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**Saturday, the library I'm sooooo glad Parvati has finally learned her lesson. She hasn't spoken to me since the pink feathers/tail incident...which is quite fine by me. We only acknowledge each other when it's absolutely necessary. So as for now, nothing will come between Ron and me! And, Harry's realized that he doesn't need to follow Ron and me around every moment of every day. It's not that I don't like spending time with's just that sometimes I want to talk to Ron. Alone. Thankfully Harry's realized this...probably because he's now going out with Ginny and now knows the importance of good alone time. Ron's reaction to this was hilarious. "You're going out with my sister?" he exclaimed. "WHAT? I swear, if I hear anything about her being unhappy...I swear I'll kill you! I'll shove you off the the astronomy tower! I'll feed you to the giant squid! I'll shove you in the Vanishing Cabinent and hope you don't come back! I'll..." His threats went on for about another hour or so. It was pretty hilarious, though I couldn't laugh, because I didn't want to get him angrier. **REASONS WHY I AM QUITE HAPPY RIGHT NOW** 1.) Parvati has stopped trying to make my life as miserable as possible 2.) Ron is looking especially cute today 3.) Harry is back to normal 4.) Hagrid is also back to normal, and it was pretty funny hearing him yell at Harry. ("Harry! I should've known not ta listen ta yeh! Tellin' me all them awful things about 'Ermione...what wer yeh thinkin'?") 5.) I just ate a really, really good sandwich 6.) Neville's eye has completely healed, and I have learned my lesson about tossing around any objects that could be considered pointy 7.) Malfoy just tripped. I know, it's mean, but it was really funny and he had it coming. I'm trying not to laugh, otherwise he'll come over here... 7.5) Ok, I laughed. I couldn't help it 8.) Hagrid managed to capture all the half-goose-half-cat hybrids, so they're not squawking around all day, driving innocent students insane. 9.) One goose/cats got loose...and flew into Parvati. I love karma. 10.) The toads in...Ron wants to write. WHY CAN'T HE JUST GET HIS OWN JOURNAL? Because he wouldn't write in it. I just answered my own question. **ME IN HERMIONE'S JOURNAL** Ummm...I don't know what to write. Uh...I'm awesome and...I'm better than Harry and...haha Malfoy just tripped again...and... uh...Quidditch is cool...and...Hermione thinks I should write a list. So I'm going to write a list. I'm going to write a list of...ugly things. **MY LIST OF UGLY THINGS** 1.) Snape 2.) Malfoy 3.) Malfoy's mum 4.) Malfoy's dad 5.) goose/cat thingies 6.) flobberworms 7.) Snape's classroom 8.) Crabbe 9.) Goyle 10.) All right, all the Slytherins...and anyone else in Malfoy's family that I forgot to mention 11.) that bush outside 13.) That girl's socks 14.) That guy's hair 15.) The painting on the wall outside the hospital wing 16.) Uh...other stuff that's ugly **END OF ME IN HERMIONE'S JOURNAL** Wow...I can't stop laughing now. I must admit I agree - Ron is awesome. **Later I couldn't believe it. The funniest thing just happened...apparently Parvati hadn't learned her lesson, but she definitely has now. I'll explain, after I stop laughing that is. All right, I highly doubt I've mentioned it, but Hannah Abbot is going out with this guy...Rob I think his name is. Or maybe it's Bob...but who really cares. Anyway, I heard that Rob used to like Parvati, but stopped after she started liking Ron. Parvati, for some reason, did not like the idea of Rob liking Hannah more than he liked her, so she decided to do something about it. Rob was sitting at another table in the library reading something when I saw her approach him. It was obvious to me that he had absolutely no interest in her and wanted nothing more than to be allowed to return to his book. She, apparently, didn't notice and continued to try and flirt and kept touching him...completely unaware of the fact that the expression on his face was one of disgust. It was kind of sad, really. Poor Rob. "Ugh, get away!" he kept repeating. "I just want to read!" "Oh Robbie, I know you like me," she giggled. "There's no need to hide it anymore." "I liked you once," he replied, "but now I have no idea why." "C'mon, let's talk. Hannah's not here..." She leaned in to kiss him, but he moved away, knocking over a stack of books in the process. "Ugh, I'd rather kiss Malfoy!" Parvati looked appalled. Then, to make things even funnier, Hannah entered the scene. "What's going on?" she asked Rob, obviously curious to why he looked like he had just been forced to eat a flobberworm. "I heard you yelling." "She tried to kiss me!" "I don't know what he's talking about," Parvati replied innocently. "I mean, he came on to me, but I knew he was your boyfriend so I backed away!" Now, let me remind you that Hannah is normally a timid person. She's not the kind of person who would yell or do anything dramatic. However she seemed to have forgotten this. She slapped Parvati. Yes, Hannah Abbot slapped Parvati. I couldn't hold it in. I laughed. Loudly. "What is WRONG with you?" Hannah exclaimed. "Are you SERIOUS?" "You just..." Parvati couldn't seem to get the words out. "I...I...he..." Before Parvati had a chance to say anything that actually made sense, Madam Pince came over to see what all the noise was about. Immediately she located the culprits. She kicked Parvati, Rob, and Hannah out of the library for talking too loudly...and then kicked me out for laughing too loudly. Oh well. It happens. **MORE REASONS WHY I AM QUITE HAPPY RIGHT NOW** 10.) Parvati has truly learned her lesson 11.) Watching Hannah snap was hilarious 12.) Watching Madam Pince was just as hilarious, if not more so 13.) The look on Parvati's face was hilarious 14.) Ron is looking VERY ESPECIALLY cute today 15.) The look on Ron's face right now, as he stares down Ginny and Harry, is hilarious 16.) Now that I think of it, I guess you could say I won the war. I am so cool sometimes

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