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It was cold. No, it was more then cold. It was dreadfully, unbearable, horrible teeth chattering cold. I shivered, and looked around to look for someone I might know. Who on God’s green Earth would schedule a Quidditch Match to be on a negative nineteen-degree day? The wind blew my hair all over my face, and into my eyes. It frustrated me to no extent. I sighed, and shivered, burying myself deeply into my heavy cloak. I loved the smell of cold weather, the way it captivated your lungs, and froze your breath in your throat… I loved everything about it.. It was so… exhilarating. My eyes scanned the center ground of the Quidditch Pitch. They dashed from face to face, before finally resting on James’. His eyes glinted, and as I looked at him, I found my gaze bore into him, causing him to look up at me. He smiled, and from what I could tell, blew me a wink. I grinned, and took my seat in the very front row. “Red!” Linda cooed, dropping down next to me. “I heard about you and James!” grinning, she rested her hand on my shoulder. “I’m happy for you.” I was confused. How could she have possibly found out about James and I? I hadn’t told anyone, and I had hope that James would be smart to do the same. Looking down at the Pitch grounds, I saw James was talking to one of his fellow teammates. Was he capable of telling someone, and passing it on? Sitting back against the back seat of the bench I was sitting on, I looked down at my cloak, and tried to stifle a cry. Sniffling, I stood up from my seat, and pushed by the legs of my other house mates. James was taking a round around the pitch before the game started. Looking out into the Air of the ground, I saw James trying to fly in sync with my walk. Ignoring him, I stepped onto the stairs, and walked my way down the incredibly frozen tower. Ugh, Guys. I thought to myself, as I tried to hide myself in my knee length cloak. “Lily!” James yelled, swooping down on me as soon as I exited the staircase inside the tower. “Lily!” he yelled again. I tried my best to ignore him. It was hard… dreadfully unbearably hard. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath of Winter air. It froze in the middle of my breath, and I tried hard not to cough. I didn’t want to seem dependent. “What the hell is wrong with you?” he asked in a hard voice. I bit my lip, and tried so hard not to cry. Turning my head away from him, I walked faster, trying not to fall on my ass from the ice, and snow. “Lily! What the hell is wrong? What’d I do?” The door to the castle was feet away… A few more steps and I’d be inside, and wouldn’t have to deal with him until after the match. I stopped moving. I don’t know why, but I did. When I turned around to see what was holding me back, James wrapped his arm around my waist, holding me in place. “What’s wrong?” “Stop…” I sniffled, trying to get away from him. “Please… you told… James let me go!” I sighed, as his gripped tightened on me. “If you love me, you’ll let me go.” James was hesitant. I could feel his thoughts entering inside of me, burning… etching into my mind. I nearly broke out in a sob in front of James, as his grip slowly loosened. “I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you, Lily… but I’ll find out.” He let go of me entirely, and flew away on his broom. He left me there. The snow melting and then freezing in my hair, turning my red curls into loose, crunchy frozen waves. My prince left me to fend for my own as a blizzard started up. Leaving me to stand alone, in the middle of the stone, white, and green winter horror-land. Breaking out in tears right there, I dropped to the ground… on the sheer plate of ice and snow, my back becoming frozen cold from the snow and cold wind beating against it. I don’t know if it was minutes, or hours until I finally felt my face harden. My tears had frozen on my cheeks, making it nearly impossible to cry anymore. I stood, my ass frozen cold from the snow. As I walked inside, I heard the cheers from the Quidditch Pitch… and from what I could hear… James had gotten the Snitch… I hurried up the stairs, desperate to hide in between the gold threaded sheets of my bed. Desperate to lose myself in utter most loneliness. The rest of the day shifted into night, as the coming and going of my fellow dorm mates drifted more into coming. I lay in my bed, staring at the scarlet canopy of my four-poster. My sinuses hurt from crying, and so did my cheeks for having to endure my salty tears being frozen into my pores. As I drifted into a shallow sleep, I remember how it felt to have James’ arms around my waist, holding me back. Holding me against him. I remember my words to him, “If you love me, you’ll let me go…” and he let me go… not with a word for that moment, but probably buckets full of words for tomorrow… and the day after, and for days, maybe even years to come. When I awoke the next morning, my head had stopped hurting, and my cheeks had cooled down from burning. Pulling open the curtains on my four-poster, I gazed about the sunlight dorm. It seemed like Michelle, Linda and Stephanie had already gone to breakfast, or had drifted into the common room to laze about on a winter Sunday. Stepping out of my bed, I ran my hand through my bed tossed hair. It had turn back to curls, but not normal curls… frizzy, disastrous curls. I stepped into the bathroom, closing the door. I needed to shower, to wash away my sins of yesterday. When I stepped out of the bathroom, the steam from my shower that was keeping me warm, disappeared, and now I was faced with the dry, old air of the dorm. It smelt musty after having just spent the last half hour of my life in a warm, muggy room, with hot water caressing my curves. I wasn’t ready to face the day. It wasn’t the words James had for me that fazed me… it was the fact that he had seemed so upset yesterday when I told him to let me go… he had words for me, and I somewhat knew what they consisted of, so I didn’t want to hear them. I wanted to hear him say he didn’t tell… I wanted to hear him say that he would never tell… a soul… not even Sirius. I just wanted to feel his body heat pressed up against me, warming me up like a blazing fire. I walked out of my dormitory, and down the staircase. I now wished my hair was normal, and not an outstanding red. I wanted to blend in, and not be noticed for once. I tried to pull my curls over my face, so James, or anyone else for that matter, wouldn’t catch glimpse of my green eyes. I thought about closing my eyes, and screaming out, “You can’t see me” but I refrained. It was tempting, but I didn’t want to draw attention to me, in away way, shape, or form. Pushing open the portrait hole, ignoring the calls of people in the common room, I hurried down the hallway, trying to avoid the gazes of the portraits.

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