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Respect Me

A Traitor Revealed . . . Kinda

There were several people sitting around them, injured and bleeding, with the teachers looking at their wounds. Hermione and Draco lay there, collapsed on the floor with Professor Lawry standing over them when two people burst through a door beside them. One of those people was Constance and she looked terrible. She was covered in soot with cuts and grazes all over her body but hanging off her shoulder was her partner, Weston. He was unconscious and hanging limply off of her form. Professor Lawry bent down to Draco and Hermione and asked if they were seriously injured. They shook their heads and she was away to help Constance and Weston. Hermione lay back on the floor and closed her eyes. Her shoulder was hurting the most at first but now it had gone numb with the pain. She hadn’t looked at it yet but she wasn’t worried, if it wasn’t hurting it didn’t bother her. She looked around the room at all the injured students leaning up against the walls and lying on the floor when she noticed something out of place or actually - someone. Standing in a corner of darkness was the man with the chequered coat and hat and the big black man with the golden earring. She made to move to get to them so they couldn’t get away but the drowsiness overtook her. With her eyes closed she felt her mind trying to slip from consciousness but she fought against it. Draco, who was leaning against the wall, looked over at the mess of Granger that was lying on the ground beside him. That gash on her shoulder looked nasty. He noticed now that she had her eyes closed and he couldn’t help himself to say something.

“Look, Granger, I realise that your bed – if you even have one – might not be that comfortable, but you can’t sleep here.” No response. She wasn’t seriously asleep – was she? “Hey, I’m talking to you.” He leaned over her and nudged her arm but she didn’t stir. “Come on . . . wake up.” he hissed at her, shaking her a little to try and wake her. But she didn’t stir. He shook harder this time and then harder again but she still didn’t wake up. ‘Something is wrong!’ He had to get help. He called for the big guy, ‘ahh . . . what’s his name?’ “Professor . . . Kill . . . Killick! She won’t wake up!” Professor Killick moved away from the student whose leg he was healing and moved over to Hermione. He knelt down beside her and opened her eyes to look at her pupils. He growled quietly to himself and then moved to the gash on her shoulder. He pressed his two fingers against it and more blood leaked out.

“She’s lost too much blood, I have to get her to the hospital, come on and you can come too.” He picked her up off the ground as if she weighed nothing. Her arms lay limply at her side and her head tilted backwards. Draco got up and started to limp slowly after the tall and commanding professor. He rushed them out a side door and down a long narrow hallway with many doors all along the walls and then suddenly he stopped, nearly nocking Draco over who was right behind him. He turned to the door on the left that was as undistinguishable as the rest of them and they opened all by themselves and he walked through. The room looked just like the hospital wing at Hogwarts only maybe a little tackier. Multiple beds with bedside cabinets up against the walls, only the beds were made with mismatched and different coloured sheets instead of the white ones that they use at Hogwarts. The far wall was all shelved and every little bit of room there was, was covered in jars, bottles, cages and bowls of medical potions and creatures. In front of the shelves was a little brown nobly table where a fat witch attired in a nurses uniform. Killick rushed in and immediately the woman jumped up and rushed over. He placed Hermione on one of the spare beds where she lay limply and with skin as pale as if it had never seen the daylight. Before the nurse had even checked on Hermione she looked Draco up and down quickly and immediately pointed at the bed beside hers and barked “Sit!”

Draco decided that this was not the time to push it so he sat down on the bed that had clowns on the pillowslip and a blue and green striped sheet and blanket. The nurse now went straight to Hermione’s shoulder and just like Killick had, she pushed her fingers onto her wound. Her frown deepened and she began to bark orders at Killick who immediately went to get the jars and bottles from the shelves that she demanded. They seemed to be busy so Draco lied back and rested his head on the fluffy pillow and closed his eyes. ‘If this was the first day, what will the rest be like?’ but no sooner had this thought popped into his head he lost all consciousness and fell deeply into the world of nod.

**Many Hours Later**

Hermione opened her eyes and her vision was blurry and bright. She blinked a lot until her vision came clear and she saw the bright shining golden ceiling. She looked to her left and there on there she saw many people resting on beds. ‘This must be the hospital . . .’ On the bed beside her lay Constance still sooty and now with many little bandages on her head and down her arms. She looked to the right and there she saw the back of Draco Malfoy, for, he was unmistakable with his bright blonde hair. He lay on his side and now his leg was taped up properly with clean bandages instead of the dirty ones from their endeavour. Hermione rolled her head back to stare at the ceiling and thought about everything that they had gone through in the last hour or so. ‘We worked well together . . .’ and as much as she didn’t want to admit it if it weren’t for Malfoy she probably would have not made it through the fake dead bodies.

**Southern England**

“Master, Granger and young mister Malfoy seem to be co-operating together too well together, they passed through the course with no problems and both came out very much intact!” said the harsh voice of a woman, bowing in the Lords presence.

“He has been becoming a bigger problem ever since he ran to that fool Dumbledore when his father was executed. I think that it may be time to make young mister Malfoy disappear . . . and not return.” said the cold voice of Lord Voldemort in his chair with Nagini wrapping herself around the bottom of his cloak. A smile stretched across the woman’s face, large and toothy.

“My Lord, may I please have this pleasure? I would not dare fail you!” she asked.

“Very well, don’t do it now, do it later in the week when that Granger brat is not going to notice until it is too late to help him.”

“Yes my lord, thankyou my lord, thankyou.” she continued to bow and tip toed backwards away from the most powerful wizard who ever lived.

**Friday Afternoon**

They had been tested alright. It was now the end of their trial period and continuous testing and Draco couldn’t find a place on his body that was not sore. He and Granger had been put through everything together and now as much as he couldn’t believe it, he didn’t mind working with the know-it-all Granger. She was a hard worker like him and wasn’t ready to fail at anything - so they got along fine when they were working. Already two of the students had been sent home because they weren’t up to the standards of the teachers when they were put to trial. As soon as he walked into his penthouse apartment which was located in the city centre of Manchester, he had stripped off all his dirty clothes, leaving a trail behind him on his way to the bathroom. He stood naked in front of the shower as he turned on the heat – hard, and stepped under. The first touch of water was almost painful on his bruised body but now it was soothing as the water cascaded down his back. He had only been under for a few minutes and his doorbell rang. He scowled as he reached for the bathrobe and stepped out of the hot water. He tied the long white fluffy bathrobe around him and went to answer the door. He thought that it might have been Rachel, the blonde he had ‘befriended’ in the hall on that first day when they were to meet everyone. He had been seeing her until he had caught her snooping through his apartment and so he had told her to get out. He hated untrustworthy people. He was going to tell her to go away unless she had some sort of good, good excuse to get back inside and she had better ‘suck up’ a lot.

Draco had almost reached the door when all of a sudden a blue blast forced the door off its hinges and it flew straight at him. He jumped to the side and the white panelled door landed in shatters just where he had been moments ago. He looked at the doorway and there stood someone he couldn’t believe. Armed with their wand, it was . . .


Authors Note: “Argh!!!” she screams as the audience throws their popcorn at her!!! Ok – don’t kill me! The answer to who it was is only a chapter away! Quick! Go for the chapter! Not me!!!


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