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Chapter 5 ~ Welcome Back to the Inquisition
Note: For some strange reason the Moderator validated chapter 12 (A Witch, a Wizard and a Room of Requirement) after chapter 4. I have removed it and will put it back after Chapter 11 has been validated. Applogies to all the readers who read it out of sequence.
At breakfast the following morning, the events in Snape’s dungeon of the day before were the hot topic. Draco Malfoy was conspicuous by his absence from the Slytherin table. Just as Harry and Hermione were about to leave for their first class, Professor McGonagall took them aside. “The Headmaster would like to have a word with the two of you, please go up to his office at once. The password is ‘Galloping Gobstoppers’,” said Professor McGonagall, attempting to keep a straight face. “I will send a note to Professor Flitwick, to let him know that you will be late for your Charms class.” “Galloping Gobstoppers,” said Hermione, stepping onto the rotating stairs, followed by Harry. Professor Dumbledore rose to greet them as they entered his office. “Harry, Hermione, thank goodness you are both unharmed.” “You can thank Rick, that we’re alive,” said Hermione, “he saved us yesterday.” “Yes, so I heard. Please sit down,” said the Headmaster, drawing a comfortable leather sofa up behind them with a wave of his hand. “Professor Snape gave me a complete account of everything that happened in the Potions dungeon yesterday.” “Will Malfoy be expelled?” asked Harry hopefully. The Headmaster sighed. “By all rights, he should be expelled – and imprisoned. But with all judicial bodies dissolved under Fudge’s ‘State of Emergency’, and the great influence that his father wields over the Minister of Magic, I am afraid that nothing of the sort will happen.” “Draco was acting under his father’s direction. Professor Snape has identified the writing on the envelope containing the poison as belonging to Lucius Malfoy,” said the Headmaster. “There is no doubt in my mind, that the origin of this attempt, was Voldemort, himself.” “Professor Dumbledore, do you trust Rick Godfry?” Hermione suddenly asked, determined to solve the troubling enigma of Rick. “He saved our lives yesterday and he also protected me from an awful curse of Malfoy’s in Defence Against the Dark Arts last week. But there is something very strange about him, he seems to have extraordinary abilities and it is obvious that he is hiding things. Ron suspects that he’s spying for Voldemort.” “I shall be very happy to answer your question, Hermione. In fact Mr. Godfry is one of the reasons why I wanted to talk with you. Yes, you can most definitely trust Rick Godfry. I am certain that he is completely committed to our side,” said Dumbledore. “It is true that Mr. Godfry has some unusual abilities, which he is concealing. But he is doing so for very good reasons. Please, trust me, when I tell you that I am fully aware of Rick Godfry’s secrets, and that you have nothing at all to fear from him. On the contrary,” he continued, directing his gaze at Harry, “he will be a most valuable ally, if you give him the opportunity.” “Please, pass this message on to Mr. Weasley, although I fear that it may be a little difficult to convince him to trust Mr. Godfry,” said Dumbledore, with a knowing smile. “A little difficult?” exclaimed Harry, “Talk about an understatement! Ron is dead set against him. I just don’t understand why, but when it comes to Rick, he’s just beyond reason.” “Ah,” said Dumbledore, with a look of concern, “that may cause some problems. It may be that there is a little jealously involved. The three of you have shared an inseparable bond since your first year at Hogwarts. Rick is a very friendly and charming young man. It would seem only natural, in the circumstances, that Rick might befriend one or the other of you, which could, in time, alter the dynamic of your unique friendship.” “Mr. Weasley’s family background, with five older brothers, all of whom have excelled in different ways, makes him feel insecure at times, I fear,” said Dumbledore. “He feels the need to prove himself, and he has surely done that, many times over. But, it has always been as a member of your extraordinary team. For him, the bond he shares with you is more than friendship. It defines who he is, and, it sets him apart from his brothers.” “I suspect that he feels, either consciously or not, that Mr. Godfry may cause this bond to break. He may even fear that in time ... Mr. Godfry could supplant him.” “I have also noticed, that Mr. Godfry has made quite an impression on the witches at Hogwarts,” said Dumbledore with an amused smile. “It is a natural instinct for other males to treat him as rival. Particularly, if they fear that someone they care for very much is attracted to him,” added Dumbledore. His eyes came to rest significantly upon Hermione, who blushed brightly, and looked down at her feet. It was a reaction that Harry didn’t fail to notice. “Mr. Weasley’s heart is the right place and he is as committed to our cause as any of us in this room,” said Dumbledore. “In time, I hope, he will come to accept Mr. Godfry as a comrade. But until then, it may be best if you do not repeat everything that I have said concerning him. Perhaps if you just tell him that I trust Mr. Godfry completely.” “I would ask you both, to assist Mr. Godfry in concealing his powers,” said Dumbledore. “Especially, from your friend Ronald Weasley. As long as he remains hostile to Mr. Godfry, there is a danger that he may behave unwisely, and divulge things that are best kept hidden.” “Now, I must come to another matter,” said Dumbledore with a sad sigh. “It appears that I will, very soon, be relieved of my duties as Headmaster of Hogwarts.” “What, but how ... they can’t just ...,” Harry and Hermione reacted together in alarm. “Ah, but they can,” said Dumbledore, nodding his head in resignation. “All vestiges of fairness, justice, due process, and decency have been ruthlessly suppressed by Fudge. Wizarding society has fallen into very dark times indeed.” “But we must not despair – we must not give up,” he said staring directly at Harry. “I, for one, shall not be giving up,” said Dumbledore with a steely determination. “I shall be working fulltime in the Order, but I shall also be keeping an eye on Hogwarts and its students. Fudge will no doubt put in ones of his lackeys as Headmaster. I have every confidence in the Hogwarts Professors to do their utmost to protect the students.” “But without you here, there will be no one to stop Voldemort from ...,” said Harry in despair. “But there will,” interrupted Dumbledore in an assertive voice. “I won’t pretend that the coming weeks and months are going to be easy for you. But I shall remain in touch with events here. There are your Professors, all of whom I trust. But particularly – and I want you to remember this, Harry – there is Mr. Godfry. Stay close to him and learn to rely upon him.”
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
The Headmaster was absent from his place in the Great Hall at dinner that evening. As the students began their meal, the doors of the Great Hall swung opened and in strode four robed figures. There was a buzz of excited whispers as the four figures made their way up to the teachers’ table. One of them was a short plump little witch. When she reached the teachers’ table she turned around to survey the students. A fluffy pink cardigan was visible beneath her robes where they parted in front. It was none other than Dolores Umbridge, formerly High Inquisitor, and later Headmistress of Hogwarts. Standing next to her was the Minister of Internal Security and also Deputy Minister of Magic, Percy Weasley looking very smug and pleased with himself. The two wizards who had entered with them, obviously both Aurors, now flanked them in front of the teachers’ table. Percy drew a scroll from his robes, then puffing himself up, self importantly, he made his announcement: “By order of Cornelius Oswald Fudge, the Minister of Magic and the powers vested in me as his Minister of Internal Security and under the provisions of the State of Emergency Act, I hereby proclaim this Special Educational Decree Number Thirty-six.” He then waved his wand at the scroll to break the official seal of the Minister of Magic and unfurled the parchment ceremoniously. Adjusting his spectacles, he cleared his throat, and began to read: “I, Cornelius Oswald Fudge, Minister of Magic, in exercising my executive responsibilities to ensure the safety and well-being of all students attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, declare that the following measures shall take place with immediate effect. 1. I hereby relieve Albus Dumbledore of his post as Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 2. I hereby appoint Dolores Jane Umbridge to serve as Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 3. I hereby vest in Headmistress Umbridge, authority to take such measures as she deems fit in securing the safety and ensuring the proper education of all witches and wizards attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 4. I hereby vest in Headmistress Umbridge, authority to dismiss any member of the Hogwarts staff whom she deems to be failing to carry out their teaching responsibilities in a satisfactory manner. 5. I hereby dissolve the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Board of Governors. 6. I hereby appoint Lucius Malfoy as Executive Governor of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 7. I hereby charge the Hogwarts’ Executive Governor with the revision of the Charter of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and its Articles of Convocation and Suffrage. I mandate him to ensure that the school shall provide a suitable and proper magical education to the sons and daughters of all witches and wizards of this land.” Hermione gasped as the final measure, dropping her head into her hands in despair. Most of the other students looked totally stunned, trying to understand what all the bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo meant, apart from the obvious – that their beloved Headmaster was gone and had been replaced by a witch whom almost every student above first year loathed. Percy pompously rolled up his scroll, returning it to his robes and bowed his head to the new Headmistress, handing proceedings over to her. She immediately walked around the teachers’ table and stood at Professors Dumbledore’s place, resting her hands on the back of his empty chair ... her chair. A collective sigh of deja vu arose from the students. “Hem, hem,” she began with her annoying throat clearing. “It is a great pleasure to back at Hogwarts, and to see so many familiar and cherished faces,” she said, looking over at the Slytherin table. “It seems like only yesterday that I was standing here in this very hall as your Headmistress.” “I feel privileged and greatly honoured, that our illustrious Minister of Magic, the Right Honourable Cornelius Fudge, has shown such confidence in me, to entrust me, once more, with this noble undertaking. I intend to make an immediate start in rectifying some of the more glaring mistakes of my predecessor ... particularly in the area of teaching appointments.” The expressions on the faces of he teachers sitting at the teachers’ table, had slowly changed from shock to horror, and finally to outrage, as events had unfolded. Now they were now sitting alertly, listening to her words with an air of foreboding. “Hem, hem,” said Umbridge. “It is indeed fortunate that I had the opportunity last year in my role as High Inquisitor of Hogwarts, to rigorously evaluate and scrutinise the performance of all the present Hogwarts staff. So happily, I come to my present task fully prepared.” “I have already taken steps to find suitably qualified teachers for the following positions: Care of Magical Creatures, Divination, and Transfiguration. The present incumbents of all three positions performed woefully in my evaluations. However I shall permit them to remain in a temporary capacity until their replacements have been appointed.” Hagrid immediately jumped to his feet, his face bright red. Umbridge gave a sign to the Aurors to be ready for trouble, but Hagrid simply turned and stormed wordlessly out of the hall. Professor Trelawney was teaching Divination alone this year, as the other centaurs had finally been persuaded to allow Firenze to return to their fold in the forest. However, as was her custom, she was absent from the evening meal. But Professor McGonagall was there, and her faced was etched in stony fury. Were it not for the Aurors, Umbridge would most probably have been transfigured into something truly terrible by now – like a chamber pot – a full one. Turning to Tonks, Umbridge made her signature “Hem, hem.” Then smiling falsely, she said, “You may have noticed my previous reference about having already evaluated the performance of all the present Hogwarts staff. That didn’t include you of course, because you weren’t here last year. And also ... hem, hem ... because you are no longer a member of that staff.” Tonks just sat there stunned. “You may leave now Miss err ...,” said Umbridge. She had obviously been instructed to root out anyone suspected of involvement with the Order. “Tonks,” prompted Percy from the other side of the table. Then indicating to the Aurors that they should draw their wands again, Umbridge said pointedly, “Right now!” Tonks rose to her feet, turned a withering gaze on Umbridge and muttered loudly for all the hall to hear, “Stupid cow!” then turned and left the hall, her hair changing colours violently from crimson to black to yellow to purple as she fought to control her seething anger. It was a memorable an exit. “Hem, hem, ah that’s much better now isn’t it, children,” she said patronisingly to the shocked students, who were reeling from the changes that had come upon them, like a bolt out of the blue. “I will not be appointing a replacement Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, as I do not consider it to be an appropriate subject for school children. At least certainly not for everyone,” she continued in her infuriatingly condescending manner. “The ‘Inquisitorial Squad’, which was so helpful and supportive last year, is to be re-formed. All of last year’s members are invited to join. Other students who demonstrate a suitably supportive attitude to myself, and the Ministry of Magic, may be privileged to receive an invitation to join this select body. Members of the squad will receive special lessons in ‘magical law enforcement’ from visiting Ministry Aurors.” “Hem, hem,” said Umbridge. “That will be all for now, enjoy your meal.” Harry, Ron, and Hermione were totally thunderstruck. Hermione, who was sitting between them, was in tears. She blurted out to her friends that the so-called ‘revision’ of the Hogwarts charter would probably mean that all Muggle-born witches and wizards would be thrown out of Hogwarts. Especially, since Lucius Malfoy had been appointed to carry it out. Suddenly Ron looked up and stared. “Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, look what just walked in,” he said, glaring in the direction of the Slytherin table. Harry and Hermione followed his gaze to see Draco Malfoy striding triumphantly up to the Slytherin table, grinning from ear to ear. Noticing the three Gryffindors glaring at him, he swaggered over to them. Grinning evilly at Harry, he drew his thumb menacingly across his throat, saying, “Looks like your time is up Potter. There’s no more Dumbly-doos to save your skin now.” Then he burst into wicked laughter. Harry started rising from the table, reaching for their wand. But before he could get to his feet or Hermione could stop him, Rick who was sitting along a bit on the opposite side of the table said “No,” holding up his hand. Harry felt himself being pushed back down onto the bench, although to everyone else it just looked like he had changed his mind about attacking Malfoy. “Oh Harry,” cried Hermione in distress, “Don’t be so stupid, he’s just trying to provoke you into attacking him, so that Umbridge will have an excuse to do ... who knows what.... Have you forgotten how she tried to put an Unforgivable curse on you last year?” Draco meanwhile, swaggering like a king, made his way over to his friends at the Slytherin table, who were celebrating his return and all the sudden changes at Hogwarts, which had tipped the tables towards them. It was as if all their Christmases had come at once. For once in his life, Ron Weasley wasn’t hungry and neither were Harry or Hermione. “Let’s get back to the Gryffindor common room.” said Harry, “I don’t feel very safe here in the Great Hall, any more.” Ron and Hermione nodded in understanding and Rick also rose to leave the hall, following a short distance behind them.
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
For as much as the Slytherins were elated at the turn of events, most of the Gryffindors were depressed, but none as much as Harry and his friends as they sat in their usual corner of the common room, trying to understand the implications of it all. Ron was also seething at the part that the great turncoat git Percy had played in the evening’s events. He was beyond embarrassment now when it came to Percy. As far as Ron was concerned, Percy’s behaviour didn’t reflect on him and Ginny and his family any more – Percy wasn’t a Weasley any longer – he had been excommunicated. He should change his name to ‘Percival Pompous Fudgelet’, he thought in disgust. These thoughts were interrupted by Hermione, who gave him an ‘edited version’ of their talk with Dumbledore that morning. Ron was upset that they hadn’t told him sooner what Dumbledore had said about his leaving Hogwarts. “Well, this is our first opportunity for a private conversation,” said Hermione defensively,” and I never dreamed that it was going to happen so quickly.” “Me neither,” mumbled Harry morosely, he was still in a state of shock. “You know, I think Dumbledore may be losing the plot,” said Ron. “What do you mean?” demanded Hermione. “Well telling you that we should trust Godfry,” said Ron. “Ron, Professor Dumbledore told us that he has complete confidence that Rick is on our side, and that we have nothing to fear from him,” said Hermione, desperately wanting to convince Ron. Ron turned doubtingly to Harry for confirmation, “Did Dumbledore really say that?” “Yeah,” said Harry. “He said we should trust Rick and treat him as an ally.” “Trust him?” gesticulated Ron, “That just proves my point that Dumbledore’s lost the plot ... just too much pressure I guess ... you can’t really blame him.” “Ronald Weasley, how can you be so stupid, bloody-minded, and divisive?” demanded Hermione, finally letting her frustrations get the better of her. “If ever there was a time that we needed to trust in Dumbledore and the Order, it’s now. If ever there was a time that we needed help from a powerful ally, like Rick, it’s now. “If ever there was a time that the three of us needed to stand together and support each other, it’s now.” “Just look at Harry, look at the state he’s in with all that has happened tonight, and all you can do, is single-mindedly pursue your prejudices and petty jealousies,” said Hermione, getting carried away and saying things that she hadn’t intended to say about either Harry or Ron – although they were perfectly true. Ron’s face turned red. “Jealousies?” he demanded. “And who exactly do you think I’m jealous of then?” Of course they all knew she meant Rick, but Hermione had got control of her temper by now and kept silent. Things were bad enough without her making them worse. “You know, I’m the only one who can see Godfry for what he really is, and judge him rationally,” said Ron. “You ...,” he said pointing at Hermione, “you’re just like every other witch in this school, you’ve fallen under his spell. He has some strange power over people – particularly witches, how come you can’t see that?” “Ron,” said Hermione, trying to salvage the situation, “Professor Dumbledore said he knows all about Rick’s unusual powers, and that he trusts him completely.” “Ah ha!” said Ron, as if he was about to say ‘checkmate’ in a game of wizard chess. “But what if Dumbledore is under Godfry’s power? For all we know, he could be using the Imperius Curse, or some even more powerful and irresistible variant, that he learned from this mysterious master of his. What then? All of Dumbledore’s assurances are worthless, and mean nothing.” Hermione realised that there was no way out of this and wanted desperately to minimise the damage, especially to Harry. “Please, Ron,” she pleaded, “I just don’t want to keep fighting with you over Rick. I accept that you cannot trust him, and I’m going to stop trying to convince you otherwise. But you have to accept that Harry and I believe Professor Dumbledore, when he says that we should trust Rick. You have to stop trying to destroy that trust, because without it, we really don’t have much hope right now,” she concluded sadly. “And you mate?” said Ron turning to Harry, “Do you believe that when Dumbledore said to trust Godfry, that it’s not possible that he was under Godfry’s power?” Harry didn’t seem to be completely with them. He had to struggle to come out of the shell that he was crawling into, and really consider Ron’s words. Finally he said, “You know you’re really clever Ron, with your logic. You can prove that black is white one day and that white is black the next. I know I can’t persuade you that Rick can be trusted. But neither can you, persuade me, that he can’t.” “Everything that Rick has done, has been for our benefit,” said Harry. “Just before, in the Great Hall, when I lost my head and swallowed Malfoy’s bait, Rick saved me again.” Ron and Hermione looked at Harry in surprise. “He cast some kind of spell than stopped me from getting up and attacking Malfoy. It pushed me back down onto the bench, I couldn’t raise my wand at all,” explained Harry. “And did it occur to you,” countered Ron, “that he turned you into a sitting duck, so that Malfoy could blast you while you were defenceless?” “Ron!” yelled Hermione, this was really too much, “That’s ridiculous —” But Harry put up his hand to silence her. “Ron!” he cried, more in frustration than in anger. “What Hermione said before was right. This constant bickering is driving me crazy – and I really don’t need it right now. I can’t convince you and you can’t convince me, or Hermione. So let’s just leave it. All we’re doing is going round and round in circles and I can’t handle it at the moment, not after everything else that’s happened tonight.” “Dumbledore told me to trust Rick and that is exactly what I’m going to do,” said Harry. “But Harry, why can’t you see —” interrupted Ron. “Let me finish Ron,” said Harry becoming more assertive. “With everything that has happened tonight, I am completely vulnerable. There is nothing left to protect me from Voldemort, I’m a sitting duck. He doesn’t need Rick’s help to kill me. With Fudge, Umbridge, and Lucius Malfoy in charge of things, I’m practically defenceless, and you and Hermione can’t save me – so don’t even start on that.” “I’ve only got one hope, and it’s Rick,” said Harry. “That’s what Dumbledore told me. If I can’t believe in Dumbledore and Rick then I might as well just ask Malfoy if he wouldn’t mind taking me to see Voldemort right now. Can’t you understand that, Ron?” he demanded in desperation. “Yeah, I can understand,” said Ron, “It’s not just Dumbledore and Hermione that he’s got under his spell – it’s you too, Harry. Don’t worry, I’ve got the message. You and Hermione don’t believe me anymore – but you believe Godfry.” “OK, OK!” he said holding his hand up as Harry started bashing his fists in frustration on the table, sending several of Hermione’s books flying to the floor. “I’ll stop trying to convince you. I can tell when I’m not wanted, you have both made your choice, and it’s perfectly clear what it is,” he said staring directly into Hermione’s face. Ron’s face was red with anger, but his eyes were full of hurt. He turned and dashed to his dormitory, before the tears came. Rick was sitting by the fireplace and had been observing their argument. He had been well aware of their differences of opinion about him, since the start of term. As Ron stormed from the common room, Rick was able to read the latest chapter in the dispute from his face – there was no need to probe any further. Rick had been keeping his distance from the three, figuring that any attempt to get closer to them would just make matters worse between them. But with the events in the Great Hall this evening, he knew he had to make a move. Harry was very vulnerable and Rick had to protect him. It wasn’t a question of if there would be another attempt on Harry’s life – only of when. Rick rose from his chair and walked across the common room to where Harry and Hermione were sitting unhappily in silent thought. “Err ... could I talk to you for a moment?” asked Rick, looking at Harry. “Sure,” said Harry. “I spoke with the Headmaster, before he left Hogwarts today,” said Rick, trying to find the best way to approach the difficult subject. “He said that he had told you to trust me and I really hope you can. You don’t need me to tell you what kind of danger you’re in, I’m sure you know.” “Yeah ... don’t worry,” said Harry, “I sure do. It looks like Voldemort has finally got me right where he wants me. I’m surrounded, and he’s moving in for the kill ... I don’t think they’ll be calling me ‘The Boy Who Lived’, for very much longer,” he added dejectedly. “Oh Harry, please stop that morbid fatalism,” pleaded Hermione, tears running down her cheeks, “We’re not beaten yet ... unless we believe we are. Voldemort failed to kill you when you were a totally defenceless little baby, and no matter how bad things are now, you’re not that defenceless now.” “Hermione’s right Harry,” said Rick in an assuring tone. “I know things look really bad right now, especially with Professor Dumbledore gone, but there is something you need to know.” Harry and Hermione both look up at Rick – he had their attention. “I think I can protect you ... but you have to give me your trust,” said Rick. “I know it’s hard to trust someone who is hiding secrets from you. All I can tell you, is the less that you – and everyone else – know about me, the better I’ll be able to protect you.” “That’s a lot of trust you’re asking for,” said Harry. “But Harry, your life depends upon it,” pleaded Hermione. “Please trust Rick – we have to.” “Well if you’re so powerful, why don’t you just kill Voldemort?” asked Harry, “And then this whole nightmare will be over.” It was a good question. Rick sat deep in thought for a minute before replying. “I’m not really sure, but I don’t think I can. It may be because of the Prophecy but it may be something else ....” Rick continued turning the question over in his mind, because he didn’t really understand it himself. His power was like the distilled essence of the Light. Part of that essence was a kind of moral or spiritual quality – a sense of connectedness. Yes that was it, he felt connected to everything and everyone, not just ‘good guys’. For as much as he abhorred the evil behaviour of someone like Draco Malfoy, he couldn’t hate him or want him dead – he felt connected – even to Draco Malfoy – even to Tom Riddle. Finally he said to Harry and Hermione, who were waiting for him to finish his explanation, “No Harry, I don’t think I can kill Voldemort – you are going to have to do that. But I can help you.” “How can you know that?” asked Hermione, puzzled. “I’m really sorry,” said Rick. “But I can’t tell you my whole story. What I can tell you though,” he said, putting a hand on Harry’s shoulder and staring intensely into his eyes, “is that if you let me stay close to you I can protect you.” “OK,” said Harry. He really had to trust Rick. The more they talked, the easier it became. Rick was turning out to be very easy to trust. Hermione also trusted him, although her curiosity about his powers – and who he really was – and where he had really come from – was driving her slightly crazy. What was also starting to drive her crazy was that as she spent more time around Rick she was beginning to feel emotions that she had never felt before. Previously, she had despised Lavender and Parvati and all the other girls who swooned over him, but now she seemed totally unable to stop herself being drawn towards the mysterious Rick. That was one thing Ron had been spot on about.
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
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