Volemort smirked as he continued to watch Harry threaten Wormtail. Harry\'s grasp on his wand tightened as his hands began to sweat. The dark mark that he wore on his arm was now glowing bright as ever. Harry walked closer Wormtail who lost his footing and fell backwards, \" With all respect Mr. Potter, I...\" \"SHUT UP!\" Harry yelled backing him into a wall, \"It\'s all your fault!!\" Voldemort walked out from the shadows and walked up behind Harry who was shaking with anger. He placed a hand on Harry\'s shoulder. Harry didn\'t move, he just stood there, glaring at Wormtail. \" You could end it now Harry. Just one little spell could get rid of this miserable excuse of a being. \" Voldemort smirked at Wormtail who was shaking with fear for his life. Harry blinked, \"no..I can\'t...\" \" Yes you can...look at him, he\'s had a horrible life... the least you could do is save him from it. \" Harry losened his grip on his wand, \" No, I can\'t ..I won\'t...Im not like you.\" \" Oh, but you are, you are Potter\" Voldemort said smiling an evil grin. Harry didn\'t answer. Voldemort glared, \" If you don\'t he may do it again...\" Harry looked up at him, \"What do you mean?\" \" What I mean is that you will lose those closest to you the same way you lost your dear mother and father.\" Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes in Harry\'s life was when he looked into Voldemort\'s gleaming red eyes. All his thoughts seemed to clear from his mind. His memories faded into nothing and began to be replaced by new ones. Harry\'s eyes faded from bright green to a horrible blood red, matching to that of Voldemort\'s. Lifeless, it seemed Harry was, for nothing was left of him, no thoughts, memories, kindness, love, every quality he had was lost, stolen by Voldemort and his hypnotic spell. Voldemort confronted Harry once more, \" Kill him Harry...\" Harry tightened his grip again on the wand and aimined it at Wormtail \"Avanda Kedavara!!\" A loud, painfull scream filled the air as a blinding green light lit up the room. When the light faded a dead Wormtail laid on the cold stone floor. A horrible smile rose across Harry\'s face as Voldemort laughed. His plan had worked, the \'famous\' Harry Potter, had joined the dark side. ******************************************************************************************************** Aki jumped through the portrait hole of the Gryffindor Common Room and nearly knocked over Ron on her way to the boys dorm. \" Bloody hell Aki, what\'s wrong?\" Aki didn\'t answer and entered the boys dorm and found Hermione and Ari sitting on the floor. She continued to ingore them as she dug through Harry\'s trunk, throwing things in all directions. She found his invisibility cloke and quickly dashed out the door, running down the stairs and into the common room. Hermione and Ari blinked at Aki\' s departure and ran after her. Aki almost made it to the portrait hole untill Ron stepped in front of her, \" What\'s going on?!\" \"Ron, just move out of the way! I have to catch up with Sirius!\" she said pushing him aside. Hermione stepped infront of Aki this time, \" Why?\" Aki, growed in frustration, \"because he knows where Harry is and I have to follow!\" Ari\'s and Hermione\'s eyes widened and Ron\'s jaw droped. \"Then Im coming with you\" Hermione said moving out of the way. Ron looked at them, \" You two are crazy!...Which is why Im coming with you.\" Ari seemed to be breathing fast, \" If you three are going then I am going!\" Aki nodded and jumped through the portrait hole. The group of four ran down the corridors knocking everyone out of the way. Once they reached the Grounds, they hid behind a tree, as best as they could manage and watched as they saw Sirius pad into the foribiden forest. They tip-toed after him into the forest and looked around, but he was no where in sight. Ron groaned, \" Great! we lost him\" Hermione begain to look around and dug through a pile of leaves. Ron gave her a dull look, \"\'Mione, I hardly think this is the time to be playing in the leaves.\" \"Im not playing Ron,\" she replyed still digging in the leaf pile,\" Im looking for a portkey\" A moment later Hermione pulled an old glass vase from the pile. \" How did you...? \" Ron started to say but was cut off by Hermione, \" Everyone hold on to each other..\" They all blinked but did as they were told. In an instant the group had dissapeared. ****************************************************************************************************** Voldemort glanced down at Harry, \"Well done my boy.\" However, Harry\'s attention was turned to a figure into the corner. Voldemort looked at Harry then at the corner and glared, \" I smell a rat..no a dog.\" A black dog padded into view and growled at Voldemort. The dog slowly padded up to Wormtail and sniffed him. \"What did you do to Wormtail ?\" the dog spoke while glaring at the same time. \"I didn\'t do anything to him, Sirius.\" The dog transformed into a man \" Im going to ask you one more time, What did you do?!\" Riddle smirked, \" It wasn\'t me, it was Potter\" Sirius\'s eyes widened and looked at Harry, \" Harry? Is this true?\" Harry didn\'t answer. Sirius walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder, \"Harry?\" Harry grabbed Sirius\'s hand and threw it off his shoulder, \"Leave me alone!!\" Sirius looked surprised and started to walk towards Harry. Harry brought up his wand and aimed it at Sirius. Sirius stopped and looked at Harry\'s eyes, \" Your not the Harry I know. What\'s happend to you.? Your eyes are empty and full of hate.\" Voldemort smirked, \" I told you Sirius.\" Sirius ingored Voldemort and looked at his god-son, \" Harry put the wand down, it\'s me, Sirius, your god-father\" Harry didn\'t put the wand down, \" I don\'t have a god-father! \" \" Yes you do!\" Sirius yelled back. Sirius\'s eyes were full of pain and sadness, all of his confindence had fallen. Voldemort walked up behind Harry once more, \" He\'s come to take you away, don\'t trust him Harry. This is your home, I am your family.\" Sirius pulled out his wand for protection, \" Leave him alone !!\" He grabed Harry by the wrist, \"C\'mon Harry, Im taking you home!!\" Harry pushed Sirius into the wall, \" I am home!!\" Sirius looked up at Harry from the ground, \" You belong at Hogwarts with your friends! \" Harry stopped and blinked as Sirius continued, \" Think of Ron, Hermione, Ari and Aki, think of all the others who need you just as much as I do.\" Voldemort glared, \" He\'s lying Harry, I am your only friend.\" Harry glared at Sirius and raised his wand. \"NO!! STOP IT!!\" Aki\'s voice cried out as she ran in between Harry and her brother. \" Move you silly girl!!\" Harry yelled. \"NO!!\" she looked into his eyes that were no longer green, \" Harry....your eyes...their...hatefull..and red.\" Harry glared and grabed her by the wrist, \" If you won\'t move then I\'ll make you move.\" He threw her against the wall. She slid down and looked up at him with tears in her eyes. Harry was suddenly thrown backwards, a stinging transparent in his face. He licked his lip and tasted blood. Ron, Ari and Hermione, suddenly appeared droping the cloke on the ground. Ari and Hermione ran over to Aki and Sirius while Ron was standing in front of Harry. Harry jumped up and tackled Ron. The two traded hits and punches while rolling on the floor. Voldemort glared and looked at Harry, \" Get rid of them all...\" (Ok, this is it last chance. Remember when I told you earlier that I would kill ALL the character with a very painfull death and end the fic? Well it was no joke. If no one cares about this fic then what\'s the point of continuing. But if you do care about Sirius, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Aki and Ari. I suggest that you review and rate. But Im making no promises that I won\'t kill a character or two. I just said I won\'t kill them all. It all depends on you....what\'s it going to be?)

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