply untill later chapters as with most of the warnings. Anyway, hope you like it, don't forget to REVIEW and Enjoy! :) ~Sam.
PS) This is just the PROLOGUE!


Severus Snape stood before his first class of the day. First year Slytherins and Gryffindors. How he hated teaching first year students, they were incapable of brewing even the simplest of potions and couldn’t be left without supervision for one moment.

He moved behind his desk as he flicked his wand at the board, a tightly written script appearing across it in the form of instructions.

‘You have 90 minutes to successfully brew the Magnars potion. Instructions are on the board and I want silence as you work. Begin.’ Severus instructed the class as he waited for the fumbling students to begin collecting their ingredients from the side wall of the classroom.

He held a feathered quill with its nib poised over a single roll of parchment, he was about to dip the nib into his ink pot when he became distracted. He rose an elegant eyebrow as he caught two young Gryffindors muttering in the back rows. The flush that rose up their necks to meet their cheeks at being discovered would usually of thrilled him, at having such an early success at humiliating Gryffindor students, however not now.

‘When I say silence, I mean silence!’ he yelled, causing the already quaking first years to appear as though they were vibrating as they shook with fear. The old Severus would have been pleased with this development. True, it was a well known fact that professor Severus Snape always liked to make his feelings toward students clear on the first day, especially when students thought of pushing their luck with him. Yet his mind was elsewhere; his mind wandered to his last Death Eater meeting.

He had been in the Great Hall at dinner when the mark on his forearm had burned…


Snape sat at the end of the staff table. He had just endured 90 minutes of Gryffindor and Slytherin sixth years. A NEWT class, and yet Merlin knows how, Potter had still managed to darken his dungeon room with his presence. How Potter ever managed to gain an O in his OWL examination last summer was beyond him. He turned his glittering black eyes to settle on Potter at the Gryffindor table.

Snape’s lip curled as he imagined what Dumbledore’s Golden Boy was discussing with his fellow house mates. No doubt gloating about his latest escapade and near-death escape from the Dark lord… in which five Order members were injured!

Severus was pulled from his thoughts as his forearm burned. He dropped his knife and fork with a clatter against his full-plate; he had hardly eaten anything, and now it looked like he wouldn’t get chance to anyway.

For a moment or two all eyes were upon the darkly clad professor. But just as soon as everyone had turned to see what the disruption was, everyone had turned away again, or so Severus thought. The staff, or at least those who knew of his involvement in the Order and the reason why he was now cradling his left forearm, kept their piqued gaze upon him. Somewhere in the sea of students, a pair of emerald green eyes scrutinised his every move, undetected.

‘Headmaster,’ Severus whispered urgently as he stood from his place at the table. ‘I must-’
Dumbledore nodded gravely as he studied his former student and friend over his half-moon glasses. ‘Good luck, Severus.’
Snape nodded as he hastily made his way down from the teacher’s raised platform before gauging a path between a sea of student’s heads between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw house tables. The pair of bespectacled emerald eyes never wavered their attention from his potion’s professor.


Now that you've read the PROLOGUE to the story (yes, there is more to come at some point! lol) Tell me what you think, and I promise to reply to all reviews! Thanks! ~Sam.
PS) Banner by me.

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