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Respect Me

Very Relaxed

Hermione still had no notion of where they were going. The only hint he had given was to dress for clubbing. This really didn’t sound like something she would be into, but she said she would go, no matter how grudgingly she had given into that. That night she dressed to impress. She still couldn’t shake that wondrous feeling she had felt while laying on the wet floor with his arm around her waist. She wanted to put it to the test. She had nearly given into the urge to lean forward those few centimetres to kiss him, taste him. To run her tongue along his lips and kiss him like she had never kissed Victor in sixth year. She knew what she was getting herself into. She knew he was a Malfoy. The one man that, just a few months ago, the idea of kissing him would have been preposterous and possibly make her gag. But now, he was different. Even if he slapped her afterwards, she just had to try it. Tonight her plan was to have his attention on her, and so her clothing would need to make an impression. She dressed in her three quarter length black, rag bottom skirt. The slits came all the way up her thighs yet the skirt covered her enough to let the imagination wander. Not that it needed to wander much farther than this afternoon where she was basically naked except for the towel that only just covered her. She also wore her cherry red spaghetti strap top that showed what cleavage she had obtained. Her hair was tamed to large ringlets which ran all the way down her back. Her makeup - simple, yet enough to make her eyes shadowy and misty with black and grey eye shadow, and just a hint of gloss on her pouted lips. She looked at her reflection one final time in the mirror and she liked what she saw, so she stepped out of her room and into the living area where Draco stood. At least . . . she thought it was Draco.

Draco had said he would change his appearance a little. He still wore his black suit pants and his dark moss green suede long sleeved shirt; let a little lose at the front. He also donned a simple silver chain around his neck. Really, it was what he always wore when he went out somewhere, but it was his hair that he now wore differently. Now chopped back and rusty brunette, he looked nothing like his former self.

It was only a spell that would wear off in a few hours - but still, it was nice to be someone else for once. The look on Hermione’s face was priceless as she stepped out of her room, but it was how she was dressed that caught his attention. Sexy yet not smutty. Her bare shoulders, her long smooth legs (once again!), and her dark mysterious eyes. He was instantly drawn to her.

“What have you done to your hair?!” she had startled him back from his heavenly daydream. He smiled at her reaction.

“Said I’d change a little, so I did.” He shrugged his shoulders to show that he didn’t care.

“It . . . its just a spell . . . isn’t it?” she asked carefully.

“Of course! It will wear off in by the end of tonight. Simple really.” she let out her breath that she was holding and then perked up a bit more. She spun around on the spot and her rag bottom skirt flared out around her. The sight of her made his breath catch. The animal desire in his gut blazed.

“What do you think? Ok for where we’re going?” he was speechless for a few moments, but then,

“Yes . . . perfect.” he stated and he noticed her blush slightly before turning to get her purse. She was now ready to go and so was he. “Well, let’s go then.”

“Come on. Can’t you tell me where were going now?” she whined slightly, pouting her bottom lip a little.

“No. We’re going to be there in a few minutes so you can just wait.” he stated simply, “Now, grab hold tight. We’re apparating there.” He held out his arm to her and she glanced at him suspiciously because of his secretive actions before linking her arm with his and holding on with the other. He couldn’t help but smile at her and she at him but then they were gone, disappeared into thin air.

**Middle of Muggle Manchester**

They reappeared in a dark alleyway, rubbish everywhere and trashcans toppled over. She clutched a little tighter on his arm.

“Draco, where are we?” she whispered, the little puffs of breath mist were visible in the cold dark night.

“It’s ok. Come on, it’s just up here.” She felt relatively stupid now for coming without knowing where they were going. She still held tightly onto his arm as they walked through the dark alleyway, but he seemed unperturbed by it all. Finally they came out onto a busy street and across from them was a line of people trailing all the way down and around the corner. The air pulsed with the thumping of music coming from inside the club. The tiny looking building where the line began had a flashing sign that read . . .

“The 226! The best muggle night club in all of Manchester! Now you see why we had to apparate into that alleyway back there.” he said. She was slightly shocked.

“Muggle nightclub? But . . . you . . . ?” she stuttered. It seemed that no matter what she thought of Draco he always seemed to be contradicting her thoughts. Her knowledge of him was changing rapidly.

“Yes, I know. ‘Draco who despises muggles.’ Well, I’m here, aren’t I?”

“Why’s it called the 226?” she queiried.

“No, it’s not called the two hundred and twenty six but the two – twenty six. Its how many people they can fit onto their dance floor at one time and it looks as though they might actually reach their limit tonight! Come on then.” He still had hold of her arm and pulled her across the road to the door where the giant bouncer stood.

“Mr Malfoy, good to see you again.” he said politely. Hermione looked up at Draco by her side and raised an eyebrow at him and he smiled. He seemed to do a lot of that to her lately and every time he did it made her stomach do a back flip. She longed to have him look at her now because every time he did it seemed it was a look just for her. His eyes no longer cold icy blue, but now they seemed a little greyer. But she must have been imagining things because this was Malfoy she was referring to and he could never feel such things for her as she imagined. It was impossible. Wasn’t it?

“Hello Freddy, how has the night been?” Draco asked courteously back to the large man.

“Had two fights, two working girls and from the amount of people I’ve let in, id say the place is pretty much full!” said the harrased sounding bouncer. His attention then turned to Hermione and his facial expression lightened “This is the first date I’ve seen you bring here. What’s your name?” he directed at Hermione.

“I’m Hermione. She stated simply, smiling at the large mans wonderful manners.

“Good friend of mine. I treat her with the upmost respect.” Draco cut in. Hermione turned to stare at him. ‘What a blatant lie!’ she thought to herself jokingly.

“Well it’s nice to meet you Hermione! You’re the first Mr Malfoy has ever brought here-” his sentence stopped as he saw a fight break out in the Que. “Got to get back to work, in you go then. See you later Mr Malfoy.” He opened the door and the entire crowd groaned and some people even yelled abuse.

“Thankyou Freddy!” Draco thanked him and then guided Hermione inside.

“That was a lie Draco!” she said sternly.

“What was?” he asked as they glided down the hallway.

“You, treating me with the ‘utmost respect’!” she answered back.

“Actually it wasn’t. I respect you and I would consider you a friend. Maybe not a friendly friend but a person I can rely on.” A slight ‘oh’ escaped her but it was completely drowned out by the thumping of music. “You may not respect me Hermione, as you made quite clear on graduation day, but I’ve learnt to respect you in this small time and I hope you can do the same with me too.” The door opened into a tiny hallway which led to a bar and then on the other side of the bar was a mass of people dancing. Hermione’s thoughts were overcome by what Draco had just said. She never thought that he would feel like that – even now. He led Hermione to the bar and sat her down on a stool then seated himself beside her. “Ok, what do you want to drink?” he asked.

“Ahhh . . .” Hermione was actually in the mood to try something different. She spotted the woman a few seats down from Draco sipping on something that was yellowy-green. “I’ll have whatever she’s drinking.” she pointed to the woman and Draco ordered it. He ordered just a simple whiskey for himself. Their drinks arrived and they sipped and talked about nothing important. The conversation was forced and uncomfortable and she looked around the room which was full of happy people, chatting and having a good time. She felt out of place and uncomfortable in the crowded club. She finished her citrus drink and ordered another.

After her third of the yellow drinks she was slightly more relaxed and she remembered her goal – to kiss him. Just one simple kiss, that was all that was required, and she was going to make sure that she got it! She turned to face him properly and noticed that two empty whiskey glasses sat in front of him with a third half drunk.

“You’ve been busy, I didn’t even notice you order any more.” she said simply.

“You can talk! You’ve been drinking them like they’re milk.” he said straight back to her. They sat in silence for a while when he ventured on. He got up from his stool beside her and held out his hand. “Come on. You’re bored, I can see that. We’re going to dance!” he smiled.

“Ummm, no - I don’t think so!” she said quietly.

“Well, I do, so come on!” he lifted her up out of the chair and pulled her in the direction of the dance floor.

“No . . . Draco, I really don’t want . . .” but her words were trampled as she was pulled into the mass of crazy dancing people. He pulled her through, never letting go of her hand until they reached a small empty spot in the middle of the floor and immediately pulled her close to him. This was unexpected and her breath caught in her throat. They were body to body and she could feel his every move against her. They both started to pulse to the music which was fast and hard, their bodies meeting every beat. Her hair flying out around her as her head moved from side to side. She was just getting into the beat when it suddenly turned slow and rhythmic instead of the fast and pulsing stuff before. The many dancing people around them slowed and fastened themselves to a partner and began to sway to the beat. Draco hesitated for a moment but considering he had been so forceful with her, she decided to return the favour.

Draco was shocked when Hermione leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed her body flush against his. After a moment of awkwardness, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in tightly. She was just the right size to rest her head under his chin. It felt perfect. He moved his hands up to feel her soft hair. She also did the same thing. Moving her hands up his neck to feel his hair but she didn’t meet the soft lengths of his platinum blonde hair but the cropped and prickly hair that he had used as his disguise. She preferred his normal hair.

The couple next to them were arguing about something inaudible and truthfully Hermione and Draco could care less. But then the male of the arguing couple was pushed backwards into Draco and Hermione, knocking them over and making many other couples stumble. Hermione squealed a little as she went down to the floor, Draco’s arms still around her. The other couples grumbled but returned to their caressing and kissing. But Draco was pissed that their moment was ruined.

“HEY! What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing you filthy muggle!” he yelled over the music. The bloke who was pushed turned around and faced Draco who had helped Hermione up off the ground and now stood beside him, her hand never leaving his.

“What did you just call me – asshole?!” the guy yelled back at Draco, advancing just a little. Hermione tightened her grip on Draco’s hand and pulled him slightly. The stranger’s girlfriend, if that was what she was, screamed some obscenity at him and then turned and left. “Oh come on baby . . . come back!” the mans attention was divided and Hermione took this chance to lead the fuming Draco through the crowd to the side of the dance floor. He took her aside by the arms and surveyed her with a once over.

“Are you ok?” he asked, complete concern in his voice. She nodded. They now stood there with the music still thumping (a fast song had now started playing) staring at each other. Total silence seemed to exist between them. He wanted her and she wanted him. It was really simple. He leaned in, closing that space between them and just when he was about to make contact she put up her hand in front of him.

“No.” she said simply.

“Why?” He was puzzled. Didn’t all her movements tonight prove that she wanted him as much as he wanted her?

“Change it back.”

“What?” This was becoming confusing.

“You’re hair. I like it better the other way.” she smiled and he smiled back. He muttered the quick spell to cancel the other and his hair magically grew and lightened back into its normal state. Everyone else was too busy to notice the sudden change. The look between them lingered only a moment when she leaned in and closed the gap between them.

The kiss was bitter sweet. At first soft and gentle, lips moving against each other until she felt his tongue brush against her lips and she opened to receive him. Their tongues intertwined with each other. His arms wrapped around her waist pulling her close against his body. Her arms went up around his neck and then proceeded to travel up into his longish hair, fingers running through it with silky ease. The kiss became fiercer and wanting as their tongues became passionate and fast. They pulled apart to catch their breath and then he leaned back in but she stopped him again.

“What?!” he asked, a little more impatiently this time.

“I’ve got all the proof I need, let’s go.” She began to lead him by the hand out of the club, but he halted and so she did too.

“Where are we going?” he asked

“Back to my place . . . unless you don’t want to . . .” she said in a questioning voice, but he jumped to the chance immediately.

“Yes! Yes. Of course. But . . . are you sure?”

“Yes.” she smiled at his concern. “Now come on.” She continued to lead him out of the club by the hand. They left past Freddy and just as they were halfway across the road someone yelled out.

“YOU! HEY YOU, COME BACK HERE.” It was the angry stranger from the dance floor. Draco turned around to face him but Hermione pleaded to keep going and so he turned back around and continued to walk towards the alleyway, but the man persisted onwards. “You messed things up between me and my girl, now you’re gonna pay! HEY, don’t walk away from me! What, your bitch control your life?” Draco halted and turned around.

“What did you call her?” he asked quietly looking the man straight in the face.

“Your bitch, that’s what I called h-” but the man’s sentence was cut off as Draco forgot his wand and slammed his fist straight into his face. Hermione screamed and now several other men from the que ran forwards. Hermione grabbed Draco’s arm and dragged him into the alleyway.

“Where bid he doe? Where bid da ‘iddle mudda pucker doe?” screamed the man with the now broken nose. They ran after Draco and Hermione but when they reached the dead end of the alleyway, all they found was rubbish.


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