" I'm starving! " Rom mumbled rubbing his stomach as if he was in pure agony. You rolled your eyes disbelievingly

" Are you ever not hungry? " You asked playfully. The two of you were walking down the staircase leading from the Ravenclaw common room. Ron had picked you up five minutes ago, since it was Christmas day, there was probably some sort of big dinner going on in the Great Hall and Ron had dicided to take you. He was holding your hand, and it wasn't that you didn't mind the gesture (In fact, you found it quite enjoyable), but you had a huntch that he only had a holf of your hand because he wanted to get to the Great Hall faster.

" Not that I know of... " He said smiling. You had to admit that you were hungry too, the excitement of the day had caused you and Ron to miss breakfast. And you had gone outside at luch time to have yet another snowball fight with Luna and Neville, and this time Ron had taught you how to bewitch the snowballs...anyway, you had missed lunch as well.

The halls were stilll decorated for the holidays, and they made you even more giddy. You were so happy today that it was crazy, it was funny how you went from being totally depressed about being left here over Christmas, to being so elated. Not to mention going from being completely alone, to having the cutest, sweetest, nicest boyfriend you could have ever hoped for.

" Bloody hell! has the Great Hall always been this far from my common room? " Ron asked, he sounded like the lack of food was literally torturing him.

" As far as I know, unless they moved it just because they knew you were hungry. " You said, laughing at your own comment. Neither of you said anything else as you made your way to dinner.

When you finally reached the Great Hall Ron was practically running inside to get to the food. You hung onto his hand tightly and tried to keep up. All the house tabled had been removed, and theor absence made the familiar room look foriegn, and much larger than normal. The only table was the long staff table that sat at the very back of the Great Hall as usual. This time however, teachers weren't the only people sitting there, the students that had stayed at school were scattered around the table too.

As the two of you arrive at the table Professor Dumbledore looked up from his plate smiling warmly, making you feel welcome.

" Ah, I knew we were missing a few of you... " He said pulling out his long slender wand and producing two more chairs toward the end of the table. You were about to sit down, but Ron was too fast, he pulled the chair out from the table, allowing you to sit down as he push it carefully back in. You caught his eye for a moment, he was smiling happily as he took the seat next to you. You glanced nervously at the professors, but Professor Dumbledore wasn't even paying attention anymore, he was to busy eating his beaf stew, and talking merrily to Professor Sprout. The only one that seemed to have noticed anything was Professor McGonagall, who was staring at Ron, a look of what seemed to be shock at his manners.

You heard Ron mutter something from next to you, and turning your head you had just enough time to see his empty golden plate fill with chicken and mashed potatoes, which he began eating as soon as they appeared. Getting the hint you stared at your plate, wondering what sounded most appealing to you.

Eventually you had come to the comclusion that you were so hungry it really didn't matter, so you ordered the same thing as Ron had. As the food appeared in front of you, the smell of crisp chicken filled your nostrals, and you understood why Ron had dug in so quickly.

The food was delishious, and you hardly had time to fit in any conversation between mouthfulls. Ron however had no problem talking with his mouth stuffed with chicken. He was carrying on a conversation with Micheal Reid, the Hufflepuff seventh year that had recently taken up quidditch captain, not to mention keeper for his team.

" ...and so I was just trying to stay upright on my broom when the quaffle came toward me, I guess my foot flung out or something, but I hit it and went flying all the way to the other side of the pitch! " He finished, you had just dropped in on the last bit of his conversation, but you knew that he was telling him about the time that he had made a 'great save' that everyone had been so proud of, and it had actually been an accident. He could joke about it now, because he was such a good player.

" Thats nothing! One time that Angelina Johnson of yours through the quaffle so hard it... " Micheal had started to comment on another quidditch topic, and you found yourself loosing interest.

Everyone was deep in some sort of conversation, except for you, you were just sort of listening to everyone elses and commenting here and there. It was then that you glanced at Professor McGongall. You were suprised to see that the content look that had been one her face only minutes before had been replaced with a look of slight worry. You looked to her left and stared at Professor Dumbledore ha had a piece of parchment clentched in his hand, as if he'd just read it. His face was almost identicle to McGonagall's, the laugh lines completely reversed. It was so strange to see Dumbledore's face like this that it took you a second to register it, but it was there, and you could tell that something was wrong.

Everyone else however was not aware that anything had changed, and the next second you looked at Dumbledore, he was back to talking to Professor Sprout, though not quite as enthusiastic as before.

Thats weird... You think to yourself, remembering when you and Ron had seen all the Professors at the Three Broomsticks. You knew that even if there was something wrong, there wasn't anything you could do about it. It was still a little unsettling to think that something serious could be happening.

The rest of the dinner went by without incident, and you finished you desert (lemon pie) feeling rather satisfied. Professor Dumbledore hadn't mentioned anything to the students, or from the looks of it, to any of the other professors, this made you think that everything was probably okay.

" That was by far, the best pie I have ever had... " Ron said, leaning back in his chair as if he had eating more than his body could hold, which you didn't doubt.

" I don't think I've ever seen anyone eat like that... " You muttered, you poked him in his soft stomach and he made a face as if he was going to burst, making you retract your hand quickly and laugh.

" Clearly you've never seen Hermione eat when she's in a hurry... " He said still rubbing his stomach. At Hermione's name you realize something, and as Dumbledore dismisses everyone from the table and bid them goodnight, you brought your realization up to Ron.

" You know...now that you and I are together, I'm going to have to start hanging out with your other friends... " You said, hoping that Ron had thought of this and you weren't being totally paranoid.

" Really? I was thinking of just dropping all of them, more time for you ya' know? " He said sarcastically.

" I'm serious! I feel like I'd be...intruding if I just started hanging around with the Famous Trio. " You said, smiling slightly as you said the last part, that had sounded a bit crazy...

" Famous Trio, huh? Wow, I hadn't realized we had a name... " He said laughing.

" You know what I mean. The three of you have been through so much, how do you even know that they'll like me? " You asked, a whole knew batch of insecurity forming.

" Not like you? I*m not so sure that thats humanly possible... " He said nudging you in the side. You felt better at that comment, but you still had some questions.

" Okay, but what if I don't like them? " You ask, not really expecting not to like them...but just in case...

" That's another very unlikely thing. " He said looking at you. " What's not to like about Harry Potter? He is the Boy who lived after all... " He finished, he didn't even sound slightly jealious, you didn't think that you could handle having to be compared to Harry Potter...

" And what about Hermione? " You asked, not knowing if if was exactly smart of you to bring up the question of whether or not you'd like you boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. Ron seemed unphased.

" 'Mione? She's great, you'll love her. In fact it might be good for her to hang out with a girl for a change...I don't think I've ever seen her with anymore of your kind. " He said staring at you.

" What's that supposed to mean? " You ask faking being insulted. He just laughed as the two of you continued up the stairs to the Ravenclaw common room.

Christmas break was going to end in a few days, and you had a feeling that the Famous Trio was about to turn into the Famous Four...


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