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Remus closed his eyes, trying to stop his heart from beating so fast. He looked around the room, sighing choppily as he did so. Black faces hissed death in his direction, sneering their blank sneers. Contorting their faceless masks with horrid, hopeless, deadly emotions. He saw only one familiar figure, and that figure was crumpled in a heap at the feet of a stout Death Eaters. Peter Pettigrew whimpered and cried, covering his fat face with pudgy, shaking hands. This image did nothing to comfort Remus, as he knew that Peter would die soon. This all wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t know that the rest of his friends would most likely follow in his footsteps. He knew it was too much to ask that Sirius had saved himself like Remus had told him to. Sirius was as stubborn as any Marauder, with the exception of Peter. Remus’ eyes shot away from the hopeless figure of Peter, as he burst into a fresh peel of sobbing. The Death Eater, growing annoyed with the racket, kicked him around the head, causing him to stop immediately. “Why don’t you let Peter go,” Remus said defiantly, mustering all of the courage he could and forcing it into his voice. “All you have to do is put a memory charm on him, he won’t remember a thing.” Peter froze at this, looking up for the first time, hope gleaming in his slightly manic eyes. Remus had to admit he was rather disappointed in his friend. He had hoped he would be a little more composed than this, not to mention less selfish. Remus chided himself. Here he was, about to die, and the only things he could think about were the problems with his friends? It wasn’t as if he was perfect. Far from it. “I don’t think so,” Voldemort said with a slight grin. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I enjoy killing people.” “You’re disgusting,” Remus seethed. He instantly doubled over as something slammed into the back of his head, causing a terrible pain. He cried out slightly, feeling as if he had eaten one thousand pounds of ice cream and had gotten a thousand times the brain-freeze. “Enough. I will deal with him. Stay out of it, Avery,” Voldemort commanded, severing the curse with a wave of his own wand. “Why do you not ask for your own safety? Too noble? I see the slime of Albus Dumbledore has contaminated most of his students.” “I should hope so,” Remus yelled, trying very hard to keep on his feet. His head still pounded, and he was finding it very hard to concentrate on what Voldemort was saying. Why didn’t he stand up for himself? That was easy. He simply didn’t deserve to live. Why should he? He was a werewolf. He snorted in disgust at himself. The only reason he hadn’t committed suicide was because he had been too cowardly. Too weak. Well, now Voldemort would do it for him. He looked up, his light brown eyes blazing. “Filth. I will enjoy killing you,” Voldemort said. Remus opened his mouth to reply, but then he saw something. He nearly slapped his forehead in frustration. Snape, Lily, James, and Sirius were all standing at the doorway, wands out, looking terrified. Surely they couldn’t be trying to help him? He realized that he would bring attention to their presence if he just stood there, gaping at them like an idiot. “No matter if you kill me or not, Dumbledore’s still gonna kick your ass!” he yelled, spitting on the ground at his feet. There was a dead silence. Well, at least he had gotten their total attention. He gulped, realizing that now he had done it, now he had crossed the line. Voldemort drew himself up to his full and considerable height. He walked over and grabbed Remus by the throat. “You will pay for that, you disgusting little...” Voldemort started, throwing him to the ground. Remus stood up, but was hit from a spell by a Death Eater. He dropped to the ground again, his legs turning to jelly beneath him. Remus watched as Voldemort raised his wand, about to kill him. He closed his eyes, willing death to come. He knew it was terrible of him, but he couldn’t help but think…‘finally.’ Suddenly, there was a large blast of noise as many things happened at once. Remus opened his eyes as “AVADA KEDAVRA!” filled the air. Then opened his eyes even wider as he heard four voices yell “PROTEGO!” Just when Remus knew his eyes couldn’t get any larger, they grew to the size of watermelons as one of the Death Eaters levitated off the ground and flew in front if him, catching the spell straight in the chest. Remus stared, thinking for a split second that the Death Eater had done that of his own will. But then he spotted someone...Albus Dumbledore. Lily stared, amazed at what she saw. Albus Dumbledore had just levitated a Death Eater in front of Remus! Right before their own spell reached him. “What should we do?” Sirius asked stupidly. “Help!” cried Lily, James, and, to their surprise, Snape. Sirius stared, and then grinned excitement. “YES! Finally, some bloody action!” he said, punching the air and running forwards to fight with the nearest Death Eater. “I swear, one of these days he is going to start going backwards in evolution and turn into a caveman,” Lily muttered. James sniggered, looking ahead apprehensively. He turned to Lily. “I guess it’s to much to ask that you stay here? Out of danger?” he asked, hopelessly. “Yes,” Lily said simply, and readied her wand. James sighed and nodded. “I thought so.” He grabbed her, not softly, or tenderly, or anything like their other kisses, but needing, and demanding. Then he let her go, feeling rather dazed and depressed. His kiss told her everything. He didn’t think they were going to make it through this. She ran forward, trying to take out as many Death Eaters as possible while still keeping an eye on James. She saw Dumbledore still hadn’t moved from his spot in front of Voldemort, and vise versa. They simply stood there, almost unaware of the fighting going on around them. Dumbledore seemed to snap out of his trance first, seeing James, Lily, Sirius and Snape fighting against more than three times the amount of Death Eaters. He almost smiled, he was so proud of them. He raised his wand lightly, giving a small tap to the air. “NO!” Voldemort yelled, but it was too late, Dumbledore was already standing back, watching his spell in motion. The room around them seemed to freeze, and then everything went completely black. Lily felt numb, and she dropped to the ground, unable to feel anything. It wasn’t necessarily a bad feeling, but it was extremely bizarre. She looked around nervously, wondering if a Death Eater was going to come and take advantage of her awkward position. Nothing in the room seemed to move however. The silence pounded into her ears, staring to fog her brain. Her breathing started to quicken as she waited for something, anything, to happen. Then, as she thought that, a whip-like sound cracked across the entire room, and light blinked on and then off again. She saw the room, in that instant, and was amazed to see that the Death Eaters were on the ground as well. Another whip-like sound and the lights turned on again, this time for good. Lily felt a warm rush of blood pumping backing into her veins, giving her life. She stood up, her head tingling. “Lily! Are you alright?!” James’ frantic voice yelled. “I’m fine,” Lily assured, looking around the room in distracted awe. All of the Death Eaters were gone. Not one was left. Only Voldemort remained, standing, surrounded by an odd material. It was like liquid fabric, it’s shiny blue quivering slightly, sending delicate ripples all along the material. Lily shot James and odd look, and not knowing what to do, they decided it was just better to watch. Sirius, however, seemed to think the fight was over, and marched towards Dumbledore. “DON’T MOVE! Mr. Black,” Dumbledore shouted, startling the students. Lily couldn’t ever remember Dumbledore raising his voice. She continued to watch the form of Voldemort struggling in the material. Dumbledore took a deep breath and blinked slowly. Then, Voldemort disappeared, and the material floated softly to the floor. Lily looked around, nobody moved. Dumbledore’s eyes filled with terror, and Lily knew then and there that this was not good. Wherever Voldemort was, Dumbledore obviously didn’t like it. She looked around the room, and then saw James look up at the ceiling in horror. “LILY! MOVE!” he yelled, running towards her, flailing his arms. He grabbed her, and pulled her out of the way just as a large chunk of the ceiling fell from the sky. Her heart beat quickly, but James allowed for no time wasting. He snatched her hand, pointing his wand at the rock. Just then, a tiny sliver snake slithered out from beneath the rock. Lily looked at Dumbledore, waiting to see his next move, and she saw his wave his wand. He shot a spell at the snake, but it missed, as the snake turned into Lord Voldemort and levitated off the ground. “I’ve been waiting for this, Albus,” Voldemort said, floating inches above the floor. “As have I, Tom,” Dumbledore replied cooly. “You always were an old fool,” Voldemort hissed at hearing his true name. “I should hope so,” Dumbledore said, with a slight smile. This seemed to infuriate Voldemort as he flew high into the air, until his head nearly bumped the ceiling. Dumbledore looked confused for a moment, and then a split-second later, Voldemort shot like a bullet towards the floor, his eyes screwed up in concentration. He slammed into the rocks, and it was as if he had dived into a pool. The rock floor rippled beneath his feet, and then shattered like glass. Lily screamed as she began to fall through the floor. She had thought she would simply hit the earth, but she kept falling into a dark abyss. She held tightly to James, unsure of what to do. She raised her wand, willing to try anything that would help them, but was stopped as a large red bird flew beneath them. James, who was closest, grabbed onto the tail feathers of the bird. He held Lily to him, assuring her. “I’ve got you,” he said, looking more scared than she. Then, in a swoop, they started flying downwards again, and Lily saw Sirius. The bird let out a beautiful song, a slightly eerie, warning song. Lily reached out her hand, trying to grab Sirius’. Their hands met, and Lily’s arm nearly jerked out of her socket as Sirius’ weight was added to the string of people. They started soaring downwards even farther, and Lily winced as yet another body, she guessed Peter by the squeal of terror, was added to their chain. “Peter, you idiot! Turn into a mouse, so our arms can stay attached!” Sirius yelled. Peter abruptly turned into a rat, and Lily almost yelled out as the rat scurried up her arms and onto James’ shoulder. Then, yet another weight was added, and she saw the top of Remus’ head. She looked up, glad they would finally be able to fly back up, but she saw, to her horror, that the floor had reappeared, sealing them beneath it. She looked at the bird, and it let out a cheerful, reassuring song. It was a phoenix. She smiled, her heart lifting. But then she remembered, they had forgotten somebody! “Dumbledore! WE HAVE TO GET DUMBLEDORE!” she yelled to the bird, but it let out another song, much to her frustration. It started flying even faster towards the ceiling. They were going to crash right into it! She winced, burying her face in James shoulder. He looked up grimly, before closing his eyes, waiting for the impact. It never came. James opened his eyes, and saw that they were once again in the room. This wasn’t necessarily a good thing, but it certainly was better than being beneath the room. The phoenix let its beautiful song reverberate throughout the room, before swooping down, letting them all down. It swooped around even more, and James scanned the room, his heart beating frantically. “Where’s Dumbledore?!” Lily breathed, voicing his own fear. He shook his head. “Do you think he is still falling? We need to tell that Phoenix to go back and...” Lily broke off as the bird landed. It chirped a beautiful, slightly taunting note, before bursting into flames. “NO!” Sirius cried in terror. Lily was still staring in shock, unable to move, as yet another amazing things happened, knocking her backwards. The ashes started to float upwards, ever so slightly, as if a breeze had disturbed them. Then the wind seemed to intensify, floating the ashes more vigorously. They began to swirl, terribly fast now. Lily’s eyes nearly glazed over as a mini tornado began to form before her very eyes! Then the ashes settled, and standing there now, was Albus Dumbledore. “Bloody hell!” was all Sirius could stammer. Lily gave an airy laugh, glad they hadn’t left anybody to fall into the abyss. Then she frowned slightly, and looked at James, who was also frowning. She could tell he was wondering the same thing she was. Where was Snape? “Hello, Professor,” Snape said, giving a slightly malicious smile. He was standing in the middle of the room, twirling his wand. Lily’s eyes widened. Why hadn't he fallen? “How?!” Dumbledore gasped, looking at Snape in horror. “But he...” “Isn’t one of your nancy-boys. He is a Slytherin,” Snape said, utterly confusing all who watched. Dumbledore frowned in bewilderment. “I thought...” “You thought wrong, Dumbledore. You thought he grew up in a happy house-hold? This boy’s life has been Hell. He has a fair amount of hate for you, Dumbledore. I will be happy to help him vent some of it,” Snape said. Lily looked at Remus, who gave a soft gasp of surprise. “What?” she whispered. “Voldemort...he’s taken over Snape’s mind!” Remus replied, and they all stared. Lily knew at once it was true. “Come on, Dumbledore. Kill one of your students. It’s only a Slytherin.” With that he raised his wand, shouting a bizarre spell that Lily had never heard before. Dumbledore blocked it...almost. A large gash was cut across his wrinkled face and Lily stared as blood trickled down his face. He tapped the wound with his wand, and it vanished. “I will not fight you,” Dumbledore said calmly. “I know,” Voldemort said, and raised his wand, sending another spell at Dumbledore. “AVADA KEDAVRA!” he yelled, but Dumbledore sank through the floor, the spell flying over top of him. “JUST KILL HIM!” Sirius roared, unwilling to watch Dumbledore get taken down, piece by piece. “Give him time...” Dumbledore said, smiling slightly. Lily frowned. What did this mean? Give Snape time to what? Kill him? “Time will not heal his wounds, Dumbledore. His suffering goes too deep. Beyond time...” Voldemort said through Snape. Lily started to wonder what terrible things might have happened in Snape’s childhood... “Snape is stronger than you think. He is stronger than you all think,” Dumbledore added, giving a reproving look at Sirius, who was very eager to just kill him and get it over with. Voldemort laughed. “Fine. Believe what you want, you old fool. Believe right up to the time when I kill...” but he broke off, coughing slightly. “What’s that? Didn’t catch that last bit,” Dumbledore said, smiling widely. Lily frowned. Personally she didn’t see why he looked so sure of himself. All he had done was cough. “I SAID...” Snape tried again, his voice getting slightly raspy, “THAT I’M GOING TO...” but he broke off again, sneezing. Lily saw Remus grinning too. What were they so happy about? Remus saw her looking confused. “Snape’s body is having a reaction,” he whispered. “Snape’s allergic to Voldemort?” Sirius asked, bewildered. “Something like that...” Remus said. “SHUT UP!” Voldemort yelled, noticing the students talking. “I AM NOT...” But he grabbed his face, which started turning beet red. Lily screwed up her eyes and saw that he had a rash! He began scratching his face. “NO! NO! HE IS A SLYTHERIN! HE CAN NOT FIGHT ME!” he yelled, sneezing again. A large bubble of light consumed Snape. Snape was now completely obscured, and Lily couldn’t see anything. Then they heard pained screams. First the screams of Severus Snape, then the screams began to mold into the anguished screams of Lord Voldemort. The light bubble disappeared, and Snape dropped to the ground, unconscious. There wasn’t a trace of Voldemort anywhere. “Is he dead?” Peter asked, speaking for the first time. Dumbledore shook his head sadly. “No. He is just unconscious,” he said. Snape started to stir, and Dumbledore walked over to him. Lily grabbed James’ hand for support, wondering what would happen. Snape sneezed again, looking at Dumbledore, then around at everybody who was staring at him. He groaned loudly. “Is he gone?” he asked. “Yes, he is,” Dumbledore supplied, helping him up. Snape sighed in relief, holding his head. “May I inform you, Mr. Snape, that you have just defeated Lord Voldemort?” “No,” Snape said grumpily. The Gryffindors just stared, not sure what to do. “Well, this certainly is awkward,” Sirius said cheerily. “Normally in the movies, there is always nice background music to fill in those awkward silences. Shall I sing?” “NO!” they all said urgently, but Sirius burst into song. “Oh, we just beat the Lord Voldemort, He’s gone and left old Snape with warts! What to do now that we’ve won? I say we sing and have some fun! Though everybody’s getting mad, I think they think my singing is bad! Should I stop? Or should I care? Snivelly needs to wash his hair! Lord Voldemort is dead and GGGOOONNNEEE...” “SHUT UP!” everybody yelled. ~~~ Lily laughed loudly as she broke off a kiss with James as Sirius burst burst through the curtains. “Hi guys!" he said cheerfully. James rolled his eyes, but laughed as well. “Caught you red handed. So...How are the two lovey-doveys?” “Sirius, it hasn’t even been an hour since you’ve seen us last. We’re in the same bloody hospital wing!” James said. Sirius rolled his eyes. “Details, details. Man, I don’t even understand why I even have to be in here! It was only a few scratches and Pomfrey acts like I’ve just had all of my arms cut off!” Sirius complained loudly. “I’ll give you a few wounds if you don’t get back to your side, Mr. Black!” Pomfrey said loudly from right behind him, making him leap a foot into the air. Sirius grumbled about psychotic nurses and followed her. Lily turned back to James, still grinning. She leaned in to get yet another kiss from him, when the curtains flew open yet again. James growled in frustration. Remus and Peter entered, smiling brightly. “Lily! James! Guess what?!” Peter yelled excitedly. “You have some mail,” Remus said, smiling broadly. Lily and James each took identical, plain white envelopes. They read the return address and gulped, looking at each other in terror. It was their letters from the Huddersfield Hurricanes. Lily’s hands shook slightly. Remus saw their excitement and grinned. “I’ll leave you two alone now, we’ve got to go visit Snape. Dumbledore’s orders.” James and Lily nodded, not even really listening. They simultaneously opened their letters. Lily held her breath as she skimmed her letter. Dear Miss Evans, I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected to play the position of Seeker on the Huddersfield Hurricanes Quidditch team. You will be required to attend each and every practice, a schedule of which will be sent to you shortly. On no account shall you miss a Quidditch game, unless dead or dying, then, and only then, will I make acceptance. I wish you a happy summer, and hope to see you very soon. Fran Lochlan, Captain of the Huddersfield Hurricanes, ~~ James’ heart beat as he read his letter. He had made it! He had made the position of Chaser! He closed his eyes, trying to calm himself. A new fear was instilled in his heart, one he hadn’t considered. What if Lily hadn’t been accepted? Well, that was simple, if she wasn’t accepted, he couldn’t play Quidditch knowing she hadn’t been allowed. He took a deep breath, knowing she would never allow him to do that. He made a final decision. If she wasn’t accepted, he would simply say that neither was he, and leave it at that. He turned a blank face to her. She was staring at him, her eyes wide. His heart fell. She hadn’t made it? “Well...?” she muttered. “You first,” James said firmly. She shook her head. James grinned. “Alright, on three, we’ll both say it. One...Two...Three...” they both opened their mouths to say it, but neither spoke. They both laughed, realizing that they were both just as stubborn as the other. “Alright,” Lily said, having had enough of this idiocy. “I made it on the team.” There was silence, as she waited with baited breath. James grinned broadly. “Me too,” he said, his heart pounding with relief. This had to be one of the happiest days of his life! It wasn’t often he got to be on a famous Quidditch Team with the girl of his dreams. He grabbed her in a tight embrace. Then Lily smiled, realizing something. “You know what. You have gone all year without asking me on a date,” she said, rather proudly. James grinned. “I know how much it always bugs you,” he said slightly sadly, shrugging his shoulders. Lily grinned, taking his hand in hers. “James Harold Potter, will you go out with me?” she asked. A few seconds of stunned silence filled the air. James blinked. “Wh...wh...what?” he said. “Will you go out with me?” she asked again, smiling at his shock. His face split into a huge, sloppy grin. “You have no idea how many times I have dreamed of you doing that,” he said, breathlessly. “What else have you dreamed about me?” she asked, grinning wickedly. He laughed, pulling her into his arms. “Allow me to show you...” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A/N: Alrighty, this was the last chapter! I hope you guys liked my story! I certainly liked writing it. So come on, since it's the last chapter, can't I get a few extra reviews from you silent readers out there?? Pleeeeease? If you don't I'll have Sirius come and sing to you! lol, while your at it, if you liked this story, maybe you could chack out my other romance fic, Collision. It's a Sirius/OC story. Lemme know what you think of that one?

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