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[A/N] Hey y'all! I hope everybody enjoys this chapter!! I had fun writing it! =D LoL. I'm sort of falling asleep right now, so I'm not gonna say much here ;-D Layyter!!! XoX Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, or any of the characters that JK Rowling made up! I only own Carina, Aria, and anything else you don't recognize! Chapter 3 - Victories The next morning, Lily woke up extremely early and in an incredibly miserable mood. At first, she didn't remember why, but as she made her way sleepily to the bathroom for a shower, she remembered Sarah, Sirius and the hospital. Her stomache lurched and she started to hurry so that she could get back to see if Sarah was okay. What if she wasn't? Lily was the one babysitting, what if they blamed her or something? What if Sarah didn't make it? Horrible thoughts filled Lily's head. What a wonderful vacation this is turning out to be 'ey? Lily thought sarcastically as she got dressed in a long light pink skirt and a white tank top. She hurridly brushed her hair and did her makeup. She was in a rush to see how the little girl was doing, and she wished she hadn't left the night before. As Lily grabbed a bagel for a quick breakfast, she didn't even notice that her parents were staring at her, and unamused look on their faces. Lily turned to leave the house when she finally noticed them. "What?" she asked, slightly annoyed. Her mother coughed. "Where were you last night?" Her father shot her a sharp look, and she sighed in exasperation. "I was at St. Mungo's Hospital because Sarah's sick, and I'm going to see her now!" and without waiting for a reply, Lily was out the door. *** "Can we see her yet?" came Mr. Potter's disgruntled voice for the 10th time since James had woken up on the cold, uncomfortable chairs of the hospital's waiting room. Right now he was sitting with his face on his hands, worried sick about his little sister. He had seen her the night before and he didn't know what was wrong with her, but she didn't look good. He also remembered how scared Lily looked, and how worried she had been about Sarah. He hadn't realized how much time Lily actually spent with his little sister. Sarah probably spent more time with Lily than he did, which was quite pathetic really. James looked to his left and saw his best friend in the exact same spot he had been in last night. His face was stoney, and he looked really sullen. James sighed and leaned back into his chair again. It had been an extremely long night, and they had gotten allmost no information about Sarah the whole time. Suddenly, the door opened and James looked up, hoping to see a healer, but instead saw a beautiful red haired girl. He couldn't help but be cheered up slightly. James allways got cheered up when Lily was around, and it saddened him that she didn't feel the same way about her that he did. Lily made a beeline for James and sat down next to him. "Have you heard anything?" she asked anxiously. James shook his head 'No' and she sighed. They sat in silence for a few minutes before Lily leaned in close to him. James' pulse quickened. "Is he okay?" she whispered into his ear, indicating Sirius. James gave his friend a concerned look, and shrugged. "I don't know. He's been awfully quiet." Lily bit her lip. She had allways hated to see people in pain. She moved closer to Sirius and pulled him into a hug, surprising the three of them. "It'll be okay Sirius." she said quietly, so only he would hear her. Sirius smiled grimly into Lily's hair and whispered back. "Thanks Lily." Lily pulled back and looked into his sad blue eyes. "Are you alrite?" she asked him, worried about his well being. He gave a curt nod. She sighed and leaned back into her chair. About 20 more minutes of silence, Lily got sick of it. She didn't want them to be depressed. It was extremely uncharacteristic. She had to find something to cheer them up, but she didn't know what, so she just sat in silence, playing with the fabric of her skirt. Finally, the door swung open and an old woman clad in a healer's uniform came in and walked over to the Potters, Sirius and Lily. They all looked at her expectantly, not saying anything. 'Well?" hissed Mr. Potter. The healer gave him a sad smile. "We've been doing all we can for your daughter. You can all see her now." Instantly, everybody jumped from their seats and followed the healer down the halls and eventually into a small, private room. Lily looked around and saw the little girl lying in the bed. The five rushed to Sarah's bedside. Mrs. Potter had tears rolling down her cheeks, and Lily was choked up. The small girl was just so tiny, and deathly pale. It was scary. Lily glanced at James and Sirius, they both looked lost and depressed. It was sad to even look at them. Lily sniffed and looked back at Sarah, feeling very lonely, and her heart was breaking for the motionless child. Soon, chairs were conjured and everybody spent their time waiting for Sarah to wake up. She still hadn't woken up after 4 hours, and Sirius found that he couldn't just sit there any more. He was too restless and worried about his twin, so he got up and left with a quick word to James and a nod to the rest. Lily slumped back into her chair and closed her eyes. She felt really horrible about everything. Maybe it was the cookies that had made Sarah sick. She should have prevented it somehow. It hurt her heart to look at the small child, and now that Sirius was gone, maybe she should just leave the Potters alone. With that in mind, Lily stood up and whispered, "I should probably leave you alone for a bit. I have to go home anyway. I'll be back later." Before anybody could respond, she was out the door. She walked down the hallway and towards the exit. Half way out, a few patients passed her, and her heart went out to them. There was a sick looking little boy, an unconcious man who was bleeding rather horrendously, and a depressed looking women. Maybe I could be a healer when I graduate. Then I could help all these sick people... Lily thought as she made her way back to the fireplaces. It was a thought. She wanted to be an Auror, but a healer would be pretty good too. Finally she reached the fireplaces and went home. *** What can I do to help? Sirius asked himself. He was pacing outside of St. Mungo's in muggle London, and was getting increasingly frustrated with himself. Who knew what sort of torture Carina had already been subjected to? He had a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomache. He knew that his twin needed him, but he didn't know how he was supposed to help her. He knew that his parents would definitely have more precautions on the house now, and he would never be able to get through them. He had no way to get help from the inside, and that cursed house elf would certainly be no help to him. Sirius swore under his breath and sat down on a park bench. I could always tell somebody... He scoffed at himself. Tell who? The Potters had enough trouble for themselves right now, and Remus and Peter were too far away to be any help. Suddenly, a lightbulb went off inside Sirius head, and he jumped up and ran off into the unfamiliar city. *** A few days went by unceremoniously. James spent most of his time in the hospital with his parents and Sarah, who still hadn't woke up. They had gotten the news that she was in a coma from a deadly wizard disease called Hunthropitus. Lily's parents went on their honeymoon, leaving Lily and Petunia at home alone. Petunia was never home, and that suited Lily fine. Most of the time she was in the hospital anyway. No matter what anybody told her, she still felt guilty because Sarah was sick. Lily and James hadn't spoken very much to one another, except to ponder about their friends. It was really awkward between the two of them actually. Sirius had disappeared without a trace. Everybody was really worried about him, but James was confident that he'd be okay. He knew that Sirius was somewhere trying to figure out a way to get Carina from their parents, and frankly he couldn't blame him. It was now Sunday afternoon, and Lily and James were both sitting by Sarah's bed. Lily was studying Sarah's face. Was it just her being hopeful, or did the small girl have a bit more colour on her face than there was before? Lily touched Sarah's hand. It was as cold as ice. She shuddered and leant back into her chair desolately. "Why do you always stay here?" Lily jumped at the sound of James' voice. She hadn't been expecting him to speak. Her eyes sprung open and she looked at the boy beside her. "What do you mean?" Lily asked, confused by the question. James sat up straighter and ran a hand through his already messy hair. "Er... why do you stay here so much? You don't have to. I don't want to make you feel like you have to or anything, but you should be out having fun with Aria." Lily gave a small laugh, yet she was frowning. "I'm worried about her!" she stated as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "I was the babysitter! She wasn't supposed to get sick! What if it was my fault? I have to be here. I spend most of my summers with her you know." James sat back in his chair, obviously thinking. Lily sighed and turned back to look at the little girl. "It's not your fault." came James' voice again, and for the second time, she jumped. He gave a small chuckle, but Lily silenced him with a look. She didn't respond to his statement. James opened his mouth to speak again, but he was cut off by a small movement in front of him. James froze, his gaze set on his little sister. His heart was pounding. Please let her wake up! he begged to a higher power. Suddenly, James saw Sarah's eyes flicker open for a moment and her hand moved ever so slightly. Instantly, James sprung out of his seat and leaned in close to his sister. "Sarah, Sarah sweetie. Wake up." he whispered in her ear. He noticed that behind him, Lily had moved closer to the bed as well. She was on the other side of the bed, gazing down intently at the frail child. "Wake up... hunny everybody wants to see you wake up and get better..." Lily said in a low voice. James glanced at her face and was taken aback to see that there were silent tears pouring down her face. Sarah's little body stirred a little bit more and she let out a soft moan. Lily's and James' faces broke out into huge smiles as they continued to look at Sarah. Finally, the little girl opened her eyes and squinted up at them. "Jamesy?" she spoke in a small, sweet voice. James pulled her into a big hug, looking as if he never wanted to let go of his little sister. "I'm here." he murmured. When he let go of her at last, she smiled weakly at him before turning her gaze on Lily, who was still watery eyed. "Lily?" Lily smiled at her and pulled her into a friendly hug. "Don't you ever do that again you hear me?!" she said, smiling through her tears. She pulled away from the young girl, and James pulled her into another hug. "I'll go get your mommy and daddy, okay honey?" Sarah's face lit up and she nodded. Lily ran from the room to floo to the Potter's house where Mr. and Mrs. Potter were getting cleaned up after being at the hospital most of the night. Lily soon found herself in front of a fire and she sparkled floo powder on it. "The Potter House." she said loudly, and in seconds was being whipped away from the lobby of the hospital. Lily arrived at the Potter's familiar house and fell foreward onto the rug. She quickly brushed herself off and went to go find Sarah and James' parents. She found them in the kitchen. They looked up when she entered but didn't say anything. "Sarah's awake!" Lily announced, grinning widely. "Oh!" exclaimed Ms. Potter, a large smile forming on her pretty face. Within minutes they were back at the hospital, Lily right behind them. Lily saw them burst through the door and she could hear Sarah's excited voice yelling "Mommy! Daddy!" as she walked back into the door. A warm feeling filled Lily as she watched the Potters' united again. She smiled sadly and sat down in one of the chairs. I wish my family was this close. Lily thought wistfully. Her family weren't very close at all. Petunia hated her with a passion, she loved her mom with all her heart, but she wasn't home that much, but Lily was really close with her father. She loved him to bits and every summer, they'd hang around and do stuff together, like play golf, soccer or pretty much anything. The Potter's were the prety much picture perfect family. They didn't appear to have any problems, and they all loved each other. Lily watched James and Mr. Potter tickle Sarah and she was laughing while Mrs. Potter stood back and smiled, her eyes twinkling. Lily sighed softly. She wanted a family like theirs someday. Suddenly she scoffed at herself. Lily believed in true love and happiness, but not for herself. I mean I haven't had a boyfriend that I actually felt something for... Of course, that could be because of the fact that 'Mr. If you touch Lily you die so don't mess with James Potter' over there won't let me. Lily rolled her eyes at the thought. James was so annoying. He rarely ever let another guy near her, with the exception of Remus. It drove her nuts! However, she couldn't help but soften slightly towards him as she watched him with his sick little sister. You could see it in his eyes that he loved her and cared for her well being. Too bad he isn't like this more often. He might actually be a nice person then... Lily sighed again and resumed watching the happy family. *** Sirius Black was ready to get his sister from the clutches of his evil father, mother and brother. He stood outside of 12 Grimmauld Place underneath James' invisability cloak and he was disallusioned. In his left hand, he carried his broomstick, and in his right hand, he had his wand. He was gripping these items so hard that his knuckes had turned white. Taking a deep calming breath to slow his racing heart, and mounted his broom and slowly flew past windows, looking in them for his twin. As luck should have it, they were charmed so that he couldn't see in, nor hear anything inside. But Sirius had thought of that. He whipped out his wand and quietly said the countercurses. Ha! Moony shouldn't doubt me and my abilities. I'm not completely stupid! he thought before completely focusing onchecking the windows for any sign of Carina. Finally, he saw her. The minute his eyes fell upon her, rage started to overtake him. His sister was lying on her bed, looking scared, lonely, way too skinny, and most of the skin that Sirius could see was red, irritated, cut and swollen. Sirius was just about to utter a spell to open the window when the door of the room flew open, and in came Mr. Black. Sirius glared at him, knowing full well that his father couldn't see him. Then something happened that made Sirius' blood boil. He just wanted to burst into the room and kill the man who claimed to be his father. Mr. Black had taken out his wand, uttered a few words and now Carina was writhing and screaming in pain. She was being subjected to the Cruciatus Curse. [A/N] Maybe I should leave you here.... that would be rather evil though wouldn't it? LoL =P It was pain beyond pain. Carina felt as if her whole body were being stabbed with sharp, white hot knives. She wasn't aware of anything, except the excrutiating pain. After what seemed like forever, the pain finally lifted and she opened her eyes to see the mad face of her insane father. He kicked her onto the bed and left without a word. Carina lay on her back, incredibly sore from the effects of the curse. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she wished that she could escape. "Sirius... where are you?" she wimpered pitifully. She closed her eyes and willed sleep to come to take her away from her pain. A few minutes later, Carina felt a slight wind on her face. Startled, her eyes popped open and she scanned her room. Nothing was different, except that the window was open now. She eyed it warily. She had tried many times to get the window to open, but she hadn't been able to. Why was it suddenly just opening on its own? Carina sat up straighter as something whizzed past her, and before long there was a small thump of something hitting the wood. Carina tensed, not knowing who or what it was. Suddenly, Sirius appeared out of nowhere. Carina stared in shock at her twin. Finally she regained her mentality and slowly began to work her way off her bed. She was still incrediblt stiff from the effects of the curse though. Sirius automatically ran foreward and engulfed his twin in a hug. "Are you okay?" he whispered furiously. I'll kill them for hurting her! Carina nodded weakly as Sirius looked at her. Suddenly there were footsteps sounding from downstairs and they both jumped. "Hurry... lets get your stuff and get out of here!" Sirius hissed while taking out his wand. He pointed it at her trunk and shrunk it. Sticking it into his pocket, her urged his sister to get onto the broom, which she did. It was painful, but Carina did was she was told. She gripped the broom with her hands, eager to get away. She was terrified of flying, but even more terrified to stay there any longer. Without warning, the door flew open. Carina's heart near stopped. There, outlined in the doorway was her father. "You!" he hissed, glaring at Sirius, who glared defiantly back. "GERTRUDE! HE'S HERE! THEY'RE GETTING AWAY!" A shriek was heard from downstairs, and Sirius ran towards Carina, who was waiting with the broom. She was trembling and looked panic-stricken. One look at her, and Sirius' resolve was set. He was going to get Carina and himself out of there, and they would never darken the doorstep again! Mr. Black lunged foreward and caught Sirius by the neck. He yelled and swung his hand backwards, hitting his father in the face. He quickly wrenched himself out of his father's grasp, grabbed his best friend's invisability cloak and hopped on the broom in front of Carina. She hugged his back and screamed "Go!" Sirius didn't need telling twice. The broom quickly shot towards the ceiling and then quickly headed for the window. 5 feet... 3 feet... nearly there... "AAAAHH!!!" Carina screamed in Sirius' ear. He jumped and urged the broom foreward but he found that it wouldn't move. He whipped his head around and was infuriated to see his mother, trying with all her might to drag Carina off the broom. "GET OFF ME YOU BITCH!" Carina screamed, near hysterics. Sirius pointed his wand at his mother, angry blood pouring through his veins. He didn't think, only acted. "STUPIFY!" he yelled, and instantly the broom was moving foreward again. The broom was three quartres out of the window when something caught the end of the broom, slowing it down. Sirius glanced back and saw that it was Regulus. He let out a roar of exasperation and urged the broom foreward anyway. Now they were out of the house, with Regulus hanging onto the broom with one arm. Mr. and Mrs. Black, who was now awake were screaming at them and sending an array of curses and hexes their way. Apparantly they didn't care if they hit Regulus as long as they hit Sirius or Carina. Carina hugged her brother's back tightly. She was vaguely aware of how hard she was squeezing him, but was more concerned with Regulus trying to make the broom listen to him. She glared down at the ugly prick, and he yelped as he fingers started to slip off the broom. Carina was torn between wanting her evil brother to get hurt and concern for him falling 30 feet and hurting himself. She didn't have time to decide as his fingers failed to hold the broom any longer and he fell. She closed her eyes and buried her face into Sirius' back, trying to block out Regulus' screams. Sirius placed James' invisability cloak over the both of them and once they were a few blocks away, Sirius let out a whoop of elation. Carina was torn between relief and disbelief. It hadn't really sunken in that she was away from her parents. I'm... free! Carina smiled as she realized this completely. Tears rolled down her cheeks from happiness. She was so glad that she was out of there! A few minutes later, Sirius landed the broom. Carina hopped off and attacked her twin with a fierce hug. "Thank you!" she said hoarsely, grinning happily and crying at the same time. "Rina, I couldn't just leave you there!" he said, a lump forming in his throat while returning the hug. "I thought I'd never see you again!" she sobbed. Sirius made a sudden movement and forced her to look into his eyes. "You will ALWAYS see me again. Don't ever doubt that. Your my twin! Don't forget that okay?" he said firmly, but softly. She just nodded. "We should probably get to St. Mungo's. I would take you to James or Lily's house first, but they're probably at the hospital anyways." Sirius informed her. Carina was taken aback and instantly worried about her friends. "Why? What happened?" she demanded to know. Sirius smiled grimly. "Sarah's sick. Lily was babysitting and the poor kid passed out." Carina gasped. "Is she okay?" she asked, extremely concerned for the child. Sirius shrugged. "I hope so." he said sadly. Together, they walked the 5 blocks to St. Mungo's. ***** Well..... thats chapter 3! I hope you all liked it! ^_^ The next one will probably be out next week! Please review! Thanks! I luurve you all!! =D

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