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Harry left the common room at ten to eight as he quickly made his way down through the school until he reached the entrance hall and sighed as he walked down into the dungeons. It was Tuesday which meant he was to attend his first lesson of Occlumency which he had had in quite some time. Earlier on he had been in McGonagall’s office trying to master the skills of becoming an Animagus but it seemed as difficult as ever although his teacher had spent quite some time during the lesson watching him intently. He wondered what the matter with her was but he had refrained from asking and now he found himself walking along into the dungeons, hoping not to walk into any of the Slytherins, especially now that he was in what was known as Slytherin territory. He walked through a few passageways which he had found during one desperate attempt to get to Potions on time during the previous year and quickly arrived at Snape’s office, and glancing at his watch he found it to be one minute before eight. No doubt Snape was in his office putting the clocks forward and getting ready to greet him with a snide ‘what time do you call this?!’ upon his entrance. Harry reached out and knocked on the door. “Enter.” Severus said from behind his desk, rising to his feet and picking up his wand from the table as Potter entered the room. He summoned Dumbledore’s pensieve to him and quickly emptied his memories into it before they faced each other across the office. “So have you been practicing, Mr Potter?” Severus asked him, knowing that he was about to be lied to. “Not since summer.” Harry replied and Severus felt strangely surprised that the boy had been honest for once. He supposed that even if he hadn’t been honest then they both knew that his lack of practice would show once he started invading his mind. “Ready…?” Severus asked him and Harry nodded, holding his wand tightly in his hand. “Legilimens.” He murmured softly and a moment later he was in Potter’s head, Black was falling through the veil, Lily was screaming, Cedric dropped dead… He could feel some resistance to his seeing these memories but it was poor, weak and without practice. He broke off the spell and looked at Harry levelly across the room. He was holding his head in his hands and although he had tried as hard as he could to force the intruder out of his mind, he just hadn’t been powerful enough. Severus watched Harry and waited a moment for him to recover. “Again.” Severus said calmly and Harry nodded slightly, his resolve building. “Legilimens.” This time the resistance that Severus felt was much stronger and after around thirty seconds of Harry’s memories flying through his mind, he was thrown across the room by a strong spell from Potter, breaking their mind to mind connection. Harry stared in horror as his potions master was thrown across the room towards the stone wall. He reached out with his hand as if to stop him and he couldn’t take his eyes off him. Severus was not pleased to find himself flying through the air towards the wall of his office but an odd expression crossed his face as he saw Potter reach out his hand as if to stop him and then to both their surprise he did. Harry stared at Snape who was hovering in midair. He had no idea how Snape had stopped himself from flying straight into the wall but he supposed he had to be grateful, after all, had he smashed into it he would most certainly hex Harry. He dropped his arm which had been extended towards Snape and the formidable man dropped to the floor in an instant. Severus opened his mouth to comment, but shut it as he thought better of it. He had not been informed that Lupin had started teaching him so soon, or that he had been so successful. Minerva had made no word of it earlier on, nor had Filius, although he had to wonder whether or not Lupin had actually informed them of his already teaching the boy. There was of course the possibility that Harry had done this by himself without realising it, and the neutral expression on his face strengthened this idea in his mind. Then again Potter had always been an actor, especially around those Muggles from what he had heard so why would it be so difficult for the damned boy to hide his knowledge of the magic he had performed infront of him. He scowled slightly and resolved to mention it to the wolf. “Better Potter, but still not good enough.” Severus said to him plainly, “Had the first memory been the prophecy then you would undoubtedly have given Voldemort just the knowledge he desired.” He spoke without particularly thinking as his mind inadvertently moved back to the wandless magic. But if he doesn’t know that he’s done it then he could be extremely adapt at it. And if he does know then he’s a little git who should be hexed. Well, he should be hexed anyway, he is a Gryffindor. He thought callously before looking back at those damned green eyes. “Here is a new course of action. You break into my mind so that you can better understand the force which you are protecting yourself from.” Severus said to him suddenly, taking both occupants of the room by surprise. Inwardly Severus cursed himself as he wished that he had never said such a stupid thing and Potter looked dubious and almost suspicious of him as if he was suggesting that the boy take Veritaserum. “Okay then.” Harry agreed. He didn’t know why Snape was offering him the chance to break into his mind, but then again he supposed that he was an excellent Occlumens so he could easily force him out of his mind should he stumble on a memory he was not meant to. “Just point your wand and say Legilimens.” Severus instructed him and Harry nodded, still feeling unsure of himself as he raised his wand and murmured the incantation under his breath. It was a strange experience to suddenly find yourself submersed in the mind of another. He was watching Snape at the age of around thirteen running through the corridors of the castle and with a sense of dread he knew already which two people were chasing him. “Keep up, James!” He heard the young voice of his deceased godfather yell down the corridor as the pattering of footsteps became louder and louder as Snape ran faster and faster. He turned and raced through passageway after passageway, leaping behind statues and pushing past tapestries as he tried to get back to the Slytherin common room. Harry felt resistance against him but somehow he knew just how to dodge it. He felt his mind shift slightly to the side and whatever it was that had been pushing him away slipped past him. Harry didn’t want to see any more of this memory and he pushed it aside, another one instantly taking it’s place. Seventeen year old Snape was duelling with Lupin in the defence against the dark arts classroom and he was going to lose. He could hear Snape thinking that he was going to lose against him and as soon as he had thought it his performance became poorer and he watched the young version of his current guardian cry “Incarcerous” and Snape fell to the floor. Four faces loomed over him as Snape tried to get up and Harry recognised them to be that of his father, Sirius, Remus and Wormtail. Remus pointed his wand at him to end the spell that he was under but a malignant smile crossed the face of his father. “Evanesco.” Said James, his want pointed at Severus’ neck where part of his robes were left unwrapped by the Devil’s Snare. There was laughter around the classroom and it seemed to Harry that he was being pushed away from the memory as hard as Snape could. Having no desire to see anymore he allowed himself to be forced out of Snape’s mind and he stared up at his potions master who stood over him. “Terribly amusing man, your father.” He said in the same cold voice that he had used when Harry had been into Snape’s pensieve a year ago. “Oh yes, very much so.” Harry said in the same cold voice. “And I suppose you’re ambition is to be just like him, isn’t it, Potter.” He said coolly as he turned from the boy and tried to compose himself. Potter’s having practically agreed with him that what his father had done was about as funny as a face full of Vanishing Solution had unsettled him greatly. He had expected nothing short of hysterical laughter from the boy and yet he responded with nothing but cold contempt. “Just because I’m his son doesn’t mean that I agree what he did was right and just because I’m his son doesn’t mean that I’m the same moronic bully!” Harry yelled at him and stormed from the room, realising that was probably just what Snape wanted to hear from him as he half marched, half ran along the stone corridor. He didn’t care where he ran to; he just needed to escape from wherever in the dungeons he was. The problem was that he didn’t really have any idea where he was anymore. He sighed and looked around him, feeling utterly lost not only in the large, complex building but in his mind. He dreaded the next day which would bring more Potions lessons and he wondered if Snape would say anything about it to Remus. He hoped not, Remus seemed very distracted by all that Harry had already shown him anyway, the last thing he wanted to do was distract him further with Snape and the memories he had witnessed. Severus watched in a daze as Harry ran from the room, slamming the door shut as he went. He walked after him to the door and opened it, watching the small boy take a passageway to the right and he wondered briefly whether his emotions had blinded him since that passageway would not take him back up to the entrance hall. He shrugged before turning back into his office and crossing the room. He reached out to the bottle of pickled beetle eyes on the wall and pressed it with his hand. A second later, part of the shelving that he had on the walls with various potions ingredients in moved to the left, leaving a doorway. He stepped through it quickly and entered his living quarters. He threw himself down onto the large sofa which stretched out infront of the fire and stared up at the ceiling, reading the message which he had charmed up there the year that Potter had come to Hogwarts: When infuriated take points from Gryffindor it read and a smile touched his face as he took five points from the offending house before he got to his feet and removed his cloak which he had been wearing earlier on. He crossed the dark room and hung it on the back of the door. Once more he walked over to the sofa and threw himself upon it, his eyes staring into the flames of the fireplace. He had most certainly not expected that kind of outburst from Potter. He never so much as considered the fact that the boy might have been reproachful of his father’s behaviour towards him because… well… it was his dead father and he, Severus, was a man Harry hated. That didn’t make it right for James to have bullied him incessantly but he thought it could have made Harry overlook the fact that his father had been a cruel boy when he was his age. That was the damned problem though, when James had been in his sixth year he hadn’t been Harry’s age. He had been his physical age of fifteen but James’ mental age had been something like ten whilst Harry’s was around twenty five. He tore his gaze from the flames and as he looked around the dark green room, lit only by torches on the wall he saw the flames still dancing infront of his eyes. Damn the Potters. He thought angrily as he got to his feet, Harry’s outburst had most certainly unsettled him and that wasn’t considering the fact that he had dodged his attempts to force him out of his head, and he had known just how to dodge, just how to move and how to change memories. How the hell had he known that?! He wondered as he walked across the black, sparkling floor which he had enchanted the day before out of boredom. His rooms weren’t particularly luxurious, no more than any other teachers of course but he had his mark upon it as most of the other staff had on theirs. He had his guestroom turned into a potions lab, Sabina Sinistra had her own observatory and all the ceilings reflected the stars at all times of day, Minerva transfigured everything in sight and Heilia Hooch had a miniature Quidditch pitch, complete with players Minerva transfigured from tea cups for her. Did he know that he did wandless magic? The question suddenly rose in his mind. Impressive wandless magic too… and he’s suited to Legilimency… He scowled slightly at the reaction of the headmaster when he told him the events that happened during their Occlumency session. He would look at him over those half moon spectacles of his with those forever twinkling eyes and he would smile when he explained how Harry condemned his father’s behaviour to him in the past and when he told of the wandless magic he would make a note aloud to ask Remus to tutor him in the discipline and then, when it came to the Legilimency he had allowed Harry to perform upon him he would be rapt. He would listen to him carefully and he would come to the conclusion that two people skilled highly in Legilimency in the school could be highly useful. “– and who better to tutor the new Legilimens than our old Legilimens?” Dumbledore asked Severus in the headmaster’s office at around half past nine that evening. Severus had finally given in to the nagging urge that he really should go and talk to Dumbledore about the events which had occurred an hour and a half ago, only to find that the conversation had gone exactly as he had imagined and he damned himself for going to the man. “I would suggest around two nights a week teaching him this new skill, and it may also help him with his Occlumency as well.” Dumbledore said cheerfully but Severus could only glare at him. “Let me get this straight…” Severus said in a cool tone. He was now rather irritated not only with Dumbledore but with himself. “You want me to spend four nights a week tutoring Potter to block and attack the mind?!” “That is correct Severus.” Dumbledore said with a benign smile on his face. I don’t see you offering to teach the boy! He yelled furiously at him in his mind, “FOUR NIGHTS A WEEK!?” Severus cried, losing all sense of control. “It’s bad enough having to put up with his feeble attempts at his blocking his mind for one evening, let alone four a week!” He almost yelled at the man, his eyes flashing dangerously. “I’m sure his attempts will not remain feeble for long.” Dumbledore said, “And it is essential that Harry learns to block his mind properly, and you know yourself that learning Legilimency at the same time as Occlumency greatly assists the learning process.” He said. Damn, why does he always have to make such sense of such an idea lacking in any logic? Severus wondered and he found himself agreeing miserably with his previous professor. Severus rose from his chair to leave, seeing that their conversation was over. “Oh Severus, tell Remus I wish to speak with him if you see him.” Albus said to him. Snape nodded to him and left the room, feeling irritation bubbling up inside him as he walked back to the dungeons, calling in on the staffroom to send Remus to Dumbledore on his way. He re-entered his refuge with a sigh of relief and he crossed his living room quickly and entered the bathroom which was decorated in all black, giving it a mysterious and yet impressive effect at the same time as Severus ran himself a bath, knowing that if he didn’t relax and get Potter out of his mind then he would surely kill something. He was sure that should he accidentally murder Malfoy then Lucius would not be best pleased and nor would Dumbledore for that matter when he ended up in Azkaban so he slid into the bath and closed his eyes and his mind, blocking out all thought and feeling, just relaxing in the warm water.
“No, I’ve not been teaching him.” Remus said to Albus who sat opposite him in the headmaster’s office. “I haven’t mentioned it to him yet.” “Very interesting. It would appear that his magic has decided to channel itself without any outside assistance.” Albus mused more to himself than to Remus, “Very unusual…” “Yes well Harry’s not your average wizard, is he?” Remus said, forcing all thoughts of the young boy’s past from his mind as he said so. He wondered briefly whether this had shown in his face as he looked to the headmaster who was observing him. “I would suggest you start teaching him as soon as you can.” Albus said, “When would that be?” “That would be now, Albus.” Remus replied to him and the headmaster smiled at being addressed by his first name as Remus had a habit of calling him ‘headmaster’ when in such a state of preoccupation as he was currently in. “Now may be a little soon.” Albus said to his old student as he called to memory Harry’s current timetable of ‘extracurricular lessons’ as they had been labelled by the Order. “Tomorrow night might be good; he’ll have been in Apparation lessons with Mad Eye until around eight at Grimmauld Place. You can teach him there or in school, it’s completely up to you.” He said and Remus considered his words. “Of course you do understand that if Harry takes a liking to wandless magic, and I do not doubt that he will, then he will want lessons and lots of them.” “I’m prepared for that.” Remus said mildly. “He could take up all your free time with it.” Albus said to him. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Remus smiled and Albus’ eyes twinkled. “Alright, but remember that you said that, won’t you?” Albus said to him as Remus stood up and left the room, deep in thought about Harry and the idea of teaching him wandless magic.
Meanwhile, Harry lay on his back staring up at the twilight sky as he watched the sun setting over the lake. He was lying in the Room of Requirement which had responded well to his desperation for a solitary place to relax and think. He was lying underneath a willow tree and glancing behind him he could see people walking around the grounds and playing Quidditch in the distance. He could hear distant laughter and birds singing in the trees. It was an extremely relaxing place to be. On top of that the room appeared to have charmed itself so that no one came within a hundred metre radius of him, leaving him solitary, as he desired. As beautiful as his surroundings were, that didn’t quite take his mind from the Occlumency lesson he had just practiced. He was disturbed by the memories of his father that he had seen there, hoping that he wasn’t all bad in them all. Then again, he knew that if he had succeeded in marrying his mother eventually then he must have changed at some point during his life, shortened as it was. Then there was the matter of the magic that Snape had performed to stop him from slamming into the wall. It appeared to be the same kind of magic which he had seen Remus perform once or twice, without a wand. Snape looked rather surprised when he came to a halt near the wall though. He concentrated on trying to remember what happened but even as his mind closed around an image of Snape’s office, the picture began to slip away from him again. He just wished that he could remember exactly what had happened. The room changed. Suddenly Harry was in Snape’s office and Snape was standing at one end of the room, his face contorted with the concentration. He looked around him and saw that he was stood at the other end of the room as well. He supposed that the room had just turned itself into something like a pensieve. He watched, drinking in every little detail as it happened. Snape flew backwards from Harry as he pushed him out of his mind. He flew backwards towards the wall and Harry stared at himself as he raised his hand as if to stop him and as he did so, Snape did stop. Snape did look extremely surprised by this. When Harry dropped his arm, Snape also dropped to the floor. Harry was utterly stunned. Was it actually possible that he had performed the same sort of wandless magic that Remus had performed? As the scenery around him changed back to the Hogwarts grounds, Harry sank down against the willow, his mind deep in thought. A/N: Soooo... what did you think? My writing's back in full flow again and I've got chapter thirty written now so I can easily post every other day now, at least for a while since I've also now got one of the last chapters written as well which I randomly wrote in the middle of the night just to get it out of my head and onto paper. Anyway, that's irrelevant to everything. I'm quite sad now that one of my sub-plots has come to an end (the seeing the past thing with Remus) which I quite liked but there's more bizarre subplots coming up such as more on Harry and his extra curricular subjects and wandless magic is going to be a big thing in this and very important, although it's probably more than you'd expect. Then there's Severus and his war against almost everyone, trying to find out just how Voldemort knew Snape was a spy, I want to get Christmas written as well at some point, and Quidditch, and a full moon and there's the main plot which has been going on for ages but you don't really have any idea as to what it is yet and won't until right near the end, although one or two people have been picking up on little oddments about it though (how very perceptive you all are [excuse the patronisation {yes, patronisation probably isn't a word!}]). Oh god, what have I let myself in for! Estimating very roughly this story should be between 50 and 60 chapters long. I'll update on Thursday with 'The Poisoning of Sybil Trelawney'. :o)

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