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**Thursday, History of Magic I am soooooo bored. So bored! I've been trying in vain for years to pay attention in this class, but today I have finally come to the conclusion that it's useless. Taking notes is pointless, as I can just study from my textbook. I'm wasting my life. Now for some more important matters! Harry has been acting rather odd lately, and I think it has something to do with his mystery date on Saturday. He hasn't told anyone any specifics, so I suspect something is up. Here are my thoughts: **POSSIBLE REASONS WHY HARRY IS ACTING ODDLY** 1.) He really does not have a date for Saturday and only said this so Ron and I wouldn't feel bad leaving him. No...this would require Harry to think too much... 2.) He is going with...Ginny! Maybe he's going with Ginny...and he doesn't want Ron to know because he knows Ron would go crazy 3.) He isn't really going to Hogsmeade but instead is staying behind and doing something that he knows I wouldn't approve of 4.) He isn't really acting oddly, I am just imagining it 5.) He ate... Ugh, sorry, Ron's bored too. He's looking over my shoulder now and wants to add to my list. **MY CONTINUATION OF HERMIONE'S LIST** 6.) He's got a date with Malfoy 7.) He's got a date with Dean 8.) He's got a date with...I dunno, some other guy that he wouldn't want to be seen with 9.) HE'S GOT A DATE WITH SNAPE! Ugh...that's too weird even for me... 10.) He's got a date with Dobby 11.) He's going to the Three Broomsticks to teach Hagrid how to knit 12.) He's not really going to Hogsmeade but instead is staying behind to do something 13.) HE'S GOT A DATE WITH NEVILLE! Ok, Hermione again. Why do I have the feeling that Ron's becoming addicted to writing in my journal? Why doesn't he just start his own? (A/N: Ahhhh story idea!) Anyway, I'm determined to find out why Harry's acting so funny. **Lunch Well, I asked him. "Harry," I began, "you've been acting funny lately. Is something wrong?" "Nope, everything's fine," he replied. I was not, and still am not, convinced. I pressed on. "By the way," I went on. "You never told us who you were spending Saturday with." "It's..." he stuttered. "It's no one, really." Ron then leaned into me, grinning. "Maybe he really DOES have a date with Neville." **Friday, Transfiguration Harry still refuses to tell me who he's got a date with. However, I have managed to gather some clues as to who it may be. 1.) She is someone that Harry either does not want to be seen with, or someone that he knows that I don't like. 2.) Harry does not feel completely comfortable around her. 3.) He is worried about her friends following them around, meaning that she's probably the type of girl who travels in a large pack 4.) It's not Ginny (she's got a date with someone else - I swore to her that I wouldn't tell Ron) 5.) It's someone in our year who I have classes with 6.) She's either in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw (but definitely not Hufflepuff or Slytherin) This, unfortunately, does not narrow it down very much. **Saturday morning AAGH! I've been so worried about who Harry's going with that I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT MY OWN DATE! I don't know what to wear...or what we're going to do...or what to do if things go wrong... Wonderful. **Later All right, Ron and I've agreed to just "wander around" for a while, and eventually get something to eat. I really, REALLY hope that in our "wandering" we don't have those...yeesh...awkward pauses. And I still don't know what to wear. **Still Later WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?? **And still Later THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS! **Saturday evening, post Hogsmeade Well, first of all I think I should mention that I did eventually pick out an outfit, but that's not exactly important right now. I'll start from the beginning. Ron and I were "wandering"...meaning we were walking around aimlessly, holding hands and having a deep conversation (he is SO CUTE)...when I remember that we have to eat. I asked him where he wanted to go. "Uh...I don't care," he replied. "Wherever's closest I guess." Conveniently enough, we happened to be standing in front of a rather interesting resturaunt, "The Dragon's Lair", so we decided to eat there. It was really nice, and the food was pretty good...but that's not exactly important right now. The waiter led us to a little booth in the corner, away from everyone else. In our little booth, Ron and I were...erm...a bit busy when a waiter interrupted us. It took him a while to get our attention. "Ummm sorry to bother you," he said, "but another couple has asked to be seated with you." "Can't you seat them somewhere else?" Ron asked without taking his absolutely gorgeous eyes off me (I'll stop.) "They specifically asked to be seated with you," the waiter replied. "And everywhere else is full." "Who is it?" I inquired. "They didn't give me their names." I figured it was Harry and his date. He was probably uncomfortable and wanted to double so he could feel more relaxed. I didn't want to leave him alone but... "It's probably Harry," I said to Ron. "He's probably uncomfortable with his date." Ron gave me a "but-if-Harry-comes-here-we'll-have-to-stop-kissing" look. "He needs to learn to be self-reliant!" We let him come over anyway...and immediately regretted our decision. "Hi guys," Harry said. "Hope you don't mind, but the resturaunt's full and Parvati here didn't want to wait." Harry and Parvati sat down across from us. I couldn't believe it. "Hope we didn't interrupt anything," Parvati said, glaring at me menacingly. She must've seen us come in and followed us! Ugh...she knew that she'd be messing up our date by sitting with us...why won't she just give up? Anyway, we continued with an awkward, forced converstaion about virtually nothing. At one point we actually started talking about flobberworms and let me be the first to say that when you're forced to resort to flobberworms as a conversation topic, you know things are going south. I needed to do something. "Sorry," I said. "Would you mind if I talked to Ron alone for a minute?" Without waiting for a response, I jumped out of the booth and pulled Ron with me. We walked away and started to think up excuses to leave. Our original plan involved me pretending to be sick, until I thought of a better idea. "I'll say something like, 'we should probably get going, we know you two must want some alone time'," I suggested to Ron. "Or, 'we don't want to get in the way of your date'." So, with our plan in mind, Ron and I returned to Harry and the evil one. However, before I had a chance to say anything, Harry began to speak. "Look guys," he began, "while you were away, Parvati and I were talking. This is kind-of...awkward. No offense, but it's kind-of hard to feel comfortable on a date with you two around. You're kind-of...ruining it. Would you mind leaving?" WE were ruining HIS date? Well, obviously we left. We spent the remainder of the afternoon cuddling in Madam Puddifoot's. Take THAT Parvati. But since when does Harry take orders from her? This can't be good.

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