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The Boy Who Lives Again By Harlequin Hero DISCLAIMER: I DON'T OWN THIS STUFF!!! IT'S NOT MINE!!! GET OFF MY CASE!!! THIS IS ALL J.K. ROWLING'S!!! SHE'S A BRITISH WOMAN!!! I'M NOT BRITISH NOR AM I A WOMAN!!! Thank you. CHAPTER 7: The New Secret and the Ambush Harry held his back uncomfortably as Mrs. Weasley flipped through a book, looking for an appropriate spell to take care of Harry’s pain. “I didn’t mean to nearly kill you,” Hermione said apologetically. “I already told you I forgive you,” Harry stated. “I know,” Hermione sighed. “It’s just that I feel really bad about it. And your broom…” “Should be fixable,” Harry said. “If I can pry it out of the tree,” he added quietly. “I heard that,” Hermione said. Molly plopped down the book. “Okay. This one should work.” “Ailmenta Ceaso,” Molly said with the flick of her wand. Harry arched his back a bit to see if it worked. He smiled at Mrs. Weasley. “Thank you,” he said, engulfing the woman in a hug. She returned the hug. “It’s not a problem. I take care of you just like I would any of my boys.” He gave her another smile. God bless Mrs. Weasley, Harry thought. Without her, I wouldn’t know what motherly love was. Harry turned his head to Hermione. “So let’s go look at that broomstick.” Hermione gave him a sheepish smirk. He smiled and grabbed her hand, pulling her out the backdoor with him. “Okay. The broom should be right over-“ Harry was cut off by Hermione’s hand. He looked at her and she put a finger to her lips. She used that same finger to point into the nearest clearing. Harry saw red hair. Ron. With a girl. “Who is that?” Harry whispered to Hermione. “Look closer,” she whispered back. Harry squinted. His eyes bulged. “Luna Lovegood,” Harry said, grinning. Hermione shook her head. “I should’ve known this would happen.” Harry shot her a confused look. “What do you mean? She may have always been fascinated with him, but he couldn’t stand her.” “Which is exactly why this makes sense,” Hermione said, unable to control her smile. Harry chuckled. Today, he’d seen one of his better friends naked in bed with his worst enemy, a demon’s pet had attacked him, and he’d nearly had his back broken after getting knocked off his Firebolt. And he was laughing. Hermione grabbed his hand. “Let’s take the long way,” she whispered. Harry didn’t take his eyes off of Ron and Luna, now snogging. “Does everyone around here have a secret relationship?” Harry asked. Hermione giggled. “Not everyone. But most people, I guess.” “Is ours a secret?” Harry asked after thinking for a moment. Hermione was actually stumped. “I guess so. We haven’t been hiding it, but we haven’t told anyone, either. So I guess it’s a secret. Is it really a big deal?” Harry shook his head. “At least not nearly as big a deal as a Weasley fucking a Malfoy.” He then spotted his broomstick sticking out of a tree. He approached it and observed. “God damn, woman. You did a number on this tree. Buried that broomstick deep.” Hermione gave a soft laugh. “The good news, however, is that the broomstick should be ok,” Harry said, smiling. “How you gonna get it out?” Hermione asked. No sooner than she asked, Harry gripped the broomstick and yanked it out of the tree cleanly. Hermione’s mouth was gaping open. “Harry,” she said, astonished. “I don’t think a troll could’ve done that.” Harry smiled. “At least not without breaking it.” Just then, an owl flew down and landed on the broomstick. It held out it’s leg, offering a letter. Harry took it from the owl, opened it, and read silently. He looked up, an intense look on his face. “What does it say?” Hermione asked. “They’ve found him,” Harry said. Hermione gave him a quizzical look. He looked her in the face. “Pettigrew. They’ve found him.” Harry charged into the Minister of Magic’s office. “Dumbledore, I want your best aurors and I want them assembled by 5:00 tomorrow morning outside this building,” Harry demanded. Albus Dumbledore shook his head. “It’s too early. You need to wait. I know you have a personal vendetta to settle with Pettigrew, but you can’t just charge into this.” “Dammit!” Harry exclaimed, slamming his fist down to the table. “Can’t you see? We know where he is! This may be our only chance to get to him before he gets to us. We need to go after him now.” Dumbledore raised himself from his seat, a stern look upon his face. “You will not attack. You will wait for my order to go after him.” Harry shook his head. “If you don’t assemble those aurors, know that I will. I’m not letting Pettigrew go.” Dumbledore realized that Harry wasn’t going to back down. “This is a bad idea. This is a very bad idea. I’m pleading with you. Wait and organize your soldiers later. Pettigrew is bound to follow you.” “I won’t let him come to me,” Harry said. “I’m going to get him.” Dumbledore sat back down. “Organize the aurors you wish to come with you. I will take no part in this. Make sure they know this is voluntary.” Harry gave his former headmaster a cold look. “I will not let Peter Pettigrew leave that forest alive.” With that, Harry Potter turned and strode out of the room, leaving a sad old wizard shaking his head. Harry paced in front of the line of wizards and witches that stood before him. He was pleased with who had decided to join. “Pettigrew is hiding in the Timekeeper’s Forest, 20 kilometers west of Hogsmeade. We’ll attack from two directions, one group with me at the front charging straight in from the southern part of the forest while another group with Neville Longbottom at the front enters and ambushes from the east. His forces are likely to be short. Pettigrew, if caught, is to be kept alive. He’s mine.” The aurors all nodded. “Any questions?” Harry asked, more out of politeness than invitation. Good thing, too, since no auror made a sound. “Good,” Harry said. “Let’s go. Longbottom.” Neville turned to him. “Yes, sir?” Harry grinned. “None of that ‘sir’ stuff. We’re old friends.” Neville smiled. “Yeah Harry?” “Good luck,” Harry said. Neville smiled and nodded. With that, he took half the group and they all apparated away. Harry turned to his group. “Let’s go,” he said. With that, they all disappeared. The Timekeepers was an enchanted forest that housed animals like unicorns, centaurs, and werewolves, much like the Forbidden Forest on Hogwart’s school grounds. Because of its enchantment, one could not apparate into it. So they had to move from the outside of the forest. Harry and his group moved quietly but quickly. Then Harry spotted the clearing they were looking for. He started mouthing words. Neville heard the words in his head. “When you get to the clearing, stop. I will make the first move.” Neville was about there. He held up his hand to stop his group. Harry saw what he assumed was his target. A large tent in the middle of the clearing. There was no one around. Harry held up his wand. He’d mastered certain silent spells. He prepared one that he had a lot of fun with when he learned it. Staring straight at the tent with a look of pure concentration, Harry’s wand let forth a ball of light, about the size of a quaffle. The ball reached the tent and there was a large explosion as the tent was taken by flames. Harry put down his wand. Was that it? He heard a familiar deep bellow of a laugh that suggested otherwise. Out of nowhere appeared what looked like a man, only he was eight feet tall and freakishly muscular. He had black skin and a bald head. He carried a large battle axe. “Oh shit,” Harry said. “Barandorf.” The large demon smiled and waved at Harry. “Hello there, little Potter. I haven’t had much fun since you got out. As for my puppy, you might just be in trouble for that one.” He laughed another one of those deep laughs. Before Harry could even think, Death Eaters began appearing out of nowhere. Then, where the tent used to be, Peter Pettigrew appeared. “You’re too much like your father was, Potter,” Peter shouted across the field. Harry mouthed one word. Now. Neville and his group charged in and started shouting spells everywhere. Harry and his group followed. Barandorf began deflecting hexes and flinging bodies everywhere. Death Eaters began their shouting of hexes. Peter Pettigrew stood and watched with joy. Harry went straight for Peter. An axe came in his path. He looked up at Barandorf’s face. “Bad idea, Potter,” the demon said with a smile. With that, he used the axe to fling Harry all the way back into the trees. Harry slowly got up. He looked at the battle happening before him. His soldiers were being massacred. He saw Neville. Neville Longbottom was fighting with fury that Harry had never seen in anyone but himself. Then Harry looked to Pettigrew. Pettigrew had his wand ready for one spell. Harry saw the man’s lips move and he knew what was about to happen. Neville fell over in pain. The Cruciatus Curse. “Fall out!” Harry screamed as he ran to Neville’s aid. Using another spell he’d mastered silently, he knocked the wand away. Grabbing Neville, he took one last look at the man he had to let get away and ran with the rest of the aurors. Hermione apparated to her house. She heard what had happened and was looking for Harry. She heard the shower running upstairs. She ran upstairs and saw the open bathroom door. Rushing to the door, she looked inside. Harry was sitting down in the shower, fully-clothed, just letting the water hit him. He gave He gave Hermione a glance and almost immediately looked back to his empty space. She walked slowly over to him and crouched down by the shower. “How is he?” he asked, not looking at her. “The healers said he’d be ok. Paralysis is a possibility, but no extremely terrible effects like what happened to his parents.” Harry just shook his head and sobbed. “How many dead?” Hermione didn’t answer. Harry knew it was bad. “Those wizards and those witches were all under my command,” Harry said through sobs. “It’s my fault that they died. I was too reckless. I let that happen to them.” He let his head hang down and he cried. Hermione, with a lack of anything to say, just grabbed his hand and held it as she let her tears fall with his. (A/N I hope ya’ll liked it. A little bit longer than we’re all used to. Originally, this was just supposed to be a boring, space-filler chapter. But somewhere along the line, I decided to go all out. You can review now!)

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