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Remus blinked and saw that he was in the middle of Surrey and was pretty sure that he was only a few streets away from Harry’s home. Next to him he could see the sixth year Harry standing with his arms folded watching himself a year ago winding up Dudley as they walked along the street and then cut down an alleyway to get back to Privet Drive. Remus had a strange sinking feeling as he knew that something was probably about to go wrong, seeing as otherwise Harry would not have shown him this memory. Suddenly everything went black. Remus spun round in shock and stared through the pitch darkness, looking for any sign of anything but he could see nothing although he could hear Dudley frantically demanding for Harry to stop whatever he had done, although he knew he did not have the power to turn off the stars. After a few moments of staring around him in the darkness a familiar hand found his own and he relaxed with the reminder that Harry was there with him as suddenly a rush of cold ran over him and he realised with a slight groan that Dementors were close and they were coming towards them. He watched as Harry drove them off with a struggle and from nowhere Arabella appeared and Harry looked stunned to see her and even more so when she proclaimed that she would kill Mundungus Fletcher. He watched the scenes which followed wherein Mundungus apparated infront of Arabella and Harry where the former screamed at Mundungus until Harry was returned to his home with Dudley. Harry then received owls from Arthur and the Ministry of Magic who expelled him. Then after a brief discussion with Harry’s horrid relatives he was unexpelled by letter but still required to attend the hearing for his improper use of magic. Remember my last Petunia. Dumbledore’s voice echoed through the kitchen from the Howler that had been sent to them. Remus was incredulous after seeing Petunia demonstrate her vague knowledge of the Wizarding world by explaining that she knew of the Dementors and looking absolutely terrified at the idea of Voldemort being back once more. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw himself and the Order appear in his kitchen. He had to admit that he looked utterly exhausted and Harry looked rather unsure of himself in their presence. He realised how strange it would have been for him to be in the presence of only himself who he actually knew. Mad Eye had attempted to kill him upon their last meeting, well his impersonator had, and he had never met the others in his life. “How do you know Diggle?” Remus asked Harry with interest, “I never did ask him.” “He bowed to me once in a shop when I was younger and then I met him again in the Leaky Cauldron in my first year.” Harry smiled slightly at Remus who found the idea of Dedalus bowing to a young Harry in the shop highly amusing. After they flew to Grimmauld Place, things sped up a bit and Remus watched Harry having a shouting fit at around twice the speed he had done when he arrived there, making him sound rather high and squeaky. Time passed on quickly and Remus found himself staring round the large courtroom in the Ministry of Magic at the full Wizengamot who had assembled there to try Harry for underage magic. He surveyed the room and noticed the way in which Harry had tried to catch Dumbledore’s eye, who was in turn ignoring him completely. He glanced up to Fudge and the toad-like woman next to her and wondered briefly where he knew her from before the hearing finally ended and Harry was pardoned. It was evident even to him the state of nervousness that Harry had been in and the shaky sense of relief that he felt after the hearing had ended. Time flittered past again as a few more days past in the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix and Remus found himself at the celebratory party for Ron and Hermione who had become prefects and he listened the brief conversation between himself and Kingsley. “…why Dumbledore didn’t make Potter a prefect?” Said Kingsley. “He’ll have had his reasons.” Remus heard himself say in response as the memory of Harry moved away from them and towards Mad Eye who showed him a picture of the original Order. He felt a pang of guilt and wondered whether he should have made the effort to become closer to Harry before Sirius had died, instead of waiting until he was desperate for help once he had. He watched Harry get onto the train and Sirius running along side it with sadness filling his heart, next to him Harry was still holding onto his hand and he gave it a gentle squeeze. Soon he found himself biting back laughter as Neville prodded his Mimbulus mimbletonia with his wand and they were all squirted with stinksap before Cho Chang walked into their compartment. From the look on Harry’s face at being seen covered in the foul smelling green slime and being sat with Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood he could tell instantly his feelings for that particular girl. He watched Ron and Hermione’s confusion as Harry stared at the thestrals for the first time and asked them what they were but they only stared at him in blank confusion as Harry also became more confused. In the great hall Remus stared up at Umbridge in horror and opened his mouth to speak but the memory of Harry beat him to it. “It’s that Umbridge woman!” Harry hissed before following it up with, “She was at my hearing, she works for Fudge!” “Why do I get the feeling that she’s not going to like you?” Remus asked Harry who grinned up at him. Although he had most certainly gained some height on the boy from one year ago, he was still a good half a foot shorter than Remus. “Did she just interrupt Dumbledore?!” He asked, shocked when the short, ugly woman donned in pink stood up and began a long speech, making it clear that she was from the Ministry. “Well what does that mean?” Ron asked Hermione impatiently after her speech had finished and Hermione was irritated with him and Harry for not listening to her. “I’ll tell you what it means.” Said Hermione though gritted teeth, “It means the Ministry’s interfering at Hogwarts.” Remus shot another scowl up at Umbridge before the memory faded and he found himself watching Seamus arguing with Harry in the boys dormitory, apparently he and his mother didn’t believe a single word that he or Dumbledore had said and Harry glanced up to see his guardian narrow his eyes at Seamus. Before Remus had the chance to comment the scene had quickly changed and he found himself stood at the side of his classroom on the second floor, Professor Umbridge at the front of the room. The inhabitants of the room were all unusually silent and were either reading or watching Hermione who was sat with her hand in the air. Eventually Hermione was responded to by the most awful of teachers and was rebuked for asking about the course aims and the lack of mention of actually using any defensive spells. “I can’t imagine any situation arising in my classroom that would require you to use a defensive spell, Miss Granger. You surely aren’t expecting to be attacked during class?” Umbridge said calmly. Remus stared at her, his mouth hanging open as she went through the students who raised their hands (and some who did not) arguing with them in her sickly sweet way which made him want to hex her repeatedly. “—but you have been exposed to some very irresponsible wizards in this class, very irresponsible indeed – not to mention,” She gave a nasty little laugh, “extremely dangerous half-breeds.” “If you mean Professor Lupin,” Piped up Dean angrily, “he was the best we ever –” “Hand, Mr Thomas!” Umbridge barked and Remus stared at her, cold fury coursing through him. He could not imagine how frustrating it must have been for Harry and the other students to have to endure that woman for an entire year… He had barely seen the memory of her for five minutes and already his blood was boiling. “Considering the way she acted, perhaps you should have kept quiet, Harry.” Remus said to the boy besides him who was watching himself arguing with Umbridge one year ago. “You’re probably right, a bit late now though.” Harry said to him as he watched himself infuriate his teacher more. “Mr-Potter-you-have-already-lost-your-ten-house-points-do-not-make-matters-worse-for-yourself.” She said in one breath without looking at him, “As I was saying, you have been informed that a certain Dark wizard is at large once again. This is a lie.” She said slowly and deliberately as Harry grew more angry with her with each syllable which left her mouth. “It is NOT a lie!” Harry yelled at her, “I saw him, I fought him!” “Detention, Mr Potter!” Said Professor Umbridge triumphantly. “Tomorrow evening. Five o’clock. My office. I repeat, this is a lie.” “You ought to start listening to Hermione,” Remus said as he watched Harry stand up in his seat whilst Hermione begged him to sit back down again. “So, according to you, Cedric Diggory dropped dead of his own accord, did he?” Harry asked her, his voice shaking with rage. “Cedric Diggory’s death was a tragic accident.” “It was murder,” Said Harry. “Voldemort killed him and you know it.” Remus could only stare at the woman feeling as if he could have torn her to pieces for daring to throw Harry out of the room for telling the truth. He smiled though, when the boy wasn’t looking. It pleased him that he had stuck up for what was right, even if he had attained a detention in the process. Not that he was ever going to tell him how he felt; although he had been a trouble causer himself when he was at school, he did not want Harry going down that route and he thought better than to promote that kind of behaviour in the child he looked after. Harry walked down the corridor to see Minerva with the note from the most awful teacher Remus had ever encountered in his hand, scowling darkly all the way. He entered her office. “Is it true that you shouted at Professor Umbridge?” “Yes.” “You called her a liar?” “Yes.” “You told her He Who Must Not Be Named is back?” “Yes.” “Have a biscuit, Potter.” Remus laughed aloud at her response. He could not believe that Harry was getting away with having an argument with the woman from the Ministry and Minerva wasn’t actually going to do anything but give him a biscuit for it! He still left with detention though, despite his being seen in a much better light in McGonagall’s eyes. Time flittered past again and Remus found himself walking alongside Harry, Ron and Hermione as they made their way up to the castle after an exemplary Care of Magical Creatures lesson with Professor Grubbly-Plank as Hagrid was still missing. “I want you to know, Potter.” Ernie Macmillan said in a loud voice, “That it’s not only weirdos who support you. I personally believe you one hundred percent. My family have always stood firm behind Dumbledore, and so do I.” “Er – thanks very much, Ernie.” Harry said, taken aback but pleased none the less. At five o’clock that evening Remus was sat next to the memory of Harry doing his detention in Umbridge’s office whilst the other Harry had a wander around the room, occasionally glancing out of the window in boredom. Remus watched, a slight scowl on his young face as Umbridge handed Harry a quill. It was a long thin black quill with an unusually sharp point. Remus was sure that he had seen a quill just like that somewhere before but he wasn’t sure where. “I want you to write, I must not tell lies.” She told Harry softly, “As long as it takes to sink in.” Harry touched the quill to the parchment and began to write, only letting out a slight gasp the first time that the shining red ink touched the page. Remus’ eyes opened in horror and fury as he saw what was happening and realised instantly that it wasn’t ink that Harry was writing in as the cuts on his hand slowly became more pronounced. He span around to see Harry watching him with a slight smile on his face as if to say ‘that’s my life, there’s nothing you can do about it’. Remus shook his head as he looked back at Harry who was slowly writing in his own blood. Remus wondered briefly if Harry’s hand had scarred from it before the memories sped up again. He was forced to observe Harry’s hand being cut open for the rest of the week until he watched Harry get up from her office for the final time, blood running down his wrist and pounding in Remus’ own ears as his levels of anger rose. He felt Harry move closer besides him to calm him and then they were in the common room and Ron was celebrating – he was the new Keeper. Harry smiled and congratulated him, glancing down at his hand slightly as he did so. Remus caught hold of Harry’s hand next to him and pulled it into the light. Sure enough the words were still etched there faintly into his hand. I must not tell lies. Remus stared at Harry with an outraged expression on his face until things changed again and Harry groaned slightly as he realised that he was in the owlery with Cho. Remus smiled slightly as Harry managed to have a whole conversation with the girl without wanting to curl up and die at the end of it. It all went from his mind when he saw Sirius’ head in the fire in the common room late one night with Harry, Ron and Hermione sat around him talking quietly. They mentioned Hagrid and there was quite a lot of talk about Umbridge and even Remus’ name got dragged into the conversation for a moment. “So when’s your next Hogsmeade weekend, anyway? I was thinking, we got away with the dog disguise at the station, didn’t we? I thought I could –” Sirius said before Harry and Hermione cut him off. “NO!” They both said together. “Sirius, didn’t you see the Daily Prophet?” Hermione asked him anxiously. “Oh that,” Sirius said, grinning, “They’re always guessing where I am, they haven’t really got a clue —” Harry argued with him for a moment, almost begging him not to come to Hogsmeade for the weekend. “All right, all right. I’ve got the point.” Said Sirius, and Remus noticed that he looked most displeased. “Just an idea, thought you might like to get together.” “I would, I just don’t want you chucked back in Azkaban.” Said Harry. There was a pause when Sirius looked out of the fire at Harry, a crease between his sunken eyes. “You’re less like your father than I thought.” He said finally, a definite coolness in his voice, “The risk would have been what made it fun for James.” “Look –” “Well, I’d better get going, I can hear Kreacher coming down the stairs, “ Said Sirius although Remus was certain that he was lying and that Harry knew it, “I’ll write to tell you a time I can make it back into the fire, then, shall I? If you can stand to risk it?” There was a slight pop and Sirius was gone. Remus felt a sharp hurt inside him. Oh, Sirius. How could you say something so cruel to Harry? He wondered as he stared at the place that Sirius had been. He glanced at Harry who was still sat by the fire and saw the hurt that was in his eyes. He glanced at the real Harry sat next to him and searched his expression quickly to see anything but he masked it automatically and not even Remus’ piercing gaze could discern any emotion from his steady gaze. “HIGH INQUISITOR?!” Remus cried, once the memories had moved on. “She can’t do that!” “She bloody well did!” Harry muttered. “Don’t use that kind of language in my presence, Harry.” Remus said coolly as he scowled down at the picture of Umbridge on the Prophet, his hand forgotten. By the time Harry had made it into his second lesson of defence against the dark arts, Remus was close to lashing out at the memory of the woman, although he knew it would do no good. “Your previous teachers in this subject may have allowed you more licence but none of them – with the exception of Professor Quirrell, who did at least appear to have restricted himself to age-appropriate subjects – would have passed a Ministry inspection –” “Yeah, Quirrell was a great teacher,” Said Harry loudly and already Remus was ready for his punishment, “There was just the minor drawback of him having Lord Voldemort sticking out of the back of his head.” There was silence filling the room, during which Remus was desperate to laugh although he had no idea as to why. “I think another week’s detentions would do you some good, Mr Potter.” Said Umbridge sleekly. Remus gave him a stony look and Harry grinned sheepishly. Remus had not had much occasion upon which to laugh when Umbridge was present but he did laugh, and for quite some time as well, when she attempted to interrogate Minerva, who was her usual cool self. She even smiled slightly at Harry who grinned at her as he left the room afterwards. Next she was in their Care of Magical Creatures class. “Now, I hear there have been injuries in this class?” She said to the Slytherins, trying to cause trouble after Professor Grubbly-Plank had said she was very pleased with the support she had received from Dumbledore and the other staff. “That was me.” Malfoy said, “I was slashed by a Hippogriff.” “Only because he was too stupid to listen to what Hagrid told him to do.” Harry snapped. Ron and Hermione groaned as Umbridge gave him another day of detention. “What the hell is wrong with you?!” Remus demanded of him as Harry made a vague attempt at looking nonchalant, “Why can you never keep quiet?!” “I have no idea…” Harry admitted. The scene changed and Harry walked into the common room with a severely bloody hand after another detention but Remus had lost the irritation which he had had with Harry after seeing the state that he was in although he was slightly annoyed that he had not said anything to anyone about it. “I’m talking about you teaching us Defence Against the Dark Arts.” Hermione said to Harry who stared at her in disbelief after a few minutes of conversation between them and Ron. Harry turned to Ron to share the exasperated look that they shared so often but Ron seemed irritatingly enthusiastic about the whole idea. After this, Harry had trailed on for some time about all the times he had faced Voldemort and how it was just luck he had survived all those times. Eventually Harry nodded to his friends, agreeing to consider teaching them but he made no promises as the three of them went to bed. Remus watched him with a thoughtful expression on his face but didn’t comment, wondering what Harry was like as a teacher. He knew he was good – everyone he had taught had received an O in their OWL but he wanted to see him teach, not just hear about it. He was sat in the Hogs Head a few weeks later, ready to see just who the D.A. compromised of, although he had a vague idea as to quite a few of the students, he wasn’t exactly certain. “So who did you say is supposed to be meeting us?” Harry asked Hermione. “Just a couple of people.” Hermione replied and Remus raised an eyebrow. “I thought there were about thirty of you in the D.A.?” He said. “Around twenty five, I think.” Harry corrected, “but yeah, that’s about right.” Before muttering darkly under his breath, “A couple of people… ha.” Remus laughed as the door to the Hog’s Head opened and in walked Neville, Dean, Lavender, Parvati, Padma, Cho, a friend of Cho’s whose name Remus had never quite managed to remember properly, Luna, Katie Bell, Alicia Spinnet, Angelina Johnson, the Creevey brothers, Ernie Macmillan, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Hannah Abbot, Susan Bones, Anthony Goldstein, Michael Corner, Terry Boot, Ginny, Zacharias Smith, Fred, George and finally, Lee Jordan. “But the Hog’s Head? How was that a good idea?!” Remus asked but Harry only shrugged in reply as Remus then became absorbed in listening to their conversation during which Zacharias argued with Harry and everyone managed to list the rather amazing things Harry had done, whilst Harry himself stayed modest, insisting that he had help with almost all of it. Eventually they had managed to agree that they wanted to learn defence from Harry, although that was pretty much all they managed to decide. They all signed their names onto the enchanted parchment though, so that if anyone told Umbridge what was happening then they would know about it. Soon everyone had cleared out, leaving them walking through Hogsmeade, having a nice normal weekend. “I cannot believe the nerve of that woman!” Remus cried indignantly as he read through educational decree number twenty four, which clearly dictated that no clubs were to be allowed without the permission of the High Inquisitor herself. “Zacharias Smith!” Said Ron at once, punching a fist into his hand when the question of who had told Umbridge arose. “Or – I thought that Michael Corner had a really shifty look too –” “Isn’t he the one that was going out with Ginny?” Remus asked Harry as he tried to remember just who Hermione had said Ginny was currently going out with in Hogsmeade. Remus snorted with laugher as a stunned Ron went flying down the stairs to the girls’ dormitories a moment later as it became something like a stone helter-skelter. Time certainly did appear to move quickly and although Remus would have liked to ask Harry to slow some of it down, he knew that by doing so he would end up seeing things that he really didn’t need to see. That wasn’t to say that he didn’t like watching the random parts of his life where nothing much ever seemed to happen and observing a couple of lessons now and again always cheered him up slightly. It was for Harry’s unwillingness to show him much more than was necessary that he sped time up and soon Remus watched the end of another conversation with Sirius before his head disappeared back into the fire and Umbridge’s hand groped for his head. “Who the hell does she think she is?” Remus demanded of no one in particular as Harry, Ron and Hermione all ran for the dormitories, Umbridge still searching for Sirius. Things did not appear to get much better for Harry as time moved on. Although Quidditch was allowed once again, Angelina had them all practicing out in the most violent of storms and Harry’s homework, which had once let up slightly was more burdensome than ever. It was for this reason that Remus stood with his hand resting lightly on the shoulder of his godson as the boy’s memory was asleep, his head buried in a potions book until Dobby appeared to wake him and return Hedwig, who had been injured when Umbridge tried to intercept his mail. “Wait a moment – there is something you can do for me, Dobby.” Said Harry, slowly. “I need to find a place where twenty eight people can practice Defence Against the Dark Arts without being discovered by any of the teachers. Especially Professor Umbridge.” Harry said. “Dobby knows the perfect place, Sir!” The gleeful house-elf exclaimed. A few days later Remus was stood in what Dobby had called ‘the perfect place’ and indeed it did appear to be flawless. The Room of Requirement was somewhere which the Marauders had never found and Remus knew instantly that both James and Sirius would have been both annoyed that they had never found it and proud that Harry had, that was, they would have been if they were both still alive. It was an impressive room, but even more impressive was Harry’s teaching and the attitudes of his students towards him. They didn’t see him as a teacher as such, but somewhere between a friend, a teacher and an equal, although remembering their most recent defence against the dark arts lesson wherein no one had partnered with Harry, he couldn’t help but wonder just how much that had changed. He had loved watching him teach, although he didn’t teach as such, he was just something like an authority figure to them who helped them when they needed it and watched when they didn’t. He felt a flicker of pride inside him for the unusual boy who he looked after, not that he needed looking after though. He was clearly a natural leader, and Remus wished that he could have been something like him when he was younger, but then again Harry wasn’t really young at all, was he? He didn’t act his age and he didn’t really seem to fit in with everyone else, although they accepted him. He bit his lip slightly as he became absorbed in the memories once more. Things moved on, the year went quickly and Remus was pretty certain that he saw a flicker of Harry in the Room of Requirement with Cho and he glanced down at Harry who was determinedly not looking at him afterwards. He grinned at him but didn’t comment, although not too long afterwards his grin was wiped from his face as he watched Harry’s dream where he had been Nagini and had bitten Arthur Weasley. He had been in and visited Arthur, Harry feeling awkward at all times until they were thrown out of the room so that Molly, Tonks and Mad Eye were left to talk to him. “Dumbledore seemed worried about Harry when I spoke to him this morning.” Molly said quietly. “Course he’s worried,” growled Moody. “The boy’s seeing things from inside You Know Who’s snake. Obviously, Potter doesn’t realise what that means, but if You Know Who’s possessing him –” Harry glanced up to see Remus looking exasperated with Mad Eye who hadn’t so much as thought to glance behind him with his magical eye to see if they were listening and no one had even suspected that Fred and George would be listening through the door with their Extendable Ears. Remus shook his head slightly, he knew the way that things were going to turn out and he knew how awful things were likely to get soon. They went back to Hogwarts and Remus noticed the odd expression on Harry’s face as he left the house, the memory of Harry that was. He looked at Sirius with something in his expression he had never seen before but he didn’t know what it was, or how he would ever manage to describe it. He watched him with interest in his eyes but soon they were back at Hogwarts and Remus watched Snape with an expression of absolute loathing on his face as he ‘taught’ Harry Occlumency. “What’s up?” Harry asked his guardian who had been staring into space. “Nothing, just trying to decide who’s the poorer teacher, Snape or Umbridge.” He said coolly, his bad mood from his memories getting the better of him. Harry flashed him a smile and Remus felt vaguely irritated with himself when he couldn’t help but smile back. “That woman is barking.” Remus said plainly as he looked at the latest educational decree on the notice board.
Any student found in possession of the magazine The Quibbler will be expelled.
“Which one?” Harry asked when they suddenly appeared in Divination to see Trelawney sobbing and explaining to the class that Harry was not going to die after all but was going to live to be a ripe old age, become Minister for Magic and have twelve children. “Both.” Remus smiled at him. “Trelawney’s the most mad,” Harry commented. “Really?” Remus asked him, interested in hearing his argument for this since Umbridge was clearly without sanity. “She fancies Snape, doesn’t she?” Harry laughed and Remus couldn’t help but laugh with him. Once again his laughter was cut short as he was in Dumbledore’s office along with Umbridge, Fudge, Dumbledore, Minerva, Kingsley, Percy and an auror who Remus didn’t recognise. “Well – it’s just that you appear to be labouring under the delusion that I am going to – what is the phrase? - come quietly. I am afraid that I am not going to come quietly at all, Cornelius. I have no intention of being sent to Azkaban. I could break out, of course – but what a waste of time, and frankly, I can think of a whole host of things I would rather being doing.” Remus stared at Dumbledore. He had just admitted that he had wanted to start his own army of students against the Ministry and Harry had looked utterly horrified at the idea and had protested, although both Dumbledore and Fudge had told him to keep quiet on the matter. There was a flash and Minerva moved quickly, grabbing Harry and Marietta and forcing them down onto the floor as the room filled with dust. Remus had stayed standing, Harry at his side although he had fought the impulse to throw himself onto the ground very hard as he did so. Everyone but Dumbledore, Minerva, Harry and Marietta had been stunned although the latter was completely stunned and could understand nothing of what happened around her. Remus watched as Dumbledore said a few parting words to Harry and Minerva before he grabbed hold of Fawkes’ tale and disappeared instantly, leaving everyone else in the room (but Harry and Minerva) searching for Dumbledore and eventually sprinting from the room. Time passed and soon Remus was scowling darkly at a new notice in the common room which informed him that Umbridge had made herself the new headmistress. “Well, now –” Said George. “– What with Dumbledore gone –” Said Fred. “– we reckon a bit of mayhem –” Said George. “– is exactly what our dear new head deserves.” Said Fred, identical grins crossing the faces of the twins and Remus was quite intrigued as to what they were going to do and just how far they would go with their mayhem causing tactics. After Harry was questioned by Umbridge using Snape’s fake Veritaserum, Remus grinned to see a spectacular fireworks show. He was sure that everyone else would have loved it too, had it not been in the middle of the school, causing huge dragons made entirely of red and gold sparks to fly up and down the corridors. Umbridge tried to stun one and it exploded. Laughing, Harry and Remus watched as Filch tried to put one out with his mop and in moments the whole room was ablaze. “Oh, I hope she tries Vanishing them next… they multiply by ten every time you try.” George laughed from inside a hidden passageway hidden behind a tapestry when Harry found him and Fred in there together. “Dear, dear.” Minerva said sardonically as one of the dragons soared around her classroom that afternoon. The fireworks had still not gone and none of the teachers seemed to want to get rid of them. “Miss Brown, would you mind running along to the Headmistress and informing her that we have an escaped firework in our classroom?” Remus grinned and shook his head at the woman who was clearly doing all that she could to irritate Umbridge, and she was quite right to do so. “Thank you so much, Professor!” Said Filius later on, “I could have got rid of the sparklers myself, of course, but I wasn’t sure whether or not I had the authority.” Remus laughed aloud as Filius slammed the door in her face and returned to his students. As always, the smile was vanished from his face soon afterwards when he was sucked into Harry’s dream and saw him inching closer and closer to the Department of Mysteries. Remus had to admit that if he had been in Harry’s shoes at the time, he didn’t think that he would have been able to resist the temptation to get into that mysterious door which haunted his sleep. It seemed to be that for every enjoyable and amusing memory of Harry’s that Remus saw, there were around five awful ones to counter it. He soon forgot this thought as he found himself stood by the memory of Harry who plunged into Snape’s pensieve. As ingenious as you are, Harry, he thought, you can be incredibly nosy at times. He felt a familiar ache inside him as he looked around the exam room and saw James, Sirius and himself in moments. They were talking about the exam and Remus walked along behind his sixteen year old self, with Harry and the memory of Harry close by. “How thick are you, Wormtail?” said James impatiently, “You run round with a werewolf once a month –” “Keep your voice down.” Remus implored to his friend and the elder of the two Lupins realised just how unsubtly they had conducted themselves – they had been in the middle of a crowd of people. He sighed inwardly as he watched the way that James behaved towards Snape and the way that Sirius did nothing but encourage it. It was bullying, pure and simple – Snape was alone and nowhere near as skilled as James or Sirius, and yet the two of them ganged up on him, because they could. Watching himself sitting, pretending to read whilst that scenario went on he wished that he had done something, anything in an attempt to stop his friends behaving the way they had done. He glanced quickly at Harry to see how he felt upon seeing this particular memory again, but he had shielded his emotions and seemed merely bored with the scene being played out infront of him. Remus bit his lip, knowing just how incredibly conceited and arrogant the scene had made his father and Sirius look and the problem was that they had been like that. Sure, they were young and they had both changed a hell of a lot, as if Lily would have married him if he hadn’t. But the point was that he had been like that, when he was Harry’s age as well. He could never imagine Harry doing something so incredibly cruel to someone else as to taunt them and turn them upside down infront of a crowd of onlookers and suddenly Remus found himself remembering the Quidditch Cup where the Death Eaters had been levitating the Muggles and turning them upside down in exactly the same way. He felt a chill pass through him and he blinked, suddenly aware that he was still inside Harry’s pensieve. He looked around to see Snape and Harry back in his office, the former fuming and looking ready to kill the latter, who ran from the room as fast as he could. Later on he saw himself briefly in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place, speaking to Harry with Sirius about what he had seen in Snape’s pensieve. Harry made this part speed up. “What’s the point in seeing something you’ve already lived through?” Harry asked Remus who shrugged and smiled slightly, although he was still a bit shaken by seeing the events which he hadn’t seen in twenty years flashing before his eyes, seeing Snape looking so hateful and James and Sirius so cold and cruel. The thoughts vanished from his mind and his eyes widened as he saw Fred and George summon their brooms from Umbridge’s office and with style almost unrivalled they flew out of the school, leaving Umbridge screaming at Filch to stop them. “A giant?!” Remus gasped as he stared at Grawp as he was informed that it was Hagrid’s half-brother. “Jesus, Harry… how have you never managed to tell anyone about this?” His mind went numb as he stared at the small giant infront of him, realising almost two minutes later that he had used a muggle expression, when he would normally have said ‘Merlin’. He glanced down at the boy beside him but he didn’t appear to have noticed anything different, although if he had he wasn’t saying anything about it. He knew that it must have been from Harry that he was saying such things, he also knew that he had been picking up other such strange mannerisms from him, like his tendency to twirl his wand and only the day before when becoming highly stressed marking homework by incompetent second years he had run his hand through his hair just as Harry did. He wondered briefly whether it was because just that subconscious reminder of Harry had the tendency to calm him slightly or because he was beginning to mimic the boy. Either way it was strange how Harry had affected him, and he couldn’t help but wonder whether or not he had affected Harry in a similar way. He blinked and realised that he was watching Harry taking his OWLs and he realised that it was his practical in Defence Against the Dark Arts that he was watching. He felt a proud smile tug at the corners of his mouth as he watched Harry’s patronus canter the length of the hall before returning to him and dissolving into silver mist. “Excellent!” Exclaimed Professor Tofty – the old examiner who had been testing him. Remus glanced down at Harry who looked up to him and met his gaze, grinning at him. Remus flashed him a smile in return and ruffled his hair. As always, his smile vanished when he watched Minerva take four stunners to the chest whilst she tried to defence Hagrid from being arrested. Minerva was knocked out instantly and Hagrid, in his infuriated state started to take swipes at those who had stunned Minerva. Eventually he escaped and ran off into the forest and out of sight. Remus didn’t know what to make of this, but he knew that now there was no one from the Order left in the school except for Snape and he knew exactly what dire consequences that was going to have. He watched in Harry’s mind as he saw the horrible images of Sirius being tortured which were being transferred straight from Voldemort’s mind into Harry’s. He realised when he saw it just how incredibly convincing it all was and how it seemed as if Voldemort had never planned for him to see this at all. “Don’t you think you’ve got a bit of a – a - saving-people thing?” Hermione asked Harry who looked rather hurt and beside him, Remus noticed the expression on Harry’s face. It was clear that he was trying to mask his emotions from him but he was not doing it particularly well. It appeared that this was one of few things which could shatter that almost unbreakable mask of his. Remus reached out to him and rested his hands on his godson’s shoulders. He heard him sigh softly and lean back against him, wishing desperately that he had listened to Hermione. He wrapped his arms around Harry, feeling him tremble slightly in his embrace as Remus felt his eyes almost glued to the unstoppable chain of events which were already put into action the moment that Minerva had been removed from Hogwarts. Remus supposed that by saying that since Umbridge had had Minerva removed from the school then it was all her fault that Sirius had died. Then again he could easily have said it was Fudge’s fault for employing the woman in the first place, or Snape’s for being so damned unapproachable. No matter how he looked at it, he realised that attempting to blame someone for the death of his friend was pointless, the fact that he had died was not something which needed blame upon it, it could not be undone and dwelling would achieve nothing. He had Harry to look after now, and he would not let his thoughts reflect towards the boy whom he cared for. He did not release Harry as he watched Harry and Hermione leading Umbridge into the Forbidden Forest where they eventually left her to be attacked by the centaurs whilst they made their escape back to the school. There was a brief argument wherein Ginny, Neville and Luna all argued for their coming along with Harry, Ron and Hermione to the department of mysteries. Eventually Harry caved and the six of them took the thestrals to the awful building. Remus watched as they fought the Death Eaters and did their best to escape, although almost everyone got injured in the process. He held onto Harry tighter as he watched Sirius fall gracefully through the veil and himself grabbing onto Harry, holding him back from what could easily have been his own death. He watched as Harry sprinted away from him, breaking free of his grip and chasing after Bellatrix. He had never put much thought into what had happened to Harry after he had done this as he had been in so much shock after Sirius had died that he had been entirely focussed on that. He finally cornered the offending woman and he attempted to put the Cruciatus curse on her and Remus stared at the scene in horror as the words left Harry’s mouth but it did little but throw her backwards. “Never used an Unforgivable Curse before, have you, boy?” She yelled. “You need to mean them, Potter! You need to really want to cause pain – to enjoy it – righteous anger won’t hurt me for long – I’ll show you how it is done, shall I?” They duelled briefly and Harry spent much of his time avoiding the many spells she sent his way until he revealed to her that he had smashed the prophecy. Voldemort appeared and Remus sucked in a breath. He always found the image of the man utterly terrifying even though he had only seen him in Harry’s memories and he knew that he could not harm him. That did not appear to alter any change of feeling in him on the subject though. “I have nothing more to say to you, Potter.” Voldemort said to him quietly, “you have irked me too often, for too long. AVADA KEDAVRA!” Harry had not so much as made a move as the spell shot towards it’s stunned target but in an instant one of the golden statues leapt out infront of him, flinging out it’s arms to protect Harry and the spell merely bounced off it’s frame. “What –?” Cried Voldemort. “Dumbledore!” He breathed in disbelief as Remus turned around to see the headmaster stood by the statues. One of the golden statues ran at Bellatrix and pinned her to the floor whilst another one stayed with Harry, making sure that he kept well away from the fight as the others stayed near Dumbledore, ready to protect him if he needed it. They duelled and Remus watched them with his eyes fixed upon the scene, his arms wrapped tightly around Harry until Voldemort had finally gone and Fudge along with dozens of other people had witnessed Voldemort. Harry was portkeyed back to Dumbledore’s office and Dumbledore followed him soon afterwards. “I’VE HAD ENOUGH, I WANT OUT, I WANT IT TO END, I DON’T CARE ANY MORE –” Harry yelled at Dumbledore at the top of his lungs, smashing up more of Dumbledore’s office. Remus could only stare at him, he had never seen Harry react this way to anything. He had seen him angry and infuriated enough to curse things into oblivion but never violent in this way. Remus felt his hold on Harry tightening as he listened to the repetition of the prophecy and Dumbledore’s reasons for not telling him sooner. It was true that Dumbledore had said he had never met a student pass through the school with more burdens that Harry. He, Remus had been a werewolf and Sirius had been forced to live with his awful relations who disowned him and he eventually ended up falsely imprisoned in Azkaban, only to die after being released for two years. And yet, as poor as his own life had been along with Sirius’, Harry’s life just seemed so much more terrible than theirs. He had seen his mother killed, he had lived with people who hated him for the gift he possessed, he had come to a school and a world where he was famous for the curse which had failed to killed him, but not his parents. He had saved the Philosopher’s stone at eleven, saved Ginny and the school from the Chamber of Secrets at twelve, helped Sirius to freedom at thirteen, stayed alive throughout a tournament in which he was forced to partake in at fourteen as well as witnessing Voldemort’s rebirth, being tortured and seeing the memories of his parents before escaping back to Hogwarts. That added to the media attention he had received which had then gone on to slandering him and labelling him insane. Then there had been this year. The woman that had left a physical mark on his hand, the prophecy which had been revealed, the teaching he had done, the tests he had taken and the godfather he had lost. The pensieve threw the two of them out onto the sofa in Remus’ quarters. There was silence between them as they stared into each other’s eyes for a moment until Harry moved to Remus and wrapped his arms around the man’s waist. Remus held Harry tightly, burying his face in his soft hair as Harry leant his head into his chest. They stayed like that for some time, until the clock on the wall chimed eight. Remus found that he was absentmindedly running his finger across Harry’s hand along the words that were permanently etched there. He felt his eyes drifting shut and he looked down at Harry, tilting his face up towards him so that he could see his expression. His eyes were shut and his cheeks were damp, his lips were slightly parted and there was something close to a slight smile upon them. Remus sighed as he stared down at him. God help you, Harry. He thought sadly, Dumbledore wasn’t half right when he said you need looking after. His eyes closed as he felt a solitary tear glide down his cheek for the miserable existence of the child sleeping in his arms. A/N: I know I said I didn't think this would be up until around Sunday but I lied. I spent about three hours working on this today, well two hours working on this and one hour just reading OotP which was slightly foolish but never mind. Anyway... I hope you didn't think it was too long, I was going to separate it into two chapters but I couldn't find somewhere decent to break off. Anyway, I dunno what's going to be in the next chapter but it will be up soon since I'm now on half term holidays and although I have lots of art to do I'd rather write so more updates for you so hurrah! :o)

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